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ITHE UNIVEr j-Y BOAT lACE. OXFORO. The beautiful weather which prevailed on Tues- day mating training exercise, both on land and water,- thoroughly enjoyable, was taken advantage of to the full by the Oxonians. A bracing walk preceded breakfast, and after that meal they set out again on foot, and, journeying to Marlow, treated themselves to a sight of their rivals at work afloat. Subsequently they returned to Bourne Eud, and by a quarter to one o'clock had embarked from a raft near Abney Housa in their last year's racing boat. Proceeding quietly through Bourne End Bridge, Higgins than settled into a sweep of 33 to the minute, at which they kept on steadily to Spade OAk Ferry, where they took an easy for a few minutes, and then travelled on to Stonehouse. There they turned, and soon after started back again, still rowing 32 strokes per minute till they arrived at Horsham Factory, from which they paddled home. It was 3.4:5 before they were again afloat, and thii tiraa the new eight, built by Mr John Clasper, w:<3 got ready and manned as follows: st. lb. G. C. Bourne, New (bow) 11 01 2. R. S. De HaviUand, Corpus 11 3 3. G. S. Fort, Hertfoird 12 2 4. A. E. Paterson, Trinity 12 11 5. R. S. Kindersley, Exeter 13 2 6. E. Buck, Hertford 11 11 7. B. E. Brown, Hertford 12 6 A. H. Higgins, Magdalen (stroke) 9 6t E. H. Lyon, Hertford (cox.) 7 13!¡ During the morning T. C. Edwards-Moss, an eld blue, had arrived, and be superintended the coaching, which was from the bows of the steam launch WildAre. After paddling through tho Bourne End Bridge, they bottled down to 32 strokes Ser minute, and did not eaae until a long way above pade Oak Ferry, when they rowed right away to Marlow Point. After a few minutes' rest the boat was turned and preparations were made for a row over the entire course. Higgins commenced at 32 strokeii per minute, aud along Quarry Wood they travelled at a good pace and very even, and right down Spade Oak Reach very little fault was found by their coach. Bourne End Bridge was again got thiough cleverly without easing, and at this point Higgings increased the rate of rowing to 3t strokes per minute, the crew still rowing very evenly and fast at Morley's Paper Mills. They were rather unsteady, but soon got right again, and did not Oise till after pas iag 0 okham Bridge. They then were allowed a little time, and the return to Ab- aey House was done at 32 per minute, with one ahorfc eaey at Morley'a Paper Mills, the after- noon's work being fiuished at a quarter to five o'clock. CAMBRIDGE. Tha work of the Light Blue eight on the water on Tuesday was less in quality than they have re- cently been accustomed to, but what was done showed decided improvement in style: and execu- tion, even as compared with Monday's rowing They made their first appearance afloat about half-past eleven, the order and weights, in which.there were no change from Monday, being as foll-,ws:- st. lb. L. R. Jones, Jesus College (bow) 11 4 2. M. Hutchinson, Jesus.12 2 3. J. 0. Fellows, First Trinity .12 8 4. P. W. itkin, Je3us ,12 0| 5. E. Lambert, Pembroke 12 1 6. S. Fairbairn, Jesus 13 4 7. 0. W. Moore, Christ's 11 10 S. P. Smith, First Trinity (stroke) 11 4 P. L. Hunt, Cavendish (cox.) 7 4 Mr Hockin coached from the bows of a steam launch, and under his direction they started off at a moderate pace, going towards Bislaam Grange. They came abreast the Abbey before making the turn, and the return voyage was done by easy stages, the crew having been afloat three-quarters of an hour. The new Swaddle was again placed in the water at 3.35, and, when he was heading up stream again, 3 [Smith cut out the work at 32 per minute for half a mile. "Easy all" was then called, and then breaking into a paddle they moved thu3 until about a hundred and fifty yards from Biaham Grange. Putting about here they came away at a more vigorous stroke, and no cessation in their labours occurred till they reached their landing-place at Shaw's yard. Moat of the men were out in the tub pairs later in the afternoon, and also took land exercise. DENBIGH. OAMBRIDOE UtfIVgRSITY LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. —The class lists have been issued showing the results of the twenty-third annual Cambridge Local Examinations held during the week com- mencing December 12th last. The examinations were held in no fewer than 110 centres for boys,and 96 for girls. The total number of candidates who entered was 6986, of whom 4176 were boys, and 2810 girls. Of these 2550 boys and 1798 girls were successful. The following are the names of the successful candidates at the Denbigh centre — Boys, Senior.-Michael Bird, Denbigh Grammar School. Boys, Tuniars.-W-LI. Davies-, with secoud- class honours,Denbigh Grammar School; F. Cbitrles Newsam, ditto; Walter M. Malt, ditto; Fred. William Roberts, ditto; Frank White, ditto W. H. Robinson, St. Asaph Grammar School: J. Whiteside, St. Thomas a College, Rhyl. Girls, &niors.-Ada L. Leech, second-class honours, with distinction in religious knowledge ard Ger- man, Howell's School, Denbigh; K. Mur- less, ditto; M. E. Whiteside, Ladies' Col- lege, Rhyl. Girls, Junton-E. G. Hamilton, with first-class honours, and distinction in religious knowledge, English, and music; M. E. Paghe, with third-class honours, Howell's School, Denbigh Agnes H. Edwards, the Gram- mar School, Denbigh; and Verona C. Pua;he, private tuition. The local secretaries for the Den- bigh centre are S. Edwards, M.A. head-master oflthe Grammar School, and Miss Williams, 63, Tale-street (for the girls). TKB PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NORTH WALBS OOLI/KOE AT DENBIGH.-Through the kindness of Mr J. Parry Jones, the town clerk. we herewith append a draft of the memorial sent to the Educational Committee setting out the claims of Denbigh to the above collego: -I' To the Right Hon. the President and other Members of the Committee other Majesty's Privy Council on Education. We, the mayor, aldermen, and councillors of the borough of Denbigh,in the county of Denbigh, beg to approach your Committec, en the subject of your Report on Intermediate and Higher Education, and the establishment of a college in North Wales, and the most appro- priate town for the erection of it. We represent the borough of Denbigh, and the county town, which is generally admitted to be the metropolis of North Wales, and sitaated as nearly as possible in the centre of the mixed population of that thriving and improving district of her Majesty's dominions. The town stands in the centre of the Vale of Clwyd, and in point and situation, salubrity, railway and road accomm)dation and facilities is unrivalled in North Wales. Its markets and fairs attest the great extent of its agricultural produce and property. It has direct railway accommodation east,?to and from Chester (30 miles off), and thence to Liverpool, by twelve daily trains, six eaoh way, while it is in direct union north with Anglesey and Carnarvon bv the Chester and Holyhead Railway, while south it has railway accommodation and connection with Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire, and with Shropshire. There are several admirable sites that are available for the erection of the college, and in the immediate neighbourhood age quarries of limestone for building "that cannot be excelled. We beg to add that its central oitaation for North Wales is attested by the town kaving been selected as the site for the Lunatic Anylam for North Wales, where it has been erected, and has proved the great advantage and 'I convenience of its situation. We beg also to add that it has been selected by the Court of Chaucery as the place for the erection of the Howell's Schools for North Wales, erected and sustained under the trust held by the Drapers Company of London for the maintenance of orphan and other girls-a most valuable institution which is a great blessing to North Wales. The town is sur* rounded by families of distinction and wealth, who would take a deep interest in the subject of education as projected by the establishment of this college. W do not wish to disparage the claims of othev towns, which we believe have been presented to your Committee, but we again assert that none of them can pretend to t* e central position that Denbigh presents, and by its great accessibility, its healthy, beautiful, and attractive situation, and being surrounded by a district that is the most likely to avail itself of the great objects of this college. We therefore earnestly hope that the claims of this town may be tested by a comparison with others that have been,made,and we feel assured that the superiority of it will then be admitted.—Signed on behalf of the town council, J. HARRISON JONES, mayor, Denbigh, March 6th, 1882.H ACCIDENT WITH THE HARRIERS.—We are sorry to report that a grievous accident took place W ih the Vale of Clwyd Harriers last Saturday. It appears that Master Lloyd Williams, the third son of our respected townsman Capt. Lloyd Williams, rode a spirited and valuable grey mare-which, while in the act of leaping over a style near Cefn- maen, was wounded in her side by a long thorn, causing her blood to low freely. The mare, how- ever, raa over two or three other fields before the wound was discovered, and then it was found necessary to shoot her on the spot. DRUNK. AND RIOTOUs.-For being drunk and riotous on Tuesday last, in High-street and Yale- street, James Dunn, hawker, Heallan-strect, was fiied 2s 6d and costs, this being his first offence. THE MARCH FAIR.—This fair, which is con. sidered the moat popular one of the year, was teld on Tuesday and Wednesday last, an exceedingly large number of people being present.











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