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A CARD.-To ALL WHO ARE SUFFERING > KOM the errors and indiscretion of youth, nervous we atness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c., I will send a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in Soutb America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the KNV JOSEPH T TXMAN, Station D, New York City, U.cs.A II SONG AND CHORUS (English and Wtlsh), "MARY, CYMRU'S FAIREST" (ham, nuoayn CYMIitr). Music and Welsh Version by I II. B. WILLIAMS. PRICB SIXPENCE. On tale by D. W. Davies, 19, Bridge-street, Car- narvon. THE BLUE RIBBON ARMY. I PLEDGE CARDS fin Bnglish and Wehh). THE above neat cards (which have been J- approved by the Committee of the Gospel Temperance Union) are to be bad of I D. W. DAVIES AND Co., Booksellers, Bridge- street and High-street, Carnarvon, at two shillings per hundred free by poet, 2s 6d. ^yiLLIAM JOHN pARRY, GENERAL MERCHANT, MAES- Y-GROES, BANGOR, CAN supply the best of the following at the most reasonable figure. Contracts for the supply of large quantities entered into. Orders promptly attended to. An experienced man will attend any experiments required with Explosives. EXPLOSIVES. — Gunpowder, Blasting Gelatine, Ttjnite, Dynamite, Sporting Powder, Detonator? of all kind", Fasea, Percussion Caps, Cartridges, &c. ENGINE PACKING of all kinds. 1 INDIA RUBBER. -Sheets. Washers, Hoses, Buffers, &< (VUTTA PERCH A.—Tubing, Beltings, &s. BEST CAST STEEL.-In bars of all kinds. CRUCIBLE STEEL.-Wheela for Slate Quarries, Lead Mines, andCollieries. ROPES.—Hemp and Wire of any length. OILS and GREASE of all kinds, for every description of Machinery and Lamps, as well as for Painters, FOUNDERS' DUST.—Charcoal Blacking, Coal Dust. TAR —Stockholm Tar, Pitch, Coal Tar, Coal Pitch. ENGINE WASTE-White and Coloured. PAINTS, COLOURS, VARNISH, and GLUES, of all descriptions. CANDLES of all kinds. PIPES.-Iron, Zinc, and Clay. Warehouses and Magazines at Bethesda, Bangoi, Carnarvon, Festiniog, and Dolgelley. ¡ OFFICES :—3 & 4, WILLIAXS' COURT, BKTHKBDA, NEAR BANOOB- B 973-349 I HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. 0 SPRING 1882. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. T. J WILLIAMS HAS great pleasure in informing the Public that he has opened a new Branch in the TAILORING DEPARTMENT In connection with his already extensive busi- ness, and begs to announce that he has en- gaged the services of MR SCURLOCK as CurrBR, who has had considerable experience in every branch of the Trade, and trusts, by prompt attention to all orders, to receive the continued support of his numerous friends and customers. (JBNTS' TWBKD Burrs, to order S2 10s ScOTCH CHEVIOTS, to order £ 2 15s BBST BANNOCKBUKX to order 93 3s In all the leading Patterns and Shades. Also, West of England TROUSERINGS, WORSTED COATINGS, BROADCLOTHS, &c., in great variety. Ladies' RIDING HABITS, JACKETS, ULSTERS, &C. LIVERIES AND JVYBNILB DRESS. TKBMS.—5 per cent. for Cash 2l per cent. for Cish in three Months six months-NETT. z327 ADDITION TO STONE PIER AT TAL-Y. FOKL, ANGLESEY. TENDERS are invited f«r building a stone pier (TO feet long by 15 wide), and repairs to Jetty. Plans and specification may be seen at the Guild Hall after the 19th inst. Tenders by the 28th inst. R. LL. JONES, Borough Surveyor. 17th April, 1883. B 1037—361-B As a safe, permanent, and warranted care for Pimples Scrofula. Scurvy, Bad Lega, Skin and Blood Diseases and Sores of all kinds, we can with confidence reoom, mend CLARK'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTUBB old by Chemists everywhere.