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-------------BAD TRADE.



HERE AND THERE. BY UBI QUE, The member for the Carnarvonshire Boroughs is breaking a long silence. On the 12th, Mr Jones- Parry is to address his constituents at Carnarvon on the following day he is to be at the Pecfllyn IIall. Bangor; Wednesday will find him ;if C,)nv.iy; and the rest of the week lie is tj divide between the remaining contributory boroughs of Pwllheli, Nevin, and Criccieth. That Mr Rathbone should go to the south in lieu of keeping in what is certainly his most proper representation—the north--that is the district which comprises the important towns of Bangor, Conway, and Llandudno is very strong! .1 s outed. That Mr Rathhone, in response to that loyal feeling and indifference to individual convenience, which are proverbial of the county member, should elect to go for the south is most unlikely. Mr Rathbone must, it is universally agreed, keep in the north. Then the north, in which the Penrhyn influence predominates, is safe, despite the castle, which has for years regarded the representation of Carnar- vonshire as a family appanage, which no Liberal da;e challenge. But how rudely that belief was shaken, when, in 1874, Mr Pennant found himself only l07!1 votes to the bad when Mr Watkin Wil- liams came forward to do battle for the Carnarvou- shire Liberals. Since then the influence of Penrhyn Castle has been a mere shadow, and voters, who individually respect Lord Penrhyn, do not allow that feeling to interfere with their real opinion when recorded through the ballot box. Though in the north the political horizon seems fairly clear; that of the south becomes more blurred. There is certainly a plethora. of candidates as usual 011 theLiberalside. What. Mr Morgan Lloyd, who was first in the field, intends to do in prosecution of his candidature, no one seems to know, and very few care in fact his chances of being placed even in nomination are regarded as being extremely remote. Then, there is Mr 1'ughe-Jones, whose address has already appealed in print, and who will encounter a very strong opponent in Mr Hugh Pugh, whose supporters are determined that he shall not remain in the back ground. It is too early, even if one wished, to descant upon the merits of the southern aspirants for parliamentary honours. Possibly, mori may crop np, hence the urgent necessity of united and determined action on the part of the Liberals of South Carnarvonshire in selecting a candidate who will truly represent the political opinions of the electors of that division of the county. # The scheme propounded by the Boundary Com- mission for the partition of Carnarvonshire seems to meet with fairly general aecept UlCe. and Major l ullock's sitting on Wednesday, when it will be open to any person to propose an alternative scheme, is not likely to be a prolonged one. As far as practicable, the division has been based upon the p-ttv sessional divisions, Pwllheli, Portmadoc, Car- narvon, and the Borough constituting the South with a population of 45,7!16, whilst Bangor, Conway, Nant Conway, with the populous parishes of Llan- ruj: and Llanddeiniolen are grouped together for the North, the population being returned at The name of the two divisions is an open question. In the Commissioner's scheme they are identified respectively as ••I>eddire!ert'" aud 'Penmaemnawr. Tins will never do. Just imagine the Speaker of the House of Commons calling to order the honour- able member for Dvvygyfylchi." North and South Carnarvonshire, as suggested at the Pwllheli meeting is clearly the fitting designation of the re- spective divisions. *#* The Anglesey magistrates will, on Wednesday, be again asked to discuss, and if possible, settle the vexed question as to when; the Quarter Sessions shall be held, whether they shall continue at Beaumaris or be transferred to Llangefni, Holyhead, or Menai Bridge. A very strong petition, backed by the vestries of at least two-thirds of the parishes in the island, will be forthcoming in favour of Llangefni. Menai Bridge, after all, is pressing its claims for consideration, and a deputation from the newly constituted Local Board is to support them at the court. But what accommodation can Menai Bridge offer ? Both at Llangefni aud Holyhead thwre arc commodious town halls, which can be readily utilised for the transaction of the county business, but in this important de- tail Menai Bridge is sadly defective. This is a po:.nt which cannot fail to have due weight with whatever decision the magistrates may arrive at. The town's meeting, which has been called to discuss a proposal to change the market, day at Bangor, promises to be but a one-sided affair, as local public opinion sarins dead against any alteration, and is finding expression in a numer- ously-signed p etitiou for presentation to the Mayor. It is only fair to state that Councillor W. A. Dew. with "whom thn proposal to call the meeting originated, is not, as might have been presumed, personally favourable to the change. Tor many mouths the desirability of an altera- tion has beer, mooted, and all that Mr Dew has done has been to find facilities for a public inter- change of opinion, on the question.

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