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GRAMMAR AND COLLEGIATE SCHOOL CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED 1836. PrincipalJ. S. KIRK, M.A., Ph.D: Member of the General Council of tin University rf Glasgow, ar.d of the Royal College of Preceptors, London. Author of Essays on "EDUCATION," "SCHOOL HONOUR," "HUMAN CIVILIZATION," &c. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS are requested to note the following facts connected with this Establishment:—That for the last twenty-two years, while uncier J>t Kirk's management,^ as .great a percentage of pupils from this school have passed the various Pieliccinary rest .Examinations as from any other Scholastic Institution of the same average attendance in Wales. That the education given is genuine, as witnessed by tho varied and important positions now heli by former pupils. That each pupil is led to think for himself, and is carefully superintended by tho Principal. For testimonials and references, apply to Dr Kuk, Orchard House, near Carnarvon. Terms per Quarter for juniors, Two Guineas, inclusive; seniors. Three Guineas, inclusive, no extras; Boarders, Ten Guineas.. 8Q_ Quarters begin January, April, August, enu October. E 0 T TEE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. UXBRIDGK-SQPARE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. Conducted BY JOHN G. DAYIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are carefully and suc- osgfall prepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its several branches of Grammar, Compe- tition, History end Literature, is made a special subject of study. The senior classes are presented at the Examination of the Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer and Christmas. The Qa.irter-daja for this Half-year are January 23rd and April 30th. AN- excellent INVESTMENT. A NEW STEAMER CALLED THE PR YD A IN. Registered under the Companies' Act as THE PRYDAIN STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. CAPITAL, JB32,000, in 320 Snares of £100 each. Subscriptions payable as follows :— £ 5 on Allotment; £ 15 on completion of Veesel in April, 188-4; £ 50 in six months thereafter. £ 11-0. Interest at 5 per cent, per annum will he allowed on all payments made in advance. MANAGER-OAPT. WM. THOMAS, BQDLONDE 1. NEVIN. BANKERS-CARNARVONSHIRE DUTRIOT BANK, F, v LN. SonciroRS—MESSRS FORSHAW AND HAWKINS, LIVERPOOL. THIS BOAT is being built by the eminent Shipbuilders Messrs Palmer, Jarrow, to carry about 3000 tons dejd weight, to ciavs 10) Al at Lloyd's, to be built under special survey of the Com- pany and Lloyd's Surveyor, fitted with watsr ballist a'ld fill the latest improvements, and in every fespect a complete nratclaaaveasol. TbLis bo-tt is w,li a-la-pteA ,for the Atiautic (Graiu and Cotton), the East India, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Trales, and for employ meat under G jverame it Time ChRyters. Vessels of this description nave (wen during the past depresibn ia. trade) bsen very remunera- tive, yielding dividends of OVER 20 RSII CENT. per anü'JlU, and the satisfactory resilt may be con- fidently expected from this Boat. The Vessel will be fully insured against all risks the booka of tha Compxny will aiways b: open to the inspection of the Shareholders, and the accounts audited by all aulitor elected by the shareholders, The Shareholders number over ONE liU N D R 8 D AiJD FIFI'S, aad there is only a fow of the Shares unsold. t A Prospectus, List of Shareaotders, and otie? part'c:il ir3,-viU be seat on application to theManager. Aonly to WM. THOMAS, MANAGER, E 890 MAIilNE-'i'ERRAOS, NEVIN, NORTH WALES PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, ORGANS, &c. ALTERATION AND EXTENSION OF PREMISES. NEW SHOW ROOMS NOW OPEN- T THE FINEST, MOST VARIED AND LARGEST STOCK OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN NORTH WALES. W- JARRETT ROBERTS MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE-STREET, CARNARVON. MANUFACTURER OF HARMONIUMS AND CHAMBER ORGANS CHURCH ORGANS, CHAMBER ORGANS and HARMONIUMS Built to any Specification. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, and ORGANS thoroughly Repaired and Renovated equal to New, by experienced and practical Workmen. PIANOFORTES from 20 to 150 guineas. AMERICAN ORGANS from 10 to 150 guineas. HAR- ONIUMS from 4 to 80 guineas. Instruments on the 1; 2f and 3 years' system. Full value allowed for Instruments talczn in exchange. All the New Mu eic Half Price, Pest Free. Schools supplied at Loudon trade or Professional Prices. Tutors, Excercises and Teaching Pieces always in Stock. Tuners sent to all parts of the counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Denbigh. Descriptive Pace Lists pest Free on application. „ Manufactory;—Shir eh all-street, CARh A R r 021 Branches :—Hall-square, DENBIGH; Church-street, FESTINIOG. jvr.j5._20 PER CENT.. OR 4s IN THE POUND. OFF ANY MAKER'S PRIGE LIST 3J AD BURY & CO. LMTD.,1 have obtained the HIGHEST AWABD at all the most recent Exhibi- tions. Gold Medal, Paiis, 1872. Gold Medal, Lyons, 1872. Grand Medal of Progress, Vienna,, 1873. Gold Medal, London, 1874. Gold 1874. Gold Medal, Paris, 1875. Gold Medal, Paris, 1879. Gold Medal, Adelaide, 18Q1. Gold Medal. Perth, W. Australia,18?2. SilverMcdal,Sunderland,1882. Silver Medal and Certificate of Merit, Jarrow, 1882. Bronze Medal, and Celt ficate of Merit, Peterborough, 1882.1 Silver Medal, Darlington, 18S2 Silver Medal, Bedford Leigh, 18S2. Silver Medal, Wirral, 1882. Over all Competitors. More Grand Prize Medals than all the c'her Europeanl Makers combined. | BiiADBUEY'S SEWING MACHINES I I ARE UNRIVALLED IN RAPIDITY,SIMPLICITY, XiURA BILIT7& ORE APIs ESS They are better Unifched ai d bl-ve mcre recent improvements than aisy other Machines estaist. TIIF liOTAHY mUTTLE MACHINE Is the qi.iclcctt Leek-tilt ch Machine in tie World. FUNS OVER 2,0(0 STITCHES TEET MINUTE. lit has taken the First Piize at every Exhibiiion at which it has been shewn Machines for TcHors, Machines for Shoentf k rs,Machines for Dress- makfrrt, Machined for Pomestic Weik ON THE HIRE SYSTEM AT 2s 6d PER WEEK. Every Machir.e Gv.arnntee4. Instructions Free. Manufactory .— WEL LING TOP WORKS, OLD ZZAM. Depot-d in this District: — LIVERPOOL—128, Bold etreet. I BIIiKEKIJEAD-1G3, Grange-lane rRICE LIST AXD TESTD[QXU T, S 1'11 EE. COMMERCIAL BOARDING AND LODGIKG HOjTS^ TEMPERANCE HOTEL. 22, POOL-STREET CARNARVON, H/ate X, r William Griffith). FYEIX-AIEKD BEDS AND COOD ACCOMKODATION FOR TOURISTS AND VISITORS. The Honse is sitnaled within a few minntei wfi-lh of the Railway Station, and near tha raagcifice^ii rum ofCartarvM. CssUs. lyILLU fsg PropllIETm TOWirS PEKH7SCVAI ft STEEL PILLS fcOR FEMALES quickly correct oil Iiregularitie3 and relieve the fiistrcssinp srmptomF so prevalent \vnh the irex. Box -y 5ja. IJd. and 23. 8d., of all Chcmist-s. «ent; for 15 ct Xt StMnpa. by the Ilake-c. E. T. Tow LE. NnuinstiiaiA. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B41 FfltS iswarrar: ted to cure all discharges from theUriBn)y ();, .1 I in either pes (acquired or constitutional). Grave). n-ntl I'air.g in tho Bac>t. Guaranteed free from Mercury. y'Jid Boxes, 4a. 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Mc(hcsse\ endors throughout tSo World or gent to any addrcs:? r:>r sixty ttMip? by the Makers; TnE Dipo Coxi-AjfT, Lincoln. WholL-salfl Acents, lUsc& fiOUki London, and all the wboiesuie Hocaea. CHARLES LEE, ( ESTAI>I,:ST!ED 1855). Accountant, Finnnch l and Estate Ager.t. Cash Advances made at interest from C5 per :e" turn p~r annum, according to the nature aud value of the security, whether real or persoual. BILLS DISCOUNTED. I Agent to the Provincial (Life), acd The Alliat-ce Fi- Insurance Ctnpanies. Agent to the Original Guarantee Society, 12, BirchiD-lane, London, E C. Offi.-e 20 N'Wfntp-f.tTPPt, ( ho ste*. n fnG ARllLY fog&VlGZL YOUNG MEN wi.shiog to JOIN HBll MAJESTY'S ARMV wili, en application it any Posf; Office in the United Kingdoai, be »ppplie.J. uriihi.ui charge, with a Paropblet containing detailed informsitioD as to the Condition1* cf Servics aId ndiantages of tho fiircv, aa to Pay, Deterred Pay, and Porsbna. GiY-at pvospscts o* Promotion are offered. b eligible Young Men Applications clin be resds, cither pprsonslly cr by letter, to the officer cotaniarxMng the lhgimc ntal District at Wrexham, oi- to the neare&t Velantary Ber^oant Instructor cr other Rccrniter, I Recinits, it' eligiltln, can be enlkted for acy arm of tho Regular Service they may select- EMIGRATION TO AMERICA I n I I MV TH8 DOMINION LINE. OF FIRST CLASS STEAMERS, Sailing FROM LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX AND PORT- LAND EVERY THURSDAY, DURING WINTER AND IN SCMSSER TO QUEBEC. THIS FAVOURITE LINE of Passenger -I- Steamers is under contract with the Can- adian Government for tho conveyance of assisted passengers to Cauad* at tfee foliowiug low ratea — Agricultural Labourers ard their Families, and Female Domestic Sprviivta £ 3 GeDeral-Labonrers ani Meol anics • £ i Children between 1 and 12 yeara .63 Icfaata 10a Sa oon F&ro from £ 10 103. Intsrmeciiata from zE7 7s. S tee ago £4 4s. Taia Lin.* is well kno-,vit for its superior Intermediate Accommodation, each roora containing oclytwoor f jur berths. Throngh Eookings to all parts of Canada and the United States, at veq cheap rates. Stewards, Ste? ardessea for a'l classes of passengers, and an experienced bur^eoa are attached to each steamer. Pamphlets and Maps free on a/plicr<tion. For further information apply to W. J. Williams, 7, Market-street, Carourvon K. R Stythe, Accountant, Carnarvon; W J. Parry, Accountant, Bangor and Bethesda; W. H. Daviea, 7. Vale-street, Denbigh Lnke Rj'ierts, Cattle-street, Conway; Ainswoith and Co., Auctioneers, Sh. George'd Hall, Rh. I; Henry Wtl"on. Btidae-pinceJjlaufair-fecban; W. T. Jones, 5, New street, Pwllheli; J. S. Ingham, (Jlwt-j-bont, end Llanbcris; John Cud^aladr, Blaenaa Fcstiniosr; Edward Dayies, Itogeiit-street, Llaugollea J. R. Wil. liaais Accoaataat, North-terrace, Criccieth; R. G. Humphreys, SUitioaer, P«rtnaadoc; Job. Lloyd, Bee Hive, Barmouth J E. GrNchf), Ciaig-y-don, Bar- mouth; Joha WTiaras, High-street, Bala; Owen Use*, Stationer, Dal; el ey Mather Griffithe, B.idge- street, Ruabon; R. Roberts, Glyndwr- terrace, Corwen E. Thomas, Great Oak-street, Uan- idlors; R es Richards, Boot Store, Newtown; D. Ricbarda, 1, Norta-pa;i.dd, Aberystwyth; 11. Kearick, Zi, Marine-te' race, Aberystwyth, or to FLICsN MAIN, AND MONTGOMERY, MANAGING DIRECTORS, '.A, J+raes-street, Liverpool, ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO UNITED STATES AND CANADA. FROM LIVERPOOL. SARMATIAN.For HALii'AX&PoBTLAND..Mar. 13 SARDINIAN For HALIFAX & PORTLAND.Mar.20 PARISIAN For HALIFAX &PoRTLAND Mar, 27 CIROASMAN For HAIIFAX& i'OP.TLA^D.Apr. 3 NOVA SCOTIaN.F.»r HALIFAX & PORTLAND Apr 8 POLYNESIAN..For HALIFAX & PORTLAND. Apr. 10 ODE AN IiATES: Saloon, 12 to 21 Gaineas; Intermediate, £ 7 7s; Steerage, jEi is. Through Ti kets at Special Rates to Chicago and to fill Point-3 in the Western States and Canada. av- Note.—The best, quickest, and cheapest rente for Man.toba and the Great Noith West is by the Mc-it Steamers of this Line. Assisted Passages ti Halifax are granted to General Labourers, Mechanics, &c., for £ 4; and to Agriculturist#, Agricultural Labourers, and Female Domestic Servants for £ 3; and Through to Inland points in Canada at Special Rates. ttST Passengers landing at Halifax or Portland and going inland are accompanied on the Railway by the Company's special conductors. Pamphlets on Canada, Manitoba, and the West- ern Stat s free on application. Full particulars from ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., JAMES-STEEU, LIVERPOOL. AGENTS Wm. J. Williams. 7, Maiket street, Carnarvon. Matthew Goldie, 217, High-street, Bangor. E. Thilip Williams, 11, Victoria-place, Bethesda. Wm. John Pany, 3 and 4, Wil iams' Court, Beth- esda. John Evans, Herald Office, Carnarvon. T Aft" LIVERPOOL TO ■iTE'w &: sosrroiiT EVrmy WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tliia Company has been established fof Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort, for all classes of Passengers. Apply 10 the CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANY; Limited, Liverpool, Or to their A'jusr,-—WM. J. WILLIAMS, 7 Markat-strect, Oam-traa. Thomas Ingham, Clwt- y-bout via Oarsiarvonv. IKTESHV.DIAT3 PAS?A0H, £8 8s J STSEBAQH, AT LOW RATBS. A ss K H 1 a A N L I N B UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. EYBTvs WRDNBSOAY Ann ALTHBNATB BATUEDIY. Firpt -ehist!, full powered Irou Steamships. AccosaaodatioG 'o.- passengers equal to any Europe:* Line. Passengers and GuoAs Innded at Philadolphli on the Wh&ri of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Taut SHOiirfoT ANz,, casX BOUTS TO THE 'F"'11!2. Apply to HIOHASi'.OSON, SPSNOE & CO., ;'i w Water-street, Liverpool. J.-ccaSi .^oasrs.—W. 3. Williams* bocretary to Sic iSorf-h "Wfti-af-' Union, 7, 11.alhct. etseeS. O&marvni); John Fouikes, Si4, High-street, Oamarrcn rX. t>. flock Oottage, Oreigiau B2-7*77—d dakIITckT;<s h i.\A WATCHES Ladies', 25s. f In Sterling SiJver Ca^.cs. Gentlcnsfn'p, 35s Free by post for P.O.O. We can supply Watches at 12a 6d aud upwards, but topers.'Bs who wi-h a thoroughly reliable article, we rcenrcaaeiid the Edusas, which are cc;-tain tog ive, satisfaction DAN 1SZACKI33 & Co., 35, COGSBO'E.i? STIiEST, EDINBURGH. 1.. .t'. TEA^T, YEASIV BENCH PAFISIEVNE, best in the world. tI.. Daily arnv-lv *!1 other Yeasts always on hand. G. M. JONES. Importer, 40, Deansgate, Manchester. Ao-ENTtt WILLIAM HOUGH ) ON, WREXHAM. T -NO. EVAN DAVIDS, MOLD. J. JONES, DENBIGH. And others. I 1 f BRYAN BROTHERS Have much pleasure in calling the attention of the Public to their well-assorted Stock of BLACK DRESS MATERIALS, consisting cf FRENCH CASHMERES, heavy and bright, at Is 6Jd, Is sa, Is 11 id, 2s 1: 11 4 £ d, 2s Gd, 2s lid, and 3s 8d. FRENCH MERINOS, very fine, and good dye, at Is 8d, Is H id, 28 3d,.2s 6d, 2s 9d, 3s, and 3s 6d. OTTOMAN STRIPES, SATIN CLOTHS, BRADFORD TWILLS, BROCHES SATINS. &c. Specialline in PERSIAN CORDS, very wide, at Is per yard. PURS SILK CRAPES, which are soft and elastic, and do not spot nor crease, always kept in stock at 2s 6c, 3s, 3s 6d, Is 6d, 5s Gd, 6s 6d, 78 6d, and 9s 6d. PATTERNS ON APPLICATION. BRYAN BROTHERS, BRIDGE-STREET, CARNARVON TEA! TEA! TEA! THE DBJMv OF PLEASURE AND OF HEALTH T JONES & CO.'s TEA POR THB PEOPLE JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR THB PEOPLE JONES & CO.'s TEA FOBTHB PEOPLE JONES & OO.'s TEA roa THB PEOPLE T JONES & OO.'s TEA, at 2>1 Od 8 JONES & CO.'s TlfiA, at 2s 4d. B JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES & CO.'s TEA FOB FAMILIES. JONES & OO.'s TEA FOR FAMILIES. JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR FAMILIES. JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR FAMILIES. T JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s Od. JONES & CO's TEA, at 2s 4J. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR "HE PUBLIC JONES & OO.'s TEA F^R TUB PUBLIC JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR THB PUBLIC JONE3 & CO.'s TEA FOR THB PUBLIC T JONES & CO.'s TEA, et 2s 0d. B JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 4d. 6 JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & OO.'s TEA, at 3s Od. T JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR THE MILLION JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR TH: MILLION JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR THE MILLION JONES & CO.'s TEA FOR THE MILILON T JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s Od. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 4d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 2s 8d. JONES & CO.'s TEA, at 3s 0a. One pound up to six pounds of any of the above Teas sent carriage paid by Parcels Post to any address in Wales, also in bcx s of 5 pounds, 10 pounds,12 pounds.and 20 pound each carriage paid to any station in Wales. To be had only of k T. JONES & Co., CONFECTIONERS AND MEROHASTS BRIDGE-STREET, « AND THE PRIOHY, BANGOR-ST. CARNARVON. I POOL STREET MARKET, C AKNAR YON. QREAT SENSATION! TNDIAN TEAI NEW INDUSTRY CEYLON TEA U PARCELS POST. SEND FIVE SHILLINGS IN STAMPS AND BY RETURN OF POST YOU WILL RECEIVE TWO POUNDS AND A HALF OF MAGNIFI- CENT TEA AS SUPPLIED^TO H OTELS, FAiliILIES, J F ARMERS, f A RTIZANS. FAE FARED SFND TEN" SHILLINGS IN SPAMPS AND BY RETURN OF POST YOU WILL RECEIVE FIVE POUND3 OF THE FAR-FAMED TWO SIiIL. LING TEA AS RECOMMENDED BY glOLICITORS, JJOCTORS, MINIsrrERS, GCHOOLMASTERS. 2S. TEA 2S, trOU WILL NOT REGRET SENDING FOR X THIS BEAUTIFUL TEA, IT IS SO NICE TO DRINK, SO STRONG AND SO GOOD. R ICll, SYRUPY, JLRAGRANT, pUNGENT. PARCELS POST. "D EMEMBER THE PRICE,THE QUALITY, £ V THE 0*2ORTTFAFLTY, AND SEND WITHOUT DELAY FOR THIS LUXURIOUS ARTICLE. JGCONOMY, i pURITY, ■jjjQUITY, pROMPTNESS P881-ST. MARKET, HUGH PItITCIIARl) & CO I THE TA;TENiL.,i SCHOOLS, NEAB. A C;/l-oT £ R. The Preparatory School is for Boys from six in. I tvfilvj years old. Thepsu>ils are well-grounded to, Elementary fubjects, »nd carefully trained into eorre t ba its. Pupi: fu the Upper School—all ft bo ve 12 j ears old & prepared for the Csan-» I bridge Loca! and oth r laminations, or for Pro-w fcssional and OoHini^rcial pursuits. The locality is healthy and pleasAut the school-rooms andBr dormitories spaciuus and tv II ventilated; splendiclt- sricket field, bath-00 n, & Terms moderate. e891 T. STEPHENS, PrincipaL MENAI BRIDGE GRAMMAR^ SCHOOL. BOARDERS AND DAY SCHOLASS. Pupils prepared for al: preliminary examin- atioris, for Oxford and Cambridge Local, aDd Kensington Examinations. Careful coaching mostly successful. A Quarter may be commenced any time. Lessons ia Mi> sic—Piano and Harmonium- by a competent tegcher. For particulars apply to Bev E. Cyn ffig Davios, Grammar fc'chcol, Mecai Bride. 1ST. rjiHOM A8' COLLEGE LI II V L. Founded In thi late VhN. A^CHDEACOK MORGAN, and conducted on The Ltks laid down by him. P EsiDENCE—PLAST: RION-TEEBACE PRINCIFAL .— THE REV. E, WEBSTEE. FIRST RE»IDENT MASTER: J. NICHOLSON, ESQ., M.A. LL.B (P¡rst Class Honours), Tiinity College, Dublin. SECOND RESIOENT MASTER: W. H. GILMOEE, ESQ., Trinity College, Dullin. With six nou-Beafdem .Vfasters aud Professors LOCAL TESTIMONIALS FOR THE PRESENT PRINCIPAL- From the REV THCKAS RICHARDSON, M.A., Vicar of RhJl "The deep intereat whi; L we feel in the prosperity of the School,as contact-fit! y yoc.—With every kind with for the EUCCO S ef the Schcd." Frr*> STEPHEN ROOSB, FSQ Fenior Churchwarden of S'. ihotnas Palish: would earnestly with to remind parents of their obligation to the kk.d!v for. thought cf the great man (the late Archdeacon Mort ar.), who founded and origi- nated your College, for tii<> purpose of affording the great middle-class an opportncily of educating their sonq in sound religious and secular knowledge, at a aiode-ale charge, at their own doors. A»5 I rejoice that the responsihilitifisbave f lien into sswh judicious oands, and htartily w.&h TCC 11 S.UCCCSP. I feel certain that the widei yo.r efforts a e known, the greater will be your field oi labour For Prospectiis-)" aa^ farther information applica- [ tion m%yb« mwlrt to^be n«ical. ESTABLISHED 1868. MOUNT HOUSE SCHOOL, UPPER BANGOR. l\/fiss ANDREWES receives a Limited ■J3JL Number of young Ladies as Resident or Daily Pupils, offering a S nnd and Compreheiieive Education, with t'-e C- n t rt3 of House. The following Ciasc-es e m be attended by Non- members of thi; ^ch'l. i e. Class Singing, Monday 12-; Arithmetic, WedriF.- jay, 2,30 Danciug and Calisthenics, Tuesday at 3 3); Drawing and Painting, Mondays Bnd Thursdays, 2.SO. Easter Term comir.ey ced JANUARY 23rd, 1834. A bdV loardtr can be received. Pros pectmcs will be forwarded on application. THE OSWESIM flIGR SCHOOL. BRAD MA&TER :— MR OWEN OWEN, M.A., Late Scholar of Jesua College, Oxford, end. Graduate in High Classical Honours, ASSISTED BY ELS, WIBISNIE, B.A., And several other Resident Masters, SCHOLARSHIPS. THE ANNUAL FXAMJNATION for Scholarships will be held fit the High School, on the Cth, 7th, and 8th, of January, 1885. One S:holarthip, tquiva'eut to £ 30, tenable at th«t School for one year will be offered for competition to Boys who shall be ux der 15 years of age, on the 1st of January, 1885, aud another Scholarship of JE20 a year, terable for two years tt the School, for Boys who shall be ui-der 14 years of age on the antedate. Preliraiizciry Exanjiiiat: .na will bo held at five ceiitree, v z Swan-ea. December 30th; Machyn- lleth, December 31st; P^rttcado, January 1st; Mcna.i Bridge, January <:iid; aud Mold, January 3rd. Arrangements will also be made to meet caEuidates at any other centres, where no less than Fife wish to be ex-imined. These Examinations will comraence at 10 a.m. I on. each day; and the sj who pass successfully in. each centre will be sa'ect; d for the fiual Examin. ation at Oswestr y In crda that t1v necessary arrangements may be completed, it is detirawle that intending can- didates should apply nt once, stating at what centre thoy wish to piefeut themselves for Exam- ination. B 2550 i- i t iklieel it cures Neuralgia zn Tic aiicl NERVOUS AND 1 OOlJiaClie sick HEADACHE. Til/ire/ is not pretended to be a cure for pvory aclip ami pain, but a cer- tain and 1'af" remedy for ra- DidJv relievinir mrl cneedily enrinf? TIC in th^ Head, TIC in the Face, TIC inthe ttunw, NERVOUS aud SICK HEADACHE, TOOTH- ACHE (even wlien proceeding from a decayed tooth, rendering sxtraetion unnecessary). It ds) removes at. once the Toothaehs to wlntih Females are .it times so peculiarly subject. PRICE 2s. 6d., of all Chemists. Do not be persuaded k "Try something else." MRCEtS POST FREE for 2s. 9d. ir Stamps or r.o.o., from the Slawsfactercrs, CLARKE, BLEASDALE, BELL & CO., YORK. VfHOLES as A r, E.N, T S: AYRTON & SAUNDERS, 119, Duke-street Liver- pool. LCCAI AGENTS:-— BANGOR :-BUGTI LIOYD JONES, Medici Hall, LLANcunKo :— .V. S. PjfiNlSEV, M.P.S. Tha DiepenRaTy, M 't icctFuux Cresses, Fe» niog. J.B URTON, OHEMlar.