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TOWN COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the council was held on Monday lad, when there were present: The mayor (C R. B. Clough, Esq ), Alderman T. J. Williams, Alderman Dr Pierce, Councillors E. T. Jores, — Foulkes, Dr Caithness, R. A. Davies, T. C. Wjnnc Edwards, R. H. Roberts, J. Lloyd, and — Parry. The Teath of the Duke of Albany -Councillo T. O. Wynne Edwards said they had a long agend before them, and therefore he would not trouble them with many words. He would simply pro- pose that the mayor and corporation of Denbigh pend their most sincere sympathy to Her M fit Gracious Majesty in her bereavement in conse- quence of the death of the Duke of Albany.—The motion was approved of unanimously. The Sm iihfiild.—At a meeting of a committee on March 15th, it was recommended with regard to the now Smithfield that plans and specifications be so far altered as to comply with the instruction* of the Local Government Board,—The report was confirmed by the council. Report of the Medical Office' of Heallh -In his report this officer said that the general health of the borough was gocd. The number of deaths during the month was sixteen; the rate being 21'2, and the number of births 21, or at the rate of 38 6. Borough Surveyor's Report.—This ducer stated that he, in company with the inspector of nui sances, had visited Henllan, and recommended to the council that drains be made in Denbigh-street, Church-street, and Ty-coch-street, with an out- fall into the two fields. New Rate.-A rate of ten pence in the £ on hoase,and 21d in the £ on land, was passed.-The town clerk presented an estimate of the expendi- ture and receipts, in which the rate was proposed to be the same as last year.-The estimate was adopted without any alteration. Smithfieli.—Oia. the motion of Mr E. T. Jones, the resolution passed on the Sth of June, 18S3, viz That no verandah around the offices and refreshment-rooms be made in connection with thenewSmithfield," was rescinded. The Tenders.—Th* following tenders were re- ceived to carry out the workMr William Wil- liams, contractor, Rhyl, £ 5000 Mr M. O. Ed- wards, Rhyl, £ 5178; Mr T. S. Roberts, Bridge. street, Denbifih, £ 5145 Mr James Coppm«, Abergele, £ 4950; Mr William Griffith, 1, Clwyd Villa, Denbigh, £ 4775.—Mr Wynne Edwards saii he wished to call their at. tention to the fact that they had no right to give their sanction to the spending of any money which they had not in hand, and if they did so they were legally bound to meet. it them- selves. He had not a word to say against any of the tenders; he balieved them to be very straight- forward tenders, otherwise they would not have been so near one another. But they could all see that the lowest tender was £ 4775, while the money they had in hand was £i338, making a diffcieboo of inorethau 1,400. If there was anyone present who waa willing to pay that i400 odd, all were well and glod, but in th3 absence of that he would never give his consent to let a contract before they had first the money in hand.—Mr R. H. Rcberts said it appeared to him that the question they should first consider was whether they were bound to accept any of the tenders at aU.—Mr Parry said it was a remarkable fact that the lowest tender should be higher than the estimate of their borough surveyor by over £ 1200. It was true that they should try to think whers the mistake was. He should like to know whether they could defer considering the tender for an indefinite length of time, or for a certain time only.—Dr Caithness said it was very Btranee that fivo men should be ao much higher in their tenders than the tBthrate or the borough surveyor.—Mr C. T. Wynne Edwaras proposed that the town clerk should be instruc^ea to make a statemett to the Local Government Board of the facts of the case. and ask their advice on the matter.-Mr R. H. Roberts proposed aa en amendment that the estimate n of the borough turveyor tegether with tbe tenders be referred to a committee of the whole council.-The motion was seconded by Mr E. T. Joncs.Mr R. A. Davies remarked that the pre- sent meeting was quite the same thing a* a com. mittea of the whole J Roberta said it would not do very well to let the figures and other particulars go to the press -Mr Davies rep led he should like to see more of their doings in the pren than there was.—The amendment, after a tew further remarks, was carried. I