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FUNERAL OF fR BULKELEY HUGHES, M.P. The funeral of Mr W. Bulkeley Hughes, the member vol the Carnarvonshire Boroughs, took place on Tuesday, at Llanedwen Church. Owing to the proximity of the church to Plas Coch, C' the residence of the deceased, there were no mourning • loaches, and the coffin, which was uncovered, was carried by twelve workmen asd tenantry on the rst.te. The chief mourners and relatives included Mnj or-General Hug res (brother), Captain Charles Huv.t r (2-0n in-la-w) vi r ( Robert Bulkeley Hughes, and the Rev An-nrm Lodge, grard nephews Mr R. Jones-Hughes, a Llangoed, and Dr 0raig Hughes, second cousins, j Mr Rice W Thomas, Ccedhciea; rr W. D. Hon- Person, Bri ikbank House, Llandudno Sir Llew- j elyn Turnei (executor); MrG. H-ar^n, Mr Christopher Priestley Mr Lloyd Hug 1.. r Trevor Hughes, Mr Catte-.mole Dr kodeu Dr Jones (Pins Hen). Mr R. H Pr-tcbard (**<*$. and Mr Alexai d-r Alexander. » he u.w coffin was of polishec oak, with brass mountings, tae taea.tpl.te beming t>« William Bulkeley Hughes, of Pl»s frVh- July 23 1797; died March 3, 1882 The pro- c^nVas a very large one, and t=e numerous attendance testiaed to the general respect enter- tained for the late representative of the Carnarvon- shire Boroughs, gentlemen prominent on both political Bides being present to testify to his worth and the great loss the constituency at luge has sustained in hi! death. The tenantry of the Plas Ooch and Brrndu estates headed the procession, and were fallowed by a large number of public mourners, the private brougham of the deceased gertleman, containing his medical attendants, immediately prcceclmg the coffin, which was nearly lot to view amid the large number )f beautiful wreaths and floral ros- es, which were sent by friends and relatives. The little church, which is in the domain of Plas Newydd, the ieat of the Marqliis of Angleiey, was crowded to excess, numbers being unable to obtain admission. The service was raad by the Rev D. Jones, curate in charge of Llanddamel-cum-Llan- eiwen. assisted by the Rev A. Lodge, Wavertree. The place of interment was a newly constructed vault on the afuth side of tue churchyard. The Llandudno Liberal Association was represente:l by Dr Bold Willia ms. vice-president; MrS.O Hughes, and MrT. W. I iriffith and the Improvement Com- missioners of tie same towo, the deceased having been, up to th time of his death. the chairman of that body, weie represented by Messrs W. Smith, Elias Jones, R Conway, W. Bbvan, J. Ridg8, W. EnDs, Owen ones (collector;, and T. T. Marks, C.E., the cleri. Amongst his gifts to the town of Bangor, was a fire engine, which resulted in the formation of i. volunteer brigade, the members of which with Mr J. Gill, the captain, and Lieutenants John Jones ani Rudd, were conspicuous in Tues- day's lone procession of public mourners. The Rev D. Rowlands, M.A., principal of the Bangor Normal College represented that institution, the late Mr Bnlkeley Hughes having been one of its earliest and most liberal supporters, and the chairman of it nnance committee. Oidfellowship was formally represented by Bros. W. D. Edwards (Carnarvon) and Rishard Humphreys (Menai Bridge) two V P.G.M. of the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey Branch. Although the funeral was non-masonic, the Freemasons of the province of North Wales and Shropshire, of which the deceased was D.P.G.M., were largely repre- sented. Amongst others present were Mr R. Davies, M.P., Mr Jones-Parry, Major Platt, Colonel Thomas, Captain Pritchard-Rayner Revs H. Wynn Jones, W. Hughes, (Llanfechell), J Sydney Boucher, D. Meredith (Newborough), Ellis Jones (Portdinorwic), R. W. Griffith (Bethel), Captain Mitchell, Dr Taylor Morgan, Dr Arthur Jones, Messrs Pennant Lloyd, J. R. Hasslediue H. BulkelevPryce, Dew, Biynbias Castle; S. Dew, Menai Bridge: G. D. Dew, W. A. Dew, Bangor; W L. Bankes, D. Cameron, D. Owen (sùlicitOl), R. Hughes, J. Pritchard, Robert Pritchard. C. Pozzi, Robert Owen, Evan Roberts, D. White. T. Morgan, Garth W. E. Thomas, Richard Griffith, D. G. Davies, J. Rogers, 0. Morris, W. Savage, J. R. Brown, Bangor; R. Pughe-Jones, Ori«cieth Alderman Lewi3 Lewis, T. Bugbird, D. "ft Davies, Bxprett Office; J. Thomas, clerk to the Bangor and Beaumaris Union J. Lloyd, Prince of Wales; Walter Hughes, R. R. Williams, J. H. Vhomas, clerk to the Carnarvon Union, Carnarvon; W. Woodley. E. H. Wil-iams.Moon, G. Brookes, J. A. Wells, W. Pryce, Llandudno; Lewis Jones, Pias Llwynonn; Hugh Savage, Beaumaris; G. Ro- berta, Bryncelli; H. Roberts, Garnedd-wen J. Morgan, Cadnant; C J. Roberts, Trefarthin; J. Edmunds, Porthamtl; R. Parry, Mill Bank; Jonathan Jones, Cari arvon; H. Thomas, Tantwr; Inspector Hughes, Itangor Inspector Hughes, Menai Bridge; Joi athan Hughes, Humphrey Roberts, Pwllfanog, < :c. Following the long pro- cession were the close 1 carriages of Mr T. L. D. Jones-Parry, Madryn; Mr R. Davies, M.P., Mr Robert Davies, Bodloi deb; Major Platt, Captain F. M. Morgan, Captiii H. B. Mitchell, Captain Pritchard-Rayner, Mr Charles Pierce, Dr Arthur Jones, Mr Dew, Mr G. J. Roberts, Trefarthin; Mr R. D. Williams, Porthyr-Aur, and others. Mr D. Griffith Davies, Bangor, had charge of the undertaking arrangements, which were admir- ably carried out. At a meeting of the jxecutive committee of the Llandudno Liberal ALI sociation, held on the 13th instant, Dr Bold Willi; tms presiding, it was unani. mously resolved-" That this meeting, represent. ing the Liberals of the Llandudno district, respectfully desires to convey its h% aadcondolence with Mrs Bulkeley Hughes and family in their sad b< reavement, and k) assure them that the valuable services rendered by her late husband to his nat ve country, life of gifat usefulness will ever be gratefully remembered." ,inn. Although the funeral, as stated above, w masoaic, the Rev J. Sylney Boucher, the P.P.G. chaplain of the Provincial Lodge, delivered a brIef and appropriate oration over the grave. At Portdinorwic, the shipping port of the ^ia™" beris quarries, which is almost opposite Flas Loc°» the shipping displaye I their flags half mast At Carnarvon many of t ie shops were partly clcsed; the flap was hung hiilf ma8t on the castle, and also at the club-room of the Royal Welsh Yacht Olub. The like token of respect was shown at the Queen's Hotel, whore the Liberals hold their meetings.











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