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SCALE OF PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS, For the following classes of advertisements only :— only APARTMENTS WANTED. APARTMENTS TO LET. ARTICLES LOliT. ARTICLES FOUND. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. BUSINESSES WANTED. HOUSES TO LET. HOUSES WANTED. r HOUSES TO BE SOLD. MONEY WANTED. MONEY TO LEND. M ISCELLANEOUS WANTS. M ISCELLANEOUS SALES. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. SITUATIONS WANTED. SITUATIONS VACANT. NO. Oce Thrpe fix N e (Thirteen Of Words.jlns'rtnlns'rt'nslnart' Jlns'it'nsjlnB'rt.ns Of Worda. Ina'rtn Ina'rt'ns Ins rt' Jlns'it'nsjlnB'rt.ns s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. a. d. 20 1 0 2 0 3 6 4 6 56 28 1630 40 56 70 36 2 0 4 0 5 6 6 6 80 44 2650 70 80 96 52 3060 76 86 10 0 The above charges apply only to the classes of advertisements specified above, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for CON- SECUTIVE insertion, and PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION if either of these conditions is not complied with. the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale:— I DOUBLE FRONTAGE HOUSE AND SHOP TO BE LET OR SOLD, in one of the most thriving parte in Carnarvon, A satisfactory reason for leaving.—Apply to J. D. 0., Genedl Office, Carnarvon.. —— CARRIAGES FOR SALE.—A Second Hand Buss, Two Broughams' Two Waggonetts,and Six Phcetona, all in good condition. The Buss can lie seen at the Eagles Hotel, Llanrwat. ^PPjj» Dawson and Son, Newport, Salop. G 256i TWELVE CARTES de VISITS, 28 8d; six JL Is 8d. Carte enlarged to 10 inches, 5s, Cabinet, 2s. Sent Carte with stamps. Perfect copies and original returned free. London Pbotograptoc Co., 304, Regent-street, ILondon, W.-S.D. PHILLIP, Manager. LIYEBPOOL COMMERCIAL INVEST- JU MENT COMPANY, LmiTED.—LOANS of trom J610 to jBlOOO promptly granted, and the in. terest charged unusually moderate. Personal or other security. Share Certificates, .Dock Bonds, life Policies, &c.—Apply to B. Roberts, City- road, Cheater; or to James Smith, Secretary, 11, fieymour-Btreet, Liverpool. B 1997-712 £ 0 WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY & and HONESTLY REALIZED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindranee to present occupa- tion.-For particulars. &c., enclose addressed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY (P 293), Merchants, Birmingham.—This is genuine. E 464 TO BE DISPOSED OF, a First class Drap- ery Business in one of the best towns in North Wales. The house and shop are in one of the most prominent parts of the town and in excellent condition. The stock will be disposed of at Valuation. Most of the business is ready money. A chance rarely to be met with, the present proprietor retiring from businefs.—Ap plications and all inquiries to be addressed to W. Lloyd, 16. Well-street, Ruthin, N.W. TO BE LEI or SOLD, the ANGLESEY ARMS VAULTS, Double Frontage, with Three Entrances, situated in High-street, Bangor, Five minutes walk from the Railway Station, con- taining Ten Bedrooms, Two Parlours, Sittingroom, Two Kitchens, Two W.C.'s and also a splendid Bar, with Four different Compartments.—For further particulars apply to John Owens, Green- gates, Llanfair P.G,, Anglesey. CONFECTIONER'S BUSINESS FOR DISPOS- AL WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE LET by Private Treaty a Confection- ery Business situated in one of the most im- portant thoroughfares in Carnarvon.—Address, M., care of Mr Davies, Stationer, Carnarvon. 11951-2570. AN IMPORTANT FACT fli A And upward judiciously invested in Options on Jb±U Stockt and S hares often give handsome profits in a few days. Full details in Explanatory Book gratis and post free. Address, GEORGE EVANS & Co., Stock Brokers. GreBham House,Old Broad-itreet.Lon don, E.C. Best and safest plan ever devised. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A BAZAAR Will It Btld on the 15th 16 h days of Áupult tie., at the GUILD HALL, CARNARVON, IN AID OF THE FUNDS OF ST JOHN'S CHURCH, WAENFAWR, LLAN- BEBLIG, Under the distinguished patronage of the Mayor and Gentry of Carnarvon and Neighbourhood Further Notice will appear. rpHE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER J. SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, 41, DEAN-STREET, LIVERPOOL. THE Association beg to call the attention of consumers of HOUSEHOLD REQUISITES to their Large Stock of Necessary and Useful Articles. TvUBING the month of March all Fancy » goods will be sold at greatly reduced prices, in order to make room for Spring Goods. THE ADVANTAGES offered by the STORES are VERY, VERY GREAT, being atiil 20 PER CENT. BELOW THE GROCERS' PRICES 1fT A BONUS will be Given to Purchasing Members at the end of each half-year. CIIFREE DELIVERY in the City and Cal iiage Paid to all Stations on all orders for X2 and upwards. THE LONDON AND WESTMINSTER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. 4A, DEAN E STREET, LIVERPOOL. Near St. John's Market. S3 REWARD. I LOST at Flint, on Friday, December 28tb, JU 1883, about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, A FOX TERRIER DOG, White Body, Biown Head and Ears, with White line up Face, and Brown patch on stern. Answers to the name of "TWANG." THREE PO UNDSwill be p rid to anyonebnngin g the Dog to Sergeant | Ward, Police Station, Flint. Any person found in possession of the Dog after this Notice will be prosecu te j. MESSES P. VAUGHTON AND SOJSS, JEWELLERS, &c., 193, GREAT HAMPTON.ROW, BIRMINGHAM, MAKE ALL SORTS OF GOLD, SIL VER, AND BRONZE MEDALS, FOR FOOTBALL CLUBS, EISTEDDFODAU, &c., BADGES for Cycling Clubs and Schools. A Diagram Sheet and Price List post free on application. SPECIAL DESIGNS GBATI8 IMPORTANT TO ALL! JOSEPH" SAUM, (Successor to the late Mr Lehmann,) HIGH-STREET, MOLD Begs respectfully to announce that his GREAT SALE OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY SILVER PLATE & OPTICAL GOODS, WILL CONTINUE FOR A FEW WEEKS. Ig-gr At this Establishment people will get the benefit of the SALE. as all Goods are marked at the usual price in plain figures, from- which the Reduction will be made. J. S. has now on hand a large Selection of NOVELTIES FOR BIRTHDAY PRESENTS, to which he invites a special Inspection. All Goods Warranted, and Exchanged if not ap. proved of. N.B.—Special attention is paid to the Repairing Department, in which Clocks, Watches, and all kinds of Jewellery are promptly attended to. Clocks and Watches repaired will be kept in order free of Charge, for 12 months, unless over- wound or damaged by accident. Men sent to the Gauntry on the shortest notice. JOHN MORRIS, KASON, ENGRA VEB, and BUILDER RAILWAY STATION, RUTHIN. Monuments, Tombs, ledgsn, Head stones, Sj-c- to order, (In Granite, Lime, Yorkshire, and other Stones) Vaults, and all kinds of Cemetery Work. ENGRAVER ON MARFLB MONUMENTS & TABLETS, IN ANY GIVEN STYLE. Dealer in all kinds of Building Materials. Estimates for all kinds of Mason Work,Flagging, Buildings, Alterations, and Repairs, with or with- out Materials. R. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE & RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, BREWER AND MALTSTER CORPORATION ARMS BREWERY, 4, CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. R ROBERTS, begs to draw the atte tion of the gentry and the public generally to his celebrated HOME BREWED ALES. TURB EXTRACT OF MALT AND HOPS which may be had in Casks of 36, 18, and 9 Gal- lons at the following prices :— 35 Galls 18 Galls 9 Galls XXXX 50a 253 12s 6d XXX 42s Via 10s 6d. XX 36s 18a go. Dublin Stout and Burton Bitter Beer in Casla and Bottles, JJOLT ACADEMY, NEAR WREXHAM PRINCIPAL— J. OLIVER JONES. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service Law, and Medical Preliminaries, Pharmaceutical, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, &c. The school premises, with a large and dry cricket field attached, insituated in a beautiful and healthy English locality thus affording the beat advantages for Welsh boys to learn the language. For terms, &c., apply to the Principal. The School re-opens on Monday, January 28th, 1884. A CARD.—To ALL WHO ARE SURRXRING FROM T118 error* and indiscretion of youth, nmroni weakness, •■fly decay, loss of manhood, &c., I wBl Mnd a recip« taafc will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the Rsv. IOUPH 1. IKMAN, Station D, Nno Xir* City, U,8JL ANGLESEY BRANCH. I STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURE OF THE ANGLESEY BRANCH OF THE NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION From the 1st January to 31st December, 1883. 1883. £ S D To Annual Subscriptions. 74 9 0 Donations 2 2 0 Cheques received from Parent Insti. tutisn, es follows February 7th 50 0 0 October 4th 4 0 0 December 31st 12 13 0 COLLECTIONS. Rev T. Warren Trevor, M.A.,Penmon and Llanfaes Churches. 24 1 3 Rev R. H. Williams, Llanikdwrn Church 2 17 6 Collected by Mr Bannister amongst a few on Beaumaris Green 0 10 0 Box, per Mrs Pritchard-Rayner 0 6 0 Box,per Miss Williams, The William s- Bulkeley Arms Hotel, Beaumaris 0 6 3 Box, per Miss Evelyn A. Garteide 1 0 0 To Balance of Lifeboatmen and Fisher- men's Trip to the Fisheries Ex. hibition, per Capt G. Piitchard- Rayner 2 16 1 Ditto ditto per W. M. Preston, Esq. 19 6 4 To Sale of Work, per Mrs Williams, Tros-yr-afon 0 16 0 To Cash from Col Marshal, Towyn Lodge, Holyhead, for condemned Stores. 0 7 6 Balance due to Treasurer. 120 0 7 £ 315 11 6 1ft February, 1884. Examined with Vouchers and Papeis and found correct. WILLIAM GRIFFITH. 1883. By paid Balance due to Treasurer, as £ s D per last year's account 49 19 9 „ Exercises, Repairs, Painting, &c., at the following Stations, viz.- Penmon, per W. M. Preston, Esq., Hon. Sec. 25 13 5 Moelfre, per Rev J. W. Evans, Hon. Sec 21 19 0 Bwll Bay, per T. F. Evans, Eeq., Hon. See. 27 5 6 Cemaes, per Rev T. Llojd Kyffin, Hon. See. 23 2 0 Cemlyn, per Mr W. Williams, Hon. Sec 24 5 4 Rhoscolyn, per Col Marshal, Hon. Sec 22 18 0 « Rhosneigr, per J. W. Huws, Eeq, Hon. Sec. 35 4 0 Llanddwyn, per J. Jackson, Esq., Hon. See. 30 17 9 II Lifeboat Journal 7 0 11 „ Advertising and Incidental 22 12 10 WRECK REWARDS. Nov. 22 By paid two Penmon Pilots, Owen Roberts, Robert Roberts, B. Roberts, sen of Owen Roberts, and Mr Steers, lighthouse-keeper, for saving two lives from the wreck of the Barling 4 0 0 Jan. 1st, 1884. Penmon Crew (Pilots included) for services to S.S. Lizzie, and convey- ance of crew to Lifeboat Station 12 13 0 By paid Robert Williams, Llangoed, for improvements on Penmon Slipway 8 0 0 JMIS 11 6 W. M. PRESTON, Hon. Sec. and Treasurer SubscriptioEs are considered due on January let, in each year, and will be thankfully received by the Ron. Treasurer, W. M. Preston, Vaynol, or may be paid into Messrs Williams and Co.'s Old Bank, Bangor. The Hon. Treasurer tegs to call the attention of the public to the fact that there are now eight Lifeboats stationed on the Anglesey Coast, and as the cost of keeping] a (Lifeboat Station in a state of efficiency is from zC70 to JB80 per annum, the present local funds are insufficient to defray the expenses incurred. He therefore earnestly trusts that the numberjof Subscribers will be increased this year) and that at the same time he takes this opportunity of thanking the present subscribers for their generous contributions in aid of this Branch. HAND BREWERY, RUTHIN. » The celebrated Nut Brown Ales brewed exclusively from the choicest Malt and Hops at this eld established Brewery, are supplied in 4| gallon, 9 gallon, 18.gallon, and 36 gallon casks. QUALITY BARREL KILDERKIN FIRKIN PUN a. 8. s. d. s. d. X 30 15 7 6 4 0 XX 36 18 9 0 5 0 XXX 40 20 10 0 5 6 A 42 21 11 O 6 0 B. 48 24 12 6 6 9 0 54 27 14 6 7 9 1 P A 54 27 14 6 7 9 Stout It 48 24 12 6 6 9 J. FOULKES'S WINE AND SPIRIT LIST: SHERRIES. Bet. Doz s. d. s. d. Fine Old Sherry.. 2 0 23 0 Gonzalez, Byass& Co. 2 6 29'0 Duff, Gordon & Co 3 6 40 0 PORTS. Very Good. 2 0 23 0 Sandeman & Son 2 6 29 0 Hunt, Roope, Teagles and Co (very old) branded J. F. & Cc 3 6 40 0 BURGUNDIES. Beaujolis, Macon, Beaune, Pom- ard, aid Red Sparkling Bur- gundies, from 30a to 60s per dozen. TARBAGONA. Excellent Wine ..1 4 16 0 Ditto, old 2 0 22 0 TENT. Sacramental Wine.. 2 0 24 0 „ „ 2 6 30 0 STILL HOCK. Nierstein 24 0 Hochheimer, 1874 28 0 Rudesheimer, 1842 42 0 SPARKLING WINES. s. d. s. d- Moet & Chan don's— First Quality Qts 5 6 66 0 Ditto. Pts 3 0 36 0 G. H. Mumm's Qts 6 6 72 0 Ditto. pts 3 6 42 0 L. Rcederer Qts 7 6 80 0 Ditto Pts 4 0 48 0 CLARETS. «r J ^0C. 0 12 0 StEmihon ..1 6 18 g St Julien 2 0 24 0 And other Brands of Claret up to 80s per doz. VARIOUS BOTTLED WINES, from 20a to 66s per doz. SPIRITS (British). Bot Gall • d. s. d. Gin— Fine Flavoured.. 2 3 11 6 Full Strength ..3 6 13 6 Old Tom Gin. 9 [RISK WHISKEY- S. d. s. d. Messrs G. Roe & Co 2 S 14 6 „ (mellow) 3 3 17 6 J. Jameson & Son's finest selected (very old) 3 10 24 0 FOREIGN, Rust- Fine Old Jamaica.. S 9 14 6 Ditto, very old 0 0 3 0 16 6 BRANDIES— Fine French.2 9 15 0 Do. Marchand.. 3 6 22 6 Otard, Dupuy & Co's Old Brandy 5 6 30 0 Martell & Hennessey's Case Brandy- 5s u 5s 6d 63 EAST INDIA PALE ALES. Doz. s d. Bass & Co Half pints 2 6 Ditto Reputed Pints •« 3 6 Wortbington's Half pints 2 0 Ditto Reputed Pints. 3 0 GuinneW Extra Dublin [ Stout. Half pints 2 0 gallon! 7 Ale Supplied itt f°Ur aDd half «allon> 9 gallon, and IS gallon cask3 at Is per J. FOULKES, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT; BOTTLER TO THE TRADE; IMPORTER AND BONDER, WELL-STREET, R u Til IN. INCREASED VALUE OF WATER POWER, MAOADAM'S VABIABLC TURBINE- THIS Wheel (which is now largely in use in England, Scotland, and Ireland) is the only one «."fn k,e whlch Rives proportionate power from both large and small quantities of water. It tt,ade utl"« ,a large Winter supply, and yet work with cqnal efficiency through all variations of 7 ■ Yn -toLa or eren leBS» required. It 1a eaaily coUpled to a steam engine, and in this way much fuel 8 whatever amount of power the water is capable of giving, and therefore saves BO much fuel. moTurhido is applicahlo to all I; eights of fall. It works immersed in the tail water, so that no part of the water is lost, and the motion of the wheel is not affected by flaods or back-water. These Turbines are at work ia nearly every county in England. Apply to L MACADAM BROTHERS & Co., BELFAST. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE AT 10. D. JONES' VICTORIA HOUSE, CARNARVON, I GREAT SALE OF DRAPERY, AT THE LONDON HOUSE, HIGH-STREET, AND VICTORIA HOUSE BANGOR-STREET. As it has already been made known, the proprietors of the above Establishments intend carrying on their business in Partnership at the LONDON HOUSE, and in order to do so with an ENTIRELY NEW STOCK are reducing their present stock at both the above places, and will commence SELLING OFF at great sacrifice, next Saturday, March 1st. S GREAT CLEARANCE SALE M. B. FOULKES' LONDON HOUSE, CARNARVON. COPY OF RETURN, PURSUANT TO 7 & a VIa., C. 32. Name of Firm: PUGH, JONES, AND COMPANY PERSONS OF WHOM THE COMPAN* OK PARTNERSHIP CONSISTS. NAILS Hugh Pugh Robert Jones: 1- RESIDENCE Llys Meirion, Carnarvon PJastanrallt, Pwllheli OCCUPATION. Banker. Banker. Banker. NAMES OF PLACES WHERE THE BUSINESS IS CARRIED ON. PLACE. Amlwch Bangor Bethesda Blaenau Feetiniog Carnarvon Colwyn Bay Conway Uanberis Llandudno Llangefni Llanrwst Nevin Penrhy 11 deujdraeth Portmadoc Pwllheli (Head Office) COUNTY. Anglesey Carnarvon do. Merioneth Carnarvon Denbighshire Carnarvon do. do. Anglesey Denbigh Carcaivon Merioneth Carnarvon d^. J. S. PURCELL, J Registrar of Bank Return ISLAND BEVEXVE OFFICE, let February, 1884. COPY OF RETURN, .PURSUANT TO 7 & VIO., C. 32. Name of Firm: WILLIAMS AND COMPANY — PERSONS OF WHOM THE COMPANY OR PARTNERSHIP CONSISTS. MAMB. James Tomkinson James Tomk1D60n, Henry Piatt KBSIDEKCB. Willing tonHall, Tarporley Gorddinog, Ban- gor, North Wales OcCt PATIOS. Esquire Esquire NAMES OF PLACES WHERE THE BUSINESS IS CARRIED ON. rXACE. Chester Bangor Carnarvon Amlwch (JOFNTy. Cheshire Carnarvonshire Carnarvonshire Anglesey J. S. PUROELL, Registrar of Bank Returns. INLAKD REVENUE OFFICE, 1-st February, 1884. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEUI^T. BANGOR, NORTH WALES. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, IMPLEMENTS, &c. ESTABLISHED 1854. MESSRS W. DEW & SON beg to announce that their next SALE of Horses, Carliage-. &c., will be held at the Mart, adjoining the British Hotel, Bangor, on Friday, the 21st day oE March, 1884. To secure Stalls all entries should be sent in not later than Friday, the 14th day of March, 1884. Wellfteld House, Bangor. THE FERRY SMITEFIELD, TAL-Y-CAFN NORTH WALES. IMPORTANT TO STOCKBREEDERS, FARM- ERS, AND BUTCHERS. MONTHLY SALES OF FAT AND STORE STOCK. MESSRS SOGERS AND BRUCKSHAW beg to inform Stockbreeders, Farmers, and the Public generally in the surrounding district, that they intend conducting a Monthly Sale of Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Horned Cattle, Sheep, Pigb. Farm Produce, and Agricultural Implements, at the above address, on the First Wednesday in every month, commencing Wednesday, the 6th day of March next. Messrs R. & B. beg to call the attention of all having Fat and Store Cattle for Sale to the great facility these Sales will afford for the disposing of the same. All Stock consigned for Sale will receive the personal attention of the Auctioneers. Entries of ellCattle intended for Sales is respect- fully solicited, and should be forwarded by post to the Auctioneers (Llaneuduo Offices) at least 7 days prior to date of Sales, to ensure their proper classification aud advertising in potting bills and catalogues. Fourteen days notice will be given in this paper of any intermediate Sales. Commission 6d in the LR including all expenses, with immediate cash settlement at the conclusion of the Sale. Catalogues to be obtained at the principal Hotels in the district 4 days previous to Sale, and at the Auctioneers' Offices Rhyl, Aberystwyth, and No. 1, James-street, Llandudno. Febiuary 8th, 1884. THE SALOP SCHOOL, OSWESTRY. HEAD-MABTBR :— MR JOHN EVANS, M.A., Classical aud Mathematical High Honours, First Prizeman in Applied Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. ASSISTED BY QUALIFIED MASTERS. The School is a large modern suburban residence, in its own grounds, built expressly by the Head- master for the purpose of a First Class SchooL A thorough commercial and professional training. Remarkable successes at all examinations. Refer- ence to narents of backward,delicate boys, success- tul. Terms Moderate. Prospectus on application. WILTON HOUSE, THE NEWGATE, CHESTER. Mrs and Miss Morris receive Pupils as Boarders at moderate and inclusive terms. English and Foreign certificated Governesses. Reference to j Parents of Pupils. a 2547