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WANTED, an experienced Milliner, at YY Lunt and Griffiths, Well-street, Ruthin- Apply personally, or by letter. 10.357 WANTED, an experienced MILLINER.— Apply, stating fall particulars, to J. Roberts, Glasgow H :use, Flint. G 972 -WANTED. -Ageits to represent an old W established firm of publishers In North Wales. -Apply, William Mackenzie, Xd, City-road, Chester. iB 344 944 WANTED, a female Assistant for a Con- fe.tionerj Establishment. Must be ex- perienced, active, and obliging. Welsh indispensable- —Apply, st&tiug age, where last employed, and salary expected, to T. Jones and Co., The Priory, Carnarvon. TO DRAPERS. — An experienced Young Man wasted.— Apply, at once, and send a'l particulars, to J. E. Owe" Nantlle House, Tal-y- aarn. 986 WANTED immediately a respectable Young Man 16 to 18 years of age, to solicit orders for Coal. Salary and Commission—Apply between 11 amdl2 o'clock, on Wednesday and Thursday, to J. Roberts, Station Hotel, Bangor. glOOl. WANTED, at the Sportsman Hotel, Port- madoc, a thoroughly experienced person as COOK. Good r ifereaces required.—Apply, stat- I ing wages, to Mrs Fruncis. B 355-p WANTED, a Young Lady knowing the Millinery and Dressmaking.—Apply to J., re of David Evacs, Cemaes, Montgomeryshire. G 1003-p ANTED.-Ariyone requiring a servant, or parties wishful to be engaged, or property ta let, sell, or exchange, mortgages wanted, &c., have only to send particulars, with three penny stamps, to the Licensed Victuallers' Advertiser Office, when it will be inserted, and a copy of paper sent post free. RCHITECTURAL PUPIL.—There is a vacancy in an Architect's office for a Pupil. Premium required.—Apply to R G. Thomas, Architect, Menai Bridge. e il52 ILLINK&Y AND FANCY SALBS.— Wanted, an experienced Young Lady to take ftrst sales on fancy counter.—Also, several Apprentices and Improvers to above trade. Must be Conversant with the Welsh language.—Apply to O. D. Jones, Bon Marcbe, Carnarvon. AGENTS WANTED (Packet Teas).-All House-to-house Callers should apply. Special terms offered to good men -Write to Geeves & Co., 8, Chiswell-street, London, E.C. B 172-58 OWLS, Rabbits, Bees, Sow, Pig, and how to Cultivate an a c;e of Ground to make £ 100 per year out of it. This little book sent post free for 5d. Address—"Sun" Office, Hull. B 226 IRONMONGERY, CLOCKS, T'MKPIEUEb, I Jewellery, Furniture, &e. AGENTS WANTED. Wholesale Catalogues, 300 Illustrations, free.- Apply, Henry May (154), irmingham. E 339 FURNISHED DWELLING HOUSE. — Wanted, immediately, furnished, quite de- tached, country or seaside gentleman's house, with garden, five to seven rooms, W.C. in house, healthily situated, within two miles of good market. Good water supply aspect and drainage essential.—State lowest rent (six months, subse- quent option of a year) and full particulars to LEONIE, office of this paper. E 351 O INVESTORS IN MINING SHARES, &o.—If you wish to sell or buy bargains in shares send for a weekly copy of the North of England Mining Journal and Liensed Victualler's JId vertiser Price 2jd, post free. Office, Hull. Shares bought sold, and exchanged; likewise, property of every des- cription bought, sold, and exchanged. E 226 MILLARD HARDING and Co., late REDMAYNE HAhDING and Co., Silk Mercers and General Drapers, will esteem it a favour if theirPatrons and the Public will kindly direct their communications to The Square, Shrewsbury, in con- sequence of Letters addressed only "Harding and Oo." Bomtimes reaching another firm trading in that Same, who are in no way connected with J. M. H. and NOVELTIESD AILY. e 531d WTTTTK'S rSKWLNG MACHINE, entirely new, suitable for tailors and others, to be Sold at a great reduction from cost price.—Apply to Cymro," Express Office, Carnarvon. b CANVASSERS for Advertisements and Sub- scriptions required, on commission, in every town of the United Kingdom, when X2 per week can be easily earned. Address—T. G. DIXON, Newland, Hull. BANGOR.—TO LHT, 16 years' Lease, a very neat, well-established. Full Licensed ^piiit Vaults. Conveniently situated. Good-will and Fittings moderate. Rent only £ 24. Going concern.— Apply to Mr Wm. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Holyhead. OR SALE, a strong Spring HORSE CART, suitable for Millers, Shopkeepers, and Carriers. Also, a Platform WEIGHING MACHINE, to weigh 16 cwt., in good order both.—Apply to Edward Williams, China House, Holywell. Q 970 TWELVE ieYiSlTE. 28 8d; six, JL Is Carte v arged to 10 inches, 6s; Cabinet, s. Sent Ct.rte with stamps. Perfect copies and original returned free. London Photograpbic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon- don, W.—F. S- D- PHILLIPS, Manager. TOWLE'S PKNNYROYAL AND STEEL PILLS FOR FEMALES quickly correct all irregularities and relieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes, Is Ud and 2s 9d, of all Chemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or 34 Stamps, by the Maker, E. T. TowLE, Chemist, Nottingham. PC) WEEKLY and UPWARDS maybe EASILY and HONESTLY REALISED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindrance to present occupation.—For particulars, &c., enclose a plainly addressed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, and COMPANY (P. 293), Merchants. Birmingham. WATCH AND BICYCLE CLUBS.— Wanted—Foremen, Time-keepers, Clerks, Insurance Agents, and others, to form clubs for the Waltham Clubs Association. Suecial <erma to good men.—Illustrated catalogue, and full particulars, post free, from T. Hall, Manager, Grafton-street. Leicester. 90011 STRONG WOODHN HURDLES for 4/V/vV sale, at Is 8d each. Five feet long, with five bars. Any quantity of twenty and up will be delivered free at any railway station within thirty miles of Conway.—Apply to P. and H. Lewis, Timber Merchants. Conway. R 939-343 ON HOLYEftSAD ISLAND, County of Anglesey.—A charmingly-situated HOUSE to be Let, furnished, within five miles of the town of Belyhead, and three miles from the Valley Station, and within three minutet walk of the sea. -For terms and particulars, apply to W. Riva, Auctioneer, Holyhead. It W O. MIXEY'S ■■HIjrtu; REFINED tourtoo*Imitattona. BLACK LISAS* W HY in the world Ltin't Yut, lalte Or«y'e AjQtibilious Pills? That's what I take, aud they al- ways keep me in perfect tune." Sold by all Ohemist in Boxes at 13td. and 28. 9(1 Box send K* free on receipt of 15 or 35 stamps. Wm. ther, Wholesale Druggist, Mancnester. SEASON 1882. NOW READY, AT THE POOL-STREET MARKET, A L A R G R consignment OF KEILLEJETS celebrated DUNDEE MARMALADE, just received in excellent con- dition. As this excellent article of food is acknowledged to be both healthy and appetizing, the price this year being within the reach of all, it is highly re- commended to the netice of families. IN ONE POUND POTS. IN TWO POUND WHITE JARS. IN THREE POUND GLASS JARS. IN FOUR POUND WHITE JARS. Also, a fresh supply of fine KIEL and other BUTTERS; the very FINEST BUTTER now selling at Is 6d PER POUND. Why pay Is lOd for inferior qualities P TEA! TEA! TEA! W. LL G RIFFITH, CORN EXCHANCE, PALACE-STREET, CARNARVON, BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Carnarvon and neighbourhood that he is appointed an Agent by one of the principal Tea Warehouses is Lon- don, and that he now offers the best Tea at the reduced prices of 2s, 2s 3d, and 2s 4d per lb, in boxes of 20 to 22 lbs each. If you want to save a shilling to fifteen pence per pound in Tea call at the Corn Exchange to get it. Also, all kind of Seeds, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Ireland Potatoes, Clovers, Ryegrass, Swedes, Turnips, &c. Also, Agent for the best Manures in the Market; has been used by the principal farmers in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey for the last fifteen years, and has given entire satisfaction. Large stock, as usual, of Flour, and feeding staff of the best quality, at the lowest prices. E 299 W. LL. GRIFFITH, PROPRIICTOIZ. Nl- MAIL .8 LIVERPOOL. TO NEVT "STOIRIKI & BOSTON EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established for Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Passencrers. Apply to D. & C. MAC IVER, Liverpool: or to their Agent JOHN EVANS & CO., Herald Office, Carnarvon; or to WM. JOHN PARRY, 3, WILIIAMWST Bethesda. u 124-d ÀMEBIN link. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. EVERY WEDNESDAY AXD AlTRaNATE SATUUDL-T First-class, full-powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to any Passengers and Goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THB WEST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENOE & CO., 17 & 19 Water-street, Liverpool. LOCAL AOJ.NTS.-W. J. Williams, Secretary, the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7, Market- street, Carnarvon; John Foulkes, 24, High-street, Carnarvon R. G. Roberta. Rode Cottage, Oreigiau Carnarvon R. G. Roberta, Rode Cottage, Oreigiau Mewr, Talysarn. a 227-77—4 THE BKAMMAE SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQUARE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Sooiety). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a -L graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are carefully and suc- cessfully prepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its several branches of Grammar, Compo- sition, History, and Literature, is made a special subject Of study. The Senior Classes are presented at the Cambridge Local Examinations every Christmas, and at the Pupils' Examinations of the Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer. The Quarter-days for this Half-year are August 2nd and October 17th. E 73-d 'l"RINITY SCIIOOL, BEAUMARIS. CONDUCTED BY REV LLOYI). SUBJECTS taught: English, Classics, Mathematics, Drawing, &c. Pupils prepared for Commercial Pursuits, the Civil Service, the learned Professions, as well as the various Training and Theological Colleges. Special attention paid to the study of the English language and Commercial training. '1 he town of Beaumaris is no less reuowned for the beauty than the healthiness of its situation and pupils will, to a great extent, have the benefit of an English society. A limited number of Boarders taken. Terms moderate. The school will be opened for the next quarter on Monday, January 16th, 1882. Terms and all particulars ta be had on application to the master. G 760 GRAMMAR AND COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED 1836. Principal :-J. 8. KIRK, M.A., PH.D., Member of the General Council of the University of Glasgow, and of the Royal College of Preceptors, Lendot), Author of Essays on "Education," School Honour," Human Civilization," &c. PARENTS and Guardians are requested to note the following facts connected with this Establishment:— That for the last twenty years, while under Dr Kirk's management, as great & percentage of pupils from this School have passed the various Preliminary Test Examinations as irom any other Scholastic Institution of thd same average attendance in Wales. That the education given is genuine, as witnessed by the varied and important position now held by former pupils. That each pupil is led to think for himself, and is carefully superintended by tha ?rin .p AL For terms, testimonials, and references apply to Dr KIRK, Orchard House, near Mroirvon. THE NEXT QUARTER BEGINS ON MONDAY, THE 3RD OF APRIL, 1882. ESTABLISHED 1854. JOHN WILLIAM ROGERS, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND ESTATE AGENT "THE MART" AND FINE ART GALLERIES, LLANDUDNO. JW. R., in thanking his numerous patrons and clients for the very liberal support and • increasing business bestowed upon him of late years, begs to state that the same, unremitting attention (to all business entrusted to his office)shall be devoted to the interests of all parties as in the past. SALES BY AUCTION of Farming Stocks, Horses, Carriages, Cattle, Agricultural Produce, Household Furniture, Pictures, Trade Stocks, Wines, Objects of Yertu, Plate, Jewellery, &c. HOUSES AND LAND OFFERED FOB SALE UPON MODERATE TERMS. AVote.- Household Furniture amounting from j620 to £1000 purchased outright from parties who do not care to have a public sale on their own account. To Drapers and General Tradesmen having surplus or accumulated stocks, the same can be con- signed "To the Mart," Llandudno, for sale in one of the most commodious rooms and in the very heart of the business part of the town. „ Immediate cash advances to any amount made upon all consignments for absolute sale. Sales conducted upon owners' premises in all parts of the neighbouring counties upon the very est terms, with immediate cash settlement. r, N.B.—The highest references to a large circle of clients; also to the N,P Bank, Lta„dudno, and the solicitors of the neighbourhood. ASMR Auction and Estate Offices. first floor above the Mart Llandudno, c }s- 4836 1- IMPORTANT CAUTION. IS CONSEQUENCE OF THE GREAT DEMAND FOR SAUNDERS' BALSAMIC PLASTERS, MANY imitations are now being sold; the Public are therefore warned to examine each Plaster when buying, and to see that the words SAUNDERS' BALSAMIC PLASTER" are stamped on everyone. Any persons suffering from pain in the back or side, or between the shoulders, tightness of the chest or difficulty in breathing, who have not tried the above Planters are earnestly requested to give them a single trial. Sold by all Chemists, at 3d, 4d, 6d, and 8d each. Wholesale, 149, Duke-street, Liverpool. G 331 PAPER HANGINGS. PAPER HANGINGS. M. DAYIES. 102, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR, IN returning her sincere thanks to her numerous customers for the kind patronage accorded to her in the past, begs to call their attention to the very large stock of papers just received, all of the newest designs, and marked at exceedingly low prices. Note the addrers:- NEXT DOOR TO THE NEW INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, PENDREF, BANGOR. 317 IMPORTANT TO FARMERS IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. BEFORE you purchase your stock of Seeds JD for the present Season, pray don't forget to pay a visit to Mr T. Morrison's (of Carnarvon), new branch establishment, at No 9, MABKET-PLACE, DENBIGH, where a large stock of new and ffenuiae seeds are on view. Inspection is respectfully solicited. Mr Morrison may be personally consulted on Tues. days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in each week. 11: 33Q SAMUEL EYANS, ARVONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. Corn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Oil- cake Stores. AGENT FOR— Spratt's Patent Meat "Fibrine" Dog Cakes. The Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company. The Gloucester specific for Foot Rot in Sheep. The Liverpool, Cheshire, and North Wales Patent Manure Company. Messrs Richardson Brothers and Co., Linseed Crushers aad Manure Manufacturers, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Sligo. S. E. will be pleased to send quotations upon application. B ?73 CANADA md UNITED STATES. THURSDAY-!0 ASSISTED plsSAGES r> k I? • Domestic Servants, £ 4. .—-<T| Free"larul Grants, Free-land Grants, and all information On application to the rQCW v Co»*of Canada and United States on the lowest terms. Sv <xeon and Stewardess -Wied. Alio wiling to NEW O RLEANS & TEXAS. Apply to FLINN, MAIN, & MONTGOMERY, Managing Direo- ton, James Street, Liverpool • or to their Local 4 cento 423 SPECIALITY. SNOWDON FLAKE, NEW PROOESS FLOUR. Highly recommended for Pastry and Fine-flavoured Bread. UANUFACTUBBD AT THE CITY STEAM MILLS, BANGOR. THOMAS LEWIS AND Co., PROPRIETORS. Trade Mark-Summit of Snowdon. THE following remarks of Professor Graham, in his admirable series of Candor Lectures delivered before the Society of Arts on the" Chemistry of Bread-making," will show the srwtt necessity of having the FINEST WHITE flour for mríkmg fine and wholesome Bread, • The next point which occurs to me as a chemist, as most essential in any good system of milling, is the thorough removal of tne bran; not; even the smallest quantity of bran should be allowed to reman; lD the flour when prepared, and for the reason that I have pointed out to you, that there is a soluble albuntons ferment called cerealine. This is a very active oiastasic body. An infusion of cerealine, or an infusn.n of ordinary bran, will give a quantity of soluble lament, which will rapidly attack the starch-cells, ann. in the presence of water, hydrate the starch into maltose and d. xtrine, giving a large quantity of dextrine. This is another reason why I consider that no system of milling is per- fect, whether it be done by rollers or 01?integrators, if it does not fulfil these two.iconditions, I "-L(, removal of the germ, and the removal of the brhu." Our New Process Snowdon Flake Fiour is perfectly free from germ and bran. THOMAS LEWIS AND Co., BANGOR, CARNARVON, PWLLHELI, HOLY- HEAD, AMLWCH, &c., E 261 COAGULINF.-cement for Broken Articles, 1b 6d 2a; poetage, 2d. Sold everywhere. Kay Bros. Sodcpari RUTHIN SHEEP DOG TRIALS, 1882. TO be held in. Ruthin Castle Parks, on Easter Monday, April 10th, under the patronage of Major W. C. West, Lord lieutenant; J. ,E. Jesse, Esq., High Sheriff; and Edward Roberts, Esq., Mayor of Ruthin. All Comers' Stakes, open to all England. 1st prize, £ 10; 2nd prize, L5; and 3rd prize, JE3. Entrance, 10s. Local Stakes, open to subscribers only. 1st prize, LG; 2nd prize, X4; 3rd prize, £ 2; and 4th prize, £1. Entrance, 2s 6d. Area of local district, and all other information, to be had from EDWARD HUMPHREYS, Hon. Sec- 14, Castle-street, Ruthin. E 331 JUST ARRIVED. WALL PAPERS. WALL PAPERS. T. J. WILLIAMS, DENBIGH, HAS now a splendid variety of all kinds of WALL PAPERS. The Stock numbers ver 30,000 PIECES. The present year being exceptional in point of inter- est in the town, no doubt there wiU be a great deal of re- novating done, and in order to meet the greater require- ments, T. J. W. begs to inform his numerous friends and customers that all his valuable Stock of FURNISH- ING GOODS, &c., will be at sold prices unsurpassed ni cheapness by any house in the trade. E 327 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUTCHERS. DAVID EVANS AND Co., BEE HIVE, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON, BEG to announce that they have commenced business at the above address. Their stock includes Oxen, splendid Wethers (3 years old), and Welsh Mountain Wethers—fed at Sir George Meyrick's, Bodorgan; Pigs, Home- cured Hams and Bacon, Geese, Turkeys, &c., &c. DAVID EVANS AND CO. invite the public to view their stock as early as possible, promising to give every satisfaction to purchasers. Best terms offered to Country Butchers, Pro- prietors of Hotels, Shop-keepers, and Private Families. b 272 HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. SPRING 1882. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. T. J WILLIAMS HAS great pleasure in informing the Public that he has opened a new Branch in the TAILORING DEPARTMENT In connection with his already extensive busi- ness, and begs to announce that he has en- gaged the services of MR SCURLOCK as CUTTEB, who has had considerable experience in every branch of the Trade, and trusts, by prompt attention to all orders, to receive the continued support of his numerous friends and customers. GENTS' TWEED SUITS, to order JE2 10s SCOTCH CHEVIOTS, to order 12 15s „ BBST BANNOCKBURN to order L3 3s In all the leading Patterns and Shades. Also, West of England TROUSERINGS, I WORSTED COATINGS, BROADCLOTHS, &c., in great variety. Ladies' RIDING HABITS, JACKETT, ULSTERS, &c. LITERIES AND JUVENILE DRESS. TERMS.—5 per cent. for Cash 2i' per cent. for Cash in three Mouths; six months-NETT. e327 ESTABLISHED 1848. .S'EEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! SAMUEL EVANS, 3 AND 4, ARVONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. CORN, FLOUR, SEED, HAY, STRAW, AND OIL- cAKE STORES. WHILST tendering to his customers his grateful thanks for the liberal patronage accorded to him the last season, in the above new branch of his business, begs respectfully to inform Farmers, Gardeners, Cottagers, and others, that he has this season increased the assortments, and with the greatest care selected a quantity of fresh imported seeds of-the beat quality, consisting of the following :— HAT AND CLOVE It SEEDS, of excellent quality. Assortments of EARLY POTATOES, and a Qoantitv of "MAGNUM BONUM, "SCOTCH DOWN" and "CHAMPION" POTATOES. IRISH AND WELSH SHORT WHITE OATS. IBISH TAWNY OATS. BLACK TARTARIAN OATS. BODORGAN WHITE OATS. WELSH YELLOW OATS. SCOTCH AND WELSH BARLEY, &c., &c., &C. All Orders will be executed with promptness. March 1st, 1882. B 923 RPOMLINSON & Co's BUTTER POWDER. J- Brings the Butter quickly, removing all un pleasant flavours of Turnips, Cake, Mangolds, Wild Garlic, Sour Grass, Leeks, Dead Leaves Ac. In; creases the quantity and improves the quality of Butter, By its use farmers and dairymen may insure good, firm, and sweet Butter all the year round. B made with this Powder invariably takes the PRIZES at the Agricultural Shows throughout kingdom. Sold everywhere, by Chemists and Grocers, in Boxes, 3d, 6d, Is, 2s 6d, and 7s 6d each. &oie manufacturers, RXRNNT TST TOMLINSON & FAWVARP, LmtULiN. MONET IMMEDIATELY ON BORROWERS' NBI- BILITY from £20 to flow- eikopkes 9, and Parties To Householders, Farmarst lilnd orgaues, the I PANY, 8, Stafford-street (foul doors from London- road), Liverpool. No ■nreties are required; borrowers obtain the money upon their own responsibility, at reasonable rates of interest and easy repayments, applications, personally or by letter, are tieated in strict ooofldenoe, and,reoeive prompt attention. ft 88 Q. PBMBB&TON, Manager reasonable rates of interest and easy repayments, applications, personally or by letter, are tieated in strict ooofldenoe, and,reoeive prompt attention. ft 88 Q. PBMBB&TON, Manager THE LLANDUDNO IMPROVEMENT i- AOTS, 1854, 1876, AND 1879, AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. Commissioners' Offices, Llandudno, April 5th, 1882. The Commissioners, acting under and in execu- tion of the above Acts, Bereby Give Notice 1st. That after the expiration of one month from the date hereof, they intend applying to the Local Government Board for the confirmation of certain Bye-laws with respect to Hackney Carriages. ind. That a copy of the aforesaid Bye-laws is now deposited in the Commissioners' Office for the inspection of the Ratepayers* district, and may there be seen on appli atiou to the undersigned, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on every business day up to and including one month from this date aforesaid. By Order, T. T. MARKS, Engineer and Clerk to the Commissioners. CARNARVONSHIRE BOROUGH ELEC- TION, 1882. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having any claims, bills, or charges against Thomas Love Duncombe Jones-Parry, Et-q M.P., a candidate at the late election for a member of Parliament for the Borough of Carnar- von and the contributory boroughs of Bangor, Conway, Pwllheli, Oriccieth, and Nevin, are re- quested to send particulars to me forthwith. By the Corrupt Practices Acts all claims not sent in within one calendar month from the date of the declaration of the poll are irrecoverable. Dated this 29th day of March, 1882. RICHARD D. WILLIAMS, Porth-yr-aur, Carnarvon, AgeiJt for Election Expenses for the said Thomas Love Duncombe Jones-Parry, Esq., M.P. B 984-353 HE CARN4RVONSMIRE BOROUGHS ELECTION, 1882. Mr Williams, the General Secretary, has sent the following circular to each of the electors in the Carnarvonshire Boroughs:- Porth yr Aur, Carnarvon, March 29th, 1882. Bear Sir,— Allow me to offer you my hearty congratulations on the splendid majority we have had (over Mr Sorton-Parry) in the Boroughs of Carnarvonshire. From very careful analysis of the returns sent to me by the different committees, I can now say that every borough has been true to the promises sent in either by the canvassers or in writing, and it is most gratifying to be able to say that we have not been deceived in the boroughs in March, 1882, by the promises of the voters, any more than we were two years ago (nearly to a day) in the county. I am also very glad that the: contest passed of so very quiet in every borough. Thanking you all for the kind way in which you have supported me throughout the election, I remain, yours very truly, RICHARD D. WILLIAMS. READ THIS!! ROGER EDWARDS BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Denbigh and district that he has opened a NEW SHOP at w, VALE STREET, DENBIGH [ (opposite the entrance to the Railway Station), whoo he hopes to receive a share of the public patronage. A lairge eonsignemeat of the finest JUMBO TEA just arrived, wkich will be sold out at from Is 8d to 2s 63 per lb. Oao trial of the Jumbo Tea will ensnre its regular use. A large stock of Provisions, Flour, &t, always on hand. Note the address :— E 356 76, VALE-STREET. DENBIGH. CASTLE STREET, RUTHIN. SALE OF DESIRABLE FREEHOLD-DWEL- LING HOUSE AND PREMISES. MR T. P. ROBERTS has been instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION; at the Cross Keys Hotel, Ruthin, on Monday, the 10th day ,ef April, 1882, at two o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions), all that FREEHOLD HOUSE AND PREMISES, being No. 11, Castle-street, Ruthin, with the Yard and Premises, lately in the holding of Mrs Sarah Jones (deceased). The situation being good, the Property forms a most desirable purchase, either for investment or occupation. For particulars apply to Messrs Louis and Edwards, Solicitors, 9, Castle-street, Ruthin. .35i BANGOR. IMPORTANT TO SHIP OWNERS AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PBITCHARD wUl sell by Pub- lic Auction at the Sailors Institute, Hii-ag] Bangor, on Friday, April 14th, 1882, at two o'clock p.m., prompt, 64.64th share of and in the well-known Schooner John Parry, 0f Beaumaris of 57 tons register and about 100 tons burthen, as she now lies on the beach at Hirael. This vessel, which is extra strongly built, was thoroughly ovei hauled !]?!^ ^ee Jears ago at an outlay x>f upwards of £ 800 and re-classed for eight years. She sails well, is easily handled, Bhifts with little ballast, is now in thorough good order ready for sea, well found in materials of the beat descrip. tl0?>. u,ln ttle coasting trade, and can "Mkta*a of thIS tonnage. For further Particulars apply to tne Auctioneer G 999 C BORAXALINE" FOR TEETH, FOR MOUTH, FOR HANDS, FOB HAIR, f'OR SKIN, FOR CLEANSING EVERYWJrKRF SWEET, PERFUMED.ANTISEPTrCRARE^* WITH THEE NONE OTHER CAN COMPARE— "BORAXALINE" SOLD BY CHEMISTS AND GBOCBBST r Cases Is, containing 6 Large Packet*. Full IHrtctteni, "Patent BORAX: Its Manifold Uses." Descriptive Circular. Papers, &c., Post Free PATENT BORAX Co., Works, Birmingham i iWHm