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North "Wales Pianoforte, Harmonium. Organ, Music and Musical Instrument Warehouse. BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON, PBOPRIETOBW, JARRETT ROBERTS COLONIAL MODEL. THANOFORTE. by Monington and "Weston, The Colonial Model," with complete iron frame, ful* trichord, check action, celesta pedal, elegant Italian walnut cas?, panel front incised with goid» ebonised mouldings, sconces and moulded trusses guaranteed to stand any climate, and warranted for ten years. Lilt price. 36 Guineas; present net price, 28 Guineas, payable in four quarterly instalmenfa of 7 Guineas each, or for net cash, 25 Guineas. See testimonials from Sir Julius Benedict and others 88 advertised. A Fine Assortment always on hand of PIANOS RETURNED FROM HIRE, equal to new, to b& sold considerably under cost price. Cabinet and Square Pianos, bv Brondwood and others, from £1 0 n Cottage Piano, Rosewood cr Walnut case £ 12 Q 0 Cottage Pianos, by eminent makers, from zE14 0 0 ""1 ,1 S 5D per Month for Thirty-six Months; total outlay, £ 26: PIANOFORTE, full compas, X~t j trichord, bracket, trusses, burr walnut can3, brilliant tone. 1 £ ?3 per Month for Thirty- fix Months, total o.itf>-y> £ 27.—PIANOFORTE, fu'l compass, [trichord, xO finest bun walnut cage, carved trusses, p* celled ^ront, gold (ngtaved. Largest possible discount for net cash. ill S per Month i< t Tnirly-sii YoittB, <oti! outlay, j 37 ICe.—-PIANO!ORTE,full compass, trichord, patent check acti^r, pa ie' fron^, (. old engfaA ed. .i a 25 GUINEAS CASH. 1 i "I. Branches DENBIGEI, FESTISIIOG, LLANGÊ.I, and 139, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. TO HOTEL KEEPERS, LODGING-HOUSE KEEPERS, AND OTHERS, PIA^8N)F0BTSSi HAEMOSIUMS, &c, LENT ON HIRE, and cn the THREE YEARS BY MANUFACTURER OF HARMONIUMS AND CHAMBER OSSl&S, Manufactory-.—POOL SInE SQUARE, CARNARVON. 'V PIANOS and HARMONIUMS may te obta:nad on Monthly Payments at a very small Slvax'e on the cash price-the instrument being delivered on payment of the first monthly instalment. MONTHLY PAYMENTS SYSTEM. Pianofortes from 8s PER MOSTE. Harmoniums. 5s » Instruments forwarded on these advantageous terms to all parts of the United Kingdom. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, ORGANS, &c., TUNED AND REPAIRED. First Glass Pianoforte Toners add Repairefs always on the Premises, whose services may be obtained' at any moment. No railway fare allowed, as customers will find it much more convenient and fairer" to allow 2a per cent, or 4s in the pound, bona fide discount off any maker's price list. HOUSE FURNISHING. THE LARGEST A'ND CHEAPEST STOCK IN THE PROVINCE, WAREHOUSE IA I' 'lU.U t¡ 'o' I AT THE FURNITURE W ABEHOUSF, EA.STGATE STREET, Carnarvon. i 11CGH WILLIAMS begs most respectfully to iaform his numerous customers that a very XJL large and choice Stock of CARPETS is now being EX HIBITED. Also a splendid assortment of Skin Hearthrugs and Matts, Wool Repp, Tapestry, and all kinds of Pumiture Covers and Trimmings of every description. The whole, owing to the great depression i a trade, has beqp bought at a large Discount, which aufbles H. Williams to give special advantages to his cuatomerp. An inspection will convince all of the Cheapness of the above Staph. AS kinds of Upholstering neatly executed, and Estimates given for Carpets, Linoleum, andIParni- 4tnze of «very description. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO ANY RAILWAY STATION. HUGH W 1L LIAMS, CABINET MAKER,UPHOLSTERER, AND GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHER. EASTGATE STREET, CARNARVON. I HAND BREWERY, RUTHIN, 6 The celebrated Nut Brown Ales brewed exclusively from the choicest Malt and Hops at this eld established Brewery, are supplied in 4! gallon, 9 ga.lon, 18 gallon, and 36 gallon casks. QUALITY BARREL KILDERKIN FIRKIN FUN a. a. ø. d. ø. d. X 30 15 o. 7 6 o. 4 0 xx 00 36 18 9 0 5 0 XXX 40 20 10 0 5 6 A 42 21 It 0 6 0 B 48 24 „ 12 6 „ 6 9 C 54 27 14 6 „ 7 9 I.P.A. 54 27 14 6 7 9 Stout 00 48 24 12 6 6 9 J. FOULK ES'S WINS AND SPIRIT LIST: SHERRIES. Bet. Doz. P. d. s. d. Prne Old Sherry 2 0 23 0 Oonsalez, Byass & Co. 2 6 29 0 Doff, Gordon & Co 3 6 49 0 PORTS. "Very Good. 2 0 23 0 Bandeman & Son 2 6 29 0 Host, Roope, Teagles and Co (very old) branded .1. F. & Cc 3 6 40 0 BURGUNDIES. Ueaujolie, Macon, Beaune, Pom. .ard, and Red Sparkling Bur. gandies, from 30s to 60s peV dozen. TARRAGONA. Excellent Wine ..1 4 16 0 Ditto, old. 2 0 22 0 TENT. fiacrametitalWine ..2 0 24 0 "2630°1 STILL HOOK. Nierctein •• 24 o! Hochheimer* 1874 28 o. Rudesheimer, 1M2. 42 0 SPARKLING WINES. „ e. d. s. d. Voet & Chandon's— First Quality Qfcs 5 6 66 0 Ditto. Pta 3 0 36 0 G. H. Mumm's Qt,s 6 6 72 0 Ditto he 3 6 42 0 L. Bceierer Qts 7 6 80 0 Ditto. Pts 4 0 48 0 CLARETS. Bot Doz Medoc 1 0 12 o St Emilion 1 6 18 0 St Julien • • • 2 0 24 0 And other Brands of Claret up to 80s per doz VARIOUS BOTTLED WINES, from 20a to 66s per doz. SPIRITS (British). SPIRITS (British). Bot Gall „ d. B. d. GIN— Fine Flavoured ..2 3 11 6| Full Strength 3 6 13 61 Old Tom Gin. 9 tmsH WHISKEY- S. d. s. d. Messrs G. Roe & Co 2 8 14 6 „ (mellow) 3 3 17 6 J. Jameson & Son's finest selected (very old) 3 10 24 0 FOREIGN. RUM- Fine Old Jamaica.. 8 9 14 6 Ditto, very old.. 3 0 16 6 BRumns- Fine French. 2 9 150 Do. Marchand 3 6 22 6 Otard, Dupuy & Co's Old Brandy 5 6 30 0 Martell & Hennessey's Case Brandy- 5s *• 5a 6J oo* 68 EAST INDIA PALE ALES. Doz. ø ct. Bass & Co Half pints 2 6 Ditto Reputed Pints 3 6 Wortbington's Half jints 2 0 Ditto Reputed Pints 30 Guinness' Extra Dublin Stout. Half pints 0 Family Dinner Ale supplied in four and a half igallon, 9 gallon, and 18 gallon casks at Is per jpllon. J. FO ULKES WINÉ AND SPIRIT MERCHANT; BOTTLER TO THE TRADE; 'L.- IMPORTER AND BONDER, WELL-STREET, RUTHIN. INCREASED YALUtToF -WATER POWER, MACADAM'S VARIKBL C TURBINE rpHIS Wheel (which is now largely in use in England, Scotland, and Ireland) is the only one X. yet invented which gives proportionate poorer from both large aid small quantities of water. It can be made for using a. iirge winter supply, and yat work with eqnal efficiency through all variations of quantity down to a n th, or even less, if required. It is easily coupled to a steam engine, and in this way always assists it by whatever amount of power Oie water is capable of giving, and therefore saves So much fuel. This Turbine is applicable to all feeights of fall. It works immersed in the tail water, so that no part of the water is lost, and the motion of the wheel is not attested by foods or back-water. These Torbines are at work is nearly every counfllin England. Apply to MACA-PAM BROTHERS & CO., BELFAST. Pears' Soap Fair white hands. Bright elearcomplex ion Soft healthful skin. ,I'thful —■— — COMMON SENSE. ITIO people who are in the habit of thinking for themselves it is quite evident that in order to keep the constitution in health, the first and most important thin? to be attended to is that the appetite is good and the body strong. If the system is weti it is then naturally open to disease, and experience has already prove 1 that whatever part of the system is weakest that very part is most susceptible to Colds and their attendant inconveniences. In order to fortify the system and brace it up, we most resort to Tonics, and frecan confidently and conscientiously recommend a preparation which is steadily and quietly gaining a firm footing in almost every household in the kingdom. We find it neoessary to mention that this preparation differs from many now offered to the public. Many of the preparations now offered are worse than worthless, inasmuch as they are calculated to deceive; but we are happy to state that this mixture has been proved beyond all doubt to be a genuine invention. We advise a careful perusal of the following. Its name signifies its contents:— .0 Willi MR tome BITTERS, OR VEGETABLE TONIC. ? This preparation contains Quinine and the esfenee or active principles of Sarsaparilla, Saffron Lavender, Dandelion, Gentian, and Burdock, mixed in happy preparations. It has one great advantage, viz., the entire approval and confidence of the leading mevbers of the medical pro- fession. Quinine Bitters assist digestion, promote and facilitate circulation, strengthen the nerves and muscles, and purify the blood. Patients who have sufiered long and suffered severely, con- tinually bear testimony to their remedial effects. Specially adapted for all diseases arising from a nervous state of the system, such as palpitations, tremblings, flushing of blood to the face, nervous indigestion, low spirits, undue anxiety, neuralgic and nerve pains generally; also,, indi- gestion in its different forms, such as pains in the stomach, cramp, frequent sighing, sense of ful- ness and oppression, relieved by taking food, or a feeling oflangollr and oppression, drowsiness, and flying pains in the region of the heart. In short, this preparation (the Quinine Bitters) is a general tonic and blood purifier, strengthening that part of the system which is weakest, and therefore most liable to Colds and their consequences. Sold in 2s 6d and 4s 6d Bottles by all the principal Chemists. r "f "!Theale, near Beading, 11th May, 1877. Dsar Sir,—I have examined your Quinine Bitters and find them to be quite free from all minerals, and am also pleased to add that they havit.been very efficacious in numerous instances that have come under my immediate notice for generic debility and atonic indigestion, &c. I have frequently recommended them with marked success. (Signed) SAMUEL J. J. KIRBY* M.B.C.S. (Eng.), and L.S.A. (Lond.)." Dear Sir,—I have much pleasure in bearing testimony to the high opinion I entertain of your Quinine Bitters. I have used it extensively whilst travelling through the tropics, and always with the most happy results. I consider it a very reliable remedy in debility, especially of the digestive organs, and can cordially recommend it as an invaluable medicine to all, especially those who have to travel. ANEURltf JENKINS, M.R.C.S.L., M.B.C.P.B. S.S. Teniers, Bio de Janeiro, South America, Fe$.10th, 1877." Testimonials have been received from people who;were never expected to'recover. TW. o- 0. "Oread Hotel, Brighton, July 26th, 1876. uear Sir,—I feel it is my duty to the public and to yourself to inform you that I have derived immense benefit from your Quinine Bitters,or Vegetable Tonic. I have been for some months a victim to head-aches, pain in my back, and I believe a general derangement of the liver. I am happy to say I now feel well, but I take a dose of your « Bitters' occasionally, when my appetite fads. -n Yours faithfully, To Mr Gwilym Evans. ROBERT FOSTER." TV- Q. T.i December 14th, 1877. o S'lT. have be0n suffering severely for a long time with indigestion and nervous rfISL I f.. heir results. After trying numerous remedies (to no purpose) I tried your other" tters> and the result is I am now a healthy man. Publish this for the benefit of Address-THOMAS BEES, Forester s Arms Hotel, Llanelly, late of Pishguar^. Decorator and Vainer. Tht R6V ?r Mor&an (Lleurwg) speaks of them as f;he best medicine he has ever tried. riw- Thomas, D-D., Neath, bears testimony to their merits, and thousands of others. testimonials 011 application. shilling bottle contains as much as two 2s 9d bottles, thereby the purchaser may save a nnnf niw- °hevrai8t caB.or<*er these free of expense, from the Wholesale Agents in London, Liver- poo/, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, and Edinburgh. For further particulars, enclose stamped envelope to the Proprietor, MRGWILYM EVANS, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, LLAN ELL Y, SzW- KEw Yozk. AOISKT;—JOHN BENRY CUBBAN & Co i P A B M E B SJ F R E N D QUARTER-EVIL, BLACK-LEG, &c. JOSEPH PARTINGTON'S PATENT. Certain cure for what is known among young cattle as Murrain, Iron, Speed, QUARTER-EVIL, Black- quarter, BLAOK-LEG, &c. This discovery has been found by the above to never fail. Bottles will be sent to any part, with full instructions for use, by applying to JOSEPH PARTINGTON, New Hall Farm, Kersal, near Manchester. Bottles, 78 6deach, or three for £ 1. CLUB AVOW ) IF YOU WANT A GOOD PIANO ) A, ———=- GO TO -——— J I I tz 07" ,217, -S 'OTLAND.P.OAD CRANE & SONS pay special attention to the "Easy Payment System." and have sold thousands",of Instruments throughout the oountry on these advantageous terms. The prices they charge on tike Easy Payment System are, in most cases, considerably less than the prices n..ked. for net cash by other houses for inferior iuetiii-^mte. ORANE & SONS buy for prompt caoii, saving Discounts, and therefore, offer to the Public j Instruments in many cases, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pay for them, who only sell perhaps one instrument in a week, and consequently, must get as much profit on that one as Crane" Sons expec Thr-e Instruments." CRANE k SONS challenge this aisertion, and will pay the Railway Fare if any pereon coming to Liverpool, providing same does not exceed 5 per cent of the purchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spontaneously sent to Crane & S ms :— Carnarvon, North Wales, August, 1883. f GBNTMSMSN,—I cannot HELP expressing my great satisfaction with the Instrument yon have sent me. The sweetness and power of tone is alwayc what has been wanted by me.—I am yours truly, THOS. EVANS. To Crane & Sons, Liverpool. ORGAN S &H ARMONIUMS J 'ARE THE BE ST & CHEAPEST £ VEfTs M I 'OFFERED TO THEPUBLIC I r PRICES WILL ASJOfiiSH* j THE TRADE A-PiA!4os. F.Rcm O,RC4-AN S. rrom A 3- "HA -FOR SALE ORHIREt^ I 2—fromlOf monthly ■—1 SENT TO ALL PARTS OF tri KINGDOM j Z -,OA 1,6 JOHN MORRIS, BASON, ENGBAVBB, and SUMDRIS RAILWAY STATION, RUTHIN. Monuments, Tombs, Ledgira, Head stones, Sfc to order, In Granite, Lime, Yorkshire, and other Stoses) Vaults, and all kinds of Cemetery Work. ENQBAYER ON MABBLS MOWVKBNTS A TABLETS, IN AK1 GIVEN ETYLB. Dealer in all kinds of Building Materials. &timates for all kinds of Mason Work,Flagging, Buildings, Alterations, and Impairs, with or with. out Sf&terials. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF KOETJI WALIS- SEVERAL SCHOLARSHIPS cf £ 50 a yesr, k,7 tenable for 3 years, are already promised by iadiv'duals for CDmpetition in 1884. and also some for 1885. These Scholarships are given in'additica to those which will be cffoicd out of College fundf. Neighbourhoods desirous of being selected as Ex- amius.t,on. Centres aie requested to commun",ca!e with the undersigned through their Town Councils, Local Boards, School Boards, or Local College Committees, not later than tLe 15th tf May. W. CADWALADR DAVIES, Secretary. Bangor, April 4th, 1884. CONWAY UNION. \J^TANTED a Poiter and Industrial Trainer Tf for the above named "Diiion Woikhouee. Candidate emuat be either Single men, orWido**cis without children and by calling, a Tailor cr Shce. maker. In addition to the duties prescribed by the •Local Gkvarnment Board, the person appointed, will he required to fuperir.te.ia the relief v? vaeranfcn the indusfifiâltrainiug of the bojf. Salary JE39 per annum with Bat.on Lacings and Washing. Applications in the handwriting of the Candi- dates, stating age, present and previous occupa- tion accompanied t y 4 testimonials of recent date to be sent to me not later than the 25th day of April, instant. The appointment will be made on the 2nd day of. May next at noon- By order T. E. PARRY, Clerk. Convay, April 4th, 1884. 1884. GREY PALMER Will seive Mares this Season at PENRHYN CASTLE STABLES. GREY PALMER, a very handsome Grey Horse, foaled in 1882, by the Palmer, cut of Eller For- mosa's dam, by Chanticleer, her dam by Tomboy, out of Tesane, by Wisker. The Palmer is own brother to Rosicrucian, by Beadsman, out of Msderpe Eglentine. Thotcugh-bred Mares, 10 Guineas; Half-bred, £3; Farmers' Maics, JE2; Tenants, JE1. All applications ta be made to MR PICKARD, Stud Groom, Penrhyn Castle. E 1036 u BEKIEL HOHE&PUft" WILL gERVE MARES this Season at Baron Hill. Thoroughbred Mares. £5 5 0 Haif-lsred do 2 2 0 Tenants' Mares Half-price. Groom's fee, 2s Gd. IISP-KTFT,, HOMESPUN" Is a beautiful Brown, by CI Brown Bread," out ot "Princess Mixture. For Pedigree see "Stud Book." GEORGE PEARSON, Stud Groom. Baron Hill, 13th March, 1884. B 1029 THE FERRY RViIT" FIELD, TAL-Y-OAFN NORTH WAUE6. IMPORTANT TO STOCKBREEDERS, FABK- ERS, AND BUTOHESS. MONTHLY SALES OF FAT AND STORE STOCK. MESSRS ROGERS AND BRUCKSHAW beg to infcrm Stockbreeders, Farmers, and the Public generally in the surrounding district, that they col,ductirg a Monthly Sale of Notoes, Cobs, Ponies, Homed Cattle, Sheep, Pigfi. Farm Pioduce, and Agricultural Implements, at the above address, on tbe First Wednesday in every month, commencing Wednesday, the 6th day of Match next. Messrs It. & B. beg to caU the attention of all having Fat end Store Cattle for Sale to the great facility these Sales will afford for the disposing 01 the same. All Stock consigned for Sale will receive the personal attention of the Auctioneers. Entries of allCattle intended for Sales is respect fully solicited, and should be forwarded by postfc$ the Auctioneers (Llandudno Offices) at leaatl days prior to date of Sales, to ensure their proper classification and advertising in posting bills and catalogues. Foutteendaya notice will be given in this paper of any intermediate Sales. Commission 6d in the £ including all expan??gr, with immediate cash tettlement at the conclusion of tho Sale. t Catalogues to be obtained at the principal Hotels in the district i days previous ta Sale, and at the Auctioneers' Offices Rhyl.Abeiystwytb, aad No. 1, James-street. Llandudno. I February 8th, 1884. i