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BANGOR. Captain William Roberts, Garth Hill-terrace, Bangor, master of the schooner Mary Edwards, was Wednesday found dead in bed at Shoreham. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL.-On Monday ever. ing last, the 13th instant, a service of sacred song was given at the above chapel. The choir was conducted by Mr Bryan, and the readings were rendered by the Rev Campbell. The Rev H. Babb presided. All friends present enjoyed the musical treat, which certainly was worthy of great praise. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE.—On Tuesday, a labourer, named John Owen, from the neighbourhood of Amlwch, was brought before the Bangor magis- trates on a charge of drunkenness Inspector Hughes, who prosecuted, said that on Saturday night the defendant was rescued frcm the sea below Garth Landing-stage, where he had jumped, having diverted himself of nearly all his clothing, which was carried away by the tide. He was in an intoxicated condition, and unable to give an account of himself. The bench fined him 5s and costs. A MIDNIGHT MARAUDER.—The burglar scare has spread to Carnarvon and Bangor, and a well- knewn scientist living in Upper Bangor was a night or two back the latest victim. He is addict- ed to burning the midnight oil, and just before retiring to rest, stealthy steps crunching the gravel walk of his residence attracted his notice. Creep- ing quietly downstairs, he observed a man trying one of the windows. Surmising that his midnight visitor was a burglar, and there being no firearms within available reach, he availed himself of the case of his meerchaum pipe, armed with which he boldly sallied forth to challenge the intruder into his grounds. The man bolted towards the back premises, but failing to scale an eight-font wall, made tracks for the ma n road. The peturbed householder managed t) seize him, and pointed at him the pipe case,warned him that his life was in his hands,and raised a cry of police. There was a brief struggle,: but the intruder contrived to slip the hold of his captor, and rushing through a hedge fell with considerable foroe into the road below. There being no sign of any policeman and the intruder being, it was obvious, very frighten- ed and hurt by his sudden descent into the road, was allowed to wend his way off without further interference. ATTENDANCE OF GUARDIANS.—The ollowin g table shows the attendance of the guardians of the Bangor and Beaumaris Union at the respective meetings of the board:— a t .8 »i 6. f £ If I NAMES || || 1| 5j| || OF GUARDIANS. g-2 Sg -a 3 gO E-c ? 1 S < < « "I Mr Richard Evan Jones. 2 2 Mr Robert Roberts 19 10 15 7 51 Mr Thomas Lewis 9 5 6 20 Mr George James 14 14 Mr John Evan Roberts. 15 4 19 Mr W. Jones (High St.) 2t 21 Mr Hugh Hnghes 19 19 Mr Rt. Hughes (Bangor) 20 10 19 7 56 Mr Wm. Jones (Upper Bangor) 22 9 31 Mr David Williams 13 13 Col. the Hon. W. E. Sackville West 23 9 17 9 58 Rev D. W. Thomas 6 rg Mr Robert Jones 8 a Mr Wm. Roberts (Han d^gai) 2 2 Mr E. R. Abraham 19 19 Mr 'ohn Jones 13 13 Mr Richard John Jones.. 3 3 Mr Robert Hughes fLlanfairfechan) ..4 4 MrJohnTaylor a « Mr W. John Parry 5 5 Mr Owen Ellis 4 4 Rev John Morgan 5 5 Mr John Evans 5 5 Rev J. W. Meyrick 2 ••• 2 Mr Thomas Hughes 7 7 Mr Hugh Thomas 15 ji. "4 19 Mr Enoch Edwards n ••• 11 Mr Morris Williams 21 •• 21 Mr Thomas Park 5 5 Mr Thomas Jones ..13 6 8 27 Mr John Morgan 19 27 Mr Humphrey Roberta. 12 12 B?v T. Warren Trevor gr G. D. Dew 10 8 18 Mr Owen Owen (Llan- ffinan) 8 8 Mr Richard Jones 19 19 Mr Owen Williams 1 i Mr Evan Owen 11 ••• li Mr Richard Evans 16 9 12 37 Mr David Roberts 1 ••• 1 Mr Owen Owens (Llan- iestyn) l 1 Mr Thomas Edwards 11 11 Mr Wm. Roberts (Pen- I mon) 1 Rev H.Davies Owen ..15 8 10 4 37 Mr J. Rice Roberts 2 2 Mr John Williams 11 1 12 EX OFFICIO. The Right Hon. Lord Penrhyn 7 6 10 23 W. B.Hughes,Esq.,M.P. 4 2 6 Capt. Yerney, R.N. 3 3 Capt. M"rgan 2 2 Rev. J. W. Griffith S 5 If. B. Price, Esq. 17 16 27 Pennant Lloyd, Esq. 7 5 7 19 Robert ap Hugh Wil- liams, Esq. 6 1 l 8 Charles Pierce. Esq. 3 8 li 1 23 Col. Vincent Williams 5 "3 8 John R. Davies, Esq. 8 8 Griffith Williams 4 4 II'








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