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I, I CHEAP J JfiW KLliSBY, all kinds. "WaHkam Watches, l' or Geneva, Cloaks, Musical Instruments, Sliver Jewellery, Fancy Goods. Cheapest Hon& Illustrated Catalomi*3scamps. MHJXIIN-!>TON, 12,Houndsdi:h,London. < a.^hA Tradeon-v. IHVESTMENTS v. ,tde in SAFiS 8ECCJB.ITIKS, A SPECU- LATIVE BUSINESS in all Stocks and Shares on the Xjondoa Exchange, earefnliy transacted by Mr. Thacias, Boor, Sworn Stock Broker. 10H, Bishops-ate Street Within. E.G. investment Circular wdth special information post free.. ABERDEEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, from £ 5, paid. Inscriptions accurate and I'-f-u- ttfUL Plan>: and ji-ices from J. W. L«j?ge. Sculptor, Aberdeen. THE ¥TATXTSA% jg by all respectable in Chemists, Grocers, and Mineral Water Dealers. RO « by MCHCHI Celebrities liocoimTiei deu) lliri(13.C6 boap lis confirmed by •experience of Half a TELOUTINE SOAP; VIOLET, "These Soap>; have f'.ie pro-i Pans, H-uo Saint-Denio, <<.5. tertr of rendering the sk;rv Wnoles.ale Au-i1. s nn, white, and soft. Tl. IiOVENDEN_A SOl^S, London.^ Jpl ENTLEMEN^S KEYLESS CALENDAR V3TWATCHES. WONDERS OF THE AGE. Price nlySO, Warrant. perfect Timekeeper?, jewelled In eYéry hole, cnmpen. cation balance. Shows the Ílvnrs & seconds, day of '.ae. week & month. Massive sD^riing-silver English Hail-marked c ises. Money -returned if not approved of within a week. Trade supplied. Sent .registered on receipt of P.O.O. for £ 2 lOs. to Mo1 timer & Co., Jo, Charlotte Street. Bedford Square, London. W.l Pvvm EC' THE GREAT LLLJDLIIO R*AS CAVER. HFiFiDTiFi STEADY. SlVlSUT LI3HT. PEEBLES & Co., BURNER, ^.gar1 ^MUSERS FREE BY PARCELS POST, I SEND.l STAMP for PATTEKNS from 7 S per pair, £ YOU will receive i 60 INCH TAPE MEASTTRE, all "assortment of r lithe most fashion. able Angolas & All-Wool Twoeds a., now bemg worn in s-aits & trousers, together with a li5 t of unsolicited testi- monials, fashion platea & direotU ns for self-measure- inent :acknowledged to be as easy as A.B.C. t. VVegna- ranteeafit. You will tind on com lanson that our goods are at least. 20 per cent, cheaper taa.i *ny other house in the tra i->. Addre^-TABXr <G BROS..M^ufoc- tnrers i Contractorfl^CTO^weh- -d..Loiu«on. KPta^lyu. DFRY GREAT BARGAINS. M^1*1 "wooiiijEN :JBESS GOODS.. Alinn COTTON MESS GOODS. i"IJ t ft |J At Manufacturer's Prices. Any ijntrth cut. vflbHr Dross Fabric Manufacturing Co.. Manchester, •*rT^'M"Rt?."PT tVa^s' MATERIA & STICKS. Trade list& tosti* S.idW.e.cL. Nut«nf;. I.W. DUbeth.Birm. "XTERYOLS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY, A gentleman, having tr ed in vain every advertised rerccdy, "lias discovered a simple m* ans of selt-cure. Howl* be happy to forward the particularstc any sufferer onr^wpt-1 *md directed envelope. Ar.lress, J. T. SEw ELIi, taq., Brook "Villa, Hammersmith, Lone on. • mJiE CUP THAT CHEEilS? 1 PKESCOTT'S 2'- TEA. A Blend of China and Indian, TTTTTTY' MALTY" Dclidous; 61bs. and upwards, ?"rr.^ Free.—is. Dalst' n Lane. London. E. A" HOSPITAL PHYSICIAN'S rapid cure for all Blood Disease", and all hi a dachas 12.6). Tie, Lumbago, Sciatica, BTnunpnnniA and Epl epsy (29;. Teething. Weaning and fits la Children ll'l)' Whc>ping (Jou^h (2;9t, For tee am%nt n P.O.O. to the PANKTIRC CO.. BOI.TON. THE ocea-'j STEAM YACHTING T COMPANY (Limited), Intend despatching '.heir -s"«r«^e Stcllm "CEYLON," 2,%J0 tons Register, o I PLEASURE CRUISES as tollows: In May for a 3 weeks Oruise to the Azores and Madeira. In Jnne for a 6 weeks Crnise to the Northern Latitudes. In August for a t wefis Cruise round the United Kingdom, In September for a 1 or 5 weeks Cruise to the Atlantic Islands, For full par Lie alarJ apply to the OCEAN STEAM YACHTING COMPANY (LIMITED). Pasgeng'^T* Office: 7^ Pall Mall, Xiondon, S.W. a I* HO M SO N'S PATENTED COILED SPRING SECTION CORSETS. I The growing desira for Health preserving Clothing, with a graceful, symmetrical figure, must make the Coiled Spring Elastic Section Corset a necessity with all well-dressed English Ladies, and as universally approved of here as it is in America, where, having had the test of 2 years' actual experience, it is now universally acknowledged as A Perfect Corset secured at last. By an ingenious arrangement of fine coiled voire springs, forming a flat elastic section (which, unlike india-rubber elastic, will not heat the person, or perish in wear), thi* Corset yields readily to every respiration and move- snent, and, while giving all necessary support, is equally comfortable in any position assumed fry the wearer. Any Lady malting a trial of this Corset will be charmed with the new sensation of comfort and relief from the rigid, unyielding hone and steel of the ordinary make, and while securing the grace and carriage of a good figure will be conscious that she M not sacrificing. Health to Fashion. Made in Five Qualities, and in a variety of Colours. For particulars, see Illustrated List. Can be obtained from all high-class Drapers in Town or Country by giving usual waist measurement, and quality desired. TRADE MARK. i H FRETWORR. -"0'- lUit.i: rated Catalogue of f MACHINES, TOOLS, WOOD, And 350 Miniature Designs, FREE J<<r FOUR STAMPS/ -:0:- HARGER BROS., Settle, Yoris. WADMIQlOO GalLs. of Hard Drying Oak WADMIQlOO GalLs. of Hard Drying Oak VArliM lOn Varni-h for sale, at 6,0 pergallon ./ins in- •chided. Sample gallon Roy COVENTRY "WILLOIGt; Lros., VULCAN 1OL M)HY. CUv i KY. h p 1, HORSE CLOTHS (3,000) 6in., 5/6: with girth, 16 extra.—WM- WAJNE. t0 3fewington-bntts Pgpogityrit, t*. 1*>. and ll,_j>tation-road, 6.H, CTBtS.ITJSNOT'S CARTRIDGE rjASES NEYEE MISS FTRE Ard nre THE BE8T and CTTEAPEST. Tart'cnlarS of OSCAR SI TRR.I.IO. 9, N»»w Brof l St.. London._K\± lO'LAROE CONSUMEKS. AMERICAN APPLE SEASON. NEW A TOWN PIPPINS, from 30/- per Barrel: smaller 4, t<, 5 per stone 141b3.; BALDWINS, from 20/- per Barrel: 2'6 and 3.-iwr stone. ENGLISH BLE-S'IiFTIS, 2'6 r*r otoaf*. DeliTere^j free by /oods train to any railway station in United Kingdom, on receipt of Cheque or Postal Order, payable to COPEItAND & PULLEN. MANCHESTEB. KITEVo U S DEB 11TY.-A Christian Goutle- cian will be happy to forward particulars of a safe, speedy, ft permanent CURE on receipt of stamped addressed envelope.— .Apply. Mr.Hoiph P. 101 ■.<aiiibi-idge House,Lakenheath,Suffolk. 3^ tAe Young Men uf Kntjiu u! w/ ti.jie,- J rum Nervoat DebiUtf, J.{y' PnblUhert. THE CONFESSIONS and EXPERIENCE OF t. AN INVALID. Designed a» a Wamins' and a Caution to others; supplying at !*he same time th" m>'aus .if SELF-CUKE, by one who has cured Jiimaelf, after undergoing thA usual amount of Medical Imposi- tion and Quackery. Single oopies may b? hid fpost free; by sending a stamped (•ddressed en-wlope to th j author, *-1 I/ ABTHUR PIXON. Esq.. ^onnsiow. near London. POST FREE FOR SIX STA-IIPS. The MARVELLOUS WORK on CONSUMPTION, BY GEOHGE THOMAS CONGRLVE, Cooitibo Lodge, Peckha.m, London., 3.E. I Mr. OoTjgrcvc is publishing ONE RFCSIfT CASE of CURE EVERY WEilKiii the^ ChristiaxiWorJd'* anu other Weeklies, NEAB.LT 100,000 SOLD! >f< .y..¡. FO ca- s And DAMP AM produce Catarrh, Coughs, Hoarseness. THE FINEST REMEDY FOR COLDS, COUGHS, etc., IS CONGREVE'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, In bottles, is. lid.. 2B. 9d.. and 4s. fB. SOLD BY ALL MEDICINE HOUSES. \lf Al'lKEB's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES TT are superseding all others. PrizeM, Paris, 'HTI7. Stiver from £ 3 3S. Gold from £ 6 6s. 77, 0 anhill. E.C. •So Re>fent Street, W„ London. Pescriptive Pam'.hiot fare. 'doKNsrconNH' !-EXTSAORDINJ KY'UISCOVERY. <{ ttje lateBt invention, will poei- S jxlJ-Xl/UX Xij tively cure. A trial will convince ^you. It difters from anything yet inv ented. Price 13id. free by return15 stamps. Try it. Pottage, Chemist, Beverley HEALTH S E C U BED bv MOBISON'S VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL MEDICINES. To be had of all Chemista throughout Great Erltain. JUST PUJBLISHJiD, tor Two Maiups, Bv J. A. BARXK3, il.D. {U.S.), A Treatise, entitled— "TTOW TO ENSURE HEALTH I ■ a Mont Valuable Book for Tnuiut Men, on the LAWS GOVSKN-IKI; LI*'K, and the CAVF. STK^OMS, and TREATMEXT of all diseases depending on Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ear. Impaired Sizht and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Ac. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps. Address— JA. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), 48. Lonsdale Square, Thornhill Road. London, N. AS A CURB FOR C P, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS in the JOINTS, LIMES. BACK, or KID- NEYS,CROWE'S FAMOUS GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS Jiuve no equal, and at once remove all GOUTY it RHEUMATIC PAINS from the system. Sold by most chemists in Boxes z*. 1/1 i & 2.9. ar seDt post free 14 or 35 stamp?, hy THOMAS CROWE. Practical Chemist, 31, Wardsur Street, London, W. J APANES E and CHINESE GOODS Importers L BKNUA A CO., 120 ancl im, -1 NO XORE LOST WATCH KEYS! WONDERFUL! A GOLD WATCH, KEYLESS,—42S The most Wonderful value ever offered totlv Public\& often ?cid for double thf money,>»u it is owing to the iarge dezcandthat the Ad vertiser ia enabled to offer r single Article a Wholesale Price. Send P.O.O. for abort amount, and will bo sent free by Johi _VataonJ>7. W^stminster-rd., Birtrdnybam, A VALUABLE BpOK on the causes and thE XJL new cure of geiier I and Nervous Debility, Prematuri Decline, containing also a number of Prescriptions, -wil be sent post free and prat iff, on application, by the author- Pr G. Rumler (N.Y. 32. Thornhill 0rc>cent. London, N. IAN'S GENTLEMAN'S KEYLESS CALENDAB VJT WATCH. Price JC2 10s. Jewelled in every hole, coniperisa tion balance. Perfect timekeeper. Shows the hours & seconds, daj of the week & month. Massive Silver English Hall -marked eases Money returned ii not approved of. Sent restored on receipt of P.O.O. for 50 to J. Masont Southern Hill, Reading. Q P I T~A "iTFT"E~L"b S SILKS. FOR FURNITURE AND DRESSES. Ei',broidery and Textile Fabriques by R HELIi RON'S Eli, "00 &jur2, Oxford Street, London. rpiiE" CAMDEN FOUNTAIN PEN? A PATENT, August. 1883. THE PERFECTION OF "FOUNTAIN" OR RESERVOIR PENS. Simple in Construction. Cannot get out of Order. The increasing' demand for a really workable" Pocket or Deals Pen containing its own supply of ink, has induced the produc- tion of the "CAMDEN FOUNTAIN PEN." which is brought before the public as the perfection of reservoir pens, for with it AN Y P CAN BE USED, and thus there is accomplished the gTeat desideratum, A PERFECT FOUNTAIN PEN. The size of the Camden Fountain Pen," viz., Sin. lonfr. adapts it conveniently for either the pocket or the desk, and its tapering form is a special feature. rSJoE Fitted with non-corrodible Pen S/8 Fitted with Iridium Point Pen, fine, medium, or broad 8 0 Each Pen is sent out in a neat box, with Ink-filler complete. SOLD BY ALL Sl'ATIONEKS. Wholesale onlv from CU-S. GOODALTi & SOX. Cantdem Work-. London, ww BRANN'S SKIN LOTION.—Prescribed by tDe late James Stanm. the celebrated skin doctor. Marvellous cure fur pimples, blotches, redness. See. Bottles 2s. 9d. By p.t, 3s.— 2. Cosmo Place, London, W.C., and from Chemists. ■" of MET5ICAL WONDERS, should bo read by all DU f 11/ your.K men. Important to debilitated nervous sufferers and nilll IV tlvve a'.out u. murry, Fri-c 'n Envelope f->r -t stamp*. Pub- "ii.hf.r'iMiHiim! Hall, Fitz*Jan-squ^re,aheffi^d. Eatab. 1830 PARCELS POST: PARCELS POST: Pre«« Caps, Mob Cap?, Curtains. CLilLaretrts, Src. Splendid value. Will be sent to any part of England free on receipt of POO for 10'- and upwards. W. COTTON, WEEKDAY- CP.OSS. KOTTINMHAM. 1r5\T A VANTT ATA ST WILKIN & Co., JIT A- BUTTERINE Apl'°j\)SxooNiibnry' M BSS s-ifi used Wl3C0ysg -iT„ I | Lead S SOLD EVERYWHERE, MAMU^actoht sowo scuyj AONOOtL^ IN ECONOMYthzGARDEN IS INSURED BY USING Sutton's „5iutoiVs_ I- POST 10/>\ fSntton's Seeds) Sutton's ITE ECLLILIX Sutton's Sutton's Sutton.s OF VEGETABLE & FLOWER SEEDS Containing 30 Favourite Varieties of Vegetable Seeds, aud Choice, Sorts of Flower tieeds. SENT FREE r.Y PARCELS POST TO ANY AD- DRESS IN Till'; UNITED KINGDOM ON RECEIPT Or' A REMITTANCE nm 9/6. PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. £ ufmumu QUEEN'S SEEDSMEN, READING. B~ RASS.REED,STRING,&DRUM&FIFE BANDS, PIAN0S.0R!1ANS& HARMONIUMS at taleTrires at J^.MOORE&CO..Buxton Rd.,Hudderaheld. 1 rices with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any I of Band. Banrlsinen-s Caps. Putrriiiseci by Arniy, Corns SJVTInd-liand Tn-trumcnts bought, or takon i'I bxenan-e.. K.STA15LIKHED 1861. B I R K B E C K B A N K.- 91, Sonthaiupton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. Current Aecounti opened accordinp to the usual practice Of other Bankers, and interest allowed QJ1 the minimum monthly balances when not draitn below £215. No Commission charged for keeping Accounts. The Bank also receives money on Deposit at Three per cent. Interest, repayable on demand, and undertakes the pur ua^a and sale of Stocks and Shares. A Pamphlet, w>th particular/, on application. FRANCIS KAVENSCROFT^Manager., RIMMEL'S AROMATIC OZONIZER. A fragrant air-purifving Powder of Pines and Eucalypti. The onivajreeable disinfectant. Is.,by i>ost 13 stumps. B-IMMEL'S TOILET VINEGAR, u !■- cions tonic, and refreshing, 1/ -2/6, and 5' Sold fverywhere. Rimr.iel. PerfUT.e_r, Oli. Strar.d. Ixindon. OLD SELF- WINDING LADIES' \JJT WATCHES, no key renuired, of exquisite workmanship. Jewelled in every hole. Perfect Timekeepers. Elegantly chased. Th," Watch is perfection. Price only 38,6. A liberal percentage by taking a dozen. Countrv shopkeepers should see a sample. Exceedingly !i«nd»ojue cases, Hah-mnrked. Cheques and P.O.O. to be made pavable to FENTON & CO., Watch Importers, 33, TOW ER CH A MBERS, LONDON. ■|JT | T I ItothkinTs. A certain eur« In mc«t cases. Kaai'y ap- J J J j IV; pli1" free by post, 7 stamps. W.A.Spicer, Colchester. 1 SHARES IN STBAiOfiitC." Dividends of from 20 ojo to 26 per annum. For particulars of a most promising Steimsh'o undertaking, Limited Liability, £ BO Shares, Addresa tBOMAS BEER. Steamship Surveyor, BuTa DtKMU Cxnoitr. THE BEST RFCLVIEOY FOR INDIGESTION. TRADE NORTO- MARK. CAMOMILE PILLS are confidenthj recommended as a simple Remedy for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which ice are subject; king a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that it is u-ith justice called the uNatural Strengthener of the Human Stomach." I( ¡YORTON'ti PILLS" ntf us a p■owerful ionic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation, sofc under an)t circumstance*, and thousands of persons can now hear testimony to the benefits to be im .1 dcriced from their use, as (ltey have been a new-Jailing Family Friend for upwards of 50 years. Sold in BoWes at Is. 1 id., 2s. Da., and lis. each, by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. CAUTION. Ask for « ]'r{).RT().:V'S PTLLS" and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation. RENOWNED REMEDIES. THE PILLS Purify the Blood, correct all Disorders of the LIVER, STOMACH, K:^TEYS, AND BOWELS. They invigorate and restore to health Debilita 'ifutions, and are invaluable in all Complaints incidental to Females of all ages. J en and the aged they are priceless. THE OINTMENT Is an infallible remedy for Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores and Ulccrr. It i3 farr.our fQl" Gout and Rheumatism. FOR DISORDERS OF THE CHEST IT HAS NO EQUAL. FOR SORE THROATS, BRONCHITIS, COUGHS, COLDS, Glandular Swellings, and all Skin Diseases it has no rival; and for contracted and stiff joints it acts like a charm. Manufactured only at THOMAS HOLLOW AY'S Establishment, 78, NEW OXFORD STREET (late 533, OXFORD STREET), LONDON, And are sold at is. 1 Jrf., 2S. qd., 4S. 6d., lIS., 22s., and 33s. each Box or Pot, and may be had of all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. N.B.—Advice Gratis, at the above address,daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. DR.TJ.vCOLL!S BROWNE'S CHLORODYNEj • a!HE ORIGINAL. AND ONLY^BENDINE. • OHLO&ODYNE u admitted by the Profession to be the moat wonderful Mdr»luablerejaeay erer <2»«fartfl CHLORODYNE is the best raaedy known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma. « CHLORODYNE effectually checks and arrests those too often fatal diseases—Diphtlicria, Ferer. Gorup, AfQfc OHLORODYNE acta like a charm In Diarrhoea, and is the only epeciflo in Cholera and Drontary. CHLORODYNE effeotuany cnts ahort all attacks of Epilepsy. Hysteria, Palpitation and Bpuma. OHLORODYNE »• u» only palUatirela Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer, Tjothacne, Menlagttto. W4*W*' Trora Ds. B. J. Eorwos & Co., Ham castle. W« inn mada fMttr extenstre of m ecr pmctioo lately, and took upon it as an exoollont direofe Sadativs and Anti-awulniodic. It aecma to allay pain and irritation ia whatever organ, and from whatarar cansa.; \Zfc Induces a feeling of oomtort and qiuetudo not obtainable by any otfc er remedy, and is aeeo* to poases ttua groafc tfraataeeoTor all other SedatiTis, that ii leaves no aoploMant aftereffects. "Earl Bussell communicated to tho CoUegs of l^ysiciana that received » fliapatoa. from Her MaiestT^s Consul at Manilla, to tho effect that Cnolora haa bo.-in rafjinjf fearfully^ theO»2rrrnadr Of any eervice was CiI^OaODYNEl/See Za^ct, 1st Uecejctnir U«Ji, m CAUTION.—CSWARK of PIRACY and IMITATIONS. VlvrLxf —Vloe-ChaawllOT Sir W. Pica Woon at»i«d that Dr. J. Coma Broww wms, undoubtedly, t&» ■Tnwmtnr of CHLOP.ODYNB; that the st<)ry of th# Defendar% Fuxxur, traa deliberately untrue. Inch, h»- iWB,ati^to>Bottl^at lsTld.'cs'M^and te 6J caciv None la genu^ie without the words D-. 'S. COLIJS wOWJJBH •CHLOEODYNB on the Govemmcnt Stamp. Overwhelming Medical Testimony aooompftnios carh bottle. SeeMmMOirois-j; T. DAVESfPOST, 81 Great KusaeU Street, Bloomsbury, XKmdoaSt If you are a ma-n of business or labourer, weakened by the strain of your duties, avoid stimulants, and take HOP BITTERS. If you are a man of letters, toiling over your midnight work, to restore brain and nerve waste take HOP BITTERS. If yon are Buffering from over-eating or drinking. any indiscretion or dissipation, tako HOP BITTERS. If you are married or single, old or young, rich or poor, suffering from poor health or languishing on & bed of sickness, take HOP BITTERS Whoever you are, -wherever you are, whenever you feel that your system needs cleansing, toning or stimulating, without intoxicating, one bottle of HOP BITTERS will do more good.than 25 in all other medicines or doctor's visits. Have you dyspepsia, kidney or urinunj complaint, disease of the stomach, bowels, blood, liver, tt nerves? You will be cured if you take HOP BITTERS. If yon have flaLulency, rheumatism, or gout, or are simply ailing, are weak and low-spirited, try it J Ask your chemist or druggist for HOP BITTERS IT MAY SAVE yorn LIFE. IT HAS SAVED HUNDREDS* FOR SALE BY ALL CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. ). soft mi-M 0 AV BRYANT k MAY'S MATCHES T NERVOUS DEBILITY. PEAV 6 6 TRE T)B. E. C. WEST'S NERVE A. BRAIN TREAT- MT.NT, a Guaranteed Cure for all Diseases of the Nervous Sr-tei: such as Hvstena, Uiz7.ine" Convulsions, Fit. Neu. rtilKia, Headache, "Wakefulness. Mental Depression, Prematuro Old Asre. caused by Excesses, Over-Exertion of the Bram, or Over.Indulgence (resulting in Insanity, and leading to Misery, Decav, and Death). The Remedy is Ùom the PreEcription of au Eminent Physician, ft has been tested & nsed v ith great suecesa for Tears therefore the Proprietors have no hesitation whatever in issuing a Written Guarantee of Cure, or Money refunded to everv Purchaser of Six Boxes. Each Box contains One Month's Treatment, 4. 6 a Box. or 6 Boxes (with Gjarantee) for ?3 To he had of all Chemists and DrugKi'-ts. -BARCLAY A SONS. Lomdon Agents. 95. Farrmg<lon_Sireet, London^ L _e TY BROCADED SILK ft HANDKERCHIEFb DIRECT FROM THE LOOMS. Buy from the Manufacturer* and save ttco profit*, 600,0008074 in 1S83, and 50,000 T,timo.i",I" received. R. THOMPSON & CO. bfg to thank the readers of this paper FOR their support, ami to annontioc that eince they first corn* niecccd to oner their beautiful HANDKERCHIEFS to the vublic, they have Buppliod them to the QUEL'S PALACE AT Windsor down to the humblest cottiurc IN the laud. -NOT content with this SUCCESS, \ve ^HALL not oe satisHed until every person in the United Kingdom HAS tmr^hased one of our beautiful Handker- chiefs. They arc richly brocaded in_<iesitfti» of birds, flowers, FERN*, FEE., anti MAY be had in thirty different colours, including the latest. TLIEY are a choice present for a wIy or gentleman, useful for the neck or pocket, FIXE hiches square, while the Roftness, elegance, and delicacy of them make them preferable to the finest cambric, and for durability they camii.)t be sur- RA>SOD. A list of Teatimoniaia forwarded to any address on recetpt of one stamp. COUPON. Same Atfilren* E GUARANTEE to send one bandkerchjof AS advertised "WVO on RECEIPT of P.O.O. for Is., or 13 stamps • T for 2S., or 2i 8tauu>S; T» for YSM or (30 stamps: 12 for 9s., or 1(8 ?tamps. Mr>ney to be returned if goods fail to meet DP* provftl. SIGNED THOMPSON FC CO. P.G.O. TO PE MADK PAYABLE TO R. „ TAOMP-SON" & CO., Commercfai Builmncrs. Stockport. BELLAMY'S DISCOVERY, LAME AND BLEMISHED HORSES. SPKAINS, BRUISES, INFLAMED SWELLINGS, BONE SPAVIN, Curb, Splint, anu Bony Formations, WINDC-ALLS, THOROUGHPIN, BOG SPAVIN, &c., CURED and REMOVED. without firing or injury to TH^ Horse. Remedv for Sprains, C,a. t Bone Sp>'>in. fc., 5a. Gd.; Wiiulpalls, Bog SPNVIN. fcc., K'». CAIRIA^C paid. P.O.O. OR CHEQUE TO ACCOMPANY ORDER. Ful'. and 1'08* 1!'IMq¡:, application. l BELLiMY:CCM5, Broira-St, tacbestw. "The CXEAU Black Lead." ■- Vide Press. JAMES' cft2J55?^L Successire a-wards for Kx- I If J lo#l Mllence of duality and Cleanli- I w I S5y„BLACK LEAD BEWARE of Worthless Zmitations HAVE IT IN YOTTB HOUSES. LA3flTPl#OITOE*B SAL11TK. 15 the saf* antidote in Scarlet Fever, win&ll-por, and other An in* valuable domestic Tuedicine, removing Headache. Bilionsnesa, Constipation, Skin Affections, Blood Poisons & Fcverishness. 8ee numerous Medical Testimonials, suoh as no otaer Saline can show, therefore uas no other Prepared solely by a. T.AMPLOllflH. m, Hoiborn, Lo.idon. HA.7B IT Il» YOUR HOtTSES fe WITH YOXJ xil YOUa TRAVELS. (ROUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, dT^l^^rt^U'tC cffoctnaI- Caution. — The ^xtpordtaary Browue's Chlorodyne." !See 0f vice-Ul^inceilor Sir'w" Paire Wood, the Timet. July JGtb. 1HH. Numeroua testimonials from eminent Physiciana accompany each bottle. 8oi;l in Bottleg. l/H. 8/9. A 4'6,-by all Chemistg. ft ZL NEW PAMILY ELECTHO-MAGNETIC I MEDICAL APPARATUS for the cure of RHEUMATISM, CONSUMPTION GENERAL DEBILITY, BRON. CHITIS, FITS, AFFECTIONS of tile LIVER, AGUE, CANCEK. .APOPLEXY, NEURALGIA, SPINAL COMPLAINTS.SPRAINS.&c Strongly recommended by scientific practitioners us a certain & painless remedy tor most diseases, as w^ll jh beiur a. Fourco of endless ftm'i5ernent to everyone. Two-current Coil, Insulating ft Electro-plated Handles, Silk Connecting Cords Power Ke*ru- iator, & Battery, complete, packed <uid forwarded free, 18s. §d, Trwlf>, c<up;)Jjed. "VCTEEDOK «_CO-I_KLIECTBICIANS, SUNDERI^AKD AT KEYLESS WHOLESALE PRICES. WATCH E S., LADIEf" 6 carat, 36/6; 14 e-irat. tiO'. Silver, 35'- and 45 rJrTrOTvftfrSr' ohattrd, aid fu!hj jeipell#j. GEfcTM^BNB Gold, 5i!(- and 60/ Stout .Silver Lever 40/ AXiL> KEx j-iJiSS & IHsrieet timekeepers. Lar;estoc'n of Ciin'ns 1VT T Tm I A "f Unrivalled Stock. All newest 1.TJL vJ O a J/A I Accompanimenta. Catalogues of •ROXW post.t^H^1r^uii.^0^ JL^ v/>VJ a rj*!,t('.hi!l, Ar r>6, CUeapside, THE WOKSTED COATINGS and Sero-es of the HuddersfleldWoolteh Cloth Companv.Ltd. ,arc the best valu^ ni»nutactiired._Anyj^iKH» cut. PatternsO'TI application D'ARCY'S DUBLIN STOUT (Largest Brewery in Ireland but one.) OAFE INVESTMENT for small capitalists, 7J per cent, steady dividends in a r.on-specuLitive concern. Forfuli uarticulaw. address Bexio. The Exchange, Huddti,fleld. I A Certain Cure for the Nexvous and I Debilitated. GRATIS, a ivibI)IOA-L WUKK:, showing I G sufferers how they may be cured, and re- cover health and vitality without the aid of Quacks, wit .1 recipes for purifying the blood and removing bkin affectionR; also chapters on Happy Marriages Wnrn and Whom to Marry; The Temperaments Sr immeriLg; Vital Force; How Wasted and How Frcserved; Galvanic Appliances; and the Wondeia of the Microacopb in Detecting Various Complaints. Pest free tor two earnps. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- nimcrhMn- b 473 RED 1,3 OLDR-IT A-ND MOST T.IIOITOUGII CURB FOR MUSCULAR RHEUMATISM, Also unequalled fer LL AITJA^O. CHILBLAINS, Hi'('K !.N ^HlNs, olC. DREDGE'S HEAL-ALL irives immediate relief, nnd ofter tho third or fourth application completely euivs. It is admitted to l» ar. infallible cure for that dimerous disorder, Q JJIJ,St V. «.r SORB TIlitC)AT. in whieli it was never known U. fan after a.f<>»- hoiiW application. It is nl»o »n e\eelieii. remedj .or W H JTI,o>\ s, and is much used for CHILB LAIN S. V^. nu -'V.' f,l'usehold Words," says of "the Matr<m o, f.uble Oolleie Mie believe.! great!v in DBEDTO'8 HEAL-ALL. ami s >lcMtioxe hoys n iu were most given to brcakinK their shins or eii)o« h. O/ all Vhruimu. 1*. li». SOLE PBOPRIETOKS. BARCLAY & SONS, LONDON. M

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