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SCALE OF PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS i For the following classes of advertisements ionly APARTMENTS WANTED. HOVSRS TO BE SOLD. APARTMENTS TO LET. MONEY WANTED. ARTICLES LOST. MBNEY TO LEND. ARTICLES FOUND. M ISCRLLANEOUS WANTa. BUSINESSES FOX DISPOSAL. M ISCELLANEOUS SALES. BUSINESSES WANTED. PAKTNEBSHIPS WANTED. HOUSES TO LET. SITUATIONS WANTED. HOUSES WANTED. SITUATIONS VAC"T. No I Thr"o Fix Thirteen Of Vords. ns I tis IIn 8 rt Ins'rt-'ns Iufa'rt.ns ,I s. d. e. d. s. d. s d. p. d. 20 1 0 2 0 3 6 6 6 28 1 6 3 0 4 6 5 6 7 0 36 2040 56 6 6 80 44 2650 70 80 96 52 3 0 6 0 76 86 10 0 The above charges apply only to the classes cf adveitisements specified above, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for CON- BBCUTIVS insertion, and PAID FOR PREVIOUS T) INSERTION if either of these conditions is not complied with. the advertisement will be charged by the Businf ss scale :— O BisJ ISOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, about Sixty in-lamb Mountain Ewes. Apply to Mr John Pritchard, Auctions-, Bailor. B 937 AFAKTMJUJNTS WAN TKD,iuCarnarvon by a Young Man (lower part of the town preferred). Terms, &c which must be moderate, to No 998, Office of this paper. POTATOES (Champions), shipped from Ire- JL land, now on Sale at the schooner Mary and Jam, Plate Quay, Catn-,rvon. Price, 5a per sack, or 92 10a per ton. Suitable for cooking or seed- lings. E 1000. OUBLE FRONTAGE HOUSE and SHOP TO BE LET OR S^'LD, in one of the most thriving parts in Carnarvon, A sati- factory reason for leaving.—Apply to J. D. 0., Genedl Office, Carnarvon. O WEEKLY and UPWARDS may bo EASILY & and HONESTLY REALIZED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindrance to present occupa- tion.—For particulars. &c.. enclose ftddre°ned envelope to EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants. Birmingham.—This tS genmne. m464 EMPLOYMENT.— £ 2 to £ 5 per week earned by pushing men, by the sals of our Rubber Stamps. A connection quickly made, as our quality and price defy competition. Particulars free. London Rubber Printing Co., 33, Cheap- aide, E.G. TWELVE CAKT.ES de VISIT13, 2s 8d; SIX la 8d. Carte enlarged to 10 inches, 5s, Cabinet, 2s. Sent Carte with stamps. Perfect copies and original returned free. London Photoer&ppic Co 304, Regent-street, London, W.—S.D. PHILLIP, Manager. IVBBFOOL COMMERCIAL INVEST- MENT COMPANY, LIMITED.—LOANS of grom;EIO to £ 1000 promptly granted, and the ill- terest charged unusually moderate. Personal or other security. Share Certificates, Doctc Bonds, Life Policies, &c.—Apply to B. Roberts, City- road, Cheater; or to James Smith, Secretary, 11, Beymour-street, Liverpool. B 1997-712 TO FAT PERSONS.—A Gentleman who can personally vouch for the efficacy of a REMEDY (doctor's presirripti n) which will effect- ually and rapidly REDUCE CORPULENCY in either sex without semi-starvation dietary, exer. cies, &c., quite harmless, will send Recipe on re- ceipt of stamped address.—Mr F. RUSSELL, 15, Gower St. London, W C. TO BE DISPOSED OF, a First class Drap- ery Business in one of the best towns in North Wales. The house and shop are in one of the most prominent parts of the town and in excellent condition. The stock will be disposed of at Valuation. Most of the business is ready money. A chnnce rarely to be met with, the present proprietor retiring from busineps.A j) plications and all inquiries to be addressed to W. Lloyd, 16, Well-street, Ruthin, N.W. TO BE LET or SOLD, the ANGLESEY ARMS VAULTS, Double Frontage, '.with Three Entrances, situated in High-street, Bangor, Five minutes walk from the Railway Station, con- taining Ten Bedrooms, Two Parlours, Sittingroom, Two Kitchens, Two W.C.'s and also a splendid Bar. with Four different Coml)artments.-For further particulars apply to John Owens, Green- pati*. Llanfair P.G.. Anal-pev. BANGOR. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY.—The Freehold Hotel known as the Royal Oak with the extensive Yard, Stables and Coach House, now in the occupation of Mr Turner, also the corner Shop and Dwelling House adjoining, late in the occupation of Mr Wright. For particulars and to treat apply to Mr JOHN PRITCHABD, Auctioneer, Range. n 984 BIGH SCHOOL FOR WELSH GIRLS, ASH- FORD, MIDDLESEX. PATRQV-HICP. MAJESTY THE QUEEN. PRESIDENT—H.B.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. THE Honse Committe will, in consequence of the answer to their appeal on St. David's Day, at once augment the establishment at Ash. lord by the selection of Ten additional Higher Pey Scholars, who will be admitted on tho 25th of March. The total inclusive charge for a board and education which is costing the Society about £ 60 per annum will be £ 32, paid quarterly in ad. Vance. Girls, ore of whose parents was born in the Principality of Wales, the County of Mon- mouth. or the Parishes of Ostwestry, Llan-y- mynech, or Selattyn, are eligible, irrespective of their present residence. Application for forms should be made at once to the Secretary, O. W. JONES, Epq., The Ferns, Balbaro, London, S.W. THE PRINCE OF WALES & TEA. HE DOES NOT BUY CHEAP TEA. Why? Because he knows tiiat the true economy is to purchase the best. We send out a good sound 2s Tea at Is '9d per lb. or 6 lbs for 10s, carriage unpaid. L Upon that Tea you would pay 3a duty and Is postage. P Being large importers, we will send you, on re- ceipt of a Postal Order for six pounds of best Tea as sold at 4s per lb, delivered by Parcels Post free, by which you save just 25 per cent in revenue and conveyance. Or we will send you four pounds of Fine Black Teajasually sold at 3s, for 10s, delivered by Parcels Post free. THE PRINCE OF WALES TEA COMPANY, TOWER BUILDINGS, MOORGATE-STREET, A.1.D LONDON WALL, CITY, LONDON, E.O. ■ SPRING FURNISHING. J- JONES. ST. PETER'S SQUARE, RUTHIN, Has the pleasure, to announce the arrival of GOODS adapted for SPRINCI. FURNIESHING. Brussels Carpets, from 2s 3d per yard. Kidderminster, Dutch, and Felt Carpets. Hearthrugs, Mattiogf. aad Door Mats. Linoleums and Floor Oil-cloths. Kensington. Woodstock. and Central Carpets. Tapestries. Damasks, and Cretonnes. Swiss, Notingham, and Madras Curtains. HOUSEHOLD LINENS OF THE BEST MAKES. SPRING PRINTS AND OXFORD SHIRT- INGS. THE FAVOUR OF YOUR INSPECTION IS SOLICITED. IMPORTANT TO ALL! JOSEPI-l SAUM, (Successor to the late Mr Lehmann,) HIGH STREET, MOLD Begs respectfully to announce that his GREAT SALE OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY SILVER PLATE & OPTICAL GOODS, WILL CONTINUE FOR A FJSW WEBKS. e- At this Fstablishroeet people will get the benefit of the SALE, as all Goods are marked at the usual price in plain figures, from which the Reduction will be made. J. S. has now on hand a large Selection of NOVELTIES FOR BIRTHDAY PRESENTS, to which he invites a special Inspection. All Goods Warranted, and Exchanged if not ap- proved of. N. R-Special attention is paid to the Repairing Department, in which Clocks, Watches, and all kinds of Jewellery are promptly attended to. Clocks and Watches repaired will be kept in order free of Charge, for 12 months, unless over- wound or damaged by accident. Men eent to the Country on the shortest notice. JOHN MORRIS, MASON, ENGIIAVER, and BUILDER RAILWAY STATION, RUTHIN. Monuments, Tombs, ledgirs, Head stones, c to order, (In Granite, Lime, Yorkshire, and other Stones) Vaults, and all kinds of Cemetery Work. ENGRAVER ON MARBLE MONUMENTS & .TABLETS, IN ANY GIVEN STYLE. Dealer in all kinds of Building Materials. I Estimates for all kinds of Mason Work,Flagging, Buildings, Alterations, and Repairs, with or with- out Materials. R. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE & RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, BREWER AND MALTSTER CORPORATION ARMS BREWERY, 4, CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. R ROBERTS, begs to draw the attetion of the gentry and the public generally to his celebrated HOME BREWED ALES. lURE EXTRACT OF MALT AND Hops which may be had in Casks of 36,18, and 9 Gal- lons at the following prices:— 35 Galls 18 Galls 9 Galls XXXX 50s.. 259 12s 6d XXX 42s isls 10s 6d, XX 36s 18s 98. Dublin Stout and Burton Bitter Beer in Casls and Bottles. E>- ROBERTS, WATERLOO HOUSE, CASTLE-SQUARE. CARNARVON, Begs to call attention to his STOCK of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY- Special makes of LONG CLOTHS, very cheap t LACE CURTAINS OF CHOICE AND ARTISTIC DESIGNS. WONDERFUL VALUE. Ij HOUSE FURNISHING. THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN THE PROVINCE, IMAREMAK lixILM AT THE "I V.1 IIITUM WMIIIOH, EASTGATE STREET, Carnarvon. HUGH WILLIAMS begs most respectfully to iaform his numerous customers that a very large and choice Stock of CARPETS is now being EXHIBITED. Also a splendid assortment of Skin Hearthrugs and Matt3, Wool Repp, Tapestr.7, and all kinds of Furniture Covers and Trimmings of every description. The whole, owing to the great depression in trade, has been bought at a large Discount, which enables H. Williams to give special advantages to his customers. An inspection will convince all of the Cheapntss of the above Stock. All kinds of Upholstering neatly executed, and Estimates given for Carpets, Linoleum, and Furni- ture of every description. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO ANY RAILWAY STATION. HUGH WIL LIAMS, CABINET MAKER, TJT"LSTERER, AND GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHER, EASTGATE STREET, CARNARVON- HAND BREWERY, RUTHIN. 0 The celebrated Nut Brown Ales brewed exclusively from the choicest Malt and Hops at this eld established Brewery, are supplied in 4 gallon, 9 gallon, 18 gallon, and 36 gallon casks. QUALITY BARREL KILDERKIN FIRKIN PUN s. 8. s. d. s. d. X 30 15 7 6 4 0 XX 3d 18 9 0 5 0 XXX 40 20 10 0 5 6 A 42 21 11 O 6 0 3B. 48 24 12 6 6 9 C. 54 27 14 6 7 9 X. P. 54 27 14 6 7 9 Stout 48 24 12 6 6 9 J. FOULKES'S WINE AND SPIRIT LIST: SHERRIES. Bet. Doz. s. d. s. d. Fine Old Sherry 2 0 23 0 Gonzalez, Byaes&Co. 2 6 29 0 Duff, Gordon & Co 3 6 40 0 PORTS. Very Good. 2 0 23 0 Sandemau & Son ..26 29 0 Hunt, Roope, Teagles and Co (very old) branded J. F. & Cc 3 6 40 0 BURGUNDIES. Beanjolis, Macon, Beaune, Pom- ara, aad Red Sparkling Bur. gundies, from 30s to 6Qs per dozen. TARBAGONA. Excellent Wine 1 4 16 0 Ditto, old 2 0 22 0 TENT. BacrameutalWine 2 0 24 0 „ It 2 6 300 STILL HOCK. Nierstein • • • • 24 0 Hochheimer, 1874 28 0 Radesheimer, 1842 42 0 SPARKLING WINES. s. d. s. d. Moet & Chandon's- First Quality Qts 5 6 66 0 Ditto. Pts 3 0 36 0 G. H. Mumm's Qts 6 6 72 0 Ditto Pts 3 6 42 0 L. Boederer Qts 7 6 80 0 Ditto Pts 4 0 48 0 CLARETS. Bot Doz Medoc o 12 o StEmilion 6 18 0 3t Julien 2 0 24 0 And other Brands of Claret up to 80s per doz. VARIOUS BOTTLED WINES, from 20s to 6es per doz. SPIRITS (British). Bot Gall d. B. d. 1IN- 5 Fine Flavoured 2 3 11 6 Full Strength ..3 6 13 6 Old Tom Gin 9 TRISH WHISKET— s. d. s. d. Messrs G. Roe & Co 2 8 14 6 (mellow) 3 3 17 6 J. Jatnepon & Son's finest selected (very old) 3 10 24 0 RU3 £ — FOREIGN. Fine Old Jamaica.. ? 9 14 6 Ditto, very old 3 0 16 6 I BRlNDIES- Fine French 2 9 15 0 Do. Marchand.. 3 6 22 6 Otard, Dupuy & Oo's Old Braudy 5 6 30 0 Martell & Hennessey's Case Braudy- 5s 5s 6d u* 68 EAST INDIA PALE ALES. Doz. 8 d. Bass & Co Half pints 2 6 Ditto Reputed Pints 3 6 Worthington's Half rints 2 0 Ditto Reputed Pints. 3 0 Guinness' Extra Dublin Stout. Halt pi nts 2 0 Family Dinner Ale supplied in four and a half gallon, 9 gallon, aud 18 gallon casks at Is per gsllon. -:0:- J. FOULKES, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT; BOTTLER TO THE TRADE; IMPORTER AND BONDER, WELL-STREET, RUTHIN. SEEDS! SEEDS SEEDS 1 I SAMUEL EVANS, CORN, FLOUR, SEED, HAY, STRAW, AND OILCAKE MERCHANT, 3 AND 4, ARVONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. AGENOIES:- Richardson Bros., & Co., Manure Manufacturers, I Spratts' Patent Dog, Game and Poultry Belfast. Food. Gloucester Specific for Foot Rot in Sheep. Evana* Excelsior Dog Biscuits. The Imperial Live Stock Insurance Company. Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company The North Wales Dep6t for Fison and Co., Ipswieh's Manures. Linseed and Cotton Seed Cakes of the best English and American Brands always in Stock and will be delivered sharp at prices which will bear companion with the best English Markets. O AMUEL EVANS wishesjjto draw the attention of Agriculturalists, Gardeners, Cottagers, and others, to his SHOW OF SEEDS, which will be exhibited at THE BANtiOR OORfij STORES about MARCH 1st, consisting of the following SEEDS. Perennial & ItalianRyeGrass Red and White Clover. Alsike and Trefoil. Best Lawn Grass. Timothy Hay Seed. Assortment of Vegetable, Flower, and Agricultural heeds. GRAIN. Vetches and Bye d. Well selected Whet» and Barley. Fresh Imported Scotch Potatoe Oats. „ it Holland Yellow Oats. Well selected Whet» and Barley. Fresh Imported Scotch Potatoe Oats. „ Holland Yellow Oats. » „ Black Tartarian Oats. First growth Welsh Black Tartarian Oat?. Bodorgan White Oats. English Tick Beans. I POTATOES. Early Ashleaf Kidney. Early Prolific Mona's Pride Excelsior Round Sort. Schoolmaster. I Two CAR30E3 of Bog Seed Champions Rocks,Magnum Bonums, &c., will arrive by above date from Ireland. [ RIVEARDSO.Y',S Bone Comvound, Corn, and Fupervhosvliats 2Ia.nv.ves <xlvc&y& inStcd*. I GREAT GLMUME SALE AT 0. D. JONES' VICTORIA HOUSE, CARNARVON. GREAT SALE OF DRAPERY, AT THE LONDON HOUSE, HIGH-STREET, AND VICTORIA HOUSE BANGOR-STREET. « As it has already been made known, the proprietors of the above Establishments intend carrying on their business in Partnership at the LONDON HOUSE, and in order to do so with an ENTIRELY NEW STOCK are reducing their present stock at both the above places,. and will commence SELLING OFF at great sacrifice, next Saturday, March 1st. GREAT "r%T CLEARANCE SALE M. B. FOULKES' LONDON HOUSE, CARNARVON. I THE BRITISH SHIPPING IN. VESTMENT COMPANY (LIMITED). Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1S62 to 1880, whereby the liability of the Shareholders is ab- solutely limited to the amocnt of their shares. Capital £ 100,000 in 20,000 Shares of £5 each. First issue, £ 10,G00, in 10,000 Shares of X5 each. Pliyable, .£ 1 on application, do..£2 on al.otment, aDd the Bslarice in Calls not exceeding j61 per blabre, and at intervals of not less than two months. Bankers: North Western Bank, Liverpool. Solicitors: Messrs Hill, Dickinson, Lighthound, and Dickinson, Liverpool. Auditors: Messrs Harmood, Banner and Son. Liverpool. Managers Messrs Hay, Adam and Co., LiverpooL Registered Ollices 26, Chapel-street, Liver- pool. P30SPECTUS. TIIF carrying trade of this country still con- -L tinues 10 increase, and there is every prospect that for maly yeass to come there will be employment for all available vessels on terms equally advantageoss to those at present current. Shipping property has long been a most remuner- ative investment. Steamships especially have been eurnin g very large dividends, paying their shareholders telly 20, and in some esses as much as 30per cent, ihis baa been done with freights at about their present rates, so that even better results may with oonh.enee be, anticipated when commerce resumes its activity. The following are extracts from The Steamship of lat January and 15th Jane, 1883 — "The next point that strikes ns is the almost uni- tormly high rate of interest received from investments in private-owsed Steamers." "SQme pay as much as 25 and even 30 per cent. per annum, but we are told that a fair average all round in respect of all Steamers now in proper working order would be represented by 18 to 20 per cent. per annum. These pa.rments are as a rule made without any oro- yision for depreciation or a reserve fund to meet a\>jr large expeuse, cnch as tho purcoase of & new boiler, or expenses of a similar kind, so that some deduction must be mate for these purposes, the actual value of the abipless depreciation, being covered by insurance." "But allowing; for these deductions, we think that we are well within the mark in saying that private- owned Steamers present a sound investment, pro- ducing on an average a fair net dividend of 12 to 15 per cent. on the capital expended, &c." '-M,st of our Steamships iu this country are yet averaging from 19 to 20 per cent, in profits; in some in- stances we call point to Companies that are fairly and honestly paying a good 30 per cent. dividend annually, and while this sort of thing exists the future of both steam tonnage as a safe investment and of iron ehip- bmia ng as a steady industry is assured." Uhe Company is formed with the intention of carry- ing on the business of Shipowning in all its branches. and its proper ty will be employed where the most beceficial rssHltg may be anticipated. Care wili also be taken to select for investment of the Cempany's funds such class of shipping property as experience shows to be most remanerative. Opportunities frequently occur when investments may, on very benefi, iiii terms, be made on mortgage or otherwise, on the security of shipping property. Powers have, therefore, been taken for this purpose, and also for freighting any of the Company's vesssels, should circum&taace8 render sucli a course ikely to b& of advantage. It is contemplated to insure the pro- perty of the Company with high-class underwriters against all the usual risks. No promotion money will be paid, and only the actual expenses incurred in organizing the Company will be charged. The appointment of the Managers and the terma thereof, may be ssen at the Solicitors, or at the offices of the Compaay, and priiutsd capias of the same will be hatced to Shareholders by the Managers. For full information, prospectus, application forms, &c., cfsteamers vow building, apply to t e Managing Agents; or the Local Agents of the Company, W. J. Wilhama, Carnarvon; G. T. Johnsnu, Whitchureb; • H. Thomas, Ruabon H. J. Wilson, Llanfair- techan J. D. Ainsworth, Rhyl; R. Richards. New- town (Mont.); W. T. Jones. Pwliheli; R. J. Hum- phreys. Portraadoc; U. Edwards, Barmouth; D. J-ehu, Llanfair. J AGBNTS WANTED IN OTHER TOWNS. F A. R MER SF R I END. QUARTER EVIL, BLACK-LEG, &c. JOSEPH PARTIN-ITONIS PATENT. Certain cure for what is known among young cattle as Murrain, Iron, Speed, QUARTER. EVIL, Black- quarter, BLACK-LEG, &c. This discovery has been found by the above to never fail. Bottles will be sent to auy part, with tull instructions for use, by applying to JOSEPH PARTINGTON, New Hall Farm, Kersal, near Manchester. Bottles, 7s 6d each, or three for £ 1. TO BE GIVEN AWAY. £ 1,000 WORTH OF JEWELLERY! C. HABOOURT & Co Cash Buyers, Having secured a job lot of LADY'S NAMJ:) BBOuCHES, will inaugurate the 1884 Season by ghfr ing away Eight Thousand of these exquisite articles. WHY WE DISTRIBUTE THESE GOODS ? This is soon stated. It is our intention this year to make r. list of the newspapers from which we receive most replies, and to ail persons buying one or more of tha following lots we will present one LADY'S NAME BROOCH, conditional upon their stating whflra this war seen. Wo do not guaran- tee any parfcttiar name, but will endeavour to oblige wbere the name wished for is stated. LOT 1. A quantity of VIENNESE MEER- SCHAUM PIPES, each fitted with a moutbpiece of Bohemian amber, in handsome spring case- The length of Pipes is from Fiv« to Six inches. A smoker who has onn values it at 73 6d., and states his belief "that it will colour splen didly." Our price for one in 2s Gd., post free, 2s 9d.; including handsome Cigar Cass- LOT 2.—Prom Paris we have a case of BROCADED SILK HANEKFRCRIEFS, in all patterns and stade» SILK HANEKFRCRIEFS, in all patterns and sl-aclea. the most exqu gcois imaginable, suitable for either the neck or pocket. It is impossible they could be pro- dnced under Is 6d. or 2s., each, but we have bought them so well, that we can afford te sell them for 1. each, or post fre, Is 2d. J LOT 3.—A large number of DJHEELING DIA- MOND RINGS AND PfNS. AlQo a few very nil GENT'S ALB ER TS AND LADY'S LONG WA3VJ4 CHAINS, manufactured from pure oroide gold IsfkL each all round to clear quickly. Size of finger by cut- ting hole in card.. Uur Cash Price for any one article is, therefore, as under:— <, LOT I.-PIPE in Ca«e and Cipar Case 2s Gel LOT2— SILK HANDKERCHIEF.. Is 0d- A LOT 3. RING PI N OR CHAIN Is ea f: Carriage .Free. Remittance bv Postal Order, Acsv to C- HaROOUHT & COMPANY, crossed & Ccu. or if Fenny Stamps are sent, Two Extra must ac- company each Order. EXTRA. SPECIAL GIFT: Any person sending for all Three lot?, and enclosing a Total Sum 5s., together with the Name of the pape1- where this Advertisement was seen, will be presented with A SPLENDID LOCKET. Any one article is worth the money. C. HARCOURT & CO., Savoy House, STBAXIDP LONDON. | Send stamped directed envelope for catalogue.