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CuCNTY COURTS CIRCUIT No. 29. 0 •r.rts have been appointed by the Jud-*e of this C.roiiit, to bo held as loliows, for September, October, a'id ^November, 1S84. iSElTKWKKR. OCTOCKll. j XOYJ..MISEU. i'mpir Monday !», *• Monday -7 Monday 10 t'nraarvou Tuesday !>. 8'> Tuesday 2S Tuesday 1! exciter Thin s. 4, 11, -2f> 'l'imrs. 2, 30 Thnrs. •>, 13, -20 CDinvav Thursday IS :Tluir?(iay 27 !)-:>!) oiyli>iy :ij /I'ntbday flillt ]' 1i iiidylieail W'cd-.psday 20 IIolywt Jl. Tuesday L; 21 ]s Lnviutudno Tbm-iday 2;( LLN'srefai Wednesday 1: Llangoil'in .Monday 22 Monday 2i j Llaurwst .Friilav Ti Krid.i !4 Menai Bridge Wednesday 10 ."Wednesday 12 Mold Friday 2(3' -Friday 21 t! 11 y I Friday ,'i Kulliin Wednesday 17 W i-dc-suay 10 St. Ah-\[)h .Kriday n2 l-Viday 7 Wrexham j Wednesdays. 21 ed. S, 22 "Wed. f>, 20 A DELIGHTFUL FLAVOUK.—C'raeroft's Area XutToot-H Taste. —Kv using- this delicious Aromatic Dentifrice, the enamel of tliv tct'th becomes white, s.aimt aud polifli like ivory. It is exeeed- iii.uly fragrant, and especially useful for removing incrustations of tartar on eglected teeth. Sold by all Chemists. Pots, Is lid, and sse that vou get Cracroft's. Kerniek's Vegetable Woriii l^ozenges arc the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Worms. Heint; inocent in their uharaeter, they may be taken by children of all degrees :iiid conditions with perfect safety. They are most useful for lnldren of delicate stocachs and pale complexion as they "strengthen the system by giving an appetite. LIVKJI AND STOMACH PILLS. Un KING'S DANDELION A'iJ' QUIX- INKLIVEJI I'u.LS. Theselfamous Pills do not contain even a trace of .Mercury, or any of the manev dangerous ingredients frequently found in advertised Pills. The fact continues to keep Dr King's renowned discovery in front of all Pills whatsover, as the saf- est, speediest, most certain and effectual remedy for disorder oi the Liver and Stomach, whether in the form of Billiousnes, Constipation, Indegestion, Flatulence, Acidity, Headache' Shoulders Pains, everisli Restlessness of the whole system. Dis- inclination for Food, or Dyspeptic symtonis generally. I you suffer from Head-aches, Billious Complaints, Indiges- tions, Costiveness, Rheumatisms, a Tic-Dolorex, trv Kerniek's Vegetable Pills They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands. Weannouncedthemtobethe best Medicine n the world R EM A11K A B1.15 DIS A PPK A R AXC E Of all dirt from even tinier Bv using HUDSON EX. I'U A< T OF SOAP. REWAIU; Purity, Health, and Perf-ct Satisfaction Ily its regular use. N.!>.—It is a Pure DRY SOAP in flue powder, aiul lathers freely ill Hot or Cold Water. Refuse Imitation, Insist upon Hudson's. THK IIOUSKHOLD TKEASUUK.—Safe but certain in its action PREPARED CALIFORSIAN BOXAX purities and sweetens every- thing, exjiels dirt, softens water, preserves food, destroys diseass genus, and arrests decay. lixcellent for Toilet and Laundrv use, "Tlie Queen of Antiseptics." Sold everywhere, lllustraded Particulars of its Discoevry, Uses, Receipts, <tc., with sample Packet. sent free for two Stamps from the Works l'ateiu Borax Comnany, Birmingham. The Dandelion Extract contained in Dr King's l'ills, by its well-known action on the Liver (the most important gland in the whole frame), causes the oodiJy secrection as to flow in the regular manner aiul conjointly with the Tonic ingredients, greatly invigorates, so maintining the great portals of the sys- ion in the" best condition to secure good health. Any Chemist sells them in boxes. Is. lid. and 2s, :>d. ITS WKIC.ITT 1:>: (T"T.I>.—The aggregate production of gold in the United States .eierica, up to .Mine, 1S>3, we have just ecu told, on the ant'jority_ of the Times, was 7S.!iti5,572 troy unccs. When we saw this particular weight of gold given as the acculatiou of all proceeding years, we were at once struck with the remarkable approximation of the weight given to what had just come to our knowledge was the output of Cocoa in this Country by one firm (Janies upps and CO.) for one year only, the last twelve-month, it being -,6,403",333 troy ounces", or 2,(i-i5 avoirdupois tons, ,Ill(, oil the moment we could not with- stand recalling to mind t^ old adage.—" Worth its weight ill gold." As a safe, permanent, and warranted cure for Pimples Scrofula. Scurvy. Bad Legs. Skin and Blood Diseases and Sores of all kinds, WE can with confidence recommend CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Sold bv Chemists everywhere. HOW THE COMPLEXION IS RUINED.—It is well known to the medical faculty that the majority of skin known to the medical faculty that the majority of skin diseases are caused, and the complexion ruined by the use of impure and irritant soaps. The more delicate the skin the quicker its ruiti. The Albion Milk aud Sulphur Soap is the purest, the mildest, and most emollient of all as many toilet soaps before the public. Recommended bv the entire medical profession. Beautifully white. Deli- cately perfumed. It is a boon to sensitive skins and the shaving soap it is unequalled. Sold iu Tablets by all chemists


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