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ETJTHIN. QUARTERLY MEETINGS OF DENBIOHSHTRE, &c BAPTIST ASSOCIATION.—These meeting re held at Glyn Ceiriog, on Wednesday ani Thursday, St', and 9th iust. At 2 o'clock on Weduesday, ministers and delegates, representing the diff t: ren t churches met in conference, which was presided over by the Rev W. Edwards, Cefn Mawr,chairman of the association. Rev H. Hughes, Rhos, having read and prayed, and several matters 111 connection with the association been brought under the con- sideration of the conference, it was proposed by the Rev Hugh Jones, D.D., Llangollen, and carried That this coiiference desires to express its horror and indignation at the recently attempted assasination of her Majesty the Queen, and its fervent gratitude to Almighty God for her Majesty's providential escape. It begs further to expreis its sympathy w:th her Majesty in the alavm which the outrageous attempt must have caused her; and the loyalty and affection which it cherishe3 towards her Majesty's person aid throne, with its earnest prayer that her Majesty's life may be long spared, and that the Divine pro tection may shield it to the end." It was also proposed "ind carried:—"That this conference feel- grateful to her Majesty's Government for g a commission to inquire into the state cf intermediate and higher education in Wales; and desire to express its high sense of the ability, comprehensiveness and impartiality of the repcit of the commissioners. It also expresses it; earnest hope that her Majesty's Government may be pleased to carry out the recommendations of the commissioners as soon as possible, and ventures to suggest to the Government the desirability of having a more central place as the sf a, of the University C:llege for North Wal-s, than either Aberystwyth, Carnarvon, or Bangor." The remaining business of the conference related to religious matters. Sermons were preached b] Revs R. Humphreys, Manchester; J. Williams. Colfryn; J. James, Bagillt; E. Parry, Festiniog; J. Mathias, Llansantffsaid; I. James, Ruthin' H. Jones, D.D., Llangollen; G. R. Joaes, eefn Mawr; B. Evans, Rhuddlan; and J. J. Wil- liams, Rhyl. ST. DAVID'S DAY COMMEMORATION.—A mns'cal and literary meeting in connection with the above was held in the Town Hall on Wednesday ni«ht, March 1st, under the presidency of Mr E. Ibblt,S: mayor. On the platform, besides the chiirrnai-, were Derwenog, principal soloist and adjudicator Messrs John Simon, Alun Lloyd, James Walmsk-v, Edward Humphreys, John Morris, Ed. Edwards, Lewis Jones, Revs. J. F. Reece, and W. Jeukiu. The chairman, who on rising to open tho proceed- ing was received with loud applause, said, th it as they were all aware, they had come together that night to ceiebiv.te the memory of their patron saint. The Welsh had been an object of obloquy f.,r their attachment to the eisteddfod,but no one could blame them for their enthusiasm for their patron saint, because the English had their St. George, and the Irish their St. Patrick, and why not the Welsh their St. David ? It was said of St. Patrick that he did much good in Ireland by clearing the country of vermin,and he could not but wish that another patron saint might again appear to clear much worse vermin of the present day (cheers). With regard to the English patron saint he was always talked of a3 St George and the Dragon but it was prettv cJer by this time that the Dragon never existed, and consequently the chances were that St. George never existed either, except as a mere chimera in the imaginat on of its devotees But as to JSt. David, there was no deubt what- ever about his existence. They knew some- thing about his histor. and 'what manner of life he led, and in their celebration ef his birth- day they endeavoured to be in harmony with his useful career. After some further remarks the chairman called upon Derwenog to proceed with the programme, and the latter then called upon the bards to give poetical addresses. In obedience to the call Rhuddenf ib, Eos Clwyd, Mr J. Simon. and Edward Jones, came forward. After that Dcr -eno,, gave a Welsh song (Gwyl Dewi), ac- companied on the piano by Mr W. A. Lloyd, Borthyn, and the audience joining i i the chorus. Next was the adjudication of Mrs Edward?, Nant- clwyd House, and Mr Humphreys, Castle stre et, on the best pair of stockings, read by Mr Lewis Jones. The first prize, 10s wa given to Mrs Catherine Morris, and the 2nd, 5s, to Mrs Catherne Williams, Ruthin. There were six competitors, ard Mr Peers, clerk of tho peace, with his usual munificence, gave prizes to the remaining four, viz.: 4s 6d to the first; 3s 6:1 to the 2nd 2s Gd 10 the 3rd; and Is 6d to the 4th. Adjudication of Derwenog on the poems to the memory of the late Dr: Thomas Jones, Ruthin. There were three competitors, "Dagrau Hiraeth," "Dyfri, and ".Serchog." The prize (10s Cd), was divided be- tween Dytri and Hiraeth "—Mr Williim Jones (Ehedydd hI). and Mr Benjamin Davies, huthin.r,The prize of 163 61, for the best eulogy on Mr Peers, clerk of the peace, was awarded to Ehedydd Ial. Adjudicatioa of Mr Isaac Jones cn the Walking Sticks, prize, 2s 61, divided between Messrs William Williams and Thomas Mostyn, Ruthin. Welsh song by Mr Walmsley, accom- panied on the piano by Mr W. A. Lloyd. Song, d Yr ysgol yn y wlad," accompaniod by Miss Jones, St. Peter's-iquare Comic song by Mr E. P. Jones, L^anelidan, who met with a hearty reception from the audience. Thepriz? of 2s C, i for the best speech for five minutes on the "Leek" was given to W. O. Evans, Ruthin. After some very amusing verses by Mr Lewis Jon^s, on "Pobl Rhuthyn yn amser Dewi Sant," pennill on sing- ing was given by Mr Price and his son, Llandegla There was only cup competitor in singing Dewr feehgyn Cymru," vjz, Mr John Edwards, Ruthin, I to whom the prize, 4s., was awarded. A prizo of 10s 6d was given to Mr W. Lloyd., Borthyn, for the best In Memorium to the late Mr R. G. Ellis. After Derwenog had given a song, and a vote of thanks, proposed by Mr Simon, having been given to the chairman, the proceedings were brought to a close by tinging Mae hen Wlad fy Nhi'.d m." After the meeting an excellent dinner was par- taken of at the Spread Eagles, at which about 40 persons were present. After the tables were cleared a meeting of a jovial character was held over which Mr J. Simon presided.

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