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---.-----CER YG- Y-DRUIDION.



TSISTAKIXSG UN "j DISjSASS FOR AiiOTiiEB The disease coramenccs with a slight derang'mJnt of the stoira^h, but, if neglected, it in time revolves the whole frsime, embracing the kidneys, liver, pant re is, and in fact the entire glandular system; and tha afflicted !ir."ga out a miserable existence until death gi ves relief from suffering. The disease is often mis- taken for othf;r complaints fcnfc if the reader will ask himself the following questions ho will ba able to de- termine whether be himself is one of the afflicted Have I dL trees, pain or difficulty in breathing after eating ? Is tber.o a dull, heavy feeling, attended by drowsiness ? Have the eyes a yellow liege ? Does ? thick, sticky mucous Rather about the gums and teeta in he mornings, accompanied by a disagreeable tasteh Is the tongue coatcd ? is there pain in the sides and hsrk r 18 there a tullnr.fs ahcut the right Bide 88 if the iiver were enlarging r Is there costivenesa ? Is there vertigo er dizziness wLen rising suddenly from a horizontal position ? Are the secretions from the kid- neys highly coloured, with a deposit after standing ? Does fosd ferment scon a'tcr catirag, accampinicd by flatulence or belching of gas from the stomach? Ia there frequent palpitation of the heart ? These various there frequent palpitation of the heart ? These various symptoms may not be presei t at cne time, but they torment the sufferer in turn as the dreadful diseases progresses. If the ca;-e be cne of long standing, there will be a dry, hacking cough, attended after a time by expectoration. In very advanced stages the skin as- sumes a dirty brownish sppearance, and the bands and ftet are covered by a cold sticky perspiration. As tho liver and kidneys become more and more diseased rheumatic pains appear and tho u uai treatment proves entirely unavailing against this latter agonizing dis- order. The origin of this malady is iadigestion cs dyspepsia, acd a small quantity of the proper medicine will remove the diseas1 if taken in its incipiency. It is most im;:ortnnt 'hat tho disc se should be promptly aud properly treated i> \t.3 first stages, when a little medieinc will effects icre, and even ween it has ob- tained a strong ho^d the correct, remedy should be per- j severed in until every v°slijfe of the diseare is eradi- cated, uniil the a; petito has returned, and the di- gestive cruans ire restored 10 a healthy condition. The surest and most, effectual remedy for this distresaisg complaint is "Sngoi'a Curative Syrnp," a vegetable preparation sold by all chemists and medicine venderc, tf roughout the world, and by tha proprietors, A. J. White. Limited, 17, Farringdon Ro&d, London, E.C. Th's Syrup strikes at the very ton dation of the disease and drives it, root and branch, out jf the system. 3%i7t i'aisley Road, Glasgow. AugiJst 18th. Messrs Whte, Limited, 17. Farnngdon Rosd, London. Gentlemen,—I have rcuth phat-nre in informing yon that "Mother Seigel's Syrup" has an ettablished re- putation in this neighbourhood, and my customera testify daily t > the great benefits which they have àe. rived frcm its use. I reiy on the, "PnLreels Post" developing an extensive country trad?, cs I have frequently to execute orders for the Syrop from outlying parts, whee it cannot te ea3ily bad. No fnriherthan last week I sent a parcel to Montreal. I aro, gentlemen, yours very truly, (Signed) James H. Murdoc* -9 S°ptfmber 8th, 1S33. Denr Rir,-I find the sale of Stigel's Syrup steadily increasing. All who have tried it speak very highly o? its nifdiciiipl virtues one customer describes-it as a I always recommencl it with confidence. Faithfully your?, (Signed) Vine sot A-Wills, Chemist-dantist, Her thyr Tj dfil, To Mr A. J. White. Preston. Sept 2 ,3t, 1SS3, My Dear Sir,- Your Syrup and Pills are still very popular with my eustexsers, many tayxag they are tha best l'umily medicines possible. Ttv other day a customer *arae for two bottles of Ryrnp and said "Mother k-eigel 8 J had saved tho life of hi? wire, find lie added, "one of tfcesa bottles I am ET.d.r'g fift' cn niilcS away to a friend who is very HI. I have mneh faith iu it. The f-alo keeps up wonderfully, in fact, OEe wculd f?.ncy almost thc-t the P^OPLO were beginning to bre**FC fust, DIUE. and SUP on JViofchcr SEISJEL'S Syrup, the IOUND is SO cons art and tho hatisfactiru aegrml I am d'.arjsir. youra faitvfoily, (Signed) W. Bowker.