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THREATENED CRIMINAL LIBEL AGAINST MR DARBISHIRE- The movements in the camp of the independent candidate attract but- scanty notice, but what happened on Wednesday afternoon will have the effect of reviving some interest in his candidature, which is still unrecognized or unsupported by any prominent Liberal in any of the group of boroughs. It will be remembered that a few days prior to the death of Mr Bulkeley Hughes, jMr' Sorton-Parry sent out notices to the effect that, conditional upon hie. retirement at the general election of 1880, when he endeavoured fruitlessly to split the Liberal party by opposing the re- election of the veteran representative of the boroughs, he would receive, upon the first vacancy, the support of the Liberal Association. The state- ment was so freely repeated by his canvassers that Mr W. A. Darbishire, the president of thg Liberal Association, found it necessary to issue an authoritative denial, which wap communicated to the newspapers and afterwards posted about the boroughs, Mr Serton-Parry having adopted a similar method of giving publicity to hi version of the matter. On Wednesday it got abo174. very early that Mr Sorton-Parry intended carrying out his threat of resorting to legal proceedings to clear his character from what he considered an unjustifiable aspersion, and one which was nut calculated to advance his chances of sittimg in Par- liament as the representative of the Carnarvon Boroughs. Upon his return from Bangor, where he had spent the afternoon, he was met at the railway station at Carnarvon by Mr J. B. Allanson, solicitor, and accompanied by Mr G. H. Pugh, a solicitor practising at Llandudno, and who is acting as his chief agent, he proceeded to the house of the mayor, where an information for criminal libel was formally laid against Mr Darbi- shire for the statements contained in his denial. The information was made ex parte and in private, Mr Darbishire not being represented. Mr Allan- son asked that a summons should be immediately signed against Mr Darbishire, but the mayor, acting undetf the advice of Mr Hugh Roberts, the acting clerk to the borough magistrates, declined to do so or to depart from the ordinary procedure, and intimated his intention of adjourning the application until the ordinary petty sessions on Monday, so that the responsibility of ^vi v summons might not rest upon him in 7MH ml and without reference to the • leagues on the bench. Mr Allanson s«d the statements contained in Mr of reflected most seriously upon the c^ taini Sorton-Parry audas'.the PosJ^"la8tered about libel complained of still appearedplastered abouUhe town, immediate steps should be taken to relieve his client from a charge of falsehood which implied that he was unworthy to associate with respectable company, «^d certainly unfit to occupy a seat in Parliament. The mayor sail declining to sign the summons, Mr Allanson said that ——————— aYI under the circuinstances all the papers would Ihae. sent up to London for the opinion of Mr Melony, who wad a counsel in the L ambri-Labouchert^s' case, and should he be of opinion that a manda- d mus oti.;ht to be applied for to compel the imme- y cfittic issue of the summons, he would apply tc day in the Court of Queen's Bench. Mr Sorton» Parry complairsod that because he was a Liberal and the mayor a Conservative he was unable to get that justice which was hig right. The mayor retorted that Mr S,.).T,ton- Parry's solicitor making the application was a e-tvative. It was expected that the summons would hav« been served on Wednesday night upon Mr Darbi- shi»e, who is a county magistrate, when leaving by train for Bangar, and a small crowd bad wa-tea anticipating its service. Mr A'l mson thought- fully met the train, and courteously acquainted Mr Darbishire with the result of the upplication, ~.<?hicb doea not appear to give tpresident cf the Associ.ition t •' slightest aax:ety. We have reason t believe that suurnoaees will also be issued against T Grudl Gymreig acd the Liverpool Her. cary fcr publishing the libel ojuipla-,Le.t of.







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