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SCHOOL BOARD MONTHLY MEETING.. The monthly meeting was held at the Bagillt Schools, on Tuesday last, when theie were present: Mr R. Grntton (chairman), Mr J. Carman (vice-chairman). Rev J. E. J. nes, Messrs J. Kerfoot Evans, and Wm. Jones. Architect, Mr R. W. Hughes; clerk, Mr E. M. Evans; attendance officer, Mr Eliseus Jones. The minutes of the last meeting were read an! con- firmed. ADMISSION RBFUSBP. A deputation of gentlemen representing the Holywell Literary and Debating Society now entered the room. The Rev J. E. Jones You must not enter new. We allow no stnngers at our meeting*. = The Chairman: But as ratepayers, they have a right to be present. The Rev J. E. Jones: True, but they do not come here as ratepayers. The deputation with- drew for a time. Mr J. Kerfoot Evans: Evidently, Mr Jones, you are afraid of the Holywell gentlemen. THE TEACHERS' RESIDENCES. A communication receive from the Education Department was read. It stated that My Lords" approved of the plans and specification of the proposed residences for the head-teachers at Uolywell. The communication added that, if it were possible, the price should be reduced. The chairman inquired of the architect as to his opinion whether a reduction could be made. Mr R. W. Hughes stated that he had carefully examined the plans, and he did not consider it possible to reduce the cost consistently with convenience and suitability. It was then decided that the plans should be adhered to, and tenders advertised for in the Chester Chronicle, the Fo.ntshire Observer, and the North Wales' Express. THE HOLYWBLL DEBATING SOCIETY. The clerk stated that he had a communication from the secretaries of the debating society, an- nouncing that a deputation would that day wait upon the board for the purpose of conferring with them in referènce to the communication he had sent them informing them of the last resolution of the Aboard, that 2s. 63. would be charged for all ordinary meetings, and the usual and ordinary charge when a charge for admission was made. The Rev D. Oliver, Dr E. Owea Price, and Mr T. H. Waterhouse (the deputation) then entered the room The Rev D. Oliver said that this society was established about 13 months ago for the purpose of benefiting the young men of the neighbourhood. Through the kindness of the board, they had been allowed the free use of the Halk;n-street Board Schools on condition that an adequate payment should be made for fuel, light; and attendance. | This was agreed tl), aud upon that understanding 1 9 the society had used the schools until on receipt of a letter from the clerk of the board they were astonished to find that they were expected to pay 2s. 6d for the use of the schools for their ordinary meetings, and fifteen and thirty shillings when a charge was made. Now they certainly had a few entertainments for the purpose of enabling those who could not speak to be furnished with an opportunity of reading, reciting, and singing. And they had had a concert from which they had expected a little profit, but which had involved the society in debt. These were meetings of the society held in the original ligbt,*of the understanding. Dr E. Owen-Price said that with regard to the communication they had received he had a question to ask, Did the 2s 6d include fuel, light, and attendance or merely the first two, or was it a change independent of this ? The Chairman Certainly, the half-a-crown in- cludes the three. It clears you. Dr E. O. Price: So that you do not expect us to pay for the attendance separately. The C'hairmau No, the items are all combined in that sum. The Rev J. E Jones: I have heard some talk about the posit on of your finances. Why cannot you increase the amount of the member's sub- scription P The Rev D. Oliver: It would be fatal to the in- terests of the society to do ao. The Rev J. E. Jones: But I understand you are rich enough in your society to provide a white-bait dinner. The Rev D. Oliver: I am sorry, sir, you labour under a great misapprehension as to that. We never had a white-bait dinner, and have no inten- tion t.) get one. We certainly managed, after ex ert'oIl, to get a cup cf coffee together, and a few s-msages with it. That was all (laughter). Dr E. O. Price: When our society was first es. tablished, the board very kiudly took us by the haud, iiov, if you will insist upon the course ll). dicated in your communication, you will make our society bankrupt. Mr T. n. Waterhouse, chairman of the execu- tive of the society, said thnt the condition of the funds of the society made it imperative that if it Was to exist any longer the dem nd for the full charge for the use of the room for the entertain- Blents and concerts should be withdrawn. The entertainments were the ordinary meetings of the society as much as the debates, and should be treated under the same conditions. After some additional observations from members of the deputation, ti, c cliai rman stated thatthe board would now come to a decision. The deputation, consequently, withrew. The Rev J. E. Jones: It's a shame they have their society on such a small ac.tle. Ouly one shilling the term The Chairman: But you would be surprised if you knew the number wb" '-would not join a society of that sort if the subscription were any more. However, what do you say ? The Rev J. E J onn! propose! that no charge should be made for the entertainments and concert in addition to that charged for the usual debates, viz, 2s 6d, f r gas, coal, and cleaning. The Chairman seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. A COMPLAINT OF ILL-TREATMENT. A complaint was heard that the corporal punishment inflicted by the master and mistress of the boys' and 'girls' schools, Ba?il!.t. was of such a severe character that the parents of some of the children previously attending now iouna it nn. possible to induce their children to attend the schools. It was decided that a special meeting of the board shall be held on Tuesday, at vhich the head-teachers will be present, for the propose of investigating the matter. THE BAGILLT "ADVENTURE SCHOOL" The report of the inspector Mr M. Owen, upon this school was read. The instruction was con- demned as unsatisfactory and the premises as un- suitable. It was also added that the Education Department did not consider that it came up to the standard of efficiency. It was unanimously decided that the parents of children attending there should be warned, and that the at' endance officer be authorized to summon for neglect of school attendance the guardians of any child attending there after the next regular monthly br eetioadmng. Other matters of businessjwere transacted, and the meeting terminated.


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