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THE LIBERAL SITUATION IN CARNAR- VONSHIRE. To the Editor of the OBSERVER AND EXPRESS. SIR,—It is rather amusing to read the article., and the several letters that have already appeared on the above question. I an very sorry, however, that such an amount ef uncalled for abuse has been introduced. Perhaps some of the aspirants or their friends have not shown a great deal of discretion and good sense in bringing their claims before the public, but I don't see that there is anything objectionable in any man who has abili- ties in bringiag himself forward and making the best possible case for himself, and if by these | means he will attract the sympathy and influence of the voters, he has a perfect right to do so and he is to be congratulated for his courage and ambi- tion in seeking this very high honour, providing it does not split his party. Ail right feeling persons will be sorry at the shafts and darts aimed and intended for our worthy representative for the county. His history, since he has entered Parliament as our representative, is very commendable, and he has discharged his duties most faithfully. His high attainments as a politician are indisputable, being a man of great abilities, having sufficient judgment and discretion, which have raised him to a distinguished position, and to command a good hearing and great influ- ence in the House for whatever subject he takes in hand. Our worthy member is considered an authority in Parliament, and we, people of North Cambria, should feel under great obligations to Mr liathbone for the great services he has rendered to us in Parliament, and with the University College of North Wales, and in every other sphere that it was possible for him to be of service to his con- stituency generally. As far as I have been in- formed. Mr R ithbone has left the question of what part of the county lie will represent entirely at the disposal of the Liberal Committee of the County. 1 believe that this is the proper course for every member to take, and I have every faith that when this question is placed before Mr Jones- Parry in its true import, that he will also imme- diately place himself in the hands of the Associa- tion. I do not think that be has yet sent any statement to that body, or to the newspapers, that Lie will not give up the boroughs, and take up one of the county divisions if caPed upon to do so; therefore, it is too soon to lTticis" or condemn Mr Jones-Parry in the matter and, very likely, when he visits the county boroughs in the middle of the month, he will explain everything satisfac- torily. It will be very important that the man, selected with Mr Rath bone to contest the remaining county seat, must have a strong hold in the affections and confidence of the people, and I do not know of auyone who has the iniluen -e of Mr Jones-Parry. We must ail know that our Con- servative friends have a very strong candidate in Mr Nanney, a gentleman highly respected and admired by all who come in contact with him. He is a man of some abilities, aud is a kind landlord, liberal in charities and donations, and grants his favours without deference to creed or party. The only possible objection to him is that he is a Con- servative, and we will find that, unless we have a very strong candidate for the southern division, a gre it uitny weak-kneed Liberals will vot; for him. I think it is rather to to settl • the matter finally until the Seats L»iil is 'a* and that we in Car- narvonshire are certain of the t.vo county members. I believe the proper course will be then to call meetings of Liberals in the several districts, who should elect representatives to for in three central committees, who should then unite into one meeting to decide upon the chosen representatives for the northern and southern portion of the county as well as boroughs. Mr Rathbone would be a safe candidate in both divisions, and as he has placed himself at the disposal of the assoeiation unre- servedly, let him take the part where the strongest man is necessary and if the association believe Mr Jones-Parry is the next strongest man for the other division, it will be his duty, as a true champion of the Liberal cause, to place himself entirely at their service; and from the previous history of Mr Jones-Party, I have no doubt but that he will co-operate with the Liberal Associa- tion when he finds that it is of such great import- ance. If the county can be settled in this manner, I don't think the boroughs are in such danger, because we have already a vast number of very good probable candidates who have strong local influence mentioned for the spare seat, viz., Messrs Hugh Pugh, W. A. Darbishire, John Roberts, Morgan Lloyd, Q.C., Pughe-Jones, W. J. Parry. Rev. E. Iierber Evans, Mr Morgan Richards, &e It is almost impossible to get a better list for selection. Against whom has Mr Darbishire sinned? Amongst the several correspondents, I don't remember seeing his name mentioned. Every- one will admit that there is not a more staunch and faithful Liberal worker than this gentleman, and he has been a General' of great service during the great campaign of the party for the past ten years. I must say that we are a fickle, thankless lot. I remember a time when we were ready to throw our raiments under his feet, but now, 1 suppose our conduct is equal to those despicable men that originated the idea of crowniny a patriot and a lover of his fellow men with thorns. We. Liberals in the County of Carnarvon, in a great measure, owe our pressnt position to the plucky, pre- serving and judicious tactician—the chairman of the Liberal Association. Let us all unite and bury our mean andjContemptible jealousies, and select the very best and strongest men to represent the Liberal party. I may venture to inform all those who indulge in their abusive vagaries and abomin- able egotism, that they are placing themselves in Ismaelish situations with regard to the Liberals, and will have no chance whatever of winning the intluence and sympathy of the party. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS. Portmadoc, January 3rd, 1885.


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