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HOETHEBN WELSH FOOTBALL ASSO- CIATION.—SEMI-FIN AL. OAKNARYOK ATHLETIC V. BANGOR. F. C.-Played at Carnarvon last Saturday, in the presence of 1500 spectators, many ot whom were ladies. Five minutes from the ata»t J. T. Edwards met the bw.Il with a fine kick, and returned it tito the front vhere R. Newton tipped it with his head, and put it through. After a fast game during which both sides worked hard, the game ended with the score unchanged, thus leaviag the Carnarvon men in for the tinal together with Denbigh. A protest was jraised after he game on account of a change of goal-keepera on the partjof the Athletics,which will bejconsidered at the meeting of the Association, which is to be held at Carnarvon on Friday the 21st inst, at the Royal Hotel. Teams.—Carnarvon Athletic: Goal, E. D. Roberts ;< backs, Bjrtio Newton and J. T. Edwards; iialfs, R. Jones, J. Williams, and Alwyn Career forwards, R. New- ton, Thomas Hughes, N. Roberts, E. P. Williams, and E. P. Jones. Bangor F. 0 Goal, Hewitt; backs, Willmann and J. S. Jones; halfa, J. F. Williams and Humphrey Jones; forwards, J. Smith (captain), Robert Williams. W. Lewis, David Jones, R. J. Roberts, and Richard Williams. Referee, T. B. Farriugtou. Umpires, Carnarvon, Mr Bugbird Bangor, Mr Barber. DENBIGH t1. RHYL.—Played at Howell's} School field, Denbigh, last Saturday; 400 spectators. Rhyl won tne toss, and chose to play with the wind, and immediately began to press their enpo- seats, and five minutes from the sta^t Low wwred. One to nil. Denbigh wakened up on this, and it was not long before Eaton Lloyd Williams made matters equal. Play, of course, became fast and lotions, both sides making desperate efforts to score, and Rhyl, by a determined effort, seemed on the point of doing so first, but J. Tudge, back, struck the ball out. Uhyl at once claimed a goal, but the referee decided against them,only allowing them a free kick, which they did not succeed in scoring from,and shortly after half-time was called. On resuming the Denbigh men made a grand attack on the Rhyl goal and scored aaother point, David Williams being credited with the goal. Two to one. Just now Rhyl played rather loosely, and Denbigh scored another goal, T. Morris this time sending the ball through. Rhyl, however, in epite of these reverses, worked harder than ever, and just before time T. Lewis managed to score aaother point, and the game ended with the score at three to two. A protest was lodged against the decision of the referee in disallowing a goal when J. Tadge stopped the ball with his hand. Teams Denbigh:—Goal. Ekin: barks, J. Tadge and W B. Williams; half-backs, W. Tadge, Wynn Ed- wards, and W. Jones; left wing, J- Evana and R. Jones; right wing, David Wtltiams and T Morris; centre, "Eaton Lt. W/lliama. Rhyl: Goal, J; Jones backs, A. J. Cripps and R. 0. Thomson. half-backs, T. Morgan, H. Thomson, and J. Vaughan right wing, T. Lewis and T. Vaughau left wing, R. Hughes a T. Low; ceutre, W. H. Pagh. Umpires: Denbigh, Mr E. Hughes, of Denbigh; Rhyl, Mr J. Roberts, Ruthia. Referee, Mr Cope, of Llangollen. LLAMBBRIS F. C. V. CARNARVON "SWIFT3!— A match was played between these club3 at Ltan. beris on Saturday last. Ttte play, considering that both clubs have only recently been started, was, on the whole, very creditable, the game eventually ending in favour of Llanberis by four goals and one disputed to three goals. The game was pleasantly played throughout, and was wit- nessed by a large concourse of spectators. CARNARVON- COLT3 V. RHYL 2ND ELBVKW.— Played at Rhyl on Saturday, and won by the Colts. Four to nil. Rough game. MOLD V. COBDPOETH.—A match was played between these teams on the Mold ground last Saturday afternoon in favourable weather. The ball was set in motion by the home team, who played with the wind in their favour. During the first half of the game the ball was mostly in the direction of the visitors' goal, which: was frequently assailed, but the goal-keeper repelled the onslaughts successfully, except in one ( instance when, after having returned the ball v several times, he unfortunately misjudged a kick, the result being that the ball passed between the poets, much to his chagrin, as he had played well before this happened. From the opportunities afforded the Mold forwards it might reas,nably have been expected they would have scored during the first half, but they did not succeed in doing eo. During the second half of the game the play was in favour of the visitors, who, despite the repeated uncalled for remarks addressed to them by some of the Mold players and onlookers, played well, which fact seemed to irritate some of their opponents, and they made the game a draw by scoring a goal, which was the only one they obtained. We regret to state that the language of some of the players W8.P reserving of severe censure, as well as the continual disputes that took place, instead of allowing the two umpires to decide for which purpose they are chosen. These remarks, it is but righfr to add, only apply to certain of the players and not to all, and for that reason it is, perhaps, better to omit the names of the teams, lest suspicion should be misplaced. It wou7d be well, also, if some of the spectators wo"11 refrain from insulting strangers, and if ■fciey applauded good play on both sides instead of reserving their applause entirely for the home team it would show that they apprefciate the noble game better than their one-sided conduct on Saturday tended to prove.



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