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EPITOME OF NEWS. AT the Shirehall, Dorchester, a man named Den ten, a pensioner, aud by trade a blacksmith, baa been charged with cruelty to his two children, by neglecting to provide them -with the necessaries of life. The Bench characterised it as a horrible case, and sentenced the father to six months' hard labour. They expressed an Opinion that the stepmother should also have been stand- ing at the bar. AIR. HENRY GRAY FITTER, town clerk at Stockton-on-Tees, has died after a prolonged and painful illness. Deceased was a nephew of the Rev. Frederick William Faber, once of tiie lirompton Oratory. EMMA ELDON, schoolmistress, Hoade, North- OMI)ton, has been fined 1:3 and His. 6d. costs, for as- Baulting a scholar, aged 8, who attended the Board School. Defendant, it was stated, caused bruises on com- plainants hand with a cane, bruises on the face with her fists, and had also dogged her. THE Hev. II. K. F. Sandford, her Majesty a Senior Inspector of Schools, has recently died at Shef- field. The rev. gentleman had been ill only a few days, and death was caused bv serous apoplexy. The de- Ceased, who was cousin of Sir Francis Sandford,Secretary Of the Education Department, and a brother of the Bishop of Gibraltar, had been a school inspector nearly thirty years. AT a meeting of the Warwickshire Chamber of Agriculture, among those present being the Earl of Cam- perdown, the Earl of Denbigh, Lord Leigh, and Lord Yarmouth, it was resolved, after much discussion, to Bnpport the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Agriculture, so far as they relate to railway rates, tithe rent char-es, adulteration, the land laws, and the law of distress, bnt limiting the power of distraint in the last case to one year. AT Aberdeen, the prizes and certificates won by the exhibitors at the recent exhibition of works of in- dustry and art, promoted by the Trades' Council, have been awarded by Lord Provost Esslemont in the Music Sail Buildings. The prizes consisted of medals, sums of tooney, and certificates. DURING the pantomime of Robinson Crusoe at the Leamington Theatre, the columbine had a narrow escape. When being lowered upon the stage, she was accidentally dropped upon the footlights, which were Unprotected. Fortunately, she was snatched off before her dress caught lire. AT Longton Sarah Taylor has been charged with stealing a child 2 years of age, named Alfred William Thompson, and afterwards taking its clothes. The prisoner picked up the child near to its parents' home. Wood-street, Longton, carried him a couple of miles away to an unfrequented dreary spot, and stripped Off his clothes and boots, leaving the infant in falling Bnow almost naked. Fortunately some one happened to pass, and found the child suffering badly from exposure to cold. The prisoner, who has been convicted of a limiJar offence, was remanded. A MEETING of the members of the Lincoln- shire Chamber of Agriculture has been held at Lincoln, the Hon. Murray Finch Hatton in the chair. The busi- Zless before the meeting had reference to Legislative recommendation of a Royal Commission on Agriculture, and several resolutions in reference thereto were carried. THE Macclesfield Town Council, at a special meeting have passed a unanimous resolution in favour of a tramway scheme. A GREENGROCER named W. Willett, while attending Derby market, fell beneath his cart, and died before medical aid could be secured. Deceased suffered from heart disease. Two more valuable horses belonging to the Corporation sanitary authority, Derby, have died from the disease known as pinkeye, making eight that have so Succumbed. Outbreaks are reported in other large etables. WHILE taking a two hours' steam trial trip off Plymouth Sound, her Majesty's ironclad Northumberland collided with the Russian schooner Secundus, 289 tons, from Tarragona for Cardiff, in ballast. The latter lost her jibboom, head gear, and topgallantmast, and was brought in to the Sound to repair damages. AT LONG ASHTON, Joseph Bailey, an auc- tioneer, of Weston-super-Mare, who wore the blue ribbon, has been lined ;£ I, in addition to one month's imprison- ment, for travelling on the Great Western Railway with- out a ticket, and, while drunk, assaulting the ticket- Collector, at Yatton. MRS. THORNTON WEST, of Streatham Hall, Exeter, has made a generous offer to one of the largest Of the county town parishes, having undertaken to build the chancel if the parishioners of St. David's will provide for re-building the remainder of their church. J OliN BAINES has been charged at Barrow-in- Furness with falsifying accounts at the Lancaster Bank, "Where he was employed as clerk. Evidence was given that the defalcations were of a serious character, but the only case gone into was one in which accused was charged with altering a credit note to Mr. Joseph Turner, Bharebroker, value t75 7s. lid., into JB5075 7s. lid., thus crediting Turner with £5000, which prisoner had promised to pay into the bank that day. Prisoner was xemanded. THE prize of twenty-five guineas, given by Lord Rosebery, Rector of Edinburgh University, for the best essay on the intluence of France upon Scottish life and character, has been awarded to Alexander Wood Renton, M.A. AT the Dartford Petty Sessions, Joseph Dierden, of Old Rectory House, Stone, Kent, was Charged with having obtained certain sums of monev -viz., JE527 7s. 7d., £ 51 18s. Id., and JESS 2s. 6d.— between the months of October and December, 1882, from Mr. George Libbis Bokenham, a member of the Stock Exchange, and of 11, Warnford-court, Throg- morton-street, London, by false pretences. Witnesses Were called, and in the end the Bench decided to dismiss the charge. Mr. Bokenham thereupon entered into his Own recognisance of £ 200 to indict the defendant at the quarter sessions. THE death is announced at Padua of Herr Sigismund Svphilidiatride, the famous professor in the Vienna University, AT the Oldham PoKce-court, two rough-look- ing fellows, named Christopher Atkinson and William Harrison, were recently charged with burglary. Early in the morning they broke open the back door of the perby Hotel, Manchester-street, removed a safe contain- '1llg over JEOO from the bar into the kitchen, helped them- selves to wine, spirits, cigars, and a few shillings in money, and would probably have gone off with consider- able treasure had they not been disturbed in their depre- dations. They took to flight, Harrison leaving his clogs behind him, and his excuse for turning up at home with- out them was that he had fought a man for a pair, and had lost the battle and his clogs. The prisoners, who had Oothing to say for themselves, were committed for trial to the assizes. MB. ROTHERY, Wreck Commissioner, has de- vered judgment in the inquiry at Glasgow into thesink- of the steamship Chiapas, off Queenstown, on Dec. u- The vessel war insured for £ 40,000. The crew and passengers were saved, but one fireman was drowned. r. Rothery found that there was no want of seamanship, and that the captain, engineers, and officers were not to ame. He thought the heavy sea caused displacement cargo, which, floating in the hold, caused leakage in the hull. A DEPUTATION of the Midland Railway Com- ply s employes at Victoria Docks Station, London, and e new station, Poplar, E., recently waited upon Mr. ichrnond (who for twelve years was manager of the Stl • -Railway Company's Royal Victoria Docks tation) and presented him with a handsome silver cpergne, and with an illuminated address, bearing the aame of the contributors, and couched in terms expressive 0 the high esteem in which he is held by those over m he rules. Replying to the deputation, Mr. Ricli- ond thanked them for the unlooked-for presentation, stated that he looked back upon his term of office j* the Royal Victoria Docks with much satisfaction, P cially when he took into consideration the cheerful continued co-operation of the clerks and men under great difficulties, and concluded by saving that his owl edge of the employes now at Poplar led him to Jeve that the same measure of success would attend drew el*°rta *n t^le future- The deputation then with- All" DREW, the coroner's officer for Mile-end the I °^n' London, has informed Sir John Humphreys of toarp « °.f Cllaries F* Wilson, aged 4% years, whose dece'^3/03'^8^ at Dunstan's-road, Mile-end. The bavirf6 80n a lighterman, and his parents, about^'h"' 'nt0 l'le a^ove address, the boy was playing a ''e the furniture was being placed. Perceiving it to h°r bottle standing on the mantel-shelf, he put tents 'hank a large quantity of its con- agonv )onl-y afterwards he screamed out in great called iTi110' being ab,e to appease him, the mother Swallow* ri Cr°-V,!en> w^° that the child had Plumhp.-6 u &i <?nantity of spirits of salts, which the after f*i u!1'! imPru<ientIy left about. The child died IV lk •rS'intense agony. °spital Sunday collections this year in in 1882 0a have realised about 20 per cent. more than 82. I VICE-ADMIRAL LORD JOHN ILu. K.C.B., has embarked on board the Lively, despatch \essel, Com- mander A. A. C. l'arr, at Portsmouth, for Malta, at which station his lordship vll relieve Admiral Lord Alerter, G.C.B., of his duties as Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean. Sm. ARTHUR GORDON, late Governor of New Zealand and High Commissioner in the Pacific, has ac- cepted all invitation from the Edinburgh Pnilosophical Society to deliver a lecture on Fiji, Sir A. Gordon, who was formerly Governor of Fiji, recently visited that group on his return from jXew Zealand. Ila\ing been appointed an extra member of the Legislative Council of Fiji, he retained a personal connection with the adminis- tration of those islands during his Governorship of New Zealand. THE DUlm OF CONNAUGHT has consented to preside at the festival din er of the Field-lane Refuges and Ragged Schools, to be held OIl the 25th April, at Willis's Rooms. THE next literary examination of lieutenants of Militia who are canciidates for commissions in the Line will Le held by the Civil Service Commissioners at the London University, Burlington-gardens, W. (by per- mission of the senate), on Friday, the l.'ith April, and following days. Applications for permission to attend mutt be made in accordance with the instructions con- tained in the regulations issued with armv circulars, January, 1881, and are required to be forwarded by com- I manding officers not later than the 10th inst. AT the County Police-court, Sunderland, it was stated that within five days after the outbreak of pleuro- pneumonia, at Mr. Hendersons farm at Harton, an out- break had occurred at Mr. Snowdon's farm adjoining, and all the cows affected had been destroyed. A serious case of the same disease had occurred at Mr. Dunn's farm near Whitburn, where 3ix cows had been slaughtered. Foot- and-mouth disease had broken out on Mr. Dryden's farm at Harton, and it seemed that Harton was a focus of disease. CATTLE DISEASE throughout the home division of Kent being now extinct, the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Committee at Canterbury have declined for the present to enforce the recent order of the Privy Council. The usual lean stock market was accordingly opened, but no animals were offered. Foot-and-mouth disease is spreading with alarming rapidity throughout Staffordshire. A fresh outbreak is reported at Greenway Bank, near Bucknall, in the northern division of the county, where thirty-two cattle on one farm are infected. THE principal feature of a temperance meet- ing held at Park Hall, Park-street, Islington, London, under the auspices of the Blue Ribbon Army, was a lecture delivered by Walt-Bun-Ali-Kee, chief of the great Wolf tribe of North American Indians—a delegate to the Government in respect of certain territorial difficulties in Canada. The chief traced the decay of his tribe, which in the time of Penn was one of the most im- portant, to the introduction of fire-water, which, he informed the meeting, was, during his own experience, to be had for the nure asking. He was very pleased to inform the meeting that a bill had been pas ed which imposed a penalty of thirty days' imprisonment and a fine of §50 on any pcrson who sold spirits of any kind to an Indian. The proceeding were enlivened by vocal and instrumental music, and at the close several pledges were taken. UNDER the auspices of the Council of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, a public conference will be held in London on Thursday and Friday, the 1st and 2nd of March, for the purpose of discussing the various systems of bringing up and edu- cating pauper children. The president of the conference will be Lord Aberdare, and the proceedings will take place, by permission of the Council of the Society of Arts, in their hall in John-street, Adelphi. THE watchmen at the Wolf Lighthouse have only recently been relieved, after having been de- tained in the lighthouse on account of the stormy weather for nearly three months. Their supplies had run very short, and for some time they had beea living upon only two meals per day. THE Rev. J. Elias jJughea, M.A., pastor of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel at St. Asaph, has received and accepted a call to the pastorate of the Welsh Church, Wilton-square, London. THE newspaper La Citoycnnc announces the foundation of a French National Women's Suffrage Society, on the model of those in England and America. Among the members of the new organisation are several deputies and members of the Parisian Municipal Council. Mine. Edmond Adam is one of the honorary members. AN address has been issued to the electors of Westmeath purporting to be from a Mr. Win. Pentland, stating that although he does not possess the merit of having'been in gaol, yet, if returned, he will make such a speech as will secure him six months in one of her Majesty's prisons. lie will support Mr. Gladstone as a tried friend, and if returned must be allowed -0200 a year and his hotel expenses." THE somewhat uncommon spectacle of an objection to marriage banns has been witnessed at the village church of Whittington, near Oswestry. The occasion was the third time of publishing the banns of marriage between a gentleman resident at Warrington and a farmer's daughter resident at Whittington, and the objection was laid by a solicitor on behalf of the father of the young lady. He was, of course, invited to state his "just cause or impediment" in the vestry after morning service. LORM PENRHYN has consented to be present to the Privy Council the ratepayers' memorial in favour of a Charter of Incorporation being granted to the borough of Bangor. The Local Board of Health have withdrawn their opposition to the proposal. ALDERMAN WILSON, of Cheltenham, a former Australian colonist, has offered a donation of Xl- CO to the Dean Close Memorial Fund, provided a portion of the funds be applied to a free library and a school of art. The rector, Canon Bell, on the other hand, is desirous of erect- ing a middle-class school, and promises 1100. The local press sides with the alderman. THE Manchester Chamber of Commerce, after an animated discussion has passed a resolution authori- sing that the name of the president be affixed on behalf of the chamber to the petition for presentation to the House of Commons asking them to set aside the decision of the Examiner with respect to the standing orders not having been complied with by the promoters of the Manchester Ship Canal Scheme in the deposit of their Bill. The secretary to the Manchester Chamber of Com- merce has received an intimation that the Lord Chancellor has agreed to receive deputations from the Chambers of Commerce and Law Associations of Manchester and Liverpool in reference to the proposal of those bodies in favour of continuous sittings of the Ilil-h Court of Justice alternately in the two cities named for the trial of Common Law, Chancery, and Admiralty cases. A MEETING OF INHABITANTS has been held at the Town Hall, Brighton, to make arrangements for the reception of volunteers taking part in the Easter Monday review. Alderman Davey presided, in the absence of the Mayor, who is unwell. A committee was appointed to arrange for a site for the manoeuvres, and to give a public welcome to the volunteers. Great satisfaction was expressed at the decision of the metro- politan commanding officers to go to Brighton, and 1;400 was subscribed in the room to defray expenses. THE memorial stone of the new nave of St. John the Evangelist's Church, St. Leonards, which was almost entirely destroyed by fire on the eve of Advent Sunday, 1878, has been laid by Mr. C. J. Murray, M.P. The ceremony was witnessed by a large concourse of people, and was prefaced by a choral service in the church, at which Canon Crosse delivered an address. MR. WATIS, of Hawthorn Lodge, Bridge-road, Barnes, London, went iuto the dining-room with a lighted candle to ascertain the cause of the smell of gas, and it was immed'ately followed by an explosion which slightly injured Mr. Watts and blew out the windows, causing considerable' damage to the furniture and building. THOMAS RHODES, a commission agent and commercial traveller, has been sent to gaol by the Dudley magistrates for twenty-one days for deserting two of his children. Defendant separated from his wife, she retain- ing three of the children and lie two. but he broke his part of the compact, and now pleaded that he thought the wife had all the children with her. AT a crowded meeting held at Macclesfield (one of the boroughs threatened with disfranchisement), a resolution was unanimously passed in favour of the Government Corrupt Practices Bill, and urging the in- sertion of a clause compelling the closing of the public- houses on election days. The speakers alleged that dis- grace had been brought upon Macclesfield through the public-houses being open and facilities thus afforded voters for indulging in intoxicants. FROM THE DISTRICT of Mymensingh, in Eastern Bengal, comes news respecting the proposed changes in the rent law, to the effect that discussions regarding those changes have given rise to a crop of wild rumours among the ryots. An idea has got abroad that the Government has passed an order fixing thirteen annas per Bigah as the maximum rent to be paid by the tenants. The ryots of several villages have accordingly stopped the payment of rent. 1






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