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PHYL. IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS.—A. meet. ing was held on Tuesday, when thera were presentMr J. Taylor (chairman), Messrs T. Ellis, John Roberts. W. Wvnne, P. Mostyn Williams, A. Humphrayf.. E. A. Jones, W. Jteynclds, J. Williams, R. D. Roberts, Dr Tiridleston, R O^fwld, Capt Wynn Jones &3. The New Post Office.—A letter was received from the post-master calling ftttention to the now poet office, and asking the board to have a new lamp fired to the building If they would do so the Post Office authorities would pus up a doc* in front of the building for the convenience of the pablic-On the motion of the chairman, the matter was refernd to the l'ghtiug committee. Aberystwyth College. — A form of petition to be ■igued by the commissioners w s received in lavour of retaining Aberystwyth College. Mr P. Mostyn Williams moved that the memorial be eigned and in the course of his remarks said they had roo-u in Wales for tho three colleges. There was no opposition to it at Bangor, nor at Cardiff, and be could not understand why there should be any opposition to it anywhere else. Mr 'W. Williams seconded the motion.—Mr W. Wynne said he was not against the colleges— Some further remarks were made, after which the motion was asrreei to without a division. The Boiler Question.—The Road committee recom. mended that a street roller, which belonged to Messrs Barfo/d and Perkins, Peterborough, which originally cost ,£,5. and which is now offered at ;£55, should be bought. It weighed 3 J tons empt w, and 4J tons when fi' 'le(I with water.-Mr W. Wynne movei That the recommendation of -the committee be adopted," and Mr Jo- seph Williams seconded the motion.—Mr W. Williams moved an amendment to the effect that it would be better to buy a eteam roller, which no doubt would ccst.more, bat ho thonght it would «tuwer the purpose better in the end. Taking Into consideration that they could not very well spend money at present, he recommended that they should hire a street roller for three months, ia order to gain some experience on the point, -This was seconded by Mr J. Frimstone.—A long aiecuseion fallowed, during which Messrs linmph, xeys, Ellis, Reynolds, and other commission. en spoke in favour of the recommendation. of the committee, and Mr Clews, Keatlnee, Dr Chridlestou, Merrydew; Mr P. Mostyn Williams, and others, spoke in favour of the amendment. On a division bcinsr takeij a majority Wd8 found in favour of the original motion. Fromnade Bwd.— In reply to an advertisement 81% persons had offered to supply music next season. Of tha six two had been selected, viz Mr Gilding, and Mr IIurd, of Birmingham. The Band Committee could not agree, which -of these two to select, and therefore the question cams before the board.—Mr R. D. Roberts pro- posed, and Mr Oldfield Feconded, that Mr Gilding be selected.—Dr Gridlestca was of opinion they should have a change, and therefore proposed Mr Hurd.—Mr Keatinee seconded the amendment, and said he should like to see a change—A long and rather waym discussion took place, at the end of which Mr Gilding was elected by the casting- vote of the chairman. The Band Stand.—This matter wap deferred until the estimate for the next ye r shall have been made. Assistant* to the Returning Offi er.-The follow- ana persons were appointed to assist the returning officer, J. Taylor, Eaq :—Mr ft Oldfields, as his deputy; Messrs P. Mostyn Williams, A Hum- phreys, E. W. Keatinge, and A. L. Clews. Underground Telegraph.—The surveyor, in his mport, brought in a request from the Post-cffi-e cnthoritiee for an underground wire placed in High-street from Green Bank.-The question was inferred to the roads committee.

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