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^oaes's appointment incurs, and should we find them to be true, we shall (leal with the whole sub- ject very plainly and vary openly. Meanwhile, on the part of our countrymen we beg to thank Messrs Dew and Brown for the stand they are making against what say the least of it, to be an act of gross unfairness. As an evidence of the utter unscrupulousness ¡ and inconsistency of her Majesty's pro- sent Opposition, their conduct on Monday night last is worth noticing. Having a hazy notion that the Government were about to withdraw Biitish troops from Suakim and the Red Sea Littoral, they came down in large numbers, exulting in the thought that at last they had an opportunity of damaging the credit of the Ministry in the eyes of the coun- try but finding that the rumour to that effect was without foundation, Lord Randolph Chur- chill, more leady than a P&rnellite with ob- structive abuse, rose, and in a speech displaying more than usual violence and ignorance of facts, attacked the Government for the course they have taken,which,be it noted,is exactly the opposite of that course to censure which the Tories had come down. It is to be wished that the country had some means of bringing such a state of things to an end. It is simply dis. graceful that important business affecting the rights and welfare of the whole nation should be interrupted and delayed by the vagaries of » man like Lord R. Churchill, and it reflects seriously on the honour and capacity of the Conservatives, that they not only allow but support such vagaries. THE BRITISH SHIPPING INVESTMENT COMPANY.— We beg to call the attention cf our readers to the advertisement of this company, which appears in another coJuom. For small capitalists invest ments of this nature, judiciously made, prove at once safe and remunerative. The managers are Messrs Hay, Adam, and Co., and the registered offices of the company are at 2Gy Chapel-street, Liverpool.