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GENERAL DRAPERY.—WANTED, a re- spectable and well-educated Youth as an Apprentice, also an Improver.—Apply, personally, to J. G. Jones, Shop Cae-rhydderch, Pwllheli, B ANTED immediatelyTWO ASSISTANTS, one for the Dresses and Mantles, and one for the Carpets and Furnishing Goods. Also, an Apprentice for the General Drapery and Grocery.— Apply to H. Hughes. Britannia House. Bangor. RINCE'S Theatre, Oonventiy-street„Lon- don, W. Every Evening at 9, BREAKING A BUTTERFLY." PIoprieeor and Manager, Mr Edgar Bruce. NOVELTY THEA.TRE, opposite Free- mason's Taveru. London. Evory Evening at 9. NITA'S FIRST." Prices from Is to £ 3 3«. LOBE THEATRE STRAND. Every Evening at 8-30,TheMEMBERforSLOCUM." Prices from Is to £ 3 3s. Acting Manager, Mr Gilbert Tate. DRAPER Y.- Wanted, a. Trustworthy Pushing 1) Salesman, good Window Dresser; also, Apprentices for the Millinery.—Apply stating full particulars to WILLIAM JONES, Draper, li, Pool-street. Carnarvon. B 1033-2657 OUBLE FiiONTAGE HOUSE andSHO? TO BE LET OR SOLD, in one of the thriving parts in Carnarvon, AsatLfiRetorrresson torle&ving.-Apply to J. D. 0., Gøaedl Office, Carnarvon. TWELVH CABTiSS de VISITS, 2s 8d six Is 8d. Oarte enlarged to 10 inches, 5s, Cabinet, 2e. Send Carte with stamps. Perfect.oopies &ad original returned free. L<mdon PhoWMptue Co 304, Regent-street, ranaon, W.—S.D. Pttn.Mr. Manager. -——. HOUSE TO LET-NO. 1, BRYNTEG ILIL TERRACE;, UPPEEL BAIQGOR. dresser,»«<^«ngon_ TTT^BBEEDING.—FOR SALE THREE Stalion DONKEYS, Poitiou and Maltese ntnfcui1**es, 30,18, and 6 Months respectively; make between 14 and 15 hands. Mule breeders only should apply. CHARLES L. SUTHERLAND, Coombe, Oroydon, Surrey. ij WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY & and HONESTLY REALIZED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindranee to present occupa-. tion.-For particulars. &c., enclose addressed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants, Birmingham.—-TAts is genuine. E 464 I EMPLOYMENT.— £ 2 to £ 5 per week earned jLj by pushmg men, by the sale of our Rubber Stamps. A connection quickly made, as our quality and price defy competition. Particulars tree. London Rubber Printing Co., 33, Cheap- side, E.G. WALES.- WANTED for Clients, Many W Small RESIDENTAL ESTATES verging in extent from Five to Two Hundred Acres.-Full particulars and Price to be sent to Hendriks and Smith, 25, Cannon, street, Birmingham. E 1013 TO DRAPERS.—For immediate disposal a genuine business in the best position in Car- narvon. Double fronted Shop, small stock; liberal terms—a chance rarely met with. Satisfactory reasons given for leaving.-Apply to W. L. 0., Glasgow House,Etfntgftte-atreet. Carnarvon. E1018 IVBRPOOL COMMERCIAL INVEST- AU MENT COMPANY, LiMiTM.—LOANS of trom;910 to dBlOOO promptly granted, and the Ïù. terest charged unusually moderate. Personal or other security. Share Certificates, Dock Bonds, life Policies, &c.-Apply to B. Roberts, City road, Chester; or to Smith, Secretary, 11, Seymour-street, Liverpool. B 1997-712 OOUT, RSM'MATISM, DYSPEPSIA.— A Gentleman who has a perfectly harmless but most positively efflciicious cure for the above, wiU cheerfully send RECIPE to all FREE. It was first used in obesity, but its e:ffect has been so marvellous in above complaints that really no per- son need suffer.-Send stamp to F. R., Esq, 15, Gower-street, London, W.O. a 1016 Agents, Clerks, Managers, Music Teachers, WANTED, to obtain Orders for Pianos, American Organs, and Harmoniums, Hire System. Good Commission. None but respect*, able persons need apply.—J. Bentley, Small Reath, Birmingham. B 1014 R. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE & RETAIL VLTFE & SPIRIT MERCHANT BREWER AND MALTSTER CORPORATION ARMS BREWERY. 4, CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. R ROBERTS, begs to draw the attention of the gentry and the ♦public generally to his celebrated HOME BREWED ALES. PXJBB EXTRACT OF MALT AND Hops which may be had in Casks of 36,18, and 9 Gal- lons at the following prices :— 35 Galls 18 Galls 9 Galls XXXX 50s 25s 12s 6d XXX 42s 21s 10s 6d. XX 36s 188 98. Dublin Stout and Burton Bitter Beer in Coals and &oWcs. IMPORTANT TO ALL! JOSEPH" SAUM, (Successor to the late Mr Lehmann,) HIGH STREET, MOLD Begs respectfully to annonnce that his GREAT SALE OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY 8ILVEB PLATE & OPTICAL GOODS, Will continue FOR oil few weeks. W At this Establishment people will pet the 'f neat of the SALE, as all Goods are marked at H, usual price in plain figures, from which the lie Auction will be made. J. 8. has now on hand a NOVELTIES FOR BTRTHDAY PRESENTS, to siach he invites a special Inspection. AU Goods Warranted, ani Exchanged if not tip- proved of. N.B.—Special attention is paid to the Repairing Department, in which Clocks, Watches, and all kinds of Jewellery are promptly attended to. docks and Watches repaired will be kept in order fiee of Charge, for 12 months, unless over- wound or damaged by accident. Men sent to the Ceuntry on the shortest notice. POOL STREET I MARKET, CARNARVON. I GREAT SENSATION! ur INDIAN TEA TH-EW INDUSTRY CEYLON TEA U | PARCELS POST, SEND FIVE SHILLINGS IN STAMPS AND BY RETURN OF POST YOTJ WILL RECEIVE TWO POUNDS AND A HALF OF MAGNIFI. CENT TEA AS SUPPLIED TO TTOTELS, F AMILIES, J T1ABMERS, A RTIZANS. FAR-FANEB SEND TEN SHILLINGS IN STAMPS AND BY RETURN OF POST YOU WILL RECEIVE FIVE FOUNDS OF THE FAR-FAMED TWO SHIL- LING TEA AS RECOMMENDED BY GOLICITORS, TJOOTORS, TyriNISTEES, OCHOOLMASTERS. 2S. TEA 2S. YOU WILL NOT REGRET SENDING FOR JL THIS BEAUTIFUL TEA, IT IS SO NICE TO DRINK, SO STRONG AND SO GOOD. RICH, QYRUPY, TIRAGRANT, pUNSENT. PARCELS POST. RE, MEMBER THE PRICE,THE QUALITY, Ib THE OP PORT CTWITY, AND SEND WITHOUT DELAY FOR THIS LUXURIOUS ARTICLE. JjCONOMY, pURITY, "gQUITY, pBOMPTNESS POOL-ST. MARKET. HUGH PKITCHAED & CO, HOUSE EURNISHIJNG. I THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN THE PROVINCE, ".A F."OME -0 P WM IF ,) M:J.J'¡ll:.¡¡:ll-. I U.!JJ 1 I 1 1.1 t I.J.I.I."I ? AT THE o. —. p I 7 FIIMIIBE WUHH. EASTGAXE STREET, Carnarvon. HUGH WILLIAMS begs most respectfully to inform his numerous customers that a very large and choice Stock of CARPETS is now being EXHIBITED. Also a splendid assortment of Skin Hearthrugs and Matts, Wool Repp, Tapestry, and all kindis*, of Furniture Covers and Trimmings of every description. The whole, owing to the great depression in trade, hss been bought at a large Discount, which enables H. Williams to give fecial advantages to his customers. An inspection will convince all of the Cheapest of the above Stock. All kinds of Upholstering neatly executed, and Ejtimates given for Carpets, Linoleum, and Fumi- ture of every description. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO ANY RAILWAY STATION. HUGH WILLIAMS, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHER' EASTGATE STREET, CARNARVON. INCREASED VALUE OF WATER POWER, MAOADAM'S VARIABLE TURBINE THIS Wheel (which is now largely in use in England, Scotland, and Ireland) is the only one -L yet invented which gives proporticmite power from both large aud small quantities of water. It can be made for using a lsrge winter supply, and yet w3rk with eqaal efficiency through all variations of quantity down to a fifth, or even less, if required. It is easily coupled to a steam engine, and in this way always assists it by whatever amount of power the water is capable of giving, and therefore saves so much fuel. This Turbine is applicable to all heights of fall. It works immersed in the tail water, BO that no part of the water is lost, and the motion of the wheel is not affected by floods or back-water. These Turbines are at work in nearly every county in England. Apply to MAOADAM BROTHERS & CO., BELFAST- Pears' Soap Fair white hands. Bright clear complexion Soft healthful skin. HAND BREWERY, RUTHIN. — » The celebrated Nut Brown Ales brewed exclusively from the choicest Malt and Hops at this old established Brewery, are supplied in 4| gallon, 9 gallon, 18 gallon, and 36 gallon casks. QUALITY BARREL KILDERKIN FIRKIN PUN 8. 8. d. s. d. X 30 15 7 6 4 0 XX 30 18 9 O 5 O •yxx 40 •• 20 10 O 5 0 A 42 21 ll O 6 O B.' 48 24 12 6 6 9 0 54 27 14 6 7 9 I.P.A. 54 27 14 6 7 9 Stout 48 • • 24 12 6 69 J. FOTJLKE S'S WINE AND SPIRIT LIST: SHERRIES. Hochheimer, 1*74 28 0 Ibi8H WHISKBT- s. d. s. d. Bet. Doz RudesbeiaiM, 1S42 42 0 Messrs G. Roe & Co 2 8 14 6 s. d. a. d SPARKLING WINES. (mellow) 3 3 17 6 Fine Old Sherry •» 2 0 23 0 8. d. s, d. J. Jameson & Son's Gonzalez.Byass&Oo.Z 6 29 0 yroet & Chandon's— finest selected DufE, Gordon & Co 3 6 46 0 First QaaUty Qts 5 6 66 0 (very old) 3 10 24 0 PORTS. Ditto. 3 0 36 0 TTHREIGN Very Good 2 0 23 0 G. H. Mumm's Qts 6 6 .72 0 Rum__ F0RE1«». Sandeman & Son 2 6 29 0 Ditto. •• £ £ 3 6 42 0 Pine0ld Jamaica.. 8 9 14 6 Ditto" p £ I o WHo,T«7.ld ..3 0 16 6 ™ J' F' 4 3 °I,AEErS'„„. -2 9 15 0 •• •• •• 3 6 40 0 Rot Doz Do. Marchand 3 6 22 6 BURGUNDIES. Medoc •• •• 1 0 12 o Otard, Dupny & Beaujolis, Maoon, Beaune, Pom-StEmilion.. — ..1 6 18 0 Oo's Old Brandy 5 6 30 0 aid, and Red Sparkling Bur. St Julien. 2 0 240Martell & Hennessey's Case gundies, from 30s to 60s per AH other Brands of Claret up to Brandy— dozen. 80s per doz. 5s 5s 6d 69 TARBAGONA. VARIOUS BOTTLED WINES mnTA pAL» T Excellent Wine i 4 16 0 from 20fl to 6§3 per doz, EAST INDIA A ALES. Di"°' "TENT" 2 0 T'" SPIEI'i^ (British). B.«rAmant»lWinfl o n o» A BO* ^A'l Bass & Co Half pints 2 6 Sacramental Wine 2 0 24 0 d. s. d. Ditto Reputed Pints .8 6 orrrTT 30 0GIW— Worthington's Half pints 2 0 STILL HOCK. FineFlavonred *• 2 3 11 6 Ditto Reputed Pints. 3 0 Full Strength 3 6 13 6 Guinness' Extra Dublin NIerstem 0 Old Tom Gin 9 Stout Half pints 2 0 gsllon*111^ l^nner Ale supplied in four and a half gallon, 9 gallon, and 18 gallon casks at Is per -:0: J. FOULKES, WINE AND SPIRIT MEBCMNT; BOTTLER TO THE TRADE; IMPORTER AND BONDER, W E L i,-S T R E E T, RUTHIN. I I GREAT CLEAEANCE SALE AT 0. D. JONES' VICTORIA HOUSE, CARNARVONi GREAT SALE OF DRAPERY, AT THE LONDON HOUSE, HIGH-STREET, AND VICTORIA HOUSE BANGOR-STREET. ♦ A s has already been made known, the proprietors of the above Establishments intend carrying on their business in Partnership at the LONDON HOUSE, and in order to do so with an ENTIRELY NW STOCK are reducing their present stock at both the above places, and will commence BELLING OFF at great sacrifice, next Saturday, March 1st. J GREAT I- CLEARANCE SALE AT M. B. FOULKES' LONDON HOUSE, CAR N A R V ON < NEW PABK, CARNARVON. TO BE LET by Tender, the Cricket an-I JL Lawn Teniiis Grounds, also the Grazing of the land. For particulars apply at the CorporatioaOfficd'ff. Carnarvon, 26th March, 1884. OWEN JONES, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, HOLYHEAD, Und-ertakes recovery of Debts, collection of Rents, $c.—All kinds of Inrurantes effected. Agent for the sale of all kinds of Musi-al In- struments-every Piano guaranteed for 5 years. Pianos repaired, exchanged, or lent on Hire, or on tne Three Years System. ADDRESS: MOUNT PLEASANT VILLA, HOLYHEAD. rmer CLASS I AWARD t VVIF YOU WANT A GOOD PIANO, I 1 f — ———=- CO TO ———— A- ■M CRANE & SONS pay special attention to the Easy Payment System," and have sold thousands\oi Instruments throughout the country on these advantageous terms. The'prices they charge:on the Sesy Payment System are, in most cases, considerably le&s than the prices aBked for net cash by other houses for inferior instruments. <x ftUrso oujr for prompt cash, saving Discounts, and therefore, offer to the Public Instruments in tnapy CaRPS, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pa; fcr them, who only sell perhaps one instrument in a week and consequently, must get as much profit on that one as Crane & Sens expect Three Instruments." CRANE & SONS challenge this assertion, and will pay the Railway Fare if any person coming to Liverpool, p-ov?d?n» ame does not exceed 5 per cent of the purchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spontaneously sent to Crane & 6 u» :— Carnarvon, North Wales, August, 1883. GENTLE-M Klq.- i cannot FEELP expressing my great satisfaction with the Instrument yon have sent me. The sweetness and power of tone is alwayi what has been wanted by me.—I am yours truly, THOS. EVANS. To Crane & Sons, Liverpool. I ORGANS&HARMONIUMS ;• ARE THE BEST & CH £ J!PEST £ VERn- OFFERED TO THE PURllC PRICES WILL ASTONISH- TRADE^^) I /x iiaiiiMfti -FOR SALE ORHIRE-jr J— from 10/-monthly vl SENT TO ALL PARTS OF TKKMMOM D. ROBERTS, WATERLOO HOUSE, CASTLE-SQUARE, CARNARVON, Begs to call attention to his STOCK of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY. Special makes of LONG CLOTHS, very cheap LACE CURTAINS OF CHOICE AND ARTISTIC DESIGNS. WONDERFUL VALUE FLORIUNE!—FOR THE TEETH AND BREATH.-A few drops of the liquid Floriline" sprinkled on a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teeth from all parasites or impurities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stops decay, gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly white- nese, and a delightful fragrance to the breath. 16 removes all unpleasant edour arising from decayed teeth or tobaaco smoke. The Fragrant Floriline'• being composed in part of Honey and sweet herbff, is delicious to the taste, and the greatest toilet disn of the age. Price 2s. 6d., of all Chemists Kfia Perfumers. Wholesale depot reS30Y@fl to 33» | Farringaou Road, London* ft