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BANGOR. THE LATE GALEs.One of the raott severe storms which have visited this district for a con- siderable period occurred on Thursday, and con- tinued in all its severity with but little intermis- sion throughout the whole of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday rain, sleet. hail, and snow were experienced at intervals, and i the wind blew with terrible force, the gust- being sufficiently strong to create alarm in the minds of those exposed to their fury. In several parts of the town property was slightly damag- d, but, foitunately, no accidents of a serious nature to persons or property have been heard of. Not- withstanding the sheltered position of the harbour, considerable apprehension was felt in regard to the safety of the vessels moored off Hirael and Garth, but with a few slight exceptions the alarm proved groundless. Amongst these exceptions we mav mention the Fairlie and Jane Annie Walker, and the Mary Edwardt, which dragged their anchors, and drifted some distance, but happily sustained no serious damage. On Friday the sciJooner Robert Brown, of Dublin, Capt Reynolds, wfs towed into the harbour, having lost several important fails in the gales besides sustaining other severe damages. On Thursday a large barque, bound for Menai Bridge wit1. timber, in tow of a tug, grounded on Gallows Point, and for a tide remained in a dangerous position, but was ultimately got off w'th but little damage. CONCERT -On Friday evening, a splendid con- cert was held in the Peurhyn Hall, for the benefit of Mr Charles G. Davies, Bangor Cathedral. The concert was under the patronage of Lord and Lady Penrhyn, Sir R. L. M. Williams Bulkeley, Bart., Richard Davies, Esq., M. P., &c., and proved a great success, the hall being oensely crowded with a fashionable and appreciative audience. The following was the programme :—Solo on the violin, by Mr F. Ward. I fear no foe," Mr D. Harrison. Solo on the violin, Andante and Finale," Mr F. Ward. Song, Bella adorata incognita," Mr C. G. Davies. Solo on the flute, N> p-ditniae," Mr W. H. R. M. Johnson. Song, Serenata." Miss M ry Davies. Duett, "Love and War," Messrs Davies and Harrison. Song, "Yr Ehedydd," Miss Davies who was encored, and gave Y Deryn Pur." Trio, "The Hawthorn in the Glade," Messrs Davies, Harrison, and MiO', Davies. Song, The Mountain Spirit's Voice," tlr D. Harrison. Song," The Requital," Mr C. v. Davies. Solo on the violin, "Setections from Faust," Mr F. Ward. Soug, "Pack Cloud's Away," Miss Davies, who was again 11 IR I loudly encored. Song," Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep," Mr D. Harrison. Song, Good Night," Miss Davies, who in response to another encore, sans; "Robin Adair." Song, "I Love Thee," Mr C. G. Davies. The entertainment concluded with the National Anthem, sung by Miss Davies, the audience uniting in the chorus. TBA PARTY.- On Thursday afternoon, a treat of the above description was given to the children of the Tabernacle Punchy School by the ladies of the Dorcas Society. The school-room where the tea was served was profusely decorated with bunt- ing, evergreens, and appropriate mottoes, which r, fleeted the greatest credit upon the young ladies who had taken part in this object. About 250 children sat down at the tables, which were ably presided over by Mrs Ator. in Richards, Mrs Web- ster, Mrs Hughes, Plas Llwyd; Mrs Owen. Gre n- wich House; Mrs Jones, High-street; Mrs DOlkws, Miss Davies, Fron Deg Miss Lf-ura Roberts, Miss Emma Roberts, Miss Hannah Griffith, Miss M. E. Jones, Miss Hannah Roberts, Miss Evans, Miss Roberts, Brynteg Miss Grace Ellis Miss Lily Jones, Miss Wallace, Miss E. Crlffidi, and Miss Anne Jones. Valuable aid was also rendered by the following p.,ei-ltlemen:-Rev John Williams, Dr Price, Mr David Williams, Mr Robert Hughes, Mr R. Williams, — Roberts, Captain Evans, &c. In the evening, an interest- ing magic lautem exhibition was given through the kindness of Mr W. Payne, Upper Bangor, com- prising some of the principal Sentt^ views, whilst thelattt: series of comic sketches, amusement amongst the youngster I THE BANGOR1:YOUNG MEN'S DEBATING SOCIETY. -This society held its opening meeting on Friday evening at the Lon-y-pobty llethodist Chapel, under the presidency of Mr Hugh Lloyd Jones, I Medical Hall. In the course of the evening an I excellent adf?ras? was delivered by the Rev 1). C. Davids, M.A., upon "Singleness ef aim necessary for a worthv lif,. Tiiccws a good attendance of I members and we believe the prospects of the society are very good. The matter to he discussed at the next meeting is, "Is sectarianism advnn- tigeous to religion," and several of the members! have undertaken to contribute papers upon the Oct. Tne annual mceti- g of the BriUsh [-md Foreign Bible Society was Veld on Monday morning in the Penrhyn Hall, the Lord Bishop of Bangor presiding. Amongst these on the platform were Messrs T. Lewis, J. Price, H. Lewis (local secretary), Revs D. Rowlands, M.A., John Williams, W. Dickens Lewis (deputation), D. S. Davies, and J. Feather. 5'he bishop exolained his absence from lest, year's meeting to the circumstance that he was then suf- fering "cinder one of the henvit st and sorest trials and afflictions in wdiich human life could participate. In disseminating the Scriptures, it was not enough that we should subscribe towards providing the prop r machinery by which its trutes might be sown in all lands, but it must be recommended by the conduct and practice of those assisting in those noble efforts which the society sought to ittain. Works were untrue from their beginning and im- potent in tir ir effect unless they were believed in and acted upon by the persons who sought and desired to give force to them. They could not persuade the outdde world that they embraced the Bible as the word of God unless their lives weie regulated and guided by the truths, doctrines, and precepts which that book contained and enforced. Having regard to the infidelity now so apparent in the world-to those thoughts which were net merely written but "publicly uttered—it behoved those loving and believing in the Bible carefully to read the Scriptures, so as to give reasons for the faith that was in them, and above all, to show that what they sought to make acceptable to ethers was truly valued and acted upon in their own hearts, in every thought, word, or action, and governed the whole tenour of their lives before God and before their fellow-men (hear, bear). The report, read by Mr Henry Lewis, showed a balance in hand of X21 13s 101 on the year's operations. On the motion of Mr Ed. Jones, Brynteg, seconded by the Rev D. Rowlands, it was resolved That the accounts as now l'e,d be printed and circulated for the satisfaction of the subscribers." The second resolution, which was moved by the Rev John Williams, and seconded by the Rev W. Dickens Lewis in an excellent and lengthy address was to the effect-" That this meeting acknowledges, with grateful thanks, the goodness of Almighty God in blessing the opera- tions of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and in inclining the hearts of His people to spread the knowledge of His Word through the means of this society." The Rev D. S. Davies proposed, and the Rev J. Feather seconded That the thanks of this meeting be given to the collectors and officers of the Bangor auxiliary for their services during the past year." After the customary vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding the proceedings terminated

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