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CONWAY. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The fortnightly meeting of the Hoard was held on Friday. Present Mr Thomas Parry (in the chair), Mr John Davies (vicM- chairman), Rev. J. Spinther James, Mr D. Bankes Price, Rev. E. Hughes, Messrs John Roberts (Llan- drillo), Edward Roberts, J. Roberts (Llangystenin), R. F. Roberts, John Roberts (Caerhun), and T. E. Parry (clerk). Christmas Cheer—The Master (Mr Ed. Jones) re- ported that Christmas treats had been given to the inmates as usual. On Christmas morning each in- mate found on his or her pillow a letter from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (local agent, Mrs David Owen). The dinner was given at twelve o'clock, and consisted of roast beef, potatoes, and plum pudding. Afterwards there were distri- buted tobacco for the men, tea for the women, and oranges for the children, by Dr. Pritchard, the house medical officer. In the afternoon oranges were given to all the inmates and tobacco for the men, by Mr Harrison, Fern Bank, Conway Mr Albert Wood, Boblondeb, visited the house and promised a cask of apples, which was duly forwarded. Mrs Bankes Price supplied some beautiful pictures for the decora- tion of the sick wards, and Mrs H. Rees, the Vicarage, gave some pictures for ornamenting the children's wards. On the following day, books and tracts, to- bacco, tea, and sugar, by Mrs Good?, Penineanniawr, who was accompanied by the Rev. E. Jones, who de- livered an address in the dining hall. On New Year's Day, buns, oranges, tobacco, and tea were given by Mr and Mrs Davies, Boot Inn, Conway. A tea party was given to the children, also a large quantity of toys by Mrs La Touche, Penmaenmawr, who was ac- companied by Mr and Mrs Kneeshaw, J.P., Plas Celyn; Mr Darnell, and several young ladies from Penmaenmawr. As usual, buns, "tobacco, aud tea were forwarded by Mr; Morgan (mother of the Right lIon. George Osborne Morgan, M.P.), late of the Vicarage, Conway. The inmates all thoroughly en- 11 9 joyed themselves, and were very thankful to those who interested themselves on their behalf.—The Chair- man: Why was sugar given? Was it scarce in the house ?—The Clerk I suppose it was given to make the tea good (laughter).—Mr Davies: ftind no snuff for the women like tobacco that has been given to the men (laughter).—The Chairman proposed, the Rev. J. Spiuther James seconded, and it was passed, that the best thanks of the Board be given to the ladies and gentlemen mentioned above, Mr James observing that it was making a little sunshine in the workhouse for a few days.The Chairman; It is a great pity Christmas does not come oftener.—Mr John Davies: I don't know, indeed. I think the ratepayers would soon grumble if the same quantity of beef was given often. Irregular School Attendance.—Mr Spinther James said they paid a large amount of money for pauper children, who, he found, did not attend school regu- larly. Llysfaen had a capital attendance, but all the other parishes were very bad, and in Llandudno many of the returns showed several ciphers. He should say also that uniform sheets should be submitted of the attendance at the different schools. Unless there was an improvement in the attendance he should call the attention of the Board to the matter at the next meet- ing.—In reply to Mr John Roberts (Llandrillo) the relieving oflicer (Mr Jesse Jones) said that the fees for pauper children was a farthing for each atten- dance.—Mr John Roberts expressed himself dissatis- fied at the charge of fees between pauper aud other children.Ir Jesse Jones explained that the atten- dance had been irregular, owing to the prevalence of measles, whilst Llysfaen had been quite healthy.—Mr John Roberts gave notice that they should not pay above the rate sanctioned by the Education Depart- ment.