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—WWim7iTir!7rTaTiTWTnffWffr"imfijiwffTv CIRCULAR NOTES. After a good deal of discussion on the part of the town council, and a heap of correspondence, the paople of Denbigh may at length expect thai the Smithtield scheme will come to a practicat issue. The plans and specifications are almost complete, and will be soon sent for the sanction of the Local Government Board, aftzr which, invita- tions will immediately be issued for tenders. ♦ • The drainage question is a very old ane at Denbigh. Ever since anyone can remember, the corporation hiis been in some difficulty or other with the sewers, and I am sorry to say they are far from getting out of it altogether at the present time At the same time I think it is only fair I should state that Denbigh has made a great progress in this as well as in allot er respects. At one time the sanitary condition of the town was very backward; now, I think, there is not much to find fault with. There are members of the present council who have worked hard to bring the town to its present state. # I think the proposal ot the county surveyor to take a part of the poultry market to provide a new entrance for the justices' loom in exchange for a top room to hold the corn market a most unreason- able one, and I was not surprised at hearing Mr C. Wynne Edwards say he would never give his con- sent to transfer one square foot from the borough to the county. The county has the best of it as things are at present, and ought, in ray opinion, to be very well satisfied. It would have been better for the council to stick to the resolution of last year, and so, not allow the matter to be dis. cussed. # Inspector Williams changed a man at the last meeting, of Corwen Magistrates, with the most brutal conduct I ever heard of. According to the evidence of the officer, the man had tied a cat to a stick in a certain field in his possession, with the object of frightening birds. That a man capable of such a thing should be met with in a Christian country, is indeed surprising. # # # The St. David's;celebration at Ruthin, has I think, been a great success this year. The hall (n Friday night was crowded, and the audience seemed most enthusiastic. I think also, there was a greater number than usual present at the dinner on Tuesday. Everything at the dinner pass 3d off so nicely, and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves so well, that one wns almost sorry, when leaving, that St. David's Day, is not a little oftener than. once a year. 0 The Rev Richard Owen, the Welsh revivalist, paid a visit to Ruthin on Tuesday last, and preached twice. His visit gives me an opportunity ot con- tradicting a rutaour which had been spread, and which was to the effect tha) certain persons were kept from joining the cause uutil the arrival of Mr Owen in the town when it was expected their enlistment would create a stir in favour of the revivalist. I need not say that when cert in persons joined the cause on Tuesday, it wes < l?ar on the very face of it, there had been no previous arrangements for them to do so. » The little cry weather we had last week has been followed by mere than usual amount of wet. A continuance of this cold wet weather will un- pleasantly interfere with tho lambing season, which so far, I am glad to find, has progressed favourably # The market at Denbigh on Wednesday was a small one, aid things went very quietly. The wheat market is still depressing, and it is now almost too lafe to expect any improvement in it. The demand for good malting barley is very fair, and the price is iatcer increasing. WANDERER.





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