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DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, &C.—DELLAR'S ESSENCE FOR DKAFNBSS should always be tried, as in number of cases, seemingly incurable, it has done w05dursV Deafue^s. Obstructions in the Bars, aB> j Sounds so frequent with affected Uearmp are removed after two or three nights' applications. DELLAR'S ESSENCE can be spoken of as su' e to give some relief in any case of deafness without causmg the slightest injury to the delicate oraanisms of the ear, and, nowever -urprislns, persons for years Deaf have heard sounds after a fair trial of Dellar's Essince. Bottles, Is l £ d and 2s 9d. Sold by all Chemists. INEXPENSIVE HA:R RESTORER. LOCKYER'S SUL- PHUR HAIR RESTORER will darken grey hair, in a few days bringing back the colour. The effect is superior to that produced by a direct dye and does not injure the skin. Lockyer's is equal to the most expensive. It is the best for restoring grey hair to its former colour. Produces a perfectly natural shade. Valuable for de- stroying scurf and encouraging growth of new hair. Sulphur being highly prized for its stimulant, cleansing, healthful action on the hair glands, Lockyer's Restorer is strongly recommended. Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold by all Chemists, Hairdressers and Perfumers every- whare. SULPHOLINB LOTION."—An external means of CURING- SKIN DISEASES. There is scarcely any eruption hut will yield to "Sulpholine" in a few and c mtneuce to fade away, even if it seems past cure. Orliuary pimples, reaness, blot (dies, scurf, roughness vanish as if by magio whilst old enduring E.ktn dis- orders, that have plaprued the sufferers for years, how- ever deeply ruo ed they may be, "Sulphollne" will successfully attack them. It destroys the animalcules which cause these unsightly, irritaNe. painful affec- tions, and always prodnces a clear, healthy, natural, condition of the skin. Sulpholine Lotion is sold by most Chemists. Bottles, 2d 9d. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH.—PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC strengthens the nerves and muscular system, improve s digestion, animates the spirits, recruit stne health, rouses and develops the nervous energies, enriches the blood, promotes appetite, dispels Ian langour and depression, fortifies the digestive organs. Is a specific remedy for neuralgia, indigestion, fevers, onest affections, aid in wasting diseases, scrofulous tendencies, etc. The whole frame is greatly invigor- ated ( y Pepper's Tonic, the mental faculties bright- ened, the constitution greatly strengthened, and a return to robust health certain. Bottles. 82 doses, 4..6 t Sold by Chemists everywhere. The name of J. PEPPER is on the label. Insist on having" Pepper's Tonic." CURED IN A FAW DAYS, CORNS, BUNIONS, AND ENLARGED TOE JOINTS.-Duir-T-A a CORN AND BUNION PLAS ERS are the only real remedy. They differ from all Wasters, Shields or Compositions ever invented. By instantly softening the callous surrounding the pain goes at once, the corn soon following. Bunions and enlarged toe joints require more time for perfect cure, out the action is certain and relief instantaneous, ^yjjoots may be worn with comfort three hours after ?PPlylu8 Cellar's Plasters; on no account be persuaded Boxes, Is lid each, are sold by most Chemists. Post-free 14 Stamps. Bedford Iiaborat«ry Bayley-street, London, W.C. J


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