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CHEAP oi5Wi;LI.EB,T, all kinds. "Waltham "Watches, or Geneva, Clocks, Musical Instruments, Su.'er Jewellery, i'».cy Goods. Cheapest House, Iilu v rated CaUUogv.o 3 stamps. 1JILI.ING-TOK. 1: Houtidsdirch,London. <"s.-ih ft Tra/W.nly. |Tf NVKSTMENTSinad.-in SAFE SECURITIES."X SPECU- LA IiATIVjS BUSINESS iii all Stocks and .Shares on the fJjoodon Hxchanxtt carefully transacted by Mr. Thomas Beer, ■Sworn Stock Broker, hK Bishopsffate Street Within, E.C. ^Investment Circular with special information post free. ABERDEEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, from £5. carriage paid. Inscriptions accurate and beau- itifi:.l. Plan? a?! 1 nrices from J. W. Le^s'2. Sculptor, Aberdeen. t* THE NATURAL jJ [M* p. by all respectable H Chemists, Grocers, and f- Mineral Water Dealers. ROYAL I Superiority of VIOLET'S Toilet Soap3 I mVwJJnAA Cfl»n Kby Medical Celebrities Recommended) lnnoace uUdp |ls confirmed bv experience of Half a rJELOUTINE SOAi violeT, Ties* Soaps have the pro-! Paris, Rue Saint-Denis, 225. •fi'ty of rendering the skin! h^ Ajreijts j$fm, tvpitp, ami sou. Jv^HO"VKNDEN & SONS. London. !ri ENTLEMEN'S KEYLESS~CALENDAR VTTWATCHES. "WOITDERSOFTHEAGE. Pri'-e.,niy60, Warranted perfect TuiK'ku-.pers, jewelled in every ho.e, comp- n- «ation balance. Shov,-? the hoars & seconds, day of the sveek ft smoncll Massive sterling ail v-. r English Hall-marked case. Money .returned if not approved of within a week. Trade suiiplied. Sent "Yeg r,n receipt of V.O.O. for £210s. to Mortimer & Co.. [13, Charlotte Street. Bedford Square. London. W.C. mm rii™L. ■SSL ,TIfesn &rT- P BURNER. -'EE BY PARCELS POST. tRo ISERS F.L. JG £ k Ci END 1 STAMP for PATTERNS from •\SBBl 7 6 o^rnair, &yoi wiUrecciv« A 60 INCH TAPE rSjfEfi *&EASTT& £ & an assortment of ail the most fa&irion- :5.r,io Angolas & All-Wool Tweeds as new being worn in •• nits & trousers, together with a list of un$oli cited tosti- ¡I' mdllials, fashion plates ? directions for self-nieasuro- fijj r-nt: acknowledged to bean easy as A.B.C,). weffua- 21 'C* ranteeafit. You will lind on comparison that our aroods t3 rj 3 at Itaoi 20 per cent, chean^r than any other house iii the trade. A iclresa—TAHIJING BRO S., Ma QUI ac- tnrers nV Contractors,^Goswell-rd^London. Eeta. Io40. VERY IGBEAT BARGAINS. tv VTOOL-TElq TJSESS GOODS. AJirfln' COTTON DEESS GOODS. & I Ml" III'! At M.i.ii'»oturer*s Prices. Anylonstn cut. Ulitnf (Dre—- ra ^^MM^qctimn^Co., Manchester. Ulitnf (Dre—- ra ^^MM^qctimn^Co., Manchester. Sf r STICKS. list ft testi- U mottla. post free. 8*n* huatnesacard. aatticg, 137. Digbeth.Btnn. 'IVYERV OTJ S and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. :J3| A gentleman, tried in vain every adverted remedy, Hha* discovered a simple means of seif-cnre. Hewilr be happy ttoforward the particuWs to any sufferer op receipsof astamped w&nd directed envelope. Address, J« T. &.L »» tjljh, Jbsq,, Brools ^V'da, Hair.mersmith. Jjon^on. r. Krr|TH E C XJ P" T HAT C HE E H. S A PRESCOTT'S 2/- TEA. A JZlrvl of Ckina and JrulUm, NUTT'Y i MALTY:'Deli^ons eibs. and upwards, •<;arnaye Fr.>.—13, Dalnton Lane, Lo:)dor, E. all Bl(:jocl A MMases. and all headaches 2 Gj. l ie. Lumbago, Scmtictt, Hlf £ >ROi>KOBIA and Epiiepsy i29). Teeihing, Weaning- and fit. rin CbiMr^n Wi.«piag ffiiich (2.&), For the amount n iJP.O.O. to the PANKUKON Ca, BOSTON, ^FHE~ OCEAN STEAHL YACHTING JL. JOKPANY (limited;, rTat^nd despatching their Scrnc Steam Yacht CETXON, 2,200tons PLEASURE CRUISES as followíi ö- In May for a S weeks Cruise to the Azore., and Madeira. In June for a 5 week Cruif e to the Northern Latitude. In August for a 2 wesks Cruise round the United Kingdom. Tn September for a or 5 weeks Cruise to the Atlantic Islands* For full particulars apply to the /CEAN STEAM YACHTING COMPANY JLJ (LIMTTBB). w r Passenger Officer 7f Pall Mall, London, S.W.. THOMSON'S PATENTED COILED SPRING SECTION SECTION CORSETS. The growing desire for Health preserving Clothi::j, "Zth a graceful, symmetrical figure, must make the Coiled Spring Elastic Section Corset a necessity v.iih all wel'-dressed English l>adies, and as umvsrsaUy approved of here as it is in America, where,wing ha.i the test of 2 years' actual experience, it is novo universally acknowledged as A Perfect Corset secured at last. BY an ingenious arrangement of fine coiled mire springs, forming a flat elastic section (which, unlike india-rubber elnstic, will not heat the person, or perish in wear), thin Corset yields readily to every respiration and move- ment, and, while giving all neccssary support, is equally comfortable in any position assumed 'by the wearer, Any Lady malcing a trial of this Corset will "be charmed with the new sensation oj comfort and relief from the rigid, unyielding bone and steel. of the ordinary malee, and wlnle souring the gract and carriage of a good figure will be conscious tluit she is not sacrificing Health to Fashio-n. Made in Five Qualities, and in a variety of Colours, Fcr particulars, see Illustrated List. Can be obtained from all high-class Drapers in Town or Country by giving usual waist measurement, ana quality desired. TRADE 0 ogo,V- I t- p MARK. 1., I. ll^EFWORK, F.iu?;*atcd Ca'a'oque of MACHINES, TOOLS, WOOD, 'And 350 Miniature Designs, PC<i:H for FOUR STAMPS. -:0:- HAEGrER BBOSy Settle, Yorks. D Q U 5) G*Us. oi* Hard Drying Oak IM Mil IM 1 O n Varnish for su-le, f\t 6,6 per Gallon, tins in- eluded. Sample stall..n sent on wwwt <rf ,-WILLDIGO Bros.. VUi^AN ./OL PJiY. Oj VENTRY. I0RSE CLOTHS"(3,000) ^2$f| 4tft fin 5/6 • with eirth 1/6 extra -WM. WAINE, 131 to IS). Ttew niton-mitcs; Sepfnitories/ 10, ana 11, Station-road. 8.K. CBS. FtrSNOT'S^ „ j, CARTRIDGE CASES NEVEP. KISS FIXE And are THE BEST ana CHEAPEST. Particular cf OSCAR R>inoi,/io, si N'Fw Broad St.. L ndoc. K.Q. ——"———— TO LAB.GB CONSUM3SHS. -— American apple season, new TOWN PIPPINS, from 30/- ]>^r Ba^l. smaller pack, ages. -4- to 5- ver stoan ailbs.i; BAIxDWINS, from Dcr Barrr-i: 2 6 arid 3- pcr .stone. ENGLISH BlilSNiiPniCS, 2-6 per etone. T.. Delivere<l free by jfywls twin to any railway itotion Ki. cm receipt of ijitnoue or Postal Order. payoOie to COPELANP & P'JIXEN. MANCHKSiaS. T^T5ltW>US DEBlLl'i-Y.—A Christian Gcntle- V^j man wj q be > appy to forward particulars < f a safe, speedy, & permanent CTJIiE on receipt of stamped addre^od envelope.— Apply, ?ifr.Kolnh (P. 101 .CamlKidgr House,I.f.Aeahcftth,Suffollc. TO tb4 Ymxo Men of Enpltiwi tr>w tujfer fror\ A'ervowa ])t!bilitr. Jttxf VttblUied. THE CONFESSIONS and EXPERIENCE OF AN INVALID. nealsncl as aTVarning and a Caution to oti»»t8; supplying at file sain« time the rai-ans of feKLT-C'UR' «ne who has cured fliimself, after undergoing the ^3ual ainonot of Meaici.1 impoaU *lon ana Qnackery. Siasrle copies may be had post free) by ser.din? a stamped WiuresRed envelope to the author, ^uART.n/K Dixo:, Hoaeslg?. near London. POST FREE FOR SIX STAMPS. I The MARVELLOUS WORK on I CONSUMPTION, BY GEORGE THOMAS COXGREVE, Coombe Lodge, Pecklxam, London, S.:E. BIr. Oongreve is p" b: ishing ONE RECENT CASR of CURT'! EVERY WEEK m the OhristianWorld and other Weeklies. HE ABLY 100,000 SOLD! «•!< + 'T FOG-SI And DAMP AIR produce Catarrh, Coughs, Hoarseness. THE FINEST REMEDY FOR COLDS, COUGHS, etc., IS CONGREVE'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, In bottles. Is. lid., 2s. 9d.. and 4s, 6d. SOLD BY ALL MEDICINE HOUSES. ",XT ÄI,l{ER'SCRYS'l'.AL CASE" WA-rc-iis T ▼ are supera^ins? all other3. Prize Medals, London. IK'K. Paris. l«c:. Silver from £ 3 3«. <iold from £ 0 6.1. 77, Cornhiil. E.C. 2:;o, Reffent^Street, W., London. T3Qscri ptive Pampjilet free. COE-N-ri COEKa !SXTSAOItmii AKY iflSCOVEHY. "TTTT?ft-Dn"nTNPl t^le latest invention, -will posi- J tively cure. A trial will convince VXyou. It diliera from anything^ yet invented. Prico 13.}d. froe by_return_15 ttamps. Try it. Pottage, Chemist, Beverley HEALTH SECURED by ]V1 ° H 2 5 ° ^'S VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL MEDICINES. To be had of all Chemists thr o-.igb"'it ^"e ^rifn:rt. JUST PUBLIt3ii.Jt.lJ, lor j w., fccaiups, „ By J. A. JiAHNES, if.I). (U.S.), A Treatise, entitled— "TT0W TO ENSURE HEALTH:" JLJL « if out Valuable Book for You n-j Hen, on the LAW3 GovKRyiso LIPP., and the CAT:°I; SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Nervous Dobility. on the LAW3 GovKRyiso LIPP., and the CAT:°I; SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Nervous Dobility. Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ear*, Impaired Siirht and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, &c. Sent post free on receipt of T wo Stamps. Address— JA. BARNES, M.D (U S « -18. Li.nsdale Square, Thornhill Road. London. N. AS A CXTB.JS FOR RHEUMATISM, GOUT, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINa in the JOINTS. LIMBS, BACK, or KID- t-rETS.CROWE'S FA-MCUS GOUT & EHEUKATIC rTLLS have no equal, and at once remove all GOUTY & RIIEU5IATIC PAINS from the system. Sold by most chemists in iioxe.5 at 1/li & 2 9, or sent poft free 14 or 35 stamps, by THOMAS CRO'W]E._Practica^Uheini»t. 81. Wardwur Street, London. \V. _ty JAPANESE and CHINESE GOODS Importers A. B END A & CO., 12S and ISO, Houndaditc.h, Lond m, E. 0) I.. .e,, iz .1-1 10, I., .0- i- I.. ik, WONDERFU-I NO MORE LOST WATCir KEYS! A Gold Watch, Keyles3,k>r42s The rnoatWonderful value ever offered to t"m Publie.&often sold for double the money,bu it is owing to the large demaiidthat the Ad vertiser is enabled to cfferasiiigle Article a Wholesale Price. Send P.O.O. for abovi amount, and one will be Rent free by Johi Watson.57, Westminster-rd., Birmingham. i-4ng A VALUABLE BOOK on the causes and the new cure of ireneral and Nervous Lability, Prematiir* Decline, Src.,; ui«o a number of Preseriptsons. vnl be sent post free and ?rat i.H, on application, by the anthor- I)r. G. Rnraler (N.Y.i, .Thornhill Crcacent, London. N. ifi~EN T L E MAN'S KEYLESS CALENDAH IT WATCH. Pr,cc £ 310=i..Towelledin every hole, compels, tion balance. Borf-ict timekeeper. Shows the hours & saconos, «aj r-f the week & ftontti. Massive Silve-r English Hall-marked caww Monev roturned ir not iviprove l hi. Sent registered on receipt of P.O.O. for 50 to J. hiason,.Southern Hill. Keadmc. .4- SPITALFIELDS SILKS, FOR FURNITURE AND DRESSES. I^nibr'itit- rv arbl Textile Fabrk.ue^ by Tl. HELBilONNKli. & ^r2, Oxford Street, London. MILE CAMDEN FOUNTAIN PEN?* X PATENT, Augost, 1888. THE PERFECTION OF "FOUNTAIN" OR KESEHVOIR PENS. Simple in Construction Cannot get out of Order. The increasing demand for a really workable" Pocket or Desk Pen containing it^ own suiiolv of ink. has induced tha pr> :lnc- tion of the "CAMDEN" FOUNTAIN PEN," which is brought before tiio public as the perfection of reservoir pens, lor with it ANY PEN CAN- BE USED, and thus there is accomplished the trroat desideratum, A PERFECT FOUNTAIN-PEN. The size of the "Camden Fountain Pen," viz., 5m. Ion?, adapts it conveniently for either tiie pocket or tiio desk. and its tape rinse form is a special feature. iJnca Fitted with non-corrodible Pen 2 6 Fitted with Ir;dium foist Pen. fine, mfvinm, or broad 3 6 Each Pen is sent out i u a re:-1 box, with Jr.k-:il!er complete. SOLD BY ALL STATIONERS. Wholesale nl. from CII*S. COOP ALL Jie S->N. Camden V.'orks. I.ondon. N.W.^ BR ANN'S SKIN LOTION.—Prescribed !)yT5e iat« Surtin. the celebrated skin doetor. Marvelloaj cvue f«r pimples, VAotche. redness, &c. Bot.uies 23. 9d. liy post 3K.—2, Cosmo Place, Loudon, W.C.. and from Chemists. IT MF.DICAXi WONDER3. should" be road by all DA A l| vonni? mra. Iratortaot, to dabi.italod norvou» *utTerer« and ll! Ilf R tho»e aK«t to nsarry. t'ref In Knveiopp for 4 samps Pub- U,Mwdlont Ha.I. ritaailan-nuare^.VfflKstab. 1830 "OA ELS POST." PARCELS POST. JL Dr.»»s Car>i, Mob Cons, Curtains. Collarettes, Ac. Splendid value. Will be sent to any yart of England free on receipt of POO. for 10 and inwards. W. COTTON, WEEKDAY- CROSS. NOTTINGHAM. YEAST A^oHK4N f-nsbury JOJ -l\- BUXTERINE V Lf)NOON T <S !L2Ai>i Li f? uD tit, AWITii Ur £ I 1 -Lead SGLU EVEP.YWHER?. W*SUF«5T«N T; 1 MO_SOUA^T. LONDOH. IJ ECONOMY ^GARDEN IS INSURED BY USING yy 10/- post 10/- (Sntton's Seadsj CCLL,tl Sa L gnllton's OF VEGETABLE & FLOVJER SEEDS Containing 30 Favourite Varieties of Yesetabl* Seeds, and Choict) Sorts of Flower Seeds. I' SENT I'RKE BY PA11CELS POST TO ANY AD. DRESS IN TIIE UNITED KINGDOM ON RECEIPT (IF A REMITTANCE FOR 9/6. PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. /? QUEEN'S Seedsmen, Rtftaiss. | = •D RA S SCREED,STRING, & DRUM & FI FE X> B4NDS, VIANOS. ORGANS ft HARMONIUMS at Whole. taUTrivt at J.MOORE ft CO..Buxton Bd.,H nddersfleW. I ricea wic'i rfrawinifs of every Instrument post free. Music lor any Kina I -;i: i. BanHsiii'?n's Cap*. Patronised by Arrn^. cSecond-band Tn$tr\imertt^ hon^ht or tak^n in r-^Cyan^e. K^XABTJiSHKl) 1831. JJ I R K B E C K JG A N K.— SB, Southampton Buiiditiifs,> Lane, London. Current Accounts opened according to'the usual practice OT other Bankers, and interest allowed on the minimum montniy I- balances when not drawn below £ 28. No Commission charged 'or kespin^ Accounts.. The Bank also receives money on Deposit at Three per cent. Interest, repayable on demand, and undertaken the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. A Pamphlet, with f,, It on application. FRANCIS RAYKNSCROFT, Manager,, FRA.NC itAV E a IMMEL'S AROMATIC OZONIZER. RIMMEL'S AROMATIC OZONIZER. A fragrant air-purifying Powder of Pines and KucalywMss. The* agreeable disinfectant, ls.,bypc>st 15 RIMMEL'S TOILET VINEGAR, deli- cious tonic, and refreshing, 1' 2 0, arid 5 Sold everywhere. HbuT1.lel. Perfun1Br, 90. Strf1.n¿t London OLD SELF SELF WIMDIIiG IiADIJElS' WATCHES, no xfiy ro^uired, of ^X(iuifiite workmanship. i?"*F0ii?<v,le?r'5rTliOlr. Perfecv Timokeepors. Elegautly cb?w>ea. Thi8 w auoh is perfection. Fr^ce only OS 6. 1^*<>ral veregptazo by taking a dozca. Country shoT^keepers should see a. caiaiuo. I'>xcccfJin?iy randsome ca?es, Hall-uiarked. Che<iuea and P.O.O. to FBNTON & CO., Watch Importers, 38, TOVVl-'R CHAMBERS, LONDON, E.fc. f Botnkinds. A certain cure in most cases. Easily ap- J. kj i pit. Free by post, 7 stamps.^W. A.Spider, Coichcyrey. CHARES IN STEAirRrCfj. Dividends of from 20 °!(> t.) 25 .r. per annum. For particulars of most promising fiteam^iiip undertaking-, Limited Liability. jEBOSharM, Addics1; TfEOMAiS BBLR. istewafchip Surveyor, Bcn. Ducs& Cahdut, THE BEST KElVltDY FOR INDIGESTION. I TRADE MARK. II CAM03L1LE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple Remedy for hidigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the (Uncases to which ice are subject, leifig a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that it is with justice called the u Natural Strengthener qf he Human Stomach." NORTON'S PILLS" nØ as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in I heir operation, safe under any <circumstances, and thousands of persons can now hear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use, as they have been a net tr-jailing Family Friend for vpivards oj 50 years. Sold in Bottles at Is. IM., 2t. OJ., and lis. each, by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. I CAUTION. Askfor ".NORTO¡'Y' S PILLS." and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation. DR,T.): COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYN& • THE ORIGINAL^ AND ONLY GENUINE. « [ 0HLOHODYNE is admitted by the Prof98don to be themo6twoaa«folan8r»lmib!eremed7<hercaiS6Z»iftS CHLORODYNE la the best reaasdy known for Coughs, Consumption. Bronchitis, Asthmv HTT LORODYNE offactuall j checks and arresta thoae toooficn fatal diseaaee—Diphtheria, Ferw, Oroop, Afft* I CHLORODYNE acta lits a Charm In Diarrhcro, and is tho only speciflo la Cholara and Dy*«nta7« CHLOHODYNE eUtotually cuts short all attacks of Spilspey. Hysteria, Palpitation and Spasma. PELOEODYHE .fc-n-wfartu tttint o^SSort and quietude not obtainable oy any other rscaody, Md u, eeaaa to poataas tha zrx* £ ? yeniira over alf ether Sodatives, that it leaves no unpl.^aat after-etfccte. "■marl Rnssoll commnnicated to tha College of PhyE'cicca tUat ha rocoivod s dlapatcli >Tai4tv'a Canml 'it Manilla, to tho effect that Cholera haa been rarjuxs? fearfully, of any eei^ice waa CHI,Oi1ODYK £ !.»'-See Uncti. 1« Scomber 18S4., • fiATTTION.—BEWARE ot FIRAQY and miTATI0N3. CxvZj* -Vlce-ChiMellor Sir W. Pass Woor. stated feat Dr. 1. Gout* Browsr* ww, undoabWl.y, Vm tanrtwetcnMP-ODYNBT that tho etoir of the Defend^, Vzsvux, waa dehhorately untru^m-.h. a* -jOgrcUci to say, had been rwern to.—See 3Ti*«», 13& July »v, „AT i, <cn. t <v>fTTa tii'imM r* Sold in Bottle# at Is lid, 2s Od, and te 6d eacn,. None is *enwit, otil.thf wotd3 Dr. J. OCuHS B»..OW«»* ICKtoBOBYSB "on the Government Stamp. Overwheltning Ksdical Testimony accorapamai easa bottle. ^Steaal £ i5r^40m»»-J. T. UAVffiJTPOBT, S3 Sroat ausasll Street, Sioozncbuxy. UatAonZ iL If you are a. man of business or labourer, weakened by the strain of your duties, avoid stimulants, and take HOP BITTERS. If you are a man of letters, toiling over your midnight work, to restore brain and nerve waste take HOP BITTERS. If you are suffering from over-eating or drinking, any indiscretion or dissipation, take HOP BITTERS. If you are married or single, old or young, rich or poor, suffering from poor health or languishing oil a bed of sickness, take HOP BITTERS. Whoever you ore, wherever you are, whenever you feel that your system needs cleansing, toning or stimulating, without intoxicating, one bottle of HOP BITTERS will do more good than £ 5 in all other medicines or doctor's visits. Hare you dyspepsia, kidney or urinary complaint, disease of the stomach, bowels, llood, liver, or nerves i You will be cured i £ you take 2103? BITTEBS Tf you have flatulency, rheumatism, or gout, or are simply ailing, are weak and low-spirited, try ifcj ASJC your chemist or druggist for HOX* IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE. IT MAS q-AVED MMDREDS, FOR SALE BY ALL CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS." RENOWNED REMEDIES. I THE PILLS Purify the Blood, correct all Disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, KT^^EYS, AND BOWELS. They invigorate and restore to health Debilita 'utior.s, and are invaluable in all Complaints incidental to Females of all ages. ) en and the aged they are priceless. THE OINTMENT I Is an infallible ej.icdy for Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores and Ulcers. It is famovv fQP Gout and Rheumatism. rOR DISORDERS of the chest it has no equal. FOR SORE THROATS, BRONCHITIS, COUGHS, COLDS, Glandular Swellings, and all Skin Diseases it has no rival; and for contracted and stiff joint; it acts like a charm. Manufactured only at THOMAS HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 78, NEW OXFORD STREET (late 533, OXFORD STREET), LONDON, And are sold at is. iid., 2S. 9d., 4s. 6J., ITS., 22s., and 33-f. each Box or Pot, and may be had of all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. U.B. Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. BRYANT & MAy Ma T1 P tt 1? Q NEIIVOUS DEBILITY. A Cure i4i Stj} < :rn tA?14 Guaranteed. TTtR. E. C. WEST'S NERVE & BRAIN THEAT- MEST, a Guaranteed Cure for all Diseasss of the Nervous System, such as Hysteria, Dizziness, Convulsions, Fiti, Neu. ralgia, Headache, Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Prematnro Old Asre, earned by Excesses, Over-Exertion of the Brain, or Over-Indulgence (resnltin? in Insanity, and leading to Misery, Decav, and Death). The Remedy is from the Prescription of au Eminent Physician. & has beeu tested & used v ith great success for years; therefore tht1 Proprietors have no hesitation whatever in issuing a Written Guarantee of Cure, or Money refunded to every Purchaser of Six Boxes. Kach Box contains One Month's Treatment, 4 6 a Box, or 6 Boxes (with Guarantee") for 25/ To be h"j of all Chemists a:,11 Driikreists.—BARCLAY SONS, Far London Atcents, 05. Farriimaon Street, London. TT BEOCADED SILK llANDKERCHIEFb DIKZCT FROM THE LOOMS. Ettjfro-n the Manufacturer? and tare two projitu, SOO.OOO icUi in and 50,000 Testimonials received, R. THOMPSON & CO. b;g to thank the readers of this paper for their support, and to announce that Piucc they first com. menced to ofter their beauciful Handkerchiefs to the public. they have supplied them to the Queen'* Palaeeafc WimUordown t,, the humblest cottage in the land. Not content with this Buccess, we stall not be satisiied until every person in tho United Kingdom has purchased one of our beautiful Handkar- chiefs. They are richly brocaded m designs of birds, flowers, terns, &<:■ and may b« had in thirty different colours, including the late- They are a choice present for a lady or gentleman, useful for the neck or rocket, size 2? inches square, while the Eoftnes; elegance, and delicacy of them wake them preferable to the Imesc c¡¡.mhric, and for durability they cannot be Bar. ))f.sse,1. A lisf of Testimonials forwarded to any address on receipt of one stamp. COUPON. l Name —- — Actiiresi Ive guarantee to Mnd ne handkerchief as advertised LL:ov.' on receipt of P.O.O. for la., or IS stamps 2 for 2B., or 21 stamps; 6 for Sa., or fiO stamps; 12 for 9s.. or 108 ("tamps. Menev to be returned if good* fail to meet ap- Ll'ioval, Signed THOMPSON ft CO. V.O.O. TO LK MAPK PAYAHLR TO 3F* THOMPSON & CO., *Cojri tr.e rcla^ JEBuij dinjgs^Sto c kpo rt. I 1 W BELLAMY'S DISCOVERY, T?OTT TTT: CCR.E or LAME AND BLEMISHED HORSES. STRAINS. BRUISES, INFLAMED SWELLINGS, I BONE SPAVIN, Curb, Splint, and Bony Formations, WiHDGAlLS, THOROUGKPIN, BOG SPAVIN, &c., CURED and REMOVED. without firing or injury to the Horse. Rrrrvyly for ^Drains. Ac., 6s. Bone spavin, to., 5ff. 6d.; Hug Spavin, &c., 6d.; Carriage paid. I p.0.0. OP- CHEQUE TO ACCOMPANY ORDEB. Fuil particulars ami ti'stimoniato PoOT Vrmt <ro application. -I-anches | BELLAMY & CO. 55, Browu-ftTIancliester HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES. LAarPLOUOH'S PJUETIC SALITTE. ltil the safe antidote 111 bcariet x c^er; 9aiali-j)oi, i*ud other dipea.«fl«. An in« valtiable domestic medicine, removing Headache, Bilioubness, Lonstipntioii, o^cin Affections/Blood Poisons ft Pevcrishreaa, See numerous Meuical Testimonials, sucli as no other Salme can s^w, Jieretore XJdS no othor. Prepared solely vr Ux■^W^r,]born' Loiidon. HAVE IT IN YOUR. HOUSES & WITHjyou IN" YOUK TKAVELS. rjOUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA; BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA. Dr. J. Collis Browse's CHLOHODYNE, m^ral re^yts D^6 — Caution. — Xhe^x^raor^naTy Browne's Chlorodyiie, bee (iecision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page \V'ood, the July 16th, 1881. Numerous testimoniala from eminent Physicians accompany eaca outtle. Sold in Bottlo: I/li, 2/0, ft 4/C, by all Chemists. IVTIIW FAMILY ELECTUO-MAGNETiC MEDICAI. APPARATUS for tv cur. of RHEUMATISM. CONSUMPTION. GENERAL DEBILITY, BRON- CHITIS, FITS, AIYLCHONS of the LIVER, AGUil, CANCER, APOPLEXY. NAjRAL&IA, SPINAL COMPLAINTS,SPRAINS.&c. Strongly recommended by scientific practitioners as a certain & painless remedy tor most diseases, as well as being a source of eu.liess arriiicement to everyone. Two-current Coil, Insulating & Electro-plated Handles, Silk Connecting Cords, Power Ketru- lator, & Bat.ery, complete, packed and forwarded free, 18s. §i Tnvbi :n01.!ie4l. WEEDOW & Co., ELEOTEICIANS, SUNDERLAND. ? Y ) P AT KEYLESS "WHOLESALE PRICES. L ES.S t- WATCHES. LADIES S carat, 38/6; 14 carat, 50, Silver, 35/- and 45/ •ir v'ai>^4f<i' oha»tti, and fully jewelled. 65 a,ui 60 ■ Stout Silver Levor, 40/ "*5 ,.r t. Perfect timekeepers. Large stock of Ctiaiin. -L' RIR >? -Ir \'UAV '». P.O.O. Money returned if not approved. A*CO.. ic, Fleming Road, Kennington, London. IVfl A T f'nrivalled Stock. All newest J.T I. vj 11 I J Accompaniments. Catalofrues of '■ K tunes, » prices gratis, & free by I X 50Bfc- WALES & McCULLOCH. '22. r. Jtt Lndgate-hill, &.Cheapside, London. T^r^fiSI'EI) COATINGS and Serges ,^i,^Vt,«tr?iailor8fieldWooUea ^lotil Company,Ltd.,are the best — ISSnnrSglured. Anv length cut. Patterns on apulicat on. D'ARCY'S DUBLIN STOUT tatST iLarsrest Brewery in Ireland.but one.) Q AFE IN VESTMENT for small onpitali'sts". rT f v steady tiin'dondfl in a non-speculative cor.nern. Y orfuii cartxculars. address Bex 16. The Exchange. Huddtrstield, "The CLEAN Black Lead,Vide Press. JAMES' c?J:2^i?^L 8ucce«sire awards for E*- I Iff 1 g\XI Bmi eellence of Qu&lity and Cleanli- ur I W1 L^i nesa in nae. I Economical!! B L Economical!BLACK LEAD BEWARE ofWbrthless Imitations A Oertain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. GRATIS, A MKDIOAL WOI*K, SHOWING .sufferers how they may be cured, and re- cover health and vitality without the aid of Quacks, wit .1 recipes for purifying the blood and removing slsin affectiorfi: also chapters on Happy Marriages When and Whom to Marry; The Temperaments Smnmeriug; Vital Force; How Wasted and How PrcGervèd; Galvanic Appliances: and the Wonders of the Microscopic m. Detecting Taricus Complaints. Post free lor two svauips. Address, Secretary, institute ot Anatomy, Bir- 473 LL IS 'I'm; A.N 1) MOST TILORCUGII CUB.R 1?0-lt MUSCULAR RHEUMATISM, Also unequalled for bbM7|A<<0, CHILIILAIJFCS, BliOK 10 "III NS, «C. DREDGE'S HEAL-ALL gives immediate relief, and nfter the third fir fourth application complete.,v cures. It I., admitted io '.a an infallible cure for that dinar^rous disorder, OUINSEY, or SO'tB THROAT, in which it was never known to fail after a few ho irs* application. It is also an excellent remedy for WHITLOWS, and is much used-fur CHILBLAIN'S. Charles Pickens, in •• Hon-.«hold Words," says OT II'1 >latr<jn of F-:ihle COLLEGE''—"She Relieved greatly in DREDGE'S HEAI-ALL. and so did t.ieae ))(,}-, who were most GIVEN to breaking tli-ir shins or elbows.' Of all l». U< SOLE PROPRIETORS, BAP-CLAY & 3QNS, LONDON. Sold, Eve 1 ¡ "as arniri 'At ] ITKJ5LY VEGETABLB. Ferfeotlj HarmleaSi MSSSsl Will reduce from two to five pounds per week: acts on the ,^N. WSSi (Kg food in the stomach, prevent- ing its conversion into Fa" Botanic Medicina Co-, Xv -'m, 3 New Oxford-street, London, W.C. J,o oc Is acknowledged by all who hare tried it to be the best tiling out for Children Cutting Teeth. It is very pleasant to taste, and we guarantee it to be perfectly harmless, it cools tho heated gums, and soothes "the child to resff It is not, swallowed, merely rubbed on the gums. Price 2. 9cL, of all Chemists, SOLE PROPRIETORS, BARCLAY AND SONS, LONDON. GRAVIES, STEWS, HASHES/SOUPS,&a The "GRANULAR BEOWNINQ" (Registered Trade Nama.) SHOULD BE USED IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD. It imparts a rich colour AND superior <lt vonr to the Graviee of Roast Meats, Chops, Steaks, Cutlets, Chicken and Game Gravies, Hashes, Stews, Soups, Broths, Beef Tea. Ac. Sold in Bottles, Is. and 2f. 6d.. by Chemists, Grocers, and italiaa Warehousemen. Sole Mannfactnrers, TOMLINSON & HAYWARD, LINCOLN AVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES, and follow the ndvice of theemii.ent Doctors Trout, Stevens, Morgan, Tnrley,!)«, ;,ibl>on Sp?rks &c., who have borne nnqualiiied testimony to the value of T AMP LOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE. JJ TT <nvra instant relief in headache, sea or oilioussick- WS«, CSSN! heartburn, scarlet atfd ether FEVE^ ■niallpox, measles, eruptive and skill Use J,R, substitute. «H. HMYLOUFIH, 113 Hoiboiu, London. -fO..1 BLOOD IS THE ^IrOR TH^LGCD IS THE HF Z*.9 WORLD-FA^ED lHE CREAT BLonD PURIFIER AND RFSTORET: I LARGEST SALE OF ANY 3VIEDICIWE IN THE WORLD. nVHHWKLMi.NO TKFTTMOWY ACCOM-PANIBa EVERY MOTTI/JJ, PKOVING THIS TO BE THE GREATEST MEDICINE EVER DISCOVERED. For cler.iisinK AND clearini' the blood from all impurities, it cannot BE too hiirhly rccomroenrled. For Scrofula., 5Scurvy, Skin nuu Blood Diseases, and Sores of all kinds, it is a nevur-t.iuiiug und per- SOIUICIII cure. It Cures Oid RaTCS, Cures Ulcerated SORES on the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Lees. Cures Illuckhoivds, or VIMPJES on tto race. Cures Scurvy Sores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood anil Skin Pisoases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Bloorl from all impure matter, From whatever cause Arising. Af th;" mixture is pleasant to the taste, and wnrranted tree from anything. injurious to th<^most delicate con- stitution of either sex, the Proprietory solicit sufferers to 9111-1 it a trmt to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Sold in liotuos 2s. (id. each, and in cares, containing six times the quantity, lis. coch-rufliciont to eflcct a per- IBM.nen: cure M the great majority of lone-standing cases, BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VEInDOUS throughout tne world, or sent for 30 or 132 Btanipf. by tha Proprietors, THK LIMCOI.IT AKI. Jd.XDX.Ajro Coi'iniKs DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln. (Trade Mark—"Blood Mixture.") 'Po il III mm I ■! OftD f&r the cure of WIND ON THE SIOKACH. GOOD for the cure of INDIGESTION. GOOD for the cure of SICK HEADACHE. GOOD for the cure of HEAHTBUBJf. GOOD for the cure of BILIOUSNESS. GOOD for the cure of LIVER COMPLAINT. GOOD for the cure of FIT, COMPLAINTS arising' from a di^rdwed atate of the • STOMACH, E0*i7I. i.S, or LIVEB. Sold by all Medicine VENCFOIA, in boxee at Is lid, & 9^ 8I.d 48 6d each or free fcr 1 R3, or 54 Stamps, frota tAM D. WOODCOCK CUTEST STRSKT. NCNWICK. E ST AB L YEArTB. Is the only C -^AIU REMEDY for TOOTHACHE. Is tho n-.ost :rtain remedy for FACEACHE. Is the m ):,1 dr"alll remedy for TIC and NEURALGIA- May be TAL. » II.) young and old of both sexes, and the jnof delicate at period ot'life. Is tho fir ft, Nervine Tonic ever discovered for TI^J TOOTHACli I5, and NEURALGIC PAINS. Will be InTaluabV oy those losing their teeth BY decay. PF~*L, ties and anion are such that a decayed tooth is »01 cured of IJFTIN, but KIUTHBB DKCAT IS Bold in bottles 1/14 and 2/9 each by 8.U WBOL«5IR, AB«VW. BARCLAY t per. JIL SiNCLAIR'S^ 'I E CF50CF.3?3 & OILMJE5 The Family O .SAVES THEE, rin^ Wash with- LABOITR. cut the misery of \fiSf #% I S— W The AfagiX a Steamy House., Clean sen BEWARE of QA A P Imitations! V? • Ask for SINCLAIR'S." I A writes to The Quum, ^oasewife; i" SSTC time MI material, economises fuel,«a ttie ciothes require lea* rob* fANES SINCLAIR. Southwarlr. London.SJL LT 14 GRATIS.—Sent by Post to ail parts of tho Worid oa receipt of two Stamps to prepay postage. A POSITIVE CUBE FOR DEBILITIES V and derangements ot the peuerative and Iservona system, Nervous Debility and Exhaustion tne result of over-taxpd ilil given in the book ot PU&iiiVE EEMEDIES." This book eivea» positive remedy for all d™Cs. The Eameaoflll ?fC"ei31,r.^VeU 'n En8lish- Ca?ea and testimo- nials, V-ith means used ta each case It is a onidtt in tho sdf-treatment of all halted by all who require medical treatment. NOTICE. FIT VK R FMVynie?s -ea 8Vlen inlhe book of" ^OS- u -X # 1^? are he .raedicines used by Br Smith for over thirty years, iiy tbe aid of this book Invalids may f orm a correct knowledge of their maladj, and find a rositiva remedy for the care. The names are publi-°'aed in English, to enable invalids to select thererdfdy and cme themselves without consultm* a Radical man, making a written statement of CEM or paying consnltntion fees. Scud two Stampa for thi .ook of POSITIVE REMEDIES." which contain ^44 pajjes, and gives a cure for all diseases. Post free on receipt- of t*o stamps, direct from H. Smith A Co., Positive Remedy Labors ory, 26, bouthamptoB- ltow, London, W.C. pEOTGDYNE PILLS ARE A POSITIVE CUES for Debilities and Derangements ot Tve ^onerative and Xervons system, Prostration. P'nipl-s Losg of ^nergy, Pby-ical Depression, Pr^ mature Decline, Wasting Diseases, Exhaustion of suUW Pf°"er', Local. Weakness, and all Diseases re- pl Ch k"Ii Force. Alter usin^ those vlinnr Q^7»aU^nerTe3arerf'8t0rcd to hea^L and G. °ry,2Q' Southampton-row, London J. EMIGRATION AGENCY AUTHOBIZKD AND APPOINTED B!-TaR GOTEENMENT COMMISSIONERS J. D.PIERCE, EMI9RA.TI0N AGENT, 13, HIQHFIELD. STREET, 1 ITJIEBARlf. 8T LIVERPOOL. PASSAGES secured and fmr- Tuformation P given respecting Prices, and of Steamers Sailing to Quebec, Halifax, a ore. NtwYork, Boston, Philadelphia, Ne>^ Australia, New Zealand, and all parts of Eligible Emigrants can obtain passages to Canada at reduced ntes. All letters addressed to above will receive duo attention. A SENT FOB ALL LINES OF STEAilBRS. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Passengers booked by this Agency will be met on arrival in Liverpool, cared for during their stay, and seen safely sway on embarkation, comfortably berthed in the best part of the Steamers. Personal attention paid to Passengers—economy and comfort studied-by J. D. PIBUCE, who haa crossed the Atlantic several times, and travelled much in America, and who also has many yearat experience in the EmigraMon business. This Agency is highly recommended. C,:?- NOTE THE ABOVE ADDRESS PARCELS POST FREE. SPECIALNOTIClt CO WO '1 aTIWAS & MELC'O'BOTfS for HOME or BANDS t'ONC-'j.ITINAS, 20 keys, 0/- arul 7,0. Do. stoel notes, leather bellows, 10 C, 12/6, and 14/8. Me'odoons, Two sets of Reeds,powerful bassos, elegant cruw •>»,opa, 7/6, 10/ i2,8, 15' 17 «, >»uu 20, For-, a.Il. oxcelleut aceoi ipaiiiment for turitring. ForlflM &r Since Musio. Prlc? Lihts on acplication. J. MOOFlE &. CO., 3L'1.70>: SO AD. IXUI)OETt3FT3X,D. f ADY'rGOLI) KEYLSbS WATCHEST^ JLi rnnted thoioushly gonnine, quite now, of ei-iuisitti work, manihip and perfect timekeepers, will stand any climate. Priee 33, 3. Tiu so watches csnnoC bo eioellod in London shops tot £ 4. They are jewelled in every hole and beautifully finished with all the latest improvements. Forwarded on receipt of P.O.O. to CTIAIILES Figgf'/R. VI. Babl-;v Roag. Doncaster T ADY'8 GOLI) KEYLESS WATCHES; -1—■ warranted perfect Time Keepers, beautifully chased cases, ft jewelled in every hole. Price 38fl. 6(1.. Louc.a'y worth £ 4. Money roturned if not approved of -.ithin S days. Forwarded registered on receipt of P.O.O. for 38s. 6d. THOMSON & COt. iSK. JIh a r ov RO*<1. AlbionJRon< Stoke Newink'ton. London, K T ADY'S GOLD KEYLESS WATCHES, X-J T>erfoct Time Keepers aud bciiutifullv finished. 38s. 6d. These watches cannot be excelled in I/ondon shop# Money returned if purchasers atfe not perfectly satv* tier). rorwa-ded on receipt of P 0.0. for 38s. 6d. to W. C. rOOMf^K^Grc< v1:r5^ Roau, :O:+<:1:e Newin«rton, Ljndon, N. WATCHES^TADY'S"GOLD EEYLESS.— ▼ T Pretty articles of exqnisite finish. No 10 Guinea Watcfe contains more delicate movoments. Jewelled in every self pand-ftettmff ana vindmar. These Watches cannot be bought in eat) p una or 4Gninea«. Sentonapproval.onrec^iptof POO fot S3s._ed^to ANDERSON & Co.. -15, Church Road. Northwi«h, G TAMMERIKG CURED. See Book written fey K-7 on;^ who lias cured himself. Price, iw?t free 13 otaraun. from B. BEA31.SY. HALL GREEN, near BIRMING"" A iifl from B, BEA31.SY. HALL GREEN, near BIRMING"" A iifl UNION LINE. 1 |APE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL, & EAST Vy AFRICAN STEAMERS.—The UNION S.S. Oo.'s MAII* PACKETS sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternate ThnrsdaT. & fro;t i Plymouth the foliowing day. Apply at the Company's Offi- ces, tf dental I'lace, Southampton, or 11, Le&denhall Stwlio&doa. or tq J. ,Tapkaon. Llovd'a Agent. Carnarvon., | A DYICB TO DYSPEPTIC3.'Symptoma J^L of Dyspepsia and Indigestion, with special ad- vice as to Diet.—This little pamphlet appeals forcibly to' those who have allowed the palate to dccide everything for tkam, and have paid the inevitable penalty of their folly.*• —Gtuhe. Sent for one stamp. J. M. RICHARDS. Pub- liaher, 92, Groat Russell Street, London.. EKCKELABB'S Boss SOAP.—The best for the Toilet. TF YOU ARE INTERESTED in the search far It Cure for Rheumatisin and Neuralgia Pains, yon 8r8 hereby dirocted to obt&in of any chemist POWELL'S &DV> itATIO" EMBHOCATIOW. Ita extraordinary efficacy haa been attested by Karl Clarendon, Lady Wu-lacj^rave, the CotzntoM of Radnor, General Wood, and many other eminent It is for oxternal application only, gold in bottles, at lili «sd 2A), by all Chemists. EBCKBLABB's Root SoAp.—The best for the Toilet, T^OR ASTHMA, HAY FEVER, ANB J- CATAKBH.—Hjjcson'a CTTKE was empltwetf under tbehignefit medical sanction in the caie of the latA Earl of Ueac .nafleld. The medicine from which his lord" ship found most comfort and relief WM Himrod's POWder-I The tumes are inhalod by the patient, Imó at once affoard relief."—iW Tin 4,. SampU Free. J. M. RICHARDS* M fcnd 93, Grem Russell Street, London. .0"11. ElICJUtL.utIl's ROSB SOAP.—Tha best for the ToU.i:' T>RIGHT'S DISEASE AND LIV»& COM? i > PLAIXT.—Tho IIOLMAW I'An li*tioMj' rev'titftfioTi Gitablished through its wonderf"' efficacy in aUj ailments that have their origin in a UjtP** -»ver ordiMMew kidneys, and is endorsed by intelli^ gent, witnesses, who -.vill tollyootbe Pab* a cure for these diseases. pamphlet entitledl Nature's Laws,' sent fro» toTany Solman Padi Co., 9a, Great Russell Sta#04' London. Price ol Holaoaai ESCKXLASB'S ROB» So>?. The best fcr the TolleLIA. 6 6 r* ET A BOTTLE TO-DAY OP PEERTi VX DA*18' KILLER.—It instantly relieves *nd cu-os g*v;ere scalds, burns, sprains, bruises, toothache^! hot.ifich»« Pa, 'a tho woe joints, and limbs, all neuralgic nad viietnnaHC vatns. Taken internally cures at one* cougbf,Ba ;II 0, ''8> cramp in stomach, colic, diarrhoea^ Hid cholera infantum. I1 uk K ulkb is tbe great house? hold medicine, and has snood the test of 60 years, Axf Ohnmist can supply u at> and EECjruLAKH s Roan SOAJ.—The best for the Toilet, ■OEEi' TEA FOB INVALIDS. —" Di!LACBrf»> 'ITSArT of is the best for beef tea, eoop^i j" stocs, flavouring and igeneral nse, and haa been: f 'tf'r y .c Red Cross Association, and Medical Board i tie e., army. Its absolute purity certified by Pro4 Attnehi, of the Phar. Suc, Its strength equal to double quantity of other Extracts of Beef. Fivo prize medals awarded. 9 iiwuple jar by Parcels Post on receipt of JJI. Depot: ii»,, Great Russell Street, London." /)a i £ 2CXKL*KB'f< Rosig roAjpThe b"t for ths TOilOU, KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. An ever increMinK sale of over 60 years. EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. The Bout and Snfrst Romedy for COUGEI3. ASXHJMi- PHLF.GM, and TICKLIXO in the Throat. KEATING^S COUGH LOZENGES^ Convenient to aeep hands in the pocket. EATING'S COUGBTLOZENGE8» Are nniversally recommended by the Faculty, Tetcimonial (Original may b$teen), D*in 5ia.-IIarin? tried your Crf h Lomu^cs In TtuHta. X have mnrh plea«"re in t^tifyingr to t,.eir benoticial effect* Ib Caaes of C^s^Ption, Aathnia, and Bronchial a Sec* tion8. So &o'Ki a ^1^, if-1 V' known to be appreciated. I have prescribed it largely witii the b^gt rosnlu, PIU KM- In^anModlcalSerrte^' ■old la Tin*U- ltd. and 2a. WL each, by aU JJruggia*