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-r- 'BORAX ALIN E 1 F03 TEETH FOK MOUTH, FOE HANDS, FOB HAJF, FOB. >,KIN, '{TOE CLEANSING KVEBYWHEEK. • FEiST, PERFUMED, ANTISEPTIC RARE, WITH THEE NONE OTHER CAN COMPARE— "BO R A X A L I. NE" SOLII By CHEMISTS AND 3ROCKRS. Qv.xr.x L;, 4*1 Mining 6 Large Packets. Full Direction*, Pntf Ht BORAX: Its Manifold Uaea." Uescrip'ive Circular, Papers, <fcc., Post Free PATENT BOI'A X Co., Works, Birmingham B 155—462 A COL I) "Will) with iiffeient individuals, show itself in a variety of foric", the mont common being Coryza or Of)1rl in the Head, well-known by the lassitude, weariness. fullness about the head, dry, stuffed-up nostrils, frequent sneezing, 'ith a "bit of a ooagh," and tightrt. 3s p.cross the ch<??t, &c. At once let the patient take Griffith owen'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, axixed with a wine-glassful of warm water, at I bed. tlie directi*-n.s given with each bottle, and much evil will be avoided. Mo<e than otie-thiid of the deaths in the Metropolis find t,hi» large in England arise irom Con- 8 ruption alo: e. It justifies, therefore, the obseryatioii made by Dr Robert Hunter, that the questicn cf prevention and cure it one in tchich ft My Six MILLION'S of the present people of England have the iiUnit of life itself" owing, no doubt, to neglected Coughs and Colds. Griffith owen'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, Can always be depended upm in the early atag-33 t'ee that you get '.TIUFFITIR OWEN'S Semur are the effects of neglected coughs or colds. CI SrFFITH OWEN'S JT ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, Cures uine caoes out of ten, and renders the constitution lees liable to take fresh cold. See that you get GRtrnTH OWEX'S and no ciher imitation. ■2b S: 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. CI BIFFITH OWEN'S W ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT Is an elegant Ccugli Mixture, and agrees with the modern medical treatmeut of colds, as testified by c-vetal medical men To be had in bottle, Is lid and 2s 9d, of all ch"miots. The great value of GRIFFITH OWEN's remedy creates a large demand. 25 & 27; High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. (1 JilFFTTH OWEN'S 7 ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. This j ndicioua combination is the most effec- tive remedy for, and preventive against, the cor^eqv.encerf arising from exposure to cold in any gree-complaints which may be the prelude to various inflammatory diseases. See that you get GRIFFITH OWBN'S. 25 & 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. The surprising cures effected by GRIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT Have astonished many It gently frees the lungs from clotted phlegm, heals up the pus fcular wounds from thccc-re; relieves the chest by expectoration, without straining; removes #i'.l difficult breathing by ita healthy stimulus to the proper circulation of the fluids. ? & 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. E225 EIOYA-L DEVONSHIRE g-KRGB I (SPEARMAN'S). Made of selected elastic staple wools, I In all the latest Fashionable Colours and Mixture, I To suit, all seasons and all oli mutes, OYAI. T^KVONRHIBE gBBOE (SPEARMAN'S) "For I/i-cnikw, on the authority of The QUEEN, Is UNIJ-TVALLEP for BEAUTY, HARD V/EAE, aud UTILITY. Sati-water cannot Rllrt it." JgOYiL JjBYONriHIRE SgRGB vSPEAEMAN'S). New Pattern Books, post free. Any length eiri Carnage [lhid to London, Dublin, and Olasa 3 PE ACM AN and SPEARMAN, SultJ Factors, lJnlj" Address}—PLYMOUTH, (No agenciies.) ISTF, ROYAL ITALIAN OPERA, COVENT GARDEN, LIMITED. Thm genome to amalgamate the two Italian erratic aottieo of London, and to concentrate this form ofenterttun. mcnt within the walls of Covent Garden is about to be fctonght forward under the most favorable auspioos, Prac- Mcal men of basmesa have taken the matter in hand, plans have been fully diseased, and the details of the-prapeoja. WoH digested Some of the h.ghest P^onag^ hfe tore expressed their ^quiescence in the scheme which has already been supported by the ° g^0n paved my by intending shareholders Anot whQ Hu> way for the accomplishment of the v fceKeve amalgamation the best coa^t0p £ t that the Italian of both enterprise,, It is an open not a OjKua Season teat year at her Majesty^ Season Buccal nor did ilr. Mapleson careto risk a 4 the autumn. It has been thought »euc» Mapleson, reinforced by certs ir. members r>. t^0 irotipo of Oovent Garden, shall confine hifi nnc.tfy flnited States, where his experience of American a a- )K> at the service- of the Royal Italian Opera C<>n I • • 0Oyent Garden (Limited). Freed from the limit'- petition of Her Majesty's Theatre, the whole stat lOte Italian Opera sit-geia, and the entire hotly Of UeJian Opera goers will be drawn towards Coveat Warden, the Proepectu3 of which house for the forth- flaming Season includes the names of the most attraouvo "rvisto the Italian Operatic Stage can boast. Competition Ibis always beendiaastrous to Italian Opera, both coTuraer- oif\.l; aud from the point of view of art. A large amount ,1016 beenalready subscribed to the Opera Company, Limited, 0,11 the Directors have now decided to issue the Prospectus '.to the public. The Scheme promises to pay from 11 to 16 fate cent., and may be worth the consideration of every .fliMA of investor, small and large, B CUSTAlID POWDk,]? FOR RICHEST GUSTARD- WITHOUT EGGS. BUill'S £ jU«TAEr poWBES SAVES HALF THE COST. IS HALF THE TROUBLE ivipxri ^USTARD powcEB J COSTS LITTLE. IS DELICIOUS. QORTARD pOWDER SOLD BY ALL GROCERS B;ax> AJSD SONS, uIRaUNQHBM. BANGOR. "MPORTANF TO 8HI OWNERS AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PRITCH4RD will soil by Pub- lic Au:tion at the Sailors' Institute, Hirael, Baugor, ou Friday, Ap-il 14ta, 1882, P, two o'clock p.m., prompt, 64-64th share of and in the well known Schooner John Parry, of Beaumaris, of 57 tons register aid about 100 tons burthen, as she now lics on the baach at Hirael. This vessel, which is extra strongly built, was thoroughly overhauled about three years ago at an outlay of upwards of £ 800 arid re-classed for eight years. She sails well, 13 easily haudied, shifts with little ballast, ifc now in thorough good order ready for sea, well found ia materials of the best descrip tion, is well known in the coaetirg trade, and can hf1 highlr recommended to parties seeking a vessel of this tonnage. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Bcdhyfryd, Bangor, G 999 c SONG AND CHORUS (Eagiiih and WtLj). MARY. CYMRU'S FAIREST" (MARI, BffOSYN CYHCRU). Music and Wel6h Version by E. B. WILLIAMS. PRICE SIXPENCE. On sale by D. W. Dtrisa, 19, Bridge-Street, Car- narvon. THE BLUE RIBBON ARMY. PLEDGE CARDS (Tn English and Welsh). TEIE above neat cards (which have been J- approved by the Committee of the Gospel Temperance Union) are to be had of D. W. DAVIE" AND Co., Booksellers, Bridge- street and High-street, Carnarvon, at two shillings per hundred free by post, 2s 4d. ^yiLLIAM JOHN pARRY, I GENERAL MERCHANT, I MAES-Y-GROES, BANGOR, 'I CAN supply the best of the following at the most reasonable figure. Contracts for the supply of Large qnantities entered into. Orders promptly attended to. An experienced man will attend any experiments required with Explosives. EXPLOSIVES. — annpowder, Blasting Gelatine, Tonite, Dynamite, Sporting Powder, Detonator? of all kinds Paws, Percussion Caos, Cartridges, &c. ENGINE PACKING of all kinds. INDIA RUBBER.—Sheets. Washers, Hosee, Buffers, &c. j CiUTTA PERCHA.—Tnbiner. Beltinsrs. &c. I BEST CAST STEEL,—In bars of all kinds. I CRUCIBLE STEEL.-Wheels for Slate Quarries, Lead Mines, andCollieries. ROPES—Hemp and Wire of any length. I OILS and GREASE of all kinds, for every description of Machinery and Lamps, as well as for Painters FOUNDERS' DUST.—Charcoal Blacking, Coal Dust. TAR-Stockbolm Tar, Pitch, Coal Tar, Coal Pitch. ENGINE WASTE.—White and Colourad. PAENTS, COLOURS, VARNISH, and GLUES, of all descriptions. CANDLES of all kinds. I PIPES ,-Iron, Zinc, and Clay. Warehouses and Magazines at Bethesda, Bangor, Carnarvon, Festiniog, and Dolgelley. OFYXOKS :—3 & 4, WILLIAMS' COOR r, BETHESDA., NEAR BANGOR. B 973-349 "THE BRASS BAND NEWS." A MONTHLY PAPER of Band News, de- voted entirely to the interests and progress of Amateur Bands. PUBLISHED ON THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH, Prico 3d, by Post 31d. May be had from Mr W. Jarrett Roberts, I Br dge-street, Carnarvon, or direct from the Pub- lishers, WRIGHT 6c ROUND, 34, ERSKINE STREET, LIVERPOOL. a 955 ,w I '7 1. lilt "\TORTH WALES ll LINE." The full-powered high-class SCSEW STEAMKRS of this line will sail, at regular intervals, taking Cargo for North Wales Porta. A stealer will leave for Menai Bridge, Portdmorwic, and Carnarvon, every Wednesday, commencing April 5th Cargo will be received up to neen on day of sailing. Loading berth, north east Bide, Qa<»en's Dock. All Goods taken by special arrangement only .—Apply to R. W. RICHARDSON AND SON, Agents, 12, Baltic Buildings, Liverpool; ELLIS ROBERTS, Ship Broker, Carnarvon and Portdinorwic. PWYLLGOR YMGYNGHOROL LIVERPOOL. Mae y benoddigion canlynol, y rhai ydynt yn rhai o gyfranddalwjr y line uohod, wedi ymgyiueryd & bod yn bwyiljrov ymgynghorol i Liverpool: — Messrs Anthony Jones and Co., «»>».! Morris and Jonea, J S' J- Niekion &. Co., ? Provision ii T. Qainsey and CJ., J Merchants. F. T. Turner and C*.> 1 ™ k' 5' Jfelaad *nd Co., 1 CoI? Ylour „ G. P. M'Kerraw and Co.,) Merchants. ^ellmg Stanley and Co., ) Fruit Merchants, Mr George Gadd, j Green and Dry. Messrs R. Williams and Son, Coal Merchants, Oldhall- street; Messrs Jones and Sons, Woollen Merchants, Churoh Alley Me-?r3 John: Matthews and Co., Hatton Garden, Oil, Paint*1, «c., Merchants; Mr George G. Blackwell, Mineral Broker, &c., 2G, Chapel-street. q9 )7 ESTABLISHED 1359 ESTABLISHED 1859. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! £ 10 to £ 1000 advanced without any delay, IN ANY PART OF WALES, »T«0 Householder*, Faf^w'0^°PkeeP.er8» 1 Cowkeepers, Cab and Cart Owners, aud to ENTIRELY ON THEIK OWN SECURITY. Not having to asktheir friends to become bail for thorn (my charges are low); and all apphcatio strictly private, and wUl have mv immediate attention. Aptly personally (or if by letter state account re- I quired), to H. HYMAN, 42, Norton-street (off Isling. ton), Liverpool. P.8.-Atlvances also made on deposit or Scrip Shares, I Plate, Diamonds, Jewellery, and on every description of goods. All letters must be written in English, and write your addresses plainly. a 958-p




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