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HOME NEWS. A report is current that Mr Sergeant Simon, M.P., is about to be appointed Governor of the Isle of Man. Dr T. A. Elias, a well-known medical practitioner in South port, died with awful sudden- ness on Tuesday while visiting a patient. A soldier's wife, travelling from Fort to Edinburgh on Monday, gave birth to a child in the midnight train between Forres and Dunphail. Both mother and child are doing well. Henry Wilson, seven years of age. while playing at cricket at the back of Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, on Saturday, was struck in he region of the heart by a cricket bail, and instantly expired. Matthew Kinsella, the supposed Fenian who shot the young man Andrews in Tighe-street, Dublin, and convicted of manslaughter, was on Saturday sentenced to twenty years' penal servi- Some further seizure of arms and arrests of persons have been effected by the police in Dublin. Ia the house of one man captured they found in a sack five rifles, four bayonets, a sword and scabbard, and a bayonet scabbard.. Rumoura are now current that Earl Cowper is about to resign the office of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. The Freeman's Journal attaches significance to the presence in Dublin of Lord Oarlingford, Marquis of Hartington, and Mr Forster. John Wheat, aged 39, a troop corporal- major in the 2ud Life Guards, has committed suicide by hanging himself because he was on the eve of completing his service and retiring. As one I of the witnesses stated, "It broke his heart to leave his men." An interesting anniversary is likely to be celebrated next mouth. In May, 1861, the Post Office Savings Banks wero stared j so that the Savings Bank is within a few days of attaining its majority. It is proposed to have a dinner to mark the occasion, with Mr Fawcctt in the chair and Mr Gladstone as a guest. The Duke of Sutherland has had a I narrow escape from death by drowning. He ) was boating on the lake at Treutliam, when a ) sudden gust of wind capsized his small craft. His Grace, being a good swimmer, kept himself afloat until rescued by one of his servants. The Easter Monday review and sham fight at Portsmouth passed off in a most suc- cessful manner. About 27,000 volunteers and regulars took part in the manoeuvres, which were witnessed by a quarter of a million spectators. The Prince of Wales, at the close, expressed his entire satisfaction with the whole proceedings. Private James M'Donald, of the 1st Elginshire Volunteers, has received a pension of sixpence a day for life in consequence of injuries received at the Royal Beview in August last. By the injury sustained M'Donald lost the eight of his eye. This, we believe, is the first case of a volunteer being pensioned. case of a volunteer being pensioned. The steward of Sir Wilfrid lriwson, M.P,, having reporttod that one of his farm.- in Cutubsr- la ad had been re-let on a en year, lease ,t f. increased iei.tal of £ 30 per aunv r, the jior: baronet inquired wtio was responsible tor the im- provement, and being told that it had fcten effected b7 the tenant, Sir Wilfrid immediately I directed his steward t > write out a cheque for £ 80 j a-3d forward it to the t-jnant. The drunken cases bo^ore Mr 0 I AspiraJ, at the Dale-street (Liverpool) • i-uce J Court ou Saturday, did not indicate that there had been any extensive dinnkenness in the streets, which called for the interference of the police during Friday. Altogether there were 84 pers vug apprehended for drunkenness between Thursday niglltaud Saturday morning. Most of them were "old" offenders, and one hnd been 60 times before the court. At Froggat Edge, a place much freque t-dby ple-sure-ejkera from Sheffield, a lameiitable a cideut occuired on Monday. A. lady and gent emeu were driving down the hill towards B»?low in a landau when a traction e)?gine collided against the carriage and upset the equipage. The occupants were thrown out, and two of them (Mr Llttlewood and Miss Smith) were killed, the heavy waggons attached to the I engine parsing over them. Several other persons Iwere it)j:I! ed. On Good Friday great excitement was occ asioned in Inverness by the fact that about 150 ^erHoiis became ill, with jyaiptoms of poisoning, after eating hot cr,)ss buns. III most cases the symptoms passed off in the course of three or four hours. No 14tal case has occurred. The poison has bee-; traced to the bund, and, it is conjectured, canst have got accidentally mixed with the spice. This year the Easter Monday volunteer review wid s!; un fight took place at Portsmouth. According to the pre-arranged plan,the27,000 men engaged in the operations under the command of P;ince Edward of Saxe-Weimar were divided into attacking and defending forces, the former under ifujor-Generais Kigginscn and Sir Evelyn Wood, while Major-Generals Pakenham and Gage com. maaded the defending force. The proceedings were witnessed by an immense number of specta- tors. Afterwards there was a march past before the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge. Mr W. B. Smythe. whose sister-in-law was recently shot dead, has addressed a letter to his t'umtrv on the Ba barilla Estate, in which he says :—" I do not go throrgh the form of calling you friends. Few of you are, and most of you assented to the deed of blood, and many of you only regret that one who has passed a long life, and spent his income amongst you was not the victim. Some of you know what was intended, and are guilty iu God's sight as the murderer." Mr Smythe proceeds to inform his tenants that in future they will have to pay their rents to a non- resident agent, who would have no power to make allowances, nor do anything on the property not strictly required by law.




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