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Talacre Hall, the ancient seat of Sir Pyers Mostyn, Bart., has been let to Mr Reynold, of Liverpool. Mr and Mrs E. Lloyd Edwards and family have arrived at Claridge's Hotel from Nanhoron, Pwllheli. The Rev Stephen Gladstone, rector of I-lawarden, who accompanied the Prime Minister to Cannes, expects to bo back in Bus-land on Saturday next Two men were killed at the BettisfieM Colliery, Fl ntshire, on Wednesday night, through the sud- den falling in of the roof. The Right Hon. Henry Cecil Raikes, M.P-, Mrs Raikes, and the Misses Raikes, have left Llwyn- egryn Hall, Mold, for Peterhouse Lodge, Cam- bridge, on a visit to the Vice-Chancellor. The Marquis of Bute laid the memorial stone of the new County Infirmary at Cardiff on Tuesday. The building, which is expected to be finished in July. will cost X3000. The site, worth E12,000, together with a donation of £100D, were given by the Marquis of Bute. A memorial influentially signed is now being prepared showing the advantages offered by Llan- gollen as a site f or the erection of the North Wales College. Several public meetings have beeu held upon the subject. At the Bodmin Assizes, on Tuesday Walter -T :g Felix, seamau. aged 16, was convicteJ of the man- slaughter of Morris Jones, steward on board the Mary Canso)i, of Portmadoc, by stabbing him on the high seas on November 10th. For tho defence it was contended that the prisoner had been harshly treated by the captain and crew, and that he stabbed the deceased curing a quarrel in Bel?- defeuce. Sente,ce of twelve months* hard labour was passed. A Cardiff correspondent states on auth ); ity that the Rev J. W. Wynne Jones (son of the late Arch- deacon Wynne Jones, Treiorwerth, Anglesey), vicar of Abrraare, and formerly senior curate nt Carnarvon, has been appointed to the living of Lampeter Yelfry, vaoar t by the acceptance by the Venerable Archdeacon Lewia of the Bishopric of Llanchff. In the event of Mr Robertson consenting to contest Merionethshire, the names of Messrs tIey- wood, Lonsiale, and C. Walker arc mentioned as Tvobihle Liberal candidates for Shrewsbury. Intelligence his been received at Chester of the death, at Boulogne, of Mr Thomas Hilton, a well- known and. universally-esteemed b.irristcr on the Chester and Norrh Wsles Circuit. Hamuel Morgan, Jun., Welsh flmnel m^ru- faefcurer, Montgomeryshire, has filed r- petit-ion owing to serious depression of trade. Ihe liabilities are £ 130,000, the •sscots beiug consider- able. Upton Castle, the seat of Mr IT Vaughan, brother of the Master of the Temple, was much damaged on Sunday by fire, which broke out in the library. It is stated Captain Pritehard-Rayner, who is breaking up his Anglesey establishment, will not be the Conservative candidate for Anglesey, and th-it the party are endeavouring to secure as their candidate Mr John H ighes, ex-mayor of Liverpool. MrT. J. Jones- of Llangefni, member of St. John's College, Cambridge, has passsd success- fully h's examination lor the degree of B A. at tho above university, his name appearing in the f.eeond-class theological honours list. The Rhyl local committee has appoint od Mr P. Mostyn Williams to represent that hWE on the sites committee of tie proposed vVales College. The Kev E Tudor Owen, having acted as senior curate at Rhyl for a period of nearly 20 years, giving his se.vices gratuitously, has now resigned. PROPERTY SALT:.—By Mr J. Pritchard, at the P .i v/.<;y Hotel, Lia:ifii- P.G., freehold bouse. No. 1, En fair-terrace, withdrawn as zC 2 8 o. 2, ErwLv- tsrr^e, w: horuwu at £ 210 632 ;q;iare a" building land or £ 110. Messrs Hughes and Pritehard, B.'iigor, vendoi's solici- tors. CONSP,RVATISV ,I-, FLTXT-HISS. —It has been de- cided to hold a public meeting at Rhyl during the Eastern holidays, Mr Raikes, M.P., being one of those who have promised to attend it. BEAUMARIS GRAMMAR. SCHOOL.—At the recent examination for eight open scholarships at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, one of the two first was awarded to J. Owen, Beaumaris G. :mnaar Srhool, who years ago obtained one of the exhi- bitions offered by this school to boys in public elementary schools. There were* 30 to 40 candi- dates. THE CARNARVONSHIRE HUNT. — The harriers t threw off on Monday at Ciynnog, and had a good day's sport, several hares being killed. Mr Sydney Platt, the master, hunted the pack, and there was r, field of ladies and gentlemen, w, ) were hospitably entertained at luncheon by Mr \V. A. Darbishire. The entries for the hunt steeple- chase ou Thursday are exceeding any anticipations E which were realized when a proposal was made for reviving the fixture. REPRESENTATION* OF MERIONETHSHIRE —It is j .1 irr stated that Mr Sorton-Parry, who contested Car- narvon Boroughs as an Independent Liberal at the late by-election, and who after the poil announced his determination to again come forward, will transfer1 his candidature to Merionethshire, in opposition to Mr Robertson, M.P., who h..s been selected by the Central Liberal Committee. Mr Sorton- Parry is on the commission of the peace for the county, but is non-resident. NORTH WALES SLATE T-RkDr. Coi,,sequp-t upon the continued depression in the slate trade Capt. Kinsey Hayward, the managing direct-, of the Cilgwyn Slate Quarries, which afford ern- ,ymeut for 300 men, stated at the Llast| mons;,1 v let- ting that 115 workmen would bejdiecharged after a fortnight. The management Captain Hayward added, exceedingly regretted this course but, in the depressed state of trade, thera was no alter- native. It is reported at Bethesda that oViing to the depression Lord Penrhyn's quarries will shortly revert to the four-days' syrtem of working. THE TRIAL OF HOLYHEAD RAILWAY OFFICIALS.— At the Anglesey Assizes, on Friday, before Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, the jury acquitted Mr Guest, the Holyhead station-master, and In- spector Holt, who were indicted for the man- slaughter of three passengers who were crossing from the steamer to the railway at Holyhead. The charges aarainst Alcock and Evans were also dis- missed afterwaros. Nor.TH WALES COLLIERS —On Saturday a meeting of the North Wales coalowuers who are members of the North Wales Masters' Association WPS held at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wr-xham, to take consideration the notice from the North Wales Miners' Association stating that from J the 3rd February the colliers only intend to work five days of eight hours each per week. The masters resolved that they would not allow any alteration in th? working hours to take place at their collieries, and notices to this effec were posted at the several collieries. DEATH OF MISS NESTA WILLIAMS WYNN -Sor- row was caused throughout the district of Rusbon, on Saturday, by the announcement of the somewhat sudden death of Miss Nesta Williams Wynn, the youngest daughter of Sir Watkin Williams" Wynne, Barr., M.P., at the age of thirteen years. Sunday week Miss Nesta attended Diviue service at Ruabon Parish Church with her mother, Lady Williams Wynn, and on Monday was out liuuting with Sir Watkin's hounds, at Brynkinallt, Chirk, Lord Trevor's estate. During the week, however, she became very seriously indisposed. Feverisa symp- toms presented themselves, and the throat was found to be ulcerated, causing grave anxiety. Dr Bennett arrived from London on Thursday night, and remained with the invalid until she died. Miss Nesta's condition was so critical oa Friday that Sir William Jenner was telegraphed for, but* owing to an engagement with her Majesty the Queen, Sir William was unabie to visit Wynnstay, and on Friday night, shortly before ten o'clock, Miss Nesta expired. Profound sympathy is felt through- out the Principality for Sir Watkin and Lady Wiiliams Wynn in their extreme bereavement. A WELSHMAN SENTENCED TO DEATH —At the Manchester Assizes on Thursday, Abraham Thomas (a native of Henllan, near Denbigh, butler in the employ of Captain Ansdell, at Kersley, near Bolton) was found guilty of the murder of Christina Leigh, late housekeeper to Captain Ansdell, and seuteJJced to death. It appears that Thomas, on being apprehended, said that he and the housekeeper had been quirrelliDg for a fortnight; that he had been on the spree," and that he did not think, five minutes previously, of committing the dreadful deed. THE PROPOSED SOUTH WALES COLL JG?:.—Lord Bramwell has consented to act as one of the referees in the arbitration upon the relative claims of Swansea and Cardiff as the site for the new College for South Wales and Monmouth- shire. Lord Spencer's duties in Ireland will prevent him acting as one of the refertes, and it has been suggested by Mr Mur.della that Lord Carlingford, who is doing Lord Spencer's work at the Privy Council Office, should be asked to take his place. The Mayor of Cardiff, on behalf of the Cardiff Committee has informed tho IV'^yor of Swansea that they are agreeable to such an arrangement. SERIOUS ACCIUENT ON* THE MENAI SUSPENSION" BRIDGE.—On Thursday morning a carriage con- taining a number of witnesses, jurymen, and police constables, who were on their way to Beaumaris Assizes, collided with a cart on the Anglesey side of the Meuai Suspension Bridge. The shafts were completely shattered, and all the occupants of the carriage, which overturned, were precipitated into the road. Mr David Jones, Llanfechell Hotel, sustained serious irternal injuries, and fears are entertained of his recovery. Sergeant Toohill, of Holyhead, was also much cut about the head. FATAL ACCIDENT AT A WREXHAM COLLIERY.—A sad fatsl accident took place at the Caepenty Coal Company on Tuesday morning, by which a youth named Newman, aged 17 years, wrs killed. It appears Newman was engaged down the shaft to attend to the weggons, and from some cawse he crushed against u post and killed on the spot. Intelligence has reached Chester from TheKnole, Bournemouth, of the birth of a son to Lord and Lady R. Grosvenor. ANOTHER COLLIERY DI-PUTE.—A grave dispute has again arisen between the Wrexham miners ard their employers. The miners have se-ved the pro- prietors with notice to work five dars per week and ei^ht hours per day, contending that this will bring about a better state of things, and so raise their wages. The notire, which is in accordance with a resolution adopted by the Leeds Conference, ter- minn.tes on February 3rd. The owners, having assembled in association, have determined to resist the notice and not to allow any alteration to take place in the working hours, and another disastrous rtrike is feared. Negotiations are row being made to about a compromise. FASHIONABLE WEDDING AT WREXHAM.—A fash;orab!e weddins? took r>,t Marchwiel, near Wrexham, on Tuesday. iMirs Arabella Margaret Pierc r, eldest dang-hter of Mr B. Pierey, c f M-irch- wiel Hall, was married to Mr> d Bowen Bernard, of ol, Courfield Gard s. London. The Rev T. E. Meredith, rector of I«gli-id, officiated, being assisted by the Rev J. St:nk< rector of the parish, he marriage was m>de the occasion for rejoicings of an extensive character.