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BANGOR. BANGOR CATHEDRAL.—S iturday,, service, R. Rogers in B Flat; anthem, As the hart pants" (Mendelssohn). Sunday, 11.30 a.m. Hymn 302, Service. Attwood in C. Anthem, "I will sing" (Sullivan). Preacher, the Canon in Residence.-4 p m. Hymn 282. Service, Attwcod in 0. Anthem, Wherewithal" (Elvey). Preacher, tha Canon in Residence. BRANCH Cmawli AT GLANADDA.—Lord Penrhyn has signified his intention of subscribing S300 towards the erection of a church at Glanadda. BANGOR YACHT CLI I!—A committee meeting of the above club was hdd on Tuesday evening, Mr Johnson (Beaumaris Bank) presiding. It was agreed that rules should ba at once printed and distributed among the members; and that in measuring the yachts for handicapping only the water lire should be taken into consideration. It was decided that the colours of the club be a white burgee, with the red dragon of Wales thereon. It was also decided that the opening match should t-ike place on the first Saturday in Juof, weather permitting. T-ILE NORTH WALES CoLLEM.—The general pur- poses committee have this week formally entered into pjssession of the Penrhyn Arms Hot: which hus L'een leased from L )rd Peiirhyn for the tem- porary purposes of the North Wales College. The plans for the internal alterations which it has been round necessary to effect, have been prepared by Mr Richsrd Davies, architect, High-street. SUCCESSOR or THE LS>TH COL. WYATX.—The Hon. Walter Vivian, sou of Lord Vivian, has b'un appointed chief manager of Mr Absheton Smith's Slate Quarries, in tlle room oE the lata Col. Wyatt, U.B. Mr Vivian was for some time assis- tant manager. DIOCESE OF BANOOR.—The Bishop of Bangor, on Satuid.iy, leifc isaagor for Loudon, and will L> abseut from the diocese for two months. The Archdeacon of Kangcr on Saturday held a high court at the Cathedral for the admission of church- wardens. BANGOR NOTES. It is curious to note how h'ttory repeats itself. What a world of mirth and frolic is recalled when we bring to mitd the May days of iume. sixty or seventy ye?rs since, and it seclÚS now as if the old customs on that day were about to be revived. 1 tbink we may fairly give to Liverpool the credit of this renascence, as the custom of observing the 1st of May as a partial holiday has always been I kept up. With the Liverpudlians originated this latter day display of horsdlesh, tastefully and gaily beribboutd. All the old revelries were to have beeu observed at Stanley Park, Liverpool, had weather permitted; and at Knutsford, a few miles from Liverpool, the curious might have teen the old-fashioned, but extremely interesting, cus- tom of crow nit. g the May Q xeen. <t In perusing novels which treat of that ancient. custom cf holding revelries on May Day, I do not think we ever read of a rainy May Day. Were the people cf that day specially ble.-sed with regard to weather? Just picture t. yourself a crowd of merry-makers, on a village green, on such a day as the 1st of May of this year proved. Imagine tLe village beauty with her draggled skirts, streams of water running down her rosy cheeks, her wreaths of flowers looking ae if it had done duty at some east end London ball, and been thrown out on a dirty wet morning to be picked up by a rustic beau to appear Bext at the May holiday. making. Fancy Uie villagers dancing round a half*drown d scarecrow of a Aiajpole, looking for ;t!l :,e world like a half- washed out c. -ngated barber's pole, aud the danciis flop,'i- g iuto the mud by turns as they I tripped (iKt ii i and down), but over the wet tkirts of the ijir sex. We cannot imagine anything more lujic-f us than tfce fiddler scraping away hi- dustrioiiel stopping every now aim then to pour the rain o of the body of his violin, 1.")11 wring- ing the v _"e.r out of his ears. We cannot ima- gine thi simply because It never rained in those days, a ..east not eu May Day. # < A young friend of mine rose early on the first of May. w:th the intention of washing his face in .Ma? dew. He reiched the greca fields, but here h. was at a loss, so he scratched his bend aud re- tmntd home. Observing that he looked puzzled. I.Bouiredofhim what the trouble was. His cr was that he had reached the fields all I ri^fct, only he was in a fix to distinguish which was rain and which was dew, he did not know what to dew in that case, < May morn in Bansror broke cloudy and stormy, but in spite of the inclemency of t..e weather, there was a pretty fair show of horse h. i.»r Samuel Evans, Arvouia Buildings, ha^d six teams, there was a pretty fair show of horseflesh. r Samuel Evans, Arvouia Buildings, ha^d six teams, tastefully got up and decorated, and B.H horses seemed in the pink of perfection. Gieat care must have been bestowea upon th.m, and it was a p ty the weather prevented them from joming in the procession. Messrs Thomas Lewis and Co. (City Mills), had seven teams, an gauy decorated, which headed the procession as it proceeded up High-street. Following these. case Mr Richard Williams's team, and the team belonging to Mr J. Williams, both neatly got up. Messrs Allsopp's teams were profusely decorated with evergreens. 1 trust that the failure of the weather- will not prevent the repetition of the prccefsion next year, ES it gives the citizsns a good idea ot the respectives merits of the horses owned by the various firms in town, and creates a friendly rivalry in the matter of potscssing good cattle. # A concert in connection with Pendref Ohapel ¡ will be givea this day (Friday), at Penrhyn Hall. This concert will be well worth attending as I notice on the programme before me the names of one or two popular singers, Miss Marion Williams is a cousin, I understand, to Miss Mary Davie? and has frequent engagements at Co vent Garden, London. K)3 Morlais, we are all well acquainted with, Good wine needs no bush." The Bangor C.C. 2nd eleven had rather a severe sitting on, on Saturday lust, at the opening match, They played sixteen men againtt tee 1st eleven. Mr Sanderson (c.Apt. 2nd eleven) m-Ade top scoro for his team, while Mr Hay (captain) and Mr Shepherd made a score between them. which threw into the shade the total score of the 2nd eleven. • At the municipal elections last November it waa curious to notice how mauy oi the candidates pro- mised to study eoonomy in the interest al the town. How different is the cry now that they are secure in their seats. Here wo have a borough accountant who is paid a salary of £ 140 per year, and yet an outsider is called in to do part of the woik which is the accountant's duty. Truly, the council seem to be sublimely regardless of the ratepayers' money. No outsider was called ia to relieve Mr Foulkea Jones of any of his work, and why it should be done now is a puzzle to mcst of the ratepayers. MR EDITOR,—\ our Bangor contemporaries have not managed to get hold of the actual facts with regard to the overhauling of the University Oollege papers by the officials of the House 01 ommoEs. It was not the registrar himself who f-vi; Vr° scrape, but his new clerk, an gra^ate, who is troablad with. While the assistant spent a bad vn^hour on that Bridge of Sighs," wishin_, he had never aought to climb one niche mgner, experiencing the troubles of "Eugene Aram, ana sirring the grim guardians of the portal c. 4the second chamber and thinking the oother was not worth the Price," his tuperior ? as looking on from a distance and eD j oy iug his asristant's quandary immensely. < We msy expect to see the "blue water" at Bangor all studded with sails and bunting this summer as an effort is being made to form a sailing club. A regatta will be held towards the latter end of the summer, when an effort will be made to secure the Prince of Wales as Com- modore. Falling that, most probably old Mr Morgan, from Garth, will oblige. CALEDONIAN-.



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