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BANGOR. BANOOR CATHKDRAL. — Saturday, 5 5 m. Service, Goss in E, Anthem, "If with all oar heards" (Mendelssohn). Sunday,atm.. Litany and Holy Communion; 11.30 a.m., hymns, 260 and 269 Service, Garrett in F. Anthem, Bear my prayer" (Kent). Preacher, The CanoN in Residence. At 4 p.m., hymns,§280 and 391. Service, Garrett in F. Anthem," Come aad ist us return" (GOBS). Preacher, The Ganoa in Residence. J THB Biaaop o? BAX&OR- held a confirmation on Tuesday at Portmadoc. t It may not perhaps be too generally knowa tfeat Mr Piatt's mills at Waterhead, Oldham, are called Banger Mills, no doubt in compliment to the town with which that gentleman is so intimately connected. LLANDINORWIC RAH-WAT.—The meeting which should have been held last week inconnection with tbe proposed Llandinorwic railway was postponed till Friday evening of this week. ElRE AT THE MOTION.—The good people of Bangor were rather alarmed on Thursday evening last by the breaking out of a fire at the railway station. The fire brigade were promptly on the spot, and had the names extinguished in a very short time. The damage do).. a was very trifling. One ot the railway officials had his ankle slightly injured, and was attended to by Dr. Richard Jones. bit GREIG HVOHES, of this city, still continues in bad health. He is at preeent in Nice. LITERARY SOCIETY-.—The usual weekly meeting was be.d on Saturday latt at the Queen's Head Caie, Mr Thomas, B.A., Normal College, occu- pying the chair. The subject under discussion was, Will the specific curtailment of property and liberty promote the good of the common- wealth ? The affirmative was taken by Dr Jones. and the negative by Mr T. F. Dargio. Next week a paper will be read by Mr H. T. Roberts, bubject, "Fielding." MISCELLANEOUS ENTERTAINMENT —An entertain- ment of a miscellaneous character was given at the Baptist chnpel on Tuesday evening. The Rev H. Griffiths occupied the chair. A number of hymns were rendctei by a choir of children, uuder the leadership of Mr John Roberts, the harmonist beiug Mr R. Roberts. The College Glee Party d;d much to render the programme attractive. The services of Mr Powell Thomas weie secured at the last moment. His singing was much appreciated, and repetitious were de- < tnauded. The meeting terminated ^itb a vctt; of ti-e | CAn*A!H'uwhirs ajC Ayottset fuFHiMivr.—• Vr'?»k!j > Report.—In- pttienta. 17, Total our-door fpatienta since October 25th, 1883" 561. Total patients during .last week, 28. Home patients, 59. Visitors for the week, Afri Williams, Rev Daniel Evans, senior vieir; surgeon for the week, Dr Hughes Dr Rowland Jones, house surgeoa. ME<-TISQ W CaEriTOBa.—Tho first mseting of ths erc-ditois of Frederick Jones, Railway Hotel, was heli at the Queen's Head Cafe, on Tuesday, Mr Evans, the official receiver, was present, Mr -Jones being represented by Mr D. Owen, solicitor, The liabilities were £ 1231 Ts 10J, and the assets £893. As no agreement could be ccme to as to the appointment of a trustee, one will have to be ap- pointed by the Board of Trade. As no trustee was appointed, no offer of a composition was made. BANGOR AND BBAUMSKIS L'.VICN. —The fort- nrghtly meeting of this board was held on Wed- nesday. Theie were present: The Rev H. D. .Evtsna, Messrs John Morgan, Cadnant; Ellis Humphreys, Robert Roberta (Post Office), Hugh Rugbc-õ, HiCillud Jones, G. James, Robert Hughes, Garth; E, R. Abrahams, William Edwards, R. Robe; ti, John Jones, H. Pritchard, J. Lewis, Evan Robert J. Evan Roberts, and Joan Thomas (clerk tbe beard). The Rev H. D. Evans occu- pied the el Thomas (clerk) ttitcd th&f the atkouiit of a r rear a of precepts outttanding in the va ious parishes wasJM.537 115 4i. It was pro- posed by Mr Edwards, and seconded by Mr R. Hughes, that a strong letter be written to the overseers on the subject.—There was a lengthy discust,ion as to whether out-relief be given to Hannah Owen, at present an inmate of the house. Previously she had been in receipt of 2a 6d per week, but as she was addicted to drink the relief I was stopped. Mr R. Hugh-s proposed that this woman be again allowed 3s per week for a period of two months, on trial. Mr Bnlkeley Price pro- posed a direct negative, and was supported by Mr Tlicmas Lewis, Gartherwen. Mr Hughes's pro- posal was carried by a majority of one.—The fol- lowing were appointed as committee for tenders for provisions-—Messrs Wiiiiara Edwards, R. Roberts (Post Office), R. Roberts (Llanllechid), and ll. Hughes. PETTY SESSIONS—At the police court, on Tues- day, application was made for a transfer of the license of tbe Red Lion Tiin to Michael J. Lawless, Victoria. Hotel, Dean-street.—The application was granted. Thomas Williams, Coetmor Arms, Llanllechid, was charged with assaulting Richard Pritchard, quarryman.—Mr S. R. Dew was for de. I fendart Mr D. Owen for plaintiff.-Pritchard, who lives at Llandegai, said that on January 26th I he was at the King's Arms, Bethesda. Defendant was quarrelling with another man, and on inter- posing, defendant threatened him, end wad taken out by the landl rd. When complainant left the house he w-is set upon by Williams, who, after kuocking him down and fracturing his leg, kicked him on the breast, and in consequence he had been unable to work since, and was still uuder the charge of Dr Lioyd —For the defence it was stated that plaintiff was drunk, and in en- I deavouring to strike defendant feF and broke his leg.—Defendant was fined 803, including costs. BANGOR NOTES. 'I I went to the Rink last Wednesday week to see Mr Parry's picture, "The Sermon on the Mount." I happened to be rather early, but notwithstanding I was admitted, together with another gentleman, to have a private view." When the time for opening arrived, Mr Parry ordered the doors to be thrown open and the public admitted. This I order waa duly executed, and in rushed the British public, in the shape of 11 small boys (very small), one girl,- item, basket, item, stray dog. All this I observed from a far off corner, whither I had gone to avoid the crush. The 11 small boys, 1 girl, 1 dog, all struck for a single row of benches placed about half-a-dozen yards ifrom the fixture, to prevent the public going too I near. The British public having pecured seats, sat down quietly and calmly awaited the develop- ment of events. For fully ten minutes they &at still, geziug vacantly here and there, but it soon became too much for them. I bad my eye on one lad, who I could see was just about to burst if not relieved by something, Shaking off his good behaviour, he snatched a cap off the head nearest him, looked aearehingly into it, but finding no- thing there to satisfy him, he kicked it con- temptuously across the room. I really believe those lads thought they had come to witness a show of some kind. One youngster stole cautiously up to the picture and tried to lift it. as if anxious to see how matters were going on behind. The picture w-M hung something like a drop curtain, and if She subjeet had been a different one I could have excused the lad. I was much amused by one whiskey smelling individual. stealing up behind us he remarked, Splendid, isn't it? Just; trbe picture I have in my Family Bible." Directing my friend's attention to the figure of a child in the foreground, he said, Isn't that chili lovely Ah returned my frirnd, there certainly is something to look at in that child Phil cannot be beaten at vague replies. The person with the hoarse whisky voice next proceeded to estc5 some other point, but when be was given a quiet hint that he was extolling a fault, he replied in a stage whisper, ThaDka, thanks, I uideastand—' a miss is aa good as a mule to a blind wink." • • There has been much talk among the poor law guardians lately of cutting down tae expense and of appointing an officer to inquire into out-door relief. On Wednesday last I think Mr Bulkeley Price struck the- rail on the head. or at least tried to, and I was glad to see Mr Lewis (Garth- erwen) support him. Application was made by a woman who was formerly in receipt of 6d per week far further out-relief. It seems her allowance was stopped as-sho was addicted to drinking. It was well known that the money she had been re- ceiving all went for drink, and yet on Wednesday a majority of the guardians decided to allow her 3s per week Some of her friends promised to see that the money was not abused, but it is a most difficult matter to prevent anyone from drinking who is bent on drinking. It would have been far better to detain the woman in the house, where she would ha"re no temptation, and besides, thi3 would prevent any more scandal in the way of misapplied relief. m » Notable fact! The windows at the Post Office have been cleaned at last, and the clock taken out of the hene; one is able now to ascertain the time definitely. 0 o The Normal College Glee Party gave their assistance at a miscellaneous entertainment at the Baptist Chapel on Tuesday evening last. They do not quite come up to the glee party of last year.




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