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FOOTBALL NOTES. I We are prepared to insert fixtures of matches from f frotn iveck to week if sent to us in time. Reports of all matches must be received at our office by Wednesday morning.-ED. N. W. E.] CARNARVONSHIRE V. FLINTSHIRE.—This county match was played at Rhyl on Saturday. Carnar- von had a very poor team, being at the last moment compelled to draw upon the Friars' Sohool to complete their quota of players. They sustained defeat by six goals to two. The teams were--Carnarvonshire: Goal, E. Lewis (Upper Bangor Rovers) full-backs, F. R. Jones (Friars' School) and F. Tomlinson (Carnarvon College); halfbacks, W. A. Williams (Friars' School) and W. Morgan (Carnarvon Athletic Club) centres, It Newton (Carnarvon Athletic Club), R. P. Williams (Frh.is' School): right wing, David Jones (Bangor F C.) and R. Williams (B.F.C.); left wing, O. Pattison and T. Jones (Bangor i Mountain Rangers). Flintshire: Goal, C. Wright (Rhvl) backs, J. Marston (Mold) and ¡ N W. Shelton (Rhyl); holf-backs, Ll. Williams I (Mold), W. R. Williams (Rhyl), and Askew (Mold) right wing, W H. Roberts (RhyI) and Dykint-i (Mold) centres, W. Roberts (Rhyl) and John Jones (Rhyl); left w?ng, D. W. Rowlands (Hclywell) and W. Jones (Mold). SHROPSHIRE WANPERER3 V. DRUIDS (RUAHON).— A match was played between these two clubs at Shrewsbury, on Saturday. Several good players were absent from the Shropshire team, and un- doubtedly the Welshmen had the advantage throughout. They won the toss, and elected to kick with the wind, which was rather strong. The game was very hotly contested, and resulted in the victory of the Druids by five goals to three. Throughout, the form of the Druids was far superior to their opponents, a fact which must be partly duo to the absence of some of the best Salopian players Powell and Kettle played ex- ceeding!; well. Among Salopians, Wilson, Lc-ck, and Baddeley distinguished themselves. The teams weifl as follows Shropshire Wanderers: Goal, J. Brown: back, W. Wilson; half-backs, Lloyd, R. M. Waicrs, and Thatcher right wing, Landucci and Baddeley; left wing, Lock and How centries, Horku and Sale. The Druids: Goal, B. Roberts backs, J. Powell (captain), J. Stevens, and R. Roberta; half-backs, W. Wil- liams an I J. Jones; right win £ T. Jones and B. Ev.ts; left wint, J. Vaughan and J. Jones; centvo, C. Kettle. RUTHIN EXCELSIORS V. RUTHIX VICTORIOUS.—-The above match was played on the ground of the former last Saturday. The ball was kicked off at 4 45. Soon after the kick-cff the Excelsiovs'a right wing made a splendid run and succeeded it- scor- ing their first goal amidst loud cheers, oome even play followed for some time, and just before half-time was called another goal was obtained by G. A. Williams, but it was disallowed on the plea of off-side." After the ball was kicked off for the second time the Victorious began to play rather a rough game, trying to equalize matters. The ball having been kicked to the right wing, E. and D. Williams managed to pass the backs, and succeeded in scoring a second goal. The Victori- ous again made several attempts to score, and W. Roberts at last managed to sond the ball through the posts, scoring their only goal. The Excelsiors naw pressed their opponents, and managed to send the ball through, but the goal was disallowed again on the pica of iff-side. Soon after another goal was obtained by D. Williams, and a few minutes before time was called E. Williams also scored. This match thus ending in favour of the Excelsiors by four goals and two disputed to one. Excelsiars -D. L. Fonlkes, goal; E. Simon, T. Watson, full backs; R. Williams, R. Roberts, and R. Jones, half-backs; D. and E. Williams, right wing; L. liumphreys, T. J. Davies, leftwing; G. A. Williams forward Victorious: J. Jones, r* °' rfsy, R -Roberts, E. Roberts, and D.TJ illiams, h,lt-backs S. Griffiths, E. Jones, right wing; W. Roberts, E. Jones left win" • W H. Pi',ce, forward. 0 NORTHERN WELSH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION.—A meeting 0* the committee was held last week, at the British Hotel, Bangor, to discuss a protest lodged by the Carnarvon Athletic Club against the Bangor Mountain Rangers as winners of the final I ties for the challenge cup and badges. The pro- test, which was supported by Mr fllorris, was on the grauud of interference by the spectators and Mr Clayton, the captain, and several of the Car- narvonshire team, were called as witnesses. The committee decided that there were no grounds for interfering with the decision, and the Rangers therefore got the badges. The secretary (Mr Turner) reported ft balance in hand of about JE40 towards the purchase of the challenge cup and Mr Morris gave notice that at the next committee meeting he should propose that certificates, or some team losiagin the final tie. ALL ENGLAND V. SCOTLAND.-This match at Glasgow, on Saturday, ended by ScotIanl winning by five goals to one. RwrHIx V. WREXHAM.—This match was played atWrexharu ov,[Saturday afternoon,aud resulted in a victory for the home team by one goal to none. Until towards the latter part of the game the play was of an inferior attack on their opponents' goal, I and within fire minutes before time was called they succeeded in gaiiiing the only goal that was scored. The teams were as follow:—Ruthin— Go ,I, H. Parry; backs, J. Roberts and J. Humphreys; half-backs, E. Owen, R. Williams, I and P. Evans; right wing, W. Evans and E. Williams left wing, W. Goodwin and G. H. Simon; centre, Rowland; umpire, Mr H. Edwards. Wr^xhara-Goal, H. Phcenix; backs, G. Thomas and C. Roberts: half-backs, H. Elw,.rds, T. Parker, and D. Owen: right wing, W. Roberts and B. Pugh left wing, J. Ingham and M. Davies; centre, J. Forkin; umpire Mr E. Phennah. Referee, Mr Bancroft. HOLYWELL DEE ROVERS V. HOLYWELL WHITE STAlls-These two clubs met on Saturday last on the ground of the Holywell Town Club, to play far the ball given by Mr Scrtcher. The rovers scoring six goals (one of which was disallowed by the referee on the plea of off-side") to none. ENGLAND f WALEs.-This match was played on Wrexham Racecourse on Monday, in the presence of between two and three thousand spectators, when. the Welshmen were for the second time victorious, scoring five goals to the Euglishjthree. The weather was exceedingly fine, and although warm .Hd pleasant for the spectators, was rather fa iguing to th-> players.





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