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FORTNIGHTLY PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. Magistrates present: J. Scott Banks (chairman), P. B. Davies, Cooke, P. A. JuR>jd, and C. P. Morgan, Esqs. Life i-'T. Strickland row —Elka Phillips, of Strick- land-Tow, summoned HeWty Reeves, chimney- sweep of the same place, Tor an assault. The complainant alleged that on Saturday last she had some words with the defendant about a dog, snd fhe defendant spat in hSr face and hit her. The defendant denied this statement, and said that the complainant hit himfftt with a bucket, and went for a bucket for the "same purpose. The bench bere endeavoured to induce the complainant to settle the matter, br.t she declined and tbe case proceeded. Mary Ann Phillips, daughter of the complainant, adds! that-she let let the dog'ost into complainant, adds! that-she let let the dog'ost into I the yard on Saturday, b'lt it dida't do anything to the defendant's child. He spat in her mother's face and* kicked her, and bhe (witness) went for a policeman.—P.C Butler deposed that he found both parties blackguarding one another. The uase was dismissed.—The defendant in the above case summoned th<; complaisant for assault, and stated that ou Saturday whea he came home he found tbe defendant's dog out in the yard, and he told her the dog was not fit to be about, whereupon she hit him and asked him what he had to do with the dog.—Complainant's sister-in-law gave evidence to prove that the defendant's dog threw com- plainant's child down, and when complainant com- plained to her "he struck him in the face. The bench thought the caeo against Mrs Phii ips was proved, and fined her 5s and costs, in all 13s 8i. Sister versus Brother.—Sarah Griffiths, of Buck- ley, summoned her brother, Robert Williams, who keeps a public-house at Wrexham, for an aetsault ¡. It appeared that the complainant wtnt to see her aunt, who lives with defendant at] Wrexham, and --be stated that the defendant's wife threw her (complaipant) and her child downstairs.—-The de- lendaut stated that the complainant ca T e to his ) house and caused a row and accused his wife of being drunk. He had cautioned her before not to come there.—Compla nant repliei that she only went to see her aunt. The bench inflicted a fine of 3s and costs—10a. The Drunken List.-A Sunday Drinker.—Martin Brannan, of Buckley, a young man, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Moid on the night of Sunday, the 2nd inst. The defendant car.sed a disturbance at the Salvation Army's Bar- racks, and the police had to take him in custody. He was ordered to pay 6s costs. In thc Gutter.—John Evans, Soughtcn, was sum- moned by P.C. Pearson, who stated that cn the 4th inst. the defendant was drunk and lying down in the gutter in William-street, and thecfiker had to take his clothes off him.-Ordered to pay Is and 5,1 costs. 3'oJsy BuckJeyites.—P.C. Thomas Jones sum- moned Edwin Rogers, of Buckley. The officer stated that on Saturday mgbt week defendant was going home very drunk and disorderly.—P.C. Andrews corroborated the complainant's state- ment, and added that the defendant was very drunk, and was cursing and swearing, and he remarked that he would go to Northcp the fol- lowing morning (Sunday) and get more drink, as he would be three miles away! -Fined 10s and CO»t8. Disturbed by a Qhost.—William Bartley, of Buck- ley, was summoned for a similar offence on the same evening. Defendant stated, in defence, that he thought he was going home comfortable with his wife, but he was told there was a ghost in Argoei wcod and it would appear that this had disturbed him.—Fined 10s and costs-in all ISs. Not Dri'.nJ:, but Musical.—The same complainant summoned George Jones, of Buckley, for a similar offence on the same evening. The cfficer stated that the defendant was very drunk between two other men and he was making a row.—The de. fendant stated he was not drunk, he was only singing, that was all.—Fined 10s and costs—18s in alt. Fjectnunt Case.—On the application of John Clark, an order of ejectment was granted against Anu Hill, of Bistree. Once Again"—Thomas Jones, shoemaker, Prince's-ccurt, who has been frequently before the magistrates for neglecting to contribute to. wards the maintenance of his son, who is in a reformatory school, was charged once again with the same offence, and in default of payment of three quarters of arrears due he was now ordered to be imprisoned for a month. School Board Casrs.-Thomas Edwards, attend- ance officer, summoned the following paltlea Mary Farrel, order made; Peter Griffiths, Allt- ami, fined 4s Ishmael Evans, Nant Mawr, fined 3s; Samuel Roberts, Alltami, fined 3s; Esther Wilcox, Buckley, fined 2a 6d; Charles Milling. ton, Spoungreen, fined Is John Evans, Pades. wood, fined 3s; David Davies, Gwern-y-mynydd, fined 4s Eliza Ellis, Gwern-y-mynydd, fined 2s Elizabeth Jones, Gwernafneld, fined la; Thomas Williams, Mostyn Arms, Mold, fined 2s 6d; Joseph Rowlands, Foundry Arms, fined 3s Ed- ward Jones, Church-lane, fined 5s.


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