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DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. A meeting of the general committee of the above society was held last Wednesday morning, at the Bull Hotel, for the purpose of electing the president for the year and transact other important business in connection with the society. The atten- dance was good, and included Mr J. Scott-Bankes (in the chair), Mr George Bellis (secretary), Mr Oorbett, Mold; Messrs Griffith Jones, W. B-Tl, Rhuddlan; W. Edwards, Ruthin; W. Kellett, Thomas Smith, Ruthin Major Hughes, Ystrad John Roberts, Nantglyn; H. Lowell Jones, Ruthin; W. Roberts, Bathafarn; R. C. B. Clough, Ty Mawr; Owen J. *Williams, Cefn; Major Birch, Maes Elwy; H. Davies, Gresford; T. W. Bowdage, Cotton Hall; W. Jones, coal merchant, Denbigh; T.: Roberts, Well House farm, Saltney Mr Thomas Smith, Plas-yn-llan, Ruthin, and others. NEW PRESIDENT. Mr Scott-Bankes, in a very complimentary speech, proposed Major Hughes, Ystrad, as the president for the year. Mr P. P. Pennant seconded. Major Hughes, in taking the chair, thanked them for the honour done to him, and said that he thought there were many others present more compatent to fill the chair than himself. How- ever, he would accede to their wish, and would do all in his power to further the interest of the society. The previous shows held at Denbigh had been a decided success-the local committee worked well together, and a creditable balance was handed over to. the funds of the society. He hoped th it such wout .d be the case this year; and though it had been suggested by many that it fell heavily on Denbigh to have the show in the town the same year as the great eis- teddfod, yet he hoped that the benefit that would accrue to the town would far outweight the sub- scriptions given towards he society. NEXT YEAR'S SHOW. Mr Pennant proposed, Mr Clough seconded, and it was unanimously passed, that in Rule No. 9, after the words "failing which," the following words be inserted, viz., Unless the committee are able to select some town by a unanimous vute." Mr Pennant also proposed that the show for 1883 be held at Rhyl or Mold. Both towns were excellent places for gate money, as the shows there were always well attended. In answer to Mr Bell, the secretary said that the show in Mold was held the year before last, whiLe the show at Rhyl was held in 1878. Mr Bell therefore proposed that nextyear's show be held at Rhyl. Th:s was seconded by Mr Corbett, Mold, and agreed to. AMENDING EXISTING RULES. Mr John Roberts, Well House f arm, Saltney, proposed that Rule No. 14 be rescinded, and the following be substituted for it, viz., "That all members of the society shall compete on equal terw-s." This was seconded by Mr Scott Bankes and agreed to. Mr Roberts, Saltney, again proposed that in cass of an exhibitor being awarded the first and second prize in any class, he shall only be allowed to claim the first. The exhibitor next in the order of merit receiving the second. Mr Bowdage, Cotton Hall, objected t) this, and proposed a negative amendment, which was car- ried. Mr Thomas Smith, Plas-yn-llan, Ruthin, moved that in future, premium No. 23 shall read as fol- lows, viz For the best hunter (mare or gelding) to carry not less than 12 stone, which shall be considered the best performer over hurdles, rails, or water. Open to all comers." Mr John Roberts, Geinas, proposed that the word, Previous winners to carry fourteen pounds extra," should be attached as a rider to Mr Smith's motion. This was agreed to. A NEW PRIZE. Upon the motion of Mr John V. William, Der- wen Hall, Ruthin, it was decided that a first prize °* ai*d a second of £ 1 be given for the best pen of three shearling ewes of auy distinct mountain WVsh eiClttdi»e cheviots, and not restricted to A HANDSOME OFFER. Mr Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Rossett, secretary stating that he being anxious to encourage tenant farmers to produce milk, ™Cfrf^e,^n<legg3' in larSer quantities than ?kt of, offered the following prizes for three ye rs, viz., For the best arranged and most successfuUy managed dairy farm, not less than 50 and not more than 150 acres in extent. First prize, £10. second prize, Z5. Upon the °* Mr Pennant it was decided that the best thanks of the meeting be forwarded to Mr Balfour for his kind offer, which would be accepted. JUDGES. The following gentlemen were appointed as judges in the various classes Cheese and butter, Mr John Roberts, Crewe; farms, Mr T uomas Rigby root crops and grass seeds, Mr Hornsby, Western Hall; shorthorn cattle,^Mr Dickenson, Chester; Mr Smith, of Ty Newydd, Bangor; and Mr Humphreys, West Felton. Welsh cattle, Mr John Williams, Gwernhefin, Bala Mr Hornsby, and Mr Ellis Jones, Lleyn; agricultural horses, Mr William Parker, Saltney, Chester; Mr Brom- I ley, ditto; and Mr John Edwards, ditto hunters, leapers, and trotters, Major Birch, Major Hughes, Major Conwigg,Mr Owen Williams, and Mr Scott- Bankes; sheep, Mr Laurie, of Baron Hill, Beau- maris; Mr Thomas Rigby, and Mr John Chiers. THE DATE OF THE SHOW. _1 After a lengthened discussion, it was decided that the show should be held on Tuesday, the first day of August 11f,,t A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings. SPECIAL POLICE COURT, MONDAY.—Before the mayor (Mr J. H. Jones), ex-mayor (MrE. T. Jones), Dr Tumour, and Mr W. Morris. Indecent Assault.—Robert Lewis, shoemaker, Chapel-street, who was apprehended uuder a war- rant by Sergeant Jones, was charged with having committed an indecent assault upon a ycung girl named Margaret Burke, the daughter of a woman of the same name, who is cohabiting with John Jones, sweep, Henllan-street. The girl stated that she was 10 yesrs of age. On the 27th of Feb- ruary last she was proceeding up Vale-street with a pair of clogs under her arm, and when passing the defendant house, he dragged in by force, and asked her if he should repair the clogs. Witness having answered in the negative, the defeduanfc pushed her behind the door, kissed her, and behaved in an indecent manner. In defence Lewis contended that he only kissed the girl, as he was very fond of children. He denied in toto hav- ing behaved indecently towards her. The bench after a short consultation, decided to withdraw the charge of indecency, and fined the prisoner El and costs for common assault. The defendant's application to have time to pay the money was granted.










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