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•'NORTH WALES EXPRESS," A FIRST* CLASS WEEKLY NEWSPAPER I CONTAINING EI GET PAGES—48 COLUMNS. PUBLISHED ON THURSDAY- P B ICE ONE P3CNNY. By post for six months, if paid in advance, three shillings; ciedit, thrte shillings and sixpence, IT COM*AiNS REPORTS OF ALL PROCEEDINGS THROUGHOUT THE NORTH WALES COUNTIES. FULL DIGEST OF THE GENERAL NEWS OF THE WEEK. PARLIAMENTARY AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS. SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS TOPICS. LATEST HOME AND FOREIGN TELEGRAMS. SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. EDUCATIONAL, LITERARY, AND ANTI- QUARIAN ITEMS. SPECIAL aaPORTS OF MARKETS, TRADE AND AGRICULTURAL MATTERS. GIVEN W2FKLY, A feature especially interesting to FARMERS AND TRADESMEN. "THE NORTH WALES EXPRESS" 13 THE LARGEST PENNY PAPER IN I ISTRICT. FliiST-CLASS ADVERTISING MEDIUM. I FARMERS AND TRADESMEN. SCALE OF CHARGES roM. ADVERTISEMENTS Per Line. (Type scale.) Parliamentary Notices, Election Ad. i dresses, Public Companies, Legal > la and Pablic Notice?, &c., &e. Auctions and Private Stiles, Eiatedd- 1 fodau, &c., &c f TradeAddresses,Ch?irit:ra,Books, Lists 1 of Subscriptions,Entertainments,&c j (Special arrangements made for a series of insertions.) PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS OF THB I'OLLOWINO CLA8SES Houses to be Let, Apartments to be Let, Situations Wanted, Mo„ey Wanted, Situations Vacant, ellaneous Wants, Apartments Wanted, lest or Found, Are inserted at the undermentioned charges One Insertion (20 words) Is. Three Irse7t:.ens 2s 6d. And 3d for each addition u line of nine words. No Credit Advertisements charged less than 2s 6d. All Advertistmeuts not ordered for a definite peiiod wiil be inserted until counter- manded. THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF THE APPOINTED PUBLISHING OFFICES AND AGENCIES, Where Advertisement* will be received:— ABBBOELE lilr Robeit J ones, Stationer. t Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, Railway Bookstall. Amlwch • Mr D. Jones, Stamp Office* }> Mr H. Hughes, Bookseller. H BANGOS Messre Humphreys and Parry, Booksellers. Me?srs W II. Smith and Son, Kaihvay Bookstall. Mis D^.vies, Bookseller. Mifs Roberts, Bookseller. Messrs Nixon and Jarvis, Book- sellers. Mr J. Mendus Jones, Bookseller. BKAUMAEIS Mrs C. Roberts. J0J5THE8DA Mr John Jones, Book*eli r. Mr R. Owen, Bookseller. H Mr Wm. Griffith, Bookseller. BALA' • Mr Hugh Lloyd, High-atreet. H Mr ILK "AVS, Publisher. BAGILLT • Mr Ed. Williams, Bookseller. BAKMOUTH Mr John Evans. Messrs W. H. Smith atd Son, ■ Railway Bookstall. BBTTWs• t• coed Mits Jones CARNARVON Of all. Booksellers & News Acente CHESTER H. Smith and Son, Railway Bookstall. CONWAY Mr Often Evans, Bookseller. Mi. R. E. Jones, Bookseller. COLWTN BAY Mr R. W. Leathley. H COKWEN Mrs Edwards, Baokeeller ( M DENBIGH • Mr W. A. Nott. H if Messrs W. U. Ltnith and Son, I'ailway Bookstall. Mr J. LI. Williams, 4, Bridge-st. DOLGBLLEY Mr H. Morris, Bookseller. H Mr E. Y- Williams. H || Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, H Railway Bookstall. ■ DOLYDI)15LEM Mr Edis Pierce, Bookseller. ■ Dyffryn Mr R. J- Williams, Post Office. H FLINT • Messrs M. Jones & Son, Medical ■ Hull. ■ "FESTLNIOI Mr Ellis Roberta. Bookseller. ■ Mr Robert Thomas. ■ || Mr John Jones, Tau-y-grisiau. ■ |' Mrs Lloyd, Saron. I HOLYHEAD Mr H. G. Hughes, Bookseller. ■ Mra Williams, Boston House. ■ |' Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, H Railway Bookstall. I HOLYWELL Mr J. Kerfoot Evacs, Publisher. I Mr Danie! Roberts. Well-street. I LLANDUDNO Mr \Vm Hughes, 5, Madcc-st. I Mrs Andrews, Bookseller. ■ Li-ANruNO JVN. Messrs W. H Smith and Sen, ■ Railway Bookstall. I LLANBEBIS Mr D. H. Williams, Bookseller. I LLANLLYFNI Mrs Williams, Bookseller. I LL&NRUG Mr G. G. Williams. LLASKWST Mr Evan Evans, Watling-street. LLANF«RFECHAN Mr Evan Williams, Bookseller. LLANGOLLEN. Mr W. Holding. MACHYNLLETH Mr E. Jones. MANCHESTER Mr E. Minshall, 12, Devonsbire- itreet, All Saints. MOLD Messrs BeTesford and Co. MENAI BRIDGE Me"SlS W. H. Smith and Son Railway Bookstall. If Mr G. Williams, Post Office. JIEVIN Mr Jobn Griffith, Well-street. POKTDINOBWIC Mr John R.berta, Bookseller. FORTMADOC Mr R. Gr. Humphreys, Bookse ler. M Meaars W. H. Smith and Son, Railway Bookstall. PWLLHELI Mr Robeit Owen. Bookseller. it Mr R. Roberts, High-street. PENMAENMAWR Mr Moses Jones. PEN-Y-GROES Mr G. Lewie, Bookseller. RUTHIN Mr R. Lloyd, Chemist. Mr C. Aldrich, Stationer. RHYL Mr D. Trek can, Wellington Chambers. Mr S., News A?ent. || Messrs W. H. Smith and S02. Railway Book&taF. ST. ASAPH Mr Wm. a u a. TAJ.-y-SARN Mr David ihomas. More thanonc-tlurd of the deathsm the Metro- polis and the large towns in England arise from Consumption alone. It justifies, therefore, the observation made by Dr Robert Hunter, that the qwstion of prevention and cure is one in which fully Six MILLIONS of the present people of England have the interest of life itself," owing, no doubt, to neglected Coughs and Colds. Griffith Owen's Essence of Coltsfoot can always be depended upon in the early stages. See that you get Griffith Owen's. B 533 ."HTB SKIN.—'Hi" '"lory of Yunnan, tbt Pride of j £ as.— It contains the -ieUc^te 11)11;5 of l.sauty, and conrtitutes an that we term U Lovclines" yet bow many thousands have theiuJdns blemiilieii by the U.1i' of theirntRnt Wflps, Carbolic, Coal Tar, Glycerine, and the c>i.ise coloured soape,?caustio V4,t-" alkali, and made of putrid fute. The more delicate the Bkia the quicker ita ruin. THE ALBION MILK AND SULPHUR SOAP is the pnrect. the whitest, and most purify. lag of all loaps, by itkpnrifying action taking away and pre- v mi ling til fUnpItt, blotches, mid rotghneas. It ia recom- jn«nded by thft entire medical profession m the molt elegant preparation forthe skin that it known. A boon to ftnaifave tMmn By aU Chemuti, in tablet*, eeL MuT 1J.-Tbt Albion 09., tst, Oxford Street, LondoK. sJ. TOWirS P^.KTROTAl & STEEL PillS I FOR FEMALES quickly correct all liTcgnlarities and relieve I the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boies 1B. ltd. and 2s. 9d.. of aU Che-mists. Kent anywhere for 15 or I 84 Stamps, by the Maker, E. T. TOWLE, Cheraiit, ^otLjnghani. GRAVIES, STEWS, HASHir.S, SOUPS, &a The" GRANULAR BROWNING" I (Registered Isame.) SHOULD BE USiiD IN T.VERY HOUSEHOLD. It imparts a nch colour find Ptiperior fiavoar to the Gravies of Roast Meats, Chops, StCf.K8. Cutlets, Chicken and Game Gravies, Hashes, Stews, S'/apa, Brotha, Beef Tea, Ac. Sold in Bottles, Is. and 2s.-6d., by Chemists, Grocers, and Italian WarehousemrT.. >,LanufacHirer», TOMLINSON & HAYWARD, LINCOLN. CAPE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL, & EAST AFKICAX STEAllEl!"I.I'he UNIOX S. S. Co.'a MAIL I PACKETS sail from .sr.irrn AXPTOW every alternate Thurso*?, & Steamers 171 tht; Interinediat^ Service ev«-ry alternate Fi i.'aj all leaving Piyooutn the next lav. Apply at tae C< in;iar.j-^o:;i ces,Oriental t»lae«. 8o<itn»mptoi;>r il. Leadi-nluill St.,Louuua or to .T. Ji!.etc««m. Llovd's .Vintnt. U.U:J4.1'l.In. RSUS!N?T0EFAMILI^1 JAY'S § experienced B DRESSMAKERS M and H MILLINERS B Travel to any part of the Jy Kingdom, Sj Free of expense to ug purchasers. M They take with them Kg dresses H and millinery, besides 9 l'atterus of materials, rS At per yard and B upvarda, ■ All marked in plain figures, B and at same price as if H purchased at the M Warehouse, in Regent-L-t. lleasonahl^ estilnatcs iiita also given for H Household Itotiming, « at a great saving: to large fl or small families. ■ Funerals at stated charges H conducted in London ■ or Countrv. I I J AY'S, The London General Mourning Warehouse, ■ REGENT STREET, ~V\r. J ESTABLISHED 1851. g I R K B E C I BAN K.- 30, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. Current Accounts opened according to the usual practice of other Bankers, and interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances when not drawn below No Commission charged for keeping Accounts. The Bank also receives money on Deposit at Three per cent. Interest, repayable on demand, and undertakes the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. A Pamphlet, with full particulars, en application. FRANCI3 RAVENSCR01T, Manager. COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, A few doses quite effectual.—Caution.—The extraordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne render it of vital importance that the public should obtain, the penuine, which is protected by a Government stamp, bearing the words Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chiorodyne." See decision of Vice- Chancellor Sir \V. Page Wood, the* Times, July 16th, 1864. Many testimonials from finineiit Physicians with each bottle. From W. C. WILKINSON, Esq., I'.R.C.S.. Pralding. I considei it invaluable in Phtliisis and Spasmodic Cough the be no lit is very marked. From Dr. M'Millinan, of New Galloway, Scotland. As s s9-ia*.r. e, An«-.dyjie, and Anti-spasmodic, I consider Dr. J. Goiü" Browne's ChlovodiTie the most valuable medicine known. Sold in Bottles. i i~ 2 9, &. 4/0, b)- aU Chemists. < CONSUMPTION MR. G. T. CONGREVE'S NEW WORK. THIS MARVELLOUS WORK touches the sympathies of human hearts everywhere." Here is hope for the despairing." So writes the Editor of the CHRISTIAN AGE." R CONGREVE'S-.vorkonConsump- tion, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, &c., &c., contains ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY- THREK SELECTED CASES. POST FREE tor 6<1., or Is. 3d., from ELLIOT STOCK, 62, PATERNOSTER ROW, or from the AUTHOR, COOMBE LODGE, PECKHAM, LONDON, S.E. mxr A AT LONDON "PRICES, agent! WANTED EVERYWHERE, elbs. Carriage paid. GOOD STRONG CONGOU, thick and iasting Is. 8d. per lb. VERT STRONG INDIAN MIXTURE 2s. Od. per lb. FINE FLAVORED PEKOE SOUCHONG 2s. 6d. per lb. NUNN & SONS, U, Lamb's Conduit St.,W.C.(Established 1801). "TTTALKER's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES « » are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London, 1862, Paris, 1S67. Silver from £ 3 3s. Gold from £ 6 6s. Tl, Cornhill, E.C. 230, Regent Street, W., London. Descriptive Pamphlet free. "f A I "O OPKIN SON, 95, NEW BOND ST., W • •AJL Manufacturers of Grand and Cottage Pianos, CAUTIOW the Public against Pianofortes bearing the name of /'HOPKINSON which are not of their manufacture. /Only instruments stamped with their Trade Mark, /J. & J. 1IOPKINSON, LONDON, are genuine. Photographs and Lists free on application, May be had at all the principal Music Warehouses. SEASONABLE PRESENTS. THE MIDLAND COUNTIES WATCH COMPANY. OF VYSE STREET, BIRMINGHAM. „ n Let overv readel I SUDDIV Cash Prices OF THIS SEND FOR OUR rr /if lv. beautifully new all Goods W ll Direct illustrated cata- 0a M logue, contauurig at jSA. /m trt thp ol testimonials an<^ ovvv iiae WhclPEl" Public. k. Electro ^'ate, sent 2^ 25s Fatis and,- free on application, to P&rt FINE SILVElt, tlat crystal 2tJs. FINE S I LV E R. f-t JOljTHS' ITXE TADIES' GOLD LEV E H. Sex. 25s. 25s. These WATCHES are frequently sold for treble the money. Cheques or P.O. payable to Mr. A. PEKCY. V. A >• BXIjXJIARD BALLS, CLOTHS, CUES. TIPS, and all other JlilUani Heqaisites at g Ji IIEN1TIG BROS.' Ivory Wnrks, 11, Hi#h Street, I-onJrm. W.C. Old Balls adjusted or exchanpfed, ,<aa^^ nml Tables Re-cushioned and lie-cuwred. Price Cloth & Cushion Rubber SampL s Po-t Free. TUr AVE "IT IN YOUR HOUSES. LAMPIOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE. It forms a most invigorating beverage by the simple addition of water, and if taken according to direction; is the best preventive and curative of Small-pox, Scarlet Fev^r, and other diseases. It does not contain Magnesia or airy eaithv matter calculated to cc produce Gallstones or Gouty deposits. Prepared solely by H. LAMPLOUGH, 113, Holborn, London. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES & TAKE IT IN YOUR TRAVELS. TjlLLIAUD & BAGATELLE TABLES. A LARGE STOCK of NEW & SECOND-HAM) TABLES always on hand. Write for Price lAstr. G. EDWARDS, (Corner of HarwarSt.), KlNGSLAND ROAD, LONDON. 1»KX1'1!.>PIVK TLALH hhSTOKER. LtOCKYEH'S SUL- FRUIt HAIR RESTORER will darken grey hair, in a few days bringing back the colour. The effect is superior to that produced by a direct dye and does not injure the skin. Lcckyer's is equal to the most expensive. It is the best for restoring grey hair to its former colour. Produces a perfectly natural shade. Valuable for de- stroying scurf and EISCOURA^NG growth of new hair. Sulphur being highly prized for its stimulant, cleansing, healthful action on the hair glands, Lockyer's Restorer is strongly recommended. Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold by all Chemists, .Hairdressers and Perfumers "every- where. WHEAT BODILY STRENGTH.—PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC strengthens the nerves and muscular system, improves digestion, animates the spirits, recrriothe health, rouses and develops the nervous energies, enriches the blood, promotes appetite, dispels langour and depression. fortifies the digestive organs. Is a specific remedy for neuralgia, indigestion, fevers, chest affections, and in wasting diseases, scrofulous tendencies, etc. The whole frame is greatly invigor- ated t y Pepper's Tonic, the mental faculties bright- entf. the constitution greatly strengthened, and a return TO robust health certain. Bottles. 22 Juaca, 4« 61 Sola Chemists everywhere. Tiiy name of I. PEPPE.Bis on RELABEL. Insist ou having Pepper's Toaio" CURED IN A FEW IHTS. CORNS, BYVIONS, AND ENLARGED TOE ioms.-I,bZ tAleB CORN AND BmfION fLA9 EBa are the- only real remedy. THEY differ from all Plasters, Shields or Compositions over invented. By instantly softening the callous surrounding the p"»in goes at once, the corn soon following. Bunions and enlarged V joints require more time for pertect EX. re, but the .ion is certain and relief instantaneous. Any boots may be worn with COMFORT three hours after applying Dollar's Plasters; on -.o account be persuaded to buy any other. Boxes, Is 1 d each, are sold by most Chemists Post free 14 Stamps. Bedford Laboratory Bayley-street, London, W.C. LIYBBMBDICINE, TARAXACUM AND PODOPHYLLIN.— This fluid combination, extracted from medicinal roots, is becoming very popular, and ia now used instead 01 blue pill and cab mel f(,r the cure of dyspepsia, bilious- ness. and all symptoms ct congestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the shoulders, head- ache, drowsiness, no aopetite. furred tongue disagree- able taste in the morning, GIDDINESS, disturbance of the stomach and feeling of general depression. It tets the sluggish liver in motion, Tery slightly act* on the bowels, giving a rtense of health and comfort wittiiii24 hours. It is the safest medicine. Taraxacum and podephyllin is a fluid made only by J. PEPPER, Bedford Poboratory, London, whose name is on every label. 2y Sanctioned by Eer Majesty's Trade Mark—Fhosphodyne. Government. I "EilTH' IMBSO'flEm STRENGTH, | ||UOL ^PHOSPHODY^IEX ENERGY, A Pure Solution of Phosphorus, pleasant in flavour and appearance, being a perfectly Bright Liquor com- bined with Vegetable Alkaloids, possessing marvellous Curative Properties tae Wonder of Modern (^betn stry 'rec from all Dangerously Active Drugs. Innocent in its Action, and pronounced hy the Highest Med cal Authority to be unequalled for its power i:i replenishing and elaborating the Vitality of the Body by its sup- plying all the essential [vitalizing constituents of the Blood, Brain, and Nerve Substance; and for develepinR all the Powers and Functions of the system to the highest degree; taercby checking »U wasting of the Vital Flnid, and the more Exhansting Wear and Tear resulting from Over-Taxed Energies of Body or Mmd mamtam- iug that Buoyant Energy of the Brain, Nervous and ;Mnscu!ar Syatems.Jwhicli renders the Mind Cheerful, Hapoy, Brilliant, and Energetic. „„„nr>TTAnti vr-n DR. LALOR'S PHOSPHODINE Surpasses all the known theraputic agents of the present age, as a Prompt and Never-Failing Phosphoric Remedy for all Derangements of the Nervous and Blood Systems. „ Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Mental and Phync^l Depr^ioti. IneHpacity for Stndy or Bu >m BH Noises in the Head and Ears, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Nervous Debility m all its Stages, Softemn, o the Brain, Sleeplessness, Harassing Dreams, Paralysis, Pains in the Back, Affections of the Kidneys, L-mary Deposits, Ac- Chest Affections, Skin Diseases. Wasting or Withering of the Muscles, Impure and Impoverished Blood, Premature Decay of Vital Power, and all Morbid conditions of the system dependent uponjlthe deficiency of the Vital Foices arising from whatever cause. THE ACTION OF DR. LALOR'S PHOSPHODYNL is Two-fold"and Specific; on the one band increasing the principle which Constitutes Nor vous Energy und on the other, the Most Powerful Blood and Flesh-generating Agent known; therefore a Marvellous Medicine for Renovating Impaired and Broken-down or Exhausted Constitutions, making the recipient as Actives Sprightly, and vigorous as if nature bad never been retarded or debilitated. When the Fire of Life seems to be dying out m the system, and t,ie mind sympathising with the body Ihe sufferer is reduced to a Mental and Physical Wreck, this mighty Pnosphonc Eestorativ^ by a f^ doses seems as it were to lift the snfferer out of the slough of despond, and recruit axd remvigornta both chelFrame and the IOIEUEC" TWENTY YEARS' PUBLIC TEST Prove these act. unimpeachable, being fullySborne !out by thonsands-o? Testimonials from every Nation and Country in the World, freely offered by distinguished Families, private Persons, Military, Naval, Scientific, and Professional Men who ate weil known, and who have experienced from its use all the benefits here indicated. Sold in Bottles at 4s Gd and lIslbv all Ex o U holesale, andRetai. Medicine Ven ors throughout the World. IMPORTANT NOTICE —Every bottle bears the British fxorernrafnt Stamp, rwith the words DR LA.LOB S PHOSPHODYNE London, England, eflgraved thereon by Order of Her Majesty s Honourable Cosniis Bioners, if not, it is a forgery, and you have bpeu imposed on by a worthless and mjurous imitation. TfANUfACTUBED ONLY AT THE PHOSPHODYNE LABORATORY, BY DR R. D. LALOR, Bay House, 32, Gaisford-street, London, N.W., England. THB 80ELEIT PROPROR AND ORIGINATOR OF PROSPRODYNE. B 284 DRTJTCOLLIS bkowne^chlorodyne. THE ORIGINAL ATTD OITLY GENUINE. C^IXOROD YNE13 admitted by the Profession to bo the moat vronaorfil and val-aablo remedy arer toco vefsi. CHLORODYNE is the best remedy known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma. C H LORODYNE eaectaaUyehMkaandMrsstatnoaetoooftenfataldiseasea-Diphthcrla.Fevc.CrQup.AgQO. rHIlO ROD YNE acts li*o a charm in Diarrhoea, and i3 the only specific in Cholera ana Dysentery. prfr OTLOD^NE effectually cnt3 short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation ana Spasms. gndativo andAnti-BpasmMbc^ Pbtainabl0 by any other rcrueay, anl it seems to posses* this Erc:w IJ mauccs a feolmg of co that it leaves no unpleasant after-c2ect3.. airaatago ever all other Sedatives, /-nllae-p of Phvsi"iana that ho received a dispatch. "Earl Bussoll ?°2™^c^eM:nnUia to tha effect thJt Cholera has been raging fearfully. "Si £ *• *egrett«d to say hadbera^Sm /•■«,^ath withont tho word3 •' Dr. J. COLLIS r.ROWNE'S Sold m Bottles at Is lid, 2a 9d.^Q eac Medical Testimony accompanioa each bottle. Blooms. X-oadon. Ast, the Purest, Cheapest, and Best Bitters ever made. They are compounded from Eops, Bucho. MSndrahe, Podophyllin, and Dandelion—the oldest, best, and most valuable medicines in the world, and contain all the best and most curative properties of all other Bitten, being the greatest Blood Purifier, Liver Regulator, and Life and Health J Restoring Agent on earth. No disease or ill health can possibly long exist where these Litters are used, so varied and perfect are their operations. They give new life and vigor to the aged and infirm. To all whose employments cans# irregularity of the bowels or urinary orgiuu., or who require an Appetizer, Tonic and Mild Stimulant, theso Bitters are invaluable, being highly curative, tonic and stimulating, without intOSlC2>tlZS5f» No matter what your feelings or symptoms are, what the disease or ailment is, use Hop Bitt< r«, Don't wait until you are sick, but if you only feel bad or miserable, use the Bitters at once. It may save your life. Hundreds have been saved by so doing. Gr jESOO -0-2 %ill be paid for a case they will not cure or help. They are a pleasant refreshing flavouring for sick-room drinks, impure water, and other beverajres. „ Do not euSar ycv.?sztf or let your friends suffer, but nee ana tfcera to uso Hop Bitters. ri lie-member, Hop Dieters is no vile, drngt'cd nrwtmm, but tbe Purest Rnd lies. Modiciua «rrer tuade; the "Invalid's Friend and JtZope," mid no person or family tiliould be without Miem. 1TJ the Birtors to-r'y. VUU kill ALL CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. <, SAVE YOUR EYE, SQUIRE KNIGHT'S EYE OINTMENT For the Curo f all Diseases of tho Jive*. APPROACHING EVEN TO BLINDNESS. Itcarati- Impaired Vision, Blurring, Weak, j and Watery Eyes, Cataracts, Sore Eyes left by Measles. I It euros- Red and Sore k Eyelids, f Partial Blindness Inflammation in tho EyeR, Obscurity of V ision. ThoVreservationof .^oodEyesight isamatterwinca concerns both richandpoor.nndthedelicate structure of tho Eye makes it daily liable toaccident and injury. This renowned KyeOtrjt- meat makes S pec teclesand Surpical Operations mm eet:sj»iy. meat makes S pec teclesand Surpical Operations mm eet:sj»iy. SEE THOUSANDS OF TESTIi50NIAl.:<. » :\lr. IJ. Tomlin, 01, Shepherdess Walk, City Road, Loudon, wonderfully cure I of inflammation in the eyes, of 13 yuars standing.—-July 5th, 1877. Bombardier, E. Parker, Calcutta Battery, Bangmore, East India, cured of very bad sore eyes, after trying all kinds of dr.ctor!1.-1876. Mr. Chas. Weston, Park Street, Wellington, cured of fearfully diseased eyes left by email pox.—1S77. J. A. Walkinfrton, 13a,Eastboroiigh, Scarboro', was cared of dreadful had inflamed eyes, after trying all the best oculists in the country. 0 9 Prepared only )y C. t. 1.7. Clark & Son, Chemists, Market Place, Dudley, acd sold by all respectable medicine veudors in the Kingdom, in pots Is. Hd., 2s. Od., and 4s. 6d. each. Wholesale by all Patent Medicine HOHSOS, or from the p.u1"i..t('1'R direc. for 16 or 36 stampil '16 3-L'-w GRATIS.-Sent by Post to all parts ot the World On receipt of two Stamps to prepay postage. A POSITIVE CURE FOR DEBILITIES a»c derangements of the generative and Nervous system, Nervous Debility and Exhaustion, the result cf over-taxed energies, is given in the book of "POSITIVE REMEDIES." This book gives a positive remedy for all diseases* The nau.38 of all Medicines are given in English. Cases and testimo- nials, with means used in each case. It is a guide to the self-t 'eatment of diseases, and should be con- sulted by all who require medical treatment. NOTICE. —The P JBitive Medicines given in the book of POS ITIVE REMEDIES" are the medicines used by Dr Smith fcr over thirty years. By the aid of this book Invalids nay form a correct knowledge of their malady, and find n positive remedy for the cure. The names are publil hed in English, to enable invalids to select theremefy and cure themselves without consulting a Medical man, making a written statement of case, or paying consultation fees. Send two Stamps for the book ot POSITIVE REMEDIES," which contains 244 pages, and gives a cure for all diseases. Post free on re< eipt of two stamps, direct from H. Smith & Co., Positive Remedy Labors ory, 26, Southampton- ow, Louden, W.C. I DIVA 1 )ROTODYNE PILLS ARE A POSITIVE J. CUR7i for Debilities and Derangements of the Generatiye and Nervous system, Prostration, Pimples, Loss of Energy, Physical Depression, Pre- mature Decline, Wasting Diseases, Exhaustion of Nerve power, ï.>cal Weakness, and all Diseases re- sulting from loss "F Vital Force. After using these Pills, the body and ner> *>s are restored to_ health and vigour. Sold in Boxes (containing sufficient for the cure), price 2s. 9d. May be Lid direct from the ro prietors on receipt of thirty-fcor Stamps. Sent b Post to any address.—H. Smith & Co., Positive Re medy Laboratory, 26, Sonthampton-i ow, ljur-ton W.C. 84b As a safe, permanent, and warranted cure for Pimples Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Akin and Blood Diseases and Sores of all kinds, we can with confidence recom* xien(I CLARK'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTUFF Chemists everywhere. OMLINHON & Co's BUTTER POWDER. 1 Brings the Butter quickly, removing all un- iilea^ant flavours of Turnips, Cake, Mangolds, Wild (tariic, Sour Grass, Leeks, Dead Leaves, &c.. In- ureases the quantity and improves the quality of Butter. By its use farmersand dairymen may insure eood, firm, and sweet Butter all the year round. Butter made with this Powder invaria.bly takes the FIRST PRIZES at the Agricultural Shown throughout the ngdom Sold everywhere, by Chemists and Grocers, in Boxea 3d, 6d, Is, 2s 6d, and 78 6d each. Sole manufacturers, TOMLINSON & HAYWARD LINCOLN A Certain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured, and re cover health and vitality without the aid of Q,H a' hs, wit J recipes for purifying the blood and removing skin affections; also chapters on Happy Marriages; When and Whom to Marry; The Temperamentsw Stammering; Vital Force; How Wasted and Ho.?- Preserved; Galvanic Appliances; and the Wonder; of the Microscope in Detecting Vari"us Complaitits. Post free tor two stamps. Adli-os3; Secretary Institute ci Anatomy, Pir- mingham. e 473 VALUABLE DISCOVERY FOE THE HAIR CARMAVS HAIR RESTORER. Acknowledged to be equal, if not superior, to Mrf Allen's, ltosetter's, and many others. It in not a dye. It contains no oil. Will restore gray hair to its original colour and beauty. Removes dan- drifE and all impurities from the head. Pro- motes the growth and strength of the hair, g;viup it the lustre and health of youth. And is the cheapest and best Restorer ever used. Supplied only in large bottles, Is 6d. A parcel of three bottles, secuiely packed, sent to any part on r(- -,ipt of 54 penny stamps 01 P.O.O. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE. This Saline compound is recommended for Billoua Constitutions, Heartburn, Headache, Sea Sickness, &c. In bottles, Is 9d each QUININE WINE TONIC. An excellent strengthening medicine, m Dottles Is and 2s each. CARMAN'S INFANTS' C vHMINATIVE. An agreeable medicine renowned for its efflcacj in preventing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such as Convulsions, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Teething, &c., &c. In bottles 7^d, Is lid, and 2s 9d each. ¡ PREPARED BY JOHN C A It -At A iN, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIS (Qualified by Examination), I APOTHECARIES' HALL, HOLYWELL. A CARD.—TO ALL WHO AHW BUKKKKJNO FROM tho errors and indiscretion of yont.h, M'PVOUB weaknews early decay, IOBS oi manhood, Ac., I ill Rend a recipe wat will cure you, FREJy oF CHARGE. This great remi^y was discovered by a missionary in Soutfc Americu Set1'1 P-.velop- to th, ,'xv JOSEPH T. INMAN Station D., lYeII' lnr/c City. KAY'S COMPOUND.—Asrma ar.d B.ouci.itis are immediately rtliftd by it. Sold by all Cheoiista. u UNIFØRM WITH CA.bSKlT/S DICTIONARY OF COOKERY. CHEAP EDITION, 1,280 pages, royal 8vo, cloth, 7.v. (Xl. Cassell's Domestic Dictionary. I An Encyclopedia for the Household, famishing Information on several thousand subjects relating to the Wants of Everyday Life. With numerous Illustrations. I As a manual of ready reference for all household purposes. this work has no rival."—Queen. Cassell, Fetter, Gaipintf; Co., Ludgate Hill, London. CHEAP EDITION. Price .Vs. C(t. post tree, lis. 11a. A Year's Cookery. By PHILLIS BROWNE. An invaluable present foryoung housekeepers."—Athcncxutn. Peitr-> Cal'i-i C- rn.. nr/rate Hill. London. The "ETHIOPIAN" BLACK IN /1^s=^ak\ HOSIERY A-WD B 11ST M CHILMEN'S, II BR IGUAEANTEED v m \j clean^FAST. WHOLESALE HINE, PARKER & Co., ■ 1 LONDON. lWtaiJ of all Respectable Hosiers and Drapers Everywhere^ C ANNON ST REE T HOTEL, LONDON. B.O. Railway Communication with all parts of the Metropolis. 3 Minutes' walk from the Bank, Koyal Exchange, &c., &0. Unequalled for its a Home Comforts and Moderate Charges. v Tariff sent on application to E. H. RAND, Manager. SHARES in STEAMERS.—Dividends from 20 to 30 per cert, per annum. For most desirable Investments in this- when well managed-safe & remunerative property,Address ThomM Beer, onsil-ting Marine ngnepr Ste^m-ship S'rveyor,_Bute DocKs.^arauT. A GENTS WANTED, in all parts of England and Wales, not yet represented, by an Assurance Society. Weekly payments. Salary and Commission.—For particulars, Address Manager. Ely Villa, Dunstable, Beds. TDflMi? 1 >OLX5fGBBOKE PAY IIOSPITAL, near fl, nUlllIj JJ Iyondon, receives patients requiring hospital IN treatment and nursing, upon payment., in accord- fJTf J/"Ur!QC; ance with their means. Prospectus of tho Hon. DlvIUlLuD Soc.,Mr.J.P AVood.WoodviUe.TTpperTooting.&W. TrTOSE'S LIME JUICE CORDIAL is the perfec- tion of family be veragres. Entirely free of spirit. Delicious in water, eflervesting in all Mineral Waters. Suitable ior Hall- Room or Supper Party. For thr> cold season in hot water, or as flavouring in hot drinks, &o., it far surpasses the Lemon. It is highly Me^licinal. No beverage has received higher recommenda- tion. See The Isincet, <&c. Sold everywhere, wholesale £ t™*es ROSE & CO. ,11, Curtain Road.Finsbui^London,and 1> itti.iN.Jj. "CLEAN LEAD BLACK V_7 LEAD "m~r" rvy vr' o Has over THIRTY YEARS' l\ /V"ii i 1 World-wideBeputation. Celebrated Polishes Instantly equal to Refined BURNISHED STEEL. BT nxr T 1? A TV Used without. Waste or Dust. LJILX/JV IJJIIAJJ. "O/VUTIONl"-There are several Spurious As Worthless Imitations. W. G._NIXEY, Black Lead WorVrt, S<iho Square. I/mdon. TTJN XVANT^ JLJ Xjiu BtT'XTEBXNB LONDON. rNalH -A M'S -EXJ-PHORBIAPILU:LIFERA The Australian or Great Queensland Cure for Consump- etion. Asthma, Bronchitis, Influenza, Coughs, Colds^ Difficulty of Breathing» and all Cheat Affections. Brighton, Melbourne, September *24♦ 1881- Dear Sir,—Having suffered from Asthma for the last s)x years, I have the pleasure to acknowledge the great benefit 1 have derived from your Essence—Kupnorbia Pilulifera— tncethor with your Euphorbia Anti-Asthmatique Tobacco. J have taken or a bottles of your essence according to directions, and have also smoked \our Euphorbia Tobacco at nisrht w'len the attack comes on; and am happy to state that for the last a months I have been perfectly bee ofthwe^sthmatical attacks, for which I am truly grateful 1 aro, yours very truly, Charley Rogers. Th' above Testimonial is one of hundreds already received. Price. 2/9 per bottle. Thomaa Ingham, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Bockhamptor., Queensland. Tnnrton Wholesale Ap-pnta—Buryoyne & Co., 16, Coleman St., London. Price. 2/9 per bottle. Thomaa Ingham, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Bockhamptor., Queensland. Tnnrton Wholesale Ap-pnta—Buryoyne & Co., 16, Coleman St., London. 1^ EABS-LEY's'i ^^EABSLEY'sl^^IDOvr^yELCH'i J^EARSLEY'sj FEMALE PILLS. EAIlSLEY's/ 4, A R EFUTATION of over 90 years constitutes these Pills the lending remedy for all complaints to which Females are liable, and the attention of ladies is particularly directed to the fact that they contain NO drug that can pos- sibly act deleteriously, and consequently they have the approval of many of the leading medical men of the day. THE ONLY GENUINE WIDOW J- WELCH'S PILLS are wrapped in WHITE paper and bear the signature of "C. Kearney (all others are spurious), to he had ofall respectable Chemists at 2 9 per box, or by post tor 34 stamps, of Sanger & Sons, 489, Oxford-street, Londoti.JW. Aeents.W Hcpworth,Harwich, hssex. E. VIENNAVEAST TraUrancn.ry.CliorltonRd.,Manchester. V Mawson.Swan&Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne. OSETSTtJMETlIICE"SAUCE—Theperfection of Sauces. Delicious and Wholesome. No Table should be withoutit. It assists andstimulates digestion. Recommended by the medical profession. Sold everywhere in Q<1. and 1-oottles. Wholesale Stores, ROSE & CO., 11, Curtain Road, 1 msbury, London; and Leith, N.B. mRUSSES AT MAKER'S PRICES. These 1 Trusses are guaranteed of the best manufacture Single 2/9, Double 3 9, Postage 4d. extra. Sent securely packed to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of P. O. Order. R. B. Hupgins, A.P.S., Chemist,Wainfleet, Liixcolnshire. Direc- tions for self measurement on receipt of stamped envelope. Z. n Tr oS MEDICAL WONDERS should be read by all DfllW ynune men. Important to debilitated nervous suflerers and DUUlV those about to marry. Tree in Envelope for 4 stanips. 1 ub- WVW1V libber's Medical Half. FtUallan Square, Sheffield. Kstabd. 1^0. IBD CAOES. WIRE WORK 8IEVE3. Lists free. J) Walter Fox, 323, Mile End Road, Loiidon, E. TSLANKETS. All-wool; direct from factory; 17/0 per pair J3(91bs.}. ('arriagefree. THOS. HEY,Skircoat(rreen,Halifax, "i"IiV\rm4iWANTEDfortlH« SALE J^VTXLiX^I JL to of CHAS. STANLEY & SON'S CHEMICAL MANURES. LIBERAL terms to gentlemen connected with the farming interest. For full rartlciUrs app.y to CHAS. STANLEY & SON. WATH ON PEARKE, N*. HOTItkRHAM. HAVE IT IN YOUE HOUSES; and follow the ad rice of the eminent Doctors Prcrot^ Stevens, Morgan, Tnricy, Dowsinpr, Gibbon, Sparks, ip., who have borne an qualified testimony to tho value of T AM PLOUGH'S PYEETIC SALINE. •LI It, gives instant relief in hcadachc, sea or bilious sick- ness, constipation, heartburn, ecarlot and ot her fevers, smallpox, measles, eruptive and skin complaints. Usa no H. Holborn, London. M ONTI3 E LIAR D. Institute for young- Ladies. Terms £ 50 per annum (incl. holidavs). Highly recommende4 by English U Fi eyich Clergymen. For references & prospectoj apply to Br v. E. J. ]>ec!t, Rectory, Rotherhithe, London,S.E., oi to the Dircctrioe, Mme F. Roux, Montb^liard, Doubs, Franoe A R i3 L E CLOCK, 20 inches long, '.I.. 18 inches high, fourteen days' movement, at 40/- (shoi prioe, £ 5 10s.), free any station in London, warranted time keeper, money returned if found not correct. P.C .O. to G. FISHER, 65, Basinghall Street, London, E.O. BRASS, IIEEI^STIUNG.&DRUM&FIFE BANDS,PIANOS,OBGANS&HABMONIUMSat Whole, tale Price* at J. MOOR R'S, Buxton Rd., Huddersf eld. Prices WlthdrawingR of every Instrument post free. Music for any kind of Band. Bandsmen's Caps. Patronized by Army, Navy,« Rifle Corps, Second-hand Instruments bougb t or taken in Exohanye PEEBLES' THE GREAT rJjIiDLLij (j-AS gAVEK NEEDLE STEADY, SILENT LIGHT. DITDMT7D PEEBLES «S: CO., HLLKLTRM TAY WOBKS, EDINBURGH, XJUBUIilli AND YOPB G-AB F-TTKB. ][][ARPERTWEL Great further improvements. Reduced prices. The most rapid, strong, and highly tinished. Agents Wanted m evpry town. Very liberal terms. 8,Oity Hd.,Fwisbnry SQ., London,E.O. TNTESTMENTS, WITHOUT RISK JL realising from a to lO per cent., payable quarterly. Any sums from £10 upwards received. Highest refereDcea.- Ladies and gentlemen with surplus capital should apply at once to P. Tavlor, Esq., 24, Welling-ton-street, Strand, London. "f^ONCISE Property & Mortgage Register. For all requirement. In eonllllXfon with ESTATES LTOtJSE8, MORTGAGES, MONEY ADVANCES, SUEVEYS, VALUATIONS, fco. Address F UEBBIt A Co., 6, Fenchurch Buildings Lond.o., B.C. F I"B BLOOM of NI r AU R' GAUBERT^BLOOM of NINON\imparts to the Complexion a splendid HEALTHY, YVJUNG and PLEASING appearance. Send 14, or for treble size 33 stamps. To Gaubert, Coiffeur, 85, Kensinjcton High Street, London. THE GREAT BLOOD PUBIFIKR. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS purify the foulest blood, h remove every disease of the sto- mach,liver, & kidneys.Pure blood gives health. Thousands have been cured by these wonderful Pills whose diseases could not be reached hranyothermedieine. Hold byall Chemists in boxes, 1/11 & 8/9; or from the establishment, 44, Oxfor-l-st., Swansea., for 16 or 35 stamps. All mui'erers arb highly recom mended to try them. Tk/\ Air MEDICAL WONDEBSshould be read by aU Kill IK mm. Important lo il>-billtnt<>d nervous suftereni and riiJiJIt those about to miirr". Free in EnTnlope, for 4 Btami*. Pnb- "UUU U.luul HttlLVitzallun So nut* Shnftleld. LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS Dn. KiN't'ti DANUK- LION AND QUININE LrvER PNXS.—These famous fills o not contain < ven a trace of Mercury, or any of the many dangerous ingredients frequently fouv.d in advertised Pills. This fact continues to keep Dr Kinp's renowned discovery in trout of all Pillp whatsoever, a,. the safest, best, speediest, most Li ) and effectual remedyfor d^ordersof tno I.ivf andSto ach, whether in the form of Biliousness, Constipation. In t'^estion, Fhtulen, e. Aci'iit'. ileadaehe, Shou1 er Pains. l-Ver- i",h Kegtles^nrse of ti'f whole system Disinclicutin tor Food, or Dyspeptic symptoms jif mn.uiy. DEAPVESS, NOIKKH IS THE gARtl. &C. — CELLAR'S ESSENCK FOR DKAFXKSS should always be tried, as in number of cases, seemingly incurable, t has done ■wonders. Slight Deafue-s, Obstiuctious in tho Ears, and the Incessant Hnmri 'ng Sounds so freqat-. it wii,h affected hearing are removed after two or three nights' applications. DELLAE'S ESSENCK can be spoken of in- sure to give some relief in "uy case of deafness without cansiny the Slightest injury to the delicato oria ii.sw of the ear, and, however > urpr sn. persons for y-ai s Deaf have heard Founds alter a fair trial of D, 1 < Essence. Bottles,Is Inland2s9d. by all A DBHOHTFUL FLAVOUR, (.'UACKOFT'T AUHCANCT TOOTH PASTE.—By using this delicious Aromatic Dent- rifloe. the enamel of the reeth lii;oines white, sound,and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, mid especially useful for removing incrustations of tartar neglected teeth, bold by all Chemists. L'ota, la lid, 7d each. See that you get CuMiott's. aRATIS AND POST FREfr; ols POCKET -DEN COOD SEEDS, I CARRIAGEFREE. SUTTON &SONS, SEEDSMENT0~ | f W /hflo fi HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, '[ j T|m\ AND BY SPECIALWARRANT TO I-I.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. J PliATT'S ESSAYS—BUSINESS, MonE^ 1 E< (IXOMY." Revised, re-arranged, and added to, '"i' Photoyi-aph and Autobiography of the Author. Royal H8 paercs, cloth Kilt, post-free on receipt of Six shillings P' 1A Mills PLATT, 77, St. Martin's Lam-. London. W.C. k nn i AS. TO AMEBICA twice weekly from L0Nl»0"5TH«^ I t i] i 11 Newcibtle or Leith. Fast "Mail Steamers. Maps & | ot America posted Heth^riiisrton, JWH, Strand.^ C10NST.YNT WORK AT HOME with machii^ J on easy terms supplied to women who can earn 15/- weeWr Patent Automatic Knitting Machine Co. (Lim.), 417, Oxford!?^ London. Sample worked pair of ribbed socks,post-free.30 stagg Thxow Physic to the I'll none of ii. .Shakespeare. HEALTH, STRENGTH & ENERGY Take no morn Medicine, but wear a DO BABBYS PATENT ELECTBIC BELT"' ((Trade 5Iark: HEALTH RFSTORPIZ") ((Trade 5Iark: HEALTH RESTOHKB") By wliich NERVOUSNESS, NERVOUS DEBILITY, I*03* OF ruWliln, WEAKNESS OF BODY AXi> MIND, &c be cured in a few days. A MEDICAL WORK TO BE GlVM AWAY..Showing sulforers how they may be cured and recgSfe Health, Strength, and Sfanly Vigour, WITHOUT Tl>f AID OF MEDICINE. Sent post-free on receipt of StampV directed envelope. Address, E, Odell, Secretary, Electro-MC" cai CoinpanjstiS, St,. George's Rd., Southwark, London, S.E^ iJ20,000 and numerous other Pril,05 I f, ,r ONE SHILLING A TICKET, Under Governing Guarantee.—TUBEK-PBHCK for Postage to he joined to Order. Apply to the Agency for Public Funds 'Case 72) Geneva (Switzerland], or letters addressed to JAMES Coli*?. 2y Jk 31, New Oxford St., London, W.C., will be duly attended1" U' I'nosPECTUs GRATIS. —-<! DUBLIN STOUT.-JOHN D' ARC Y& SON KOT RAISED their PRICES.-Anchor Brewen%I)tip^ BEST PRICE "for WOOLLEN" R AGS. Particul^ or (.'«>nsi2rTimenf J>ihrv_St*niM*.JU-.iiIf._tr< 1 Koqd, I>ew*burv« —" They ct-jjir at a lx>un and a hl^.ssmkr to men, 'I'he }'n KWICK, tlio Owi., and the WAVKHLEY Pen.' iJRY THE 4 HINDOO" PENS- N°s. 1, 2, and & Sample bo*, all tin- kinds. Is. Id. Iiv Post. MACNIVEN & CAMERON, PATENTEES Of PEN'S AN1J PENHOLDERS, 23, BLAIB ST., EDINBTTBGH (ESTD..770). Penmnkers to Ha <ro»ernmr.nt (t UNION LINE. ,r(' PAPE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL & EA»> AFRICAN STEAMERS.—The UNION S. S. Co.'s i PACKETS sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternate Thur: & Steamers in the Intermediate Service every alternate Ir)5S. all leamig Plj-mouth the next day. Apply at the Company's y ces, Oriental Place, Southampton, or 11, L' adenhall St.. Lonfl^ £ H O L E S O M E ]^| O USE9 for particulars See ratre 46 of <J JJOWARDS' "PJJ-EW RIATALOGU" OF INTERIOR DECORATION. Sent on apphcation. i HOWARD AND SONS, i 25. »» & 27._BERNERS STREET. LONDOJf,J^ Thn^best magazine published V.' -.iUi !iir. Prioe nil 1o, lad- uiwjgj Edited by BICHABD A. PROCTOR. KNOWLEDGE, vol. 11. ijune"2 to ivc. 1882) Now ready. Price 8s. 6d. Vol. HI. (1883) contain The Naturalist's Year," by GBANT AXLEW OuT^j dies," by ASDKHW WILSON; "Nature Myths," by Cj^odb "Hours with the Microscope," by J. H. SLACK Chemistry of Cookery," byW. MATTIEC WILLIAMS of the Earth," and Star Maps," by RICIIARD A. PROCTOB other serial articles, Chess, Whist, Arc., &c. -'a i KNOWLEDGE LIHRAKY SEKI^^ 1 Cr. 8vo.. Cloth, price tis. each, post free 6s. 6d. I' Cheao Re-issue of MR. PROCTOR'S WORKS 1. THE BORDERLAND OF SCIENCE. S. SCIENCE BYWAYS. 8. THE POETRY OF ASTRONOMY. Just Published (reprinted from KMOWLIDOS). *T\RRATURE STUDIES. Bv GRANT Ll ANDRHW WII.SOK, THOMAS FOSTER, EDWABD Ci^v and Rich A uu A. PROCTOR. 5.T EISI 'RE READINGS. By EDWARDCloP^ _JLJ_A.C. RANYARD,THOMAS FOSTER & RICHARIJ A.PR<1cJ Imperial 8vo., cloth, price "IS., post-free 5s. Od. „< E MHE STARS IN THEIR SEASONS. ANE^J JL Guide to a Knowledge of the Stars, in 12 Maps, showing"! Stars at all hours, all the year round. By RICHARD A. PROC LOKPOK :_Wyman & SONS, 74-76, Great Queen-st., W-C- ( lT Y STO L H 1 M C <) M P A N oi0, Cxt'onl St f '■ r-Tulon,' nd5\ Kind's Rd., Urigl1'0 NOTICE. £ 60 REWAItD. jtgf above Company will prosecute any person or persons selling or ^^4 Wag for sale any materials or mediums not stamped with the regri^rju* a^ine trade mark, & that they will (on obtaining a conviction) *bt above Rewari to any person pivinjr such information as will leau conviction of any person or persons making an illegal f the or trade mirk, or ar;y part thereof. Materia]* Wholesale and K'' £ '2^1 OOO WORTH of BABY LlNE>j V7V/\7 LADIES' OUTFITS Arc MON'ST^} TEABLYSALE. Listsfree. B. Allin, 7:5, UpperSt.,Londc»'^ MECHANICAL RAZOR. Everyone V *1 shave himself without pain or nuts, even in the den's, obseurity. Send P.O.O. for 4 AUtiUSTK, Inventor. Tate" and MiLmifaeb.rer. 2._Rue Taithev.t, l'aris. -M p J-i.Chap<*U\ Schools, Houses, Iron Farm Huildings, Roofing, Catalogues Jre^ 50 on Show at Works Albert Gate, Hvde I,arki^x<' NPHE EMIGRANT S GUIDE FOR -1- Ready Fet. 20, post free for 7 stamps. By Pitt & Scott, 44. St. P* Churchyard, jor'dofl- Full of >fenpr»l no tea and practical advice.. LIFE and ACCIDENT COMBINEP, £ 500 At Death from any cause, with profits, g.. £ 500 On Permanent Total Disablement. fo £ 16 6 On Permanent Partial Disablement- » £ 5 Weekly durinj? Temporary Annual Premium—Ag« 30— £ 12 6s. 9d. „ f A LONDON, EDINBURGH 4c GLASGOW ASSURANCE ,O-VA-St:RANCIEC- London Office, 110, Cannon Street. WILFRED A. BOWSEB, Manag^. C. WEEDING SKINNER, SecrctaJi. ETZENSBERGER S ESSENCEOL'COFFB'p WARRANTED PURE—WITHOUT SUGAR, IS NOW fiOLD BY ALL GROCERS, CHEMISTS. ETC. Wholesale, 13, St. Andrew's Street, Shoe Lane, E.O. -4, B. ET7,ENSBEIIGER & Co., Inventors & Sole Manufacture*- E RNIIARDIN F. ALPINE IIE Rli BERNHARDINE ALPINE HERB UITTBPS "A MOST POWERFUL TONIC "•-perfectly mineral medicaments and from drastic purt-atives of anv SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS AND SPIRIT DEALEit^. Wholesale, 13, St. Andrew's Street, London, E.C. E B. ETZENSBEBGEIt & Co., S/>le Acents. BRASS.REED.STRING.INTR^KTEII^ BANDS, PIANOS, ORGANS A- HAltMONIUMSat sale Prices at J. MOOBE'S, Buxton Rd., Hudderslield. with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any of Band. Bandsmen's Caps. Patronized by Army, Navy, tz Corps, Second-hand Instruments bought or taken in THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. d THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILL £ pur'iy the foulest blood, & remove every disease of the mach, Uver, & kidneys. Pure blood gives health. Thousands hs^ been cured by these wonderful Pills whose diseases could not reached or any other medicine. Sold bv all Chemists in boxes, &2 9; >r from the establishment, M, Oxford-st., Swansea, or 35 stamps. All sufferers are highly recommended to try PEEBLE'S' NEEDLE BURNER. THE GREAT GAS SA VE:B' STEADY, SILENT LIGS*' GAS QAVEB. PEEBLES & CO.. a AY WORKS, EDINBUBGP AND YOUR GAS FITTER. "|101N CiSE Property &, Mortgag-o Regis^ For all requirements in connexion with ESTATES, 1!'fcC MORTGAGES, MONEY ADVASCES. SUKVKY'S, VAI.PATIONS, 'ir Ad<lress FUR11ER & Co., II, FcMU'lunoh Buildings, I".nd"n, f:.C. T INENS and LINEN CAMBRIC d pOCKET HANDKERCHIEF^' Direct from the Manufacturer, ROBERT GLASS, 22. Bedford ST,. BELFAS>* WRITE FOR SAMPLES AND PRICE LIST. SHOPKEEPERS and HAWKERS shotaj send for Wholesale Catalogue of Jewellery .Pouches, Pu^oi Pipes and Fancr Goods of every description. J. Scottin#. Bl^pkfriars Road, London, 8.E. t "SULPHOLINB LOTION."—An external moanS OUR1NQ 8KIN DISEASES. There i- scarcely »» eruption hut will yield to Sulpholine" in a few ami 1. mmeoce to fad *> away, even it it seems past cor Ordir.aiy pimples, redness, blotches, scurf, vanish as if by rnngio whilst old, enduring orders, ti at have plagued the suifer^rs for years, ho^j ever deeply r-oted they may be, Sulpholiu«'. ^0 successfully attack them. It destroys the nDima'^p, which cause +h»se unsiphtly, irritable, painful a rA. tlous. arid always produces a clear, healthy, natufS» concition of the skin. Sulpholine" Lotion is soM* mostUhemists. Bottles, 2s 9a.