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,rr GRAMMAR- AND COLLEGIATE SCHOOL CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED 1836. Principal:—J. S. KIRK, M.A., Ph.D: Member of the General Council of the University of Glasgow, and of the Royal College of Preceptors, London. Author of Essays on "EDUCATION," "SCHOOL HONOUR," "HUMAN CIVILIZATION," &C. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS are requested to note the following facts connected with this Establishment:—That for the last twenty-two years, while under lJr Kirk's management^ as .great a percentage of pupils from this school have passed the various Preliminary rest .examinations zu from any other Scholastic Institution of the same average attendance in "Wales, That the education given is genuine, as witnessed by the varied and importaut positions now held -by former pupils. That each pupil is led to think for himself, and is carefully superintended by tho Principal. For testimonials and references, apply to Dr Kirk, Orchard House, near Carnarvon. Terms per -OUMter for juniors, Two Guineas, inclusive; seniors, Three Guineas, inclusive, no extras, Boarders, 'Ten Guineas. 8Q_ Quarters begin January, April, August, and Octcber. 897 THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQUARE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a Jt- graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are earefully and suc- *cessfullprepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its several branches of Grammar, Compe- titicn, History and Literature, is made a special subject of study. The seaior classe3 are presented at the Examination of the Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer and Christmas. The Qaarter-dajB for this Half-year are January 23rd and April 30th. AN EXCELLENT INVESTMENT. A NEW STEAMER CALLED THE PRYDAIN. Registered under the Companies' Act as THE PRYDAIN STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. CAPITAL, P,32,000, in 320 Shares of £ 100 each. Subscriptions payable as follows :— £ 5 on Allotment; £ 45 on completion of Vessel in April, 1S34; X50 in six months thereafter. £ 100. Interest at 5 pev cent. liC)' (tnniuni 7c.;Il he allow-d on all payments wade in advance. MANAGER-CAPT. WM. THOMAS, BODLONDEq. NEVIN. BANKERS —CARNARVONSHIRE DISTRICT BANK, NEVIN. SOLICITORS—MESSRS FORSHAW AND HAWKINS, LIVERPOOL. THIS BOAT is beins built by the eminent Shipbuilders Messrs Palmer, Jarrow, to carry about 3000 tons dead weight, to ela?s 100 A1 at Lloyd's, to be built under spscial survey of the Com- pany and Lloyd's Surveyor, fitted with water ballast and all the latest improvements, and in every respect a complete first class vessel. This boat is wall adapted for the Atlantic (Grain and Cotton), the East India, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Trades, and for employment under Gjv3rnme.1t Time Charters. Vesself of this description'nave (even during the past depression in trade) been very remunera- tive, yielding dividends of OYBR 20 rEK CENT. per annuel, and the same satisfactory result may be con- fidently expected from this Boat. The Vessel will be fully insured against all risks; the books of the Company will aiways be open to the inspection of the Shareholders, and the accounts audited by an auditor elected by the Shareholders, The Shareholders number over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTi, and there is only a few of the Shares unsold. A Prospectus, Liet of Shareholders, and other particulars, will be sent on application to theManager. Apply to WM. TH0;M AS MANAGER, I 890 MARINE-TERRACE, NEVIN, NORTH WALES -D L I HAP PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, ORGANS, &c. ALTERATION AND EXTENSION OF MIMISES. NEW SHOW ROOMS NOW OPEN- THE FINEST, MOST VARIED AND LARGEST STOCK OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN NORTH WALES. W. JARRETT ROBERTS MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE. BRIDGE-STREET, CARNABYON. MANUFACTURES OF HARMONIUMS AND CHAMBEK ORGANS. CHURCH ORGANS, CHAMBER ORGANS and HARMONIUMS Built to any Specification. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, and ORGANS thoroughly Repaired and Renovated equal to New, by experienced and practical Workmen. PIANOFORTES from 20 to 150 guineas. AMERICAN ORGANS from 10 to 150 guineas. HAR- ONIUMS from 4 to 80 guineas. Instruments on the I, 2, and 3 years' system. Full value allowed for Instruments taken in exchange. All the New Music Half Price, Post Free. Schools supplied at London trade or Professional Prices. Tutors, Excercises and Teaching Pieces always in Stock. Tuners eent to all parts of the counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Denbigh. Descriptive Price Lists Post Free on application. Manufactory:—ShirehaH-street," CARNARVON. Branches :—Sail-square,- DENBIGS; Church-street, FBSTINIOG. N.B.-20 PERCENT.. OR 4SIN THE POUND. OFF ANY MAKER'S PRICE LIST RADBURY &. CO. LMTD., BRADBURY'S SEWING MACHINES have the l. HIGHEST AWARD ARE UNRIVALLED IN at all the mofrt recent Exhibi- tions. RAPIDITY,SIMPLICITY. DURA BILITy& TFREAPNESS Gold Medal, Paiis, 1872. Gold Medal, Lyona, 1872. They are better finished and have more recent improvements than Grand Medal of Progress, other Machines extant. \ienna. 1873. J Gold Medal, London, 1874. ——————— THF BOTABY SHUTTLE MACHINE vrola Medal, ana, J two. Gold Medal, Paris, 1879. Is the quickest Lock-stitch Machine in the World. Gold Medal Adelaide, 1881. Gold Medal. RUNS OVER 2,000 STITCHES PER MINUTE. Pertb, W. Australia, 18?2. It has taken the First Prize at every Exhibition at which it has been shown SilverMedal.Sundeiland,1882.. Silver Medal and Certificate of Merit, Machines for Tailors, Machines for Shoemsk rs,Machines for Dress- Jarrow, 1882. makers, Machines for romestic Work Cert1fiMteaof Merit, ON THE HIRE SYSTEM AT 2s 6d PER WEEK. Peterborough, 1882. Every Machine Guaranteed. Inbtructions Free. Silver Medal, Darlington, 1882 Silver Medal, Bedford Leigh. 1882. ManufactoryWELLINGTON WORKS, OLDRAM. Silver Medal, Wirral, 1882. I Over all Competitors. Depota in this District:— More Grand Prize Medals LIVERPOOL-128, LBold- street. I BIRKENBEAD-163 Grenge-lane. than all the o^her European -o„TM, T Makers combined. PRICE LIST AXD TESTIMONIALS TREE. COMMERCIAL BOARDING AND LODGING NEW BANKRUPTCY ACT. HQTJBB, Every person should read the Pamphlet "deBTOR AND CREDITOR." TEMPERANCE HOTEL. SHEWING insolvent debtors how to obtain release f rota debt without bankruptcy, publicity, or scs- 22# POOL-STREET CABNARYON| pension of business and the solvent trader bow to (,I,ate Mr WilUam Griffith). carry 0n bvsine6s without the possibil of coming within range of the Bankruptcy Act. 'WbUi-AIEID BPDS AKD Goon ACCOMMODATION fob Post free for 3 £ d, from TOURISTS AND VISITORS. WILLIAM EDWARDS, 24, ,WA.ST, Liverpool. The Houce is situated within A few mirmin walk oftbe Railway Station, and near the magnificent rniu of Carnarvon Castle. p. iroamMrawM SBEVIOE. Dnv nr ni ftRlfC'Q DA_1 nji | A VOTING MEN wishing to JOIN HER ONE BOX OF GLArilit O B4? PILLS 1 MAJESTY'S ARM? will, on application £ ■ warranted to cure all Pos" in tbe United Kingdom, be supplied, fa the Back* fithoat ?harga. with a Pamphlet containing detailed <to. 6d. each, by all Chemirts and Patent Medicine Vendor* information as to the Conditions ol service and throughout tta Work"1; or .sent to any address for advantages of tha army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay, and by tho Ma ucrs, THE LTKCOLW AND MIDLAKP LOBK-TIES Pensions. • 8K ESSSSJSFTSTS; ^SSSSIISS* *1 RSSFIEF* *MMSM M RFB"4''ER6IU<' »•> m Applications c«n be made, either PER ROE ally cr by T8WlTSra9(7fidTALAS7SlPUS VOB FEMALKS .jtfokly correct ell irregnlnritiei. Servant it J f *1 the.?™re!it ^oIcn'ar^ tk» dlitreeglng Bymptoirs to prerftlent with the sex. Box« Recmifa v ^i °r ^acruiter. b. 144. and »d.. of iJJ Cli-mleta. Sunt anrwhew f»r 1» •' p "WjrnitB, if eligib)<->, can be enlisted for any arm of the fcfcSteouM, by Z* Ctoaaiiif Service they may select- EMIGRATION TO AMERICA- BY THB 0 A DOMINION LINE OF FIRST CLASS STEAMERS, SAILING FROM LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX AND PORT- LAND EVERY THURSDAY, DURING WINTER AND IN SUMMER TO QUEBEC. THTS FAVOURITE LINE of Passenger -L Steamers is under contract with the Can- adian 'Government for the conveyance of assisted passengers to Canada, at tfee'following low rates — Agricultural Labourers and their Families, and Female Domestic Servants JE3 General Labourers and Mechanics .84 Children between 1 and 12 years X2 Infants. 109 Saloon. Fare from £1..0 10s. Intormediata from 47 7s. Steerage 1 P,4 4s. This Line is well known for its superior Intermediate Accommodation, each room containing ocly.two or four berths. Throngh Bookings to all parts of Canada and the United States, at very cheap rates. Stewards, Stewardesses for a'l classes of passengers, and an experienced Surgeon are attached to each steamer. Pamphlets and Maps free on application. For further information apply to W. J. Williams, 7, Market-street, Carnarvon R. R Stythe, Accountant, Carnarvon; W. J. Parry, Accountant, Bangor and Bethesda; W. H. Davies, 7. Vale-street. Denbigh Luke Roberts, Castle-street, Conway; Ainsworth and Co., Auctioneers. St. George's Hall, Rh. 1; Henry Wilson, Bridse-place.Llanfair-fechan; W. T. Jones, 5. New street, Pwllheli; J. S. Ingbam, Clwt-j-bont, and Llanberis; John Cadwaladr, Blaenau Festiniosr; Edward Davies, Regent-street, Llanpollea J. R. Wil- liams Accountant, North-terrace, Criccieth; R. G. Humphreys, Stationer, Portmadoe; Johm Lloyd, Bee Hive, garmouth J. E. Gr filths, Craig-y-don, Bar- mouth; John W,lliu.rns, High-street, Bala; Owen Reee, Stationer, Djisel ey Mather Griffiths, Bridge- street, Ruabon; R Pearson Roberts, Glyndwr- terrace, Corwen E. Thomas, Great Oak-street, Llan. idloes; R-es Richards, Boot Store, Newtown; D. Richards, I, North-parade, Aberystwyth; R. Kenrick, i4, Marinc.tflTrace, Aberystwyth, or to FLITFN, MAIN. AND MONTGOMERY, MANAGING DIRBCTORS, "^4, J<M»es-street, Liverpool. ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO UNITED STATES AND CANADA. FROM LIVERPOOL. PARISIAN For HALIFAX & PORTLAND Mar, 27 CIRCASKCAN For HALIFAX & PORTLAND.Apr. 3 NOVA SCOTIA N. For HALIFAX & BALTIMOREAPR 8 POLYNESIAN.. For HALIFAX & PORTIAND. Apr. 10 PERUVIAN.For. QUEBEC Apr. 17 SARMATIAN.For OUBBEC Apr. ?4 HANOVERIAN.For QUEBEC Apr. 24* OCEAN RATES: Saloon, 12 to 21 Guineas; Intermediate, £ 7 7s; Steerage, £ 4 is. Through Tickets at Special Rates to Chicago and to f*il Points in the Western States and Canada. tHr Note.—The best, quickest, and cheapest route for Manitoba and the Great North West is by the Mtil Steamers of this Line. Assisted Passages to Halifax are granted to General Labourers, Mechanics. &c., for JE4; and to Agriculturists, Agricultural Labourers, and Female Domestic Servants for £3; and Through to Inland points in Oanada at Special Rates. lUf Passengers landing at Halifax or Portland and going inland are accompanied on the Railway by the Company's special conductors. Pamphlets on Canada, Manitoba, and the West. ern Stat a free on application. Full particulars from ALLAN BROTHERS k CO., JAMES-STEET., LIVERPOOL. AGENTS:- Wm. J. Williams. 7. Market street, Carnarvon. Matthew Goldie, 217, Hia-h street, Bangor. E. Philip Williams, 11, Victoria-place, Bethesda. Wm. John Parry, 3 and 4, Wil iams' Court, Beth- esda. John Evans, Herald Office, Carnarvon. j^SftHBIOAN L I N B UNITED STATES MALL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. STBRY WBDNJHSDAT AND ALTBRNATH SATURD4.T. First-class, full-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to anY European Line, Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia on tae Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE SnoaTBST AND BUST ROUTH TO THE r'lM. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., 17 & 19, Water-street, iverpool. LooAL AOHXTS.—W. J. WILSUNS, Secretary to the North Wales Quarrymen'a Union, 7, Market- street, Carnarvon; John Foulkes, 24, High-streot, Carnarvon; R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Oreigiau M*wr, Talysam It 227.77-d II.AIL V' LIVERPOOL TO IsTE^W YORK Sc B0ST025T EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established for Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Passengers. Apply to the CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANYj Limited, Liverpool, Or to their AMNT.—WM. J. WILLIAMS, 7 Market-street, Caruaron. Thomas Ingham, Clwt- y-bont via Carnarvon v. INTEEMBDIATE PASSAQK. IG8 SS' STE KEAQB, AT LOW RATES. "YEA^T, YEAST. "pRENCH PARISIENNE, best in the world.' X. Daily arrivals. All other Yeasts always on hand. G. M. JONES, Impoiter, 40, Deansgate, Manchester. __TTT_ AGENTS: WILLIAM H0UGH70N, WREXHAM. T. DAVIES. LLANDUDNO. EVA NT DWIES, MOLD. J. JONES, DENBIGH. And others. KAJ\ MACKIKS A VVA'i'CHiiS Ladies', 258. f In Sterling Silver Cases. Oentlomen's, 35s. I Free by post for P.O.O. We can supply Watches at 12s 6d and upwards, but to persona who with a thoroughlyreliable article, we recommend the Edinas, which are eertain to give satisfaction. DAN MACKIE & Co., 35, COCKBURN. STREET, EDINEUBGH I I [ BRYAN BROTHERS Have much pleasure in calling the attention of the Public to their well-assorted Stock of BLACK DRESS MATERIALS, coEsisting of a FRENCH CASHMERES, heavy and bright, at Is 6]d, Is Sd, Is 113d, 2s 4^d, 2s 6d, 2s lid, and 3s 3d. FRENCH MERINOS, very fine, and good dye, at Is 8d, Is U |d, 2s 3d, 2s 6d, 2s 9d, 3s, and 3s 6d. OTTOMAN STRIPES, SATIN CLOTHS, BRADFORD TWILLS, BROCHES SATINS. &E. Special line in PERSIAN CORDS, very wide, at Is per yard. PURS SILK CRAPES, which are soft and elastic, and do not spot nor crease, always kept in stock atv2s 6c, 3s, 3s 6d, 4s 6d, os Gd, 6s 6d, 7s 6d, and 9s 6d. PATTERNS ON APPLICATION. # BRYAN BROTHERS, BRIDGE-STREET, CARNARVON TEA! TEA! TEA! THE DRINK OF PLEASURE AND OF HEALTH TIONES & CO.'s TEA POR THIS PEOPLE JONES & CO.'s TEA FOB THB PEOPLE JONES & CO.'s TEA FOB THB PEOPLE JONES & CO.'s TEA FOB THH PEOPLE T JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s Od JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 4d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s Sd. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES ,& CO.'a TEA POB FAMILIES. JONES & CO.'s TEA POB FAMILIES. JONES & CO.'s TEA POB FAMILIES. JONES & CO.'s TEA FOB FAMILIES. T JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s Od. JONES & CO's TEA, at 2s 4i. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2B 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THE PUBLIC JONES & CO.'s TEA POB TBB PUBLIC JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THB PUBLIC JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THB PUBLIC T JONES$CO.'s TEA, at 2s Od. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 4d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THB MILLION JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THX MILLION JONES & CO.'s TEA POB THE MILLION JONES & CO.'s TFAA FOR THE MILILON T JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 03. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 4d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. One pound up to six pounds of any of the above Teas sent carriage paid by Parcels Post to any address in Wales, also in box s of 5 pounds, 10 pounds,12 pounds.and 20 pound each carriage paid to any station in Wales. To be had only of T. JONES & Co., CONFECTIONERS AND MERCHANTS BRIDGE-STREET, j AND THE PRIORY, BANGOR-ST. CARNARVON. GOLDEN GOAT, CARNARVON. R E A T SHOW IN THE GOLDEN GOli WINDOWS I NEXT WEEK FOR THE SPRING CARPETS. Good Tapestries from Is 2^(1. 2 Stair Tapestry from Is O'd. 2 Good. Yard Kidderminsters at Is 6$. Brussels Carpet cheaper than ever, Hearthrugs to match. DOOR MATS. Good Linoleums at 2s 6d per yard. New Cretonnes. Good Double Width Damask, all Wool Is DJD. NEW TAPESTRY HANGINGS. An immense Stock of Lace Hang- ings from Is 6JD per pair. ;a Lace Valances from Is up. PIERCE & WILLIAMS will be show- ing from 300 to 400 pieces of New Prints from 13d per yard upwards.* 4 Butterworth and Brookes' best Prints at 4JD, usual price, 6d. I COME ANJ) SEE THIS STOCK BEFORE YOU BUY. puce AND WILLIAMS, I l PROPRIETORS. THE TAITENHA-LL SCHOOLS, KBAE CHESTER. The Preparatory School is for Boys from six in twelve years old. The pupils ire well-grounded to- Elementary subject?, ana < are'n]ly trained into correct ha rite. Pupils in the Upper echool-all above 12 years old-ars prepaied ior the Cam- bridge Local and other Kxamiuat ioBs, or lor PM-* feesional ->nd Comroercial pursuits. The local; is healthy and p;ea¡;¡mi; the school-rooms audt dormitories spacious and well ventilated; -,plenaidt rricket field, bath-room, & Terms moderate- E 891 J. STEPHENS, Principal MENAI BRiDGE GRAMMAJ4 SCHOOL. BOARDERS AND -DOT SCHOLABS- Pupils prepared for all preliminary ExMnin-J atiocs, for Oxford and Cambridge juocal, suct iz Kensington Examinations. Careful cr. aching; mostly successful. A Quarter luny be commenced any time. Lessons in Mnyic—Piano and Harmonium- by a competent teacher. For particulars apply to Bev E. Cynffig Davies, Grammar School, Mermi Bride. ST. rpHOMAS' COLLEGE RHYL. Founded by ih* late VfN. ApcitDBAcos" MORGAN, and conducted on he lins £ laid down by him. BESIDEJTCE—PLASTIRION-TEREACB PRINCII-AI,.— > THE REV. E. IV E B S T EE. FIHST liasioExr MASXEU J. NICHOLSON, ESQ., M.A. LL.B (First Class Honours), Triuity College, Dublin. SECOND RESLOKNT MASTER: W. H. GILMORE, ESQ., Trinity College, Dullin. With six noji-Besident Blasters and Professors LOCAL TESTIMONIALS FOR THE PRESENT PETNCIPAI,— From the REV THOMAS HICKAKDSON, M.A., Viear of le li.9 I "The deep interest whieh we feel in the prosperity of the Sohool,aa condncled by you.-— With every kind with. for tue Bacce-s of the School." Frr, STEPHEN ROOPE, EgQ Senior Churchwarden of S'. Thomas Parish: would «ameitly wish to remind parents of their obligation to the kindly forethought of the great maIL (the late Archdeacon Morgan), who farmderJ and origi- nated your Cullbge, for the purpose of affording the great middle-clues an opportunity of educating their ions in sound reiigioos and se«alar knowledge, at a moderate charge, at their own doors. I rejoice that the reApoNsihititichbave fniten into s<b jadicioWl. oaads, and heartily wish ion •i.!l BUOCSSS. I feel certaia that the wider yo ir efforts are kuown, the greater will bo your field of labour '» For Prosp8niu3^ aul farthtr intormation applias- tion may bn mfcrilH rotbf Pr)no»i»aJ. ESTABLISHED 1868. MOUNT HOUSE SCAOOL, UrPER BANGOBI MISS A!NDREWES receives a Limited Number of young Ladies us Kesidenc or Da ly Pupils, offering a Souiid and Comprehensive Education, witih tv:e Comforts of Howe. The following Glasses ua.u be attended by Nan- members of the School, i Glass Singing, Monday 12 Arithmetic, Wednesday, 2,30 Dancing aod Calistheuice, Tuesday at 3 3J; Drawing and Painting, Mondays and Thursdays, 2.b0. Easter Term commenced J ANUAHY 23rd, 1834. A Ixdy boarder C'lt; lc received. ProsDectu ^=i -will >»<» 'h"G7?t'led on application. THE OSWKSTEY HIGH SCHOOL hEAD MASTER MR OWEN OWES, M.A., Late Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, and Graduate in High Clajsical Honours. THE NEXT TEKM will commence on TUES- DAY, the Gth of iVJay. Boarders return on. Monday, the 5th. For Prospectus, Reports, and Views of the Premises, spply to the Head Master. There will be seven or eignt, Vacancies for Board- ers. Early applications will oblige. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 1885 86. THB SENIOR SCHOLAKCKIP, fqual to £ 30 at the High School, tenable for on^ y«*r, whl be open for competitijn in Jauuary, 1885, to oys who, on tbe first of January, shall te under 15 years of ag&. This Scholarship may, under certain couditioas, become tenable for three years. THE JUNIOH SCHOLARSHIP, equal to £ 20, tenable for tIRO years at the High School, will be open for competition at the same time to boys'who, on the same date, shall be under fourteen years of age. Candidates froai a distance can entpr a Prelim- inary Test EXttmindion at ainr of the following pJaces :-Swanfea. December 30th; Machynlleth, December 31st; Portinadoc, January 1st; Menai Bridge, January 2d; and Mold, January 3rd. Full particulars are now ready, and may be bad on application. 1 1 1 cures Neuralgia ikheel Tic and TWWIip NERmus AND i OO tUtiLLlO SICK HEADACHE. NT K V 0 ~ff ~g "T is not pretended f B 1 g m m to be a cure for 1 remedy for ra- pidly relieving, *nd speedily ciirini? TIC in th" Head, TTO in the Face, TIC in the Gums, N-KRVOUS u1 EKAl^ACHi;. lOOTH- ACllE (even when proaeoding from a decayed tooth, renderinit ^xtrantion unnecessary). It Alst removes at once the Toothache to which Females are !lot times so peculiarly subject. PRICE 2s. 6d.. of all (Jiemists. Do not b? persuaded tc tlTrj >something ehe." PAMELS POST FREE for 2s. Sd. is Stamps or P.O.O., from the ilaitufaoturevs, CLARKE, BLEASDALE, BELL & CO., YORK. WHOLESALE AGENTS: — A YRTON & SAUNDERS, 149, Duke-street Liver pool. LOCAL AGE-ITS:- BANGOS T1U■ ttl LLOYD JONES, Medical Hall, LLANDUT.K.0 :-W. S. PSNKEY, M.P.B. The Dibpensary il.. u at'eet(aa<^ Four CrLssets, Fes- iniog J. BVTK,' is'. CHEMIST. O CHLOSO-OYNK t This well-known reicsdyt tor wgr r«rs on trie etatcp the TikToe of