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TERRIBLE TRAGEDY NEAR I BANGOR. MURDER, AND SUICIDE OF THE MURDERER. The usually quiet vilUge of T-»ly-y-bont, near Bangor, wi-a yesterday horrified by commission therein of a most horrible crime. It appears that some time ago a farmer of the name of Plio3, who occupied a farm called Cae-maen, Aberogwen, tnariied his servant, to whom at the time Price's son was paying his addresses." After the marriage all three lived together till the old man's death, which occurred a short time 320. By the will John Pri' e and his stepmother became j lint pos- sessor of the farm Recently, however, Mrs Price seems to have intimated her intention of marrying again, and tho suppcsitiou ia that, fearful of the farm paesiug into other hands, and prompted also by feelings of jealoury, Price (uttackecjhei rn Wed- nesday afternoon,jictlicting a wound woict," must have proved itumediately fatal, and afterwards cut his own throat. Catherine Price, the victim, was about 50 years old, whiletl e murderer was font years older. On Wednesday afternoon Price hid been drinking at the Gate House Ian, on the above road, neaj Olte Maen, which place, however, be left perfectly sober and apparently in high spirits. It may be mentioned that be had been drinking more cr less heavily for the last four or five days. lie arrived home apparently unintoxieated about half I past two, and must at once have followed Mra Price into the back kitchen and cut her throat from ear to ear. The setvant girl hearing a scream, nw in and saw Price holding his step- mother's head back over the kitchen fonder. Run- ning out she informed one of the farm labourers, and they both returned at onco only to fiad Mrs Price quite dead, and Price lying by her side dyiug from a terrible gash right across his throat. On the floor near Price a r-^or was found covered with blood. L'r Langford Jones, of Bangor, who was driving pai-t at the time, wis called in, but, of course, could do nothing. The crime was of a moR detcrmlnerl character, àhs Price's head being almost severed from her body, whilst the murde/er had inflicted a wouud almost as severenpon himself. There were no indications of a etruggl; saving taken p'ace, and the only other injury on the woman was a slight incision on the left hand, received, no doubt, while endeavouring to ward off tho savage attt-ck of her sou-in-law. Her hair on the left side of her head was rvffled as if tho muidircr h dae zed her there n c rder to. throw t or head back for tne purpose 01 mo e thoroughly curying ont his purpose. The bodies remain at Cae Maen awaiting the inquest, which takes place aa we go to press. Tie kitchen presented n horrible spectacle, being literally flooded with blood.

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