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TO TAILORS.— Wanted, immediately a pood Coat Maker.—Apply to Owen Jones, Draper, &c., Tal y-sarn. TRONMONGERY, CLOCKS, TIMEPIECES, -I Jewellery Furniture, &c. AGENTS WANTED. Wholesale Catalogue 300 Illustrates, free Apply, Henry May (155). Birmingham. o 9ol TRONMONGERY, CLOCKS, TiMEPIEOES, X Jewellery, Furniture, &e. Agents WANTED. Wholesale Catalogues, 300 Illustrations, free. Apply, IEI,,urvI-ly Qo*), -irmingham. E 339 FOWLS, Rabbits, Bees, Sow, Pig, and how- to Cultivate an c-e of Ground to make £ 100 Per year out of it. This little book sent post free! tor i «. Address-" Sun" Office, Hall. E 226 CANVASSERS for Advertisements and Sub- vl-J scriptions required, on commission, in every town of the United Kingdom, when XM2 1 per week can be easily earned. Address-T. G. DIXON, Newl.-nd, Hull. NEW REVISED T H S T A J .N T Y Testament Newjdd diwygiedig > a-aesneg. Prig Swllt ac uchod. Ar werth gan D._W. Navies 4 Co., Llyfrwecthwyr, 19, Bridge-street HO High- street, Caernarfon. TO BE SOLD, Cheap, a 50 inch Bicycle, equal to new, with ball-bearings and sus- pension saddle.—Apply to X, Y, Z., North Wales Express, Denbigh. B 307-864 WHITE'S SEWING MACHINE, entirely new, suitable for tailors and othtrs, to be Sold st a great reduction from cost price.—Apply to 0, 11 Express Office, Carnarvon. b HOUSE TO LET, near the Railway Station, Carnarvon. Rent, JE15. Would answer Waster Tailor, Dressmaker, or a Grocery Shop. Rear opportunity for new beginner. Apply, No. S40, office of thi s paper. o 94.0 • TWELVE cauier .ie VISITE, 2s sd; six, la 8.. Carte u arged to 10 inches, 5s; Cabinet, s. Sent C-, rte with stamps. Perfect copies and original returned free. London Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon- don, W.-F. S. D. PHILLIPS, Manager. TOWLE'S PENNYROYAL AND STEEL PILLS FOR FEMALES quickly correct all lrregularities and relieve, the distressing symptoms so Prevalent with the sex. Boxes, Is Hd and 2s 9d, of all Jjhemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or 34 Stamps, by the ■laker, E. T. TOWLE, Chemist, Nottingham. TO be disposed of immediately, an old- established business of a Grocer, Corn and tlour Dealer, in a fashionable "Welsh watering Place. Satisfactory reasons given for the disposal. For further particulars apply to Mr It. Thomas, tendon House, Menai Bridge. B 814 ,B ANGOR.-TO LST, 16 years' Lease, a very neat, well-established, Full Licensed^ Spiiit faults. Conveniently situated. Good-will and ■fittings moderate. Rent only £ 2-1. Going concern.— Apply t0 MJ. \Vm. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Holyhead. B 898—314 4?0 WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY "ry and HONESTLY REALISED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindrance to present Occupation.—For particulars, &c., enclose a plainly Addressed envelope to EVANS, WATTS, and OOBIPANY (P. 293), Merchants, Birmingham. B 675-85-d "VlTATCH AND BICYCLE CLUBS. — Wanted—Foremen, Time-beepers, Clerks. JjWurance Agents, and others, to form clubs for the Walt ham Clnbs Association. Sccci&l ♦erms to good ^«n.—Illastrated catalogue, and full particulars, post Wee, from T. Hall, Manager, Crafton-street, Leicester. PORTMADOC HIGH-STREET. HOUSE -a:- AND SHOP TO BE LET, in May next, now in the oecapatian of Miss Evans, Dressmaker. Excellent "ituation—good Shop and Fixtures—very suitable for jJilliter and Dressmaker and Fancy Drapery Apply *° Mr E. Jones, Post Office Portmadoc. s933-d^0 WAWTF,D.-Anyone requiring a servant, or *» parties wishful to be engaged, or property let, sell, or exchange, mortgages wanted, &c., have jjtfy to send particulars, with three penny stamp3, to Licensed Victuallers' Advertiser Office, when it *11 be inserted, and a copy of paper sent post free. E 226 TO INVESTORS IN MINING SHARES, "0, &o.—If you wish to sell or buy bargains in 6^ares send for a weekly copy of the North of England ^fining Journal and JLiensed Victualler''s jld vertiser "^oe 2 £ d, post free. Office, Hull. Shares bought and exchanged likewise, property of every des- bought, sold, and exchanged. 226 A GOOD PLAN. OPTION dealing in Stock Exchange Securities Often returns five to ten times the amount invested as many days. £ 10 to £ 1,000 realises same *%tio of profit. Explanatory Book sent free. Address, GEORGE EVANS AND Co, Stock- £ lokera, Gresham House. °>d Broad-street, tendon. e246 J MILLARD HARDING and Co., late • REDMAYNE HARDING and Co., bilk *ercer3 and General Drapers, will eateem it a favour theirPatrons and the Public will kindly direct their ^tomnaications to Tfee Square, Shrewsbury, in con ■eqnence of Letters addressed only Harding an somtimes reaching another firm tra_ing who are in no way connected with J. • NOVELTIESDAILY. e 531 A Certain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured, and re health and vitality without the aid of Quacks, recipes for purifying the blood and removing affections; also chapters on Happy Marriages hen and "Whom to Marry; The Temperaments;' Simmering; Vital Force; How "Wasted and How Reserved; Galvanic Appliances; and the Wonders 5* the Microscope in I) etectin g Various Complaints. °8t free for two stamps. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- ^gham. B303 04PORTANT TO FARMERS, GARDENERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. JOHN WILLIAMS & SON. BROOKHOUSE NURSERIES, DENBIGH, )a IgG to inform their numerous supporters ZT and customer# that they have opened a new Sfftttisfcment at No. 6, YALE-STREET, Denbigh, 5?ere au kinds of Vegetables, Agricultural Seeds, towers, &c., are kept in stock. j. In inviting the farmers of the Vale of Clwyd to visit establishment, J. W. and Son beg to thank them their past support, and hope that they will be OUted with further orders. » 302-845 alt. SEASON 1882. NOW READY, AT THE POOL-STREET MARKET, A LARGE consignment OF K E I L L E R' S celebrated DUNDEE MARMALADE, just received in excellent con- dition. As this excellent article of food is acknowledged to be both healthy and appetizing, the price this year being within the reach of all, it is highly re- commended to the notice of families. IN ONE POUND POTS. IN TWO POUND WHITE JARS. IN THREE POUND GLASS JARS. IN FOUR POUND WHITE JARS. Also, a fresh supply of fine KIEL and other BUTTERS; the very FINEST BUTTER now selling at Is 6d PER POUND. Why pay Is lOd for inferior qualities ? TEA! TEA! TEA! W. LL. G RIFFITH, CORN EXCHANCE, PALACE-STREET, CARNARVON, BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Carnarvon -D and neighbourhood that he is appointed an Agent by one of the principal Tea Warehouses ia Lon- don, and that he now offers the best Tea at the reduced prices of 2s, 2s 3d, and 2s 4d per lb, in boxes of 20 to 22 lbs each. If you want to save a shilling to fifteen pence per pound in Tea call at the Corn Exchange to get it. Also, all kind of Seeds, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Ireland Petatoes, Clovers, Ryegrass, Swedes, Turnips, &c. Also, Agent for the best Manures in the Market; has been used by the principal farmers in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey for the last fifteen years, and has given entire satisfaction. Large stock, as usual, of Flour, and feeding staff of the best quality, at the lowest prices. E 299 W. LL. GRIFFITH, PROPRIETOR. .\)-<{A.1:1 MAIl, c:3 tp LIVERPOOL TO NEVV YORI-c & BOSTOK EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established for Forty Years, and is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Passengers. Apply to D. & C. MAC IVER, Liverpool; or to &eir Agent JOHN EVANS & CO Herald Office, Carnarvon; or to WM. JOHN PARRY, 3, William's. court, Bethesda. B 124-d A M E B 1 G A N L I N B UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. EVERY WEDNESDAY AXD ?D First-class, full -powered Accommodation for passengers equal to any E Pafseng^and Goods landed at Philadelphia on tne Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WEST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE CO., 17 & 19, Water-street, Liverpool. LOCAL AGENTS.-W. J. Williams, Secretary) the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7 Market- street, Carnarvon John Foulkes, 24, High-street, Carnarvon; R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Creigiau Mpwr, Talysarn. B 227-77-d IMPORTANT CAUTION. IS CONSEQUENCE OF THE GREAT DEMAND FOR SAUNDERS' BALSAMIC PLASTERS, MANY imitations are now being sold the Public are therefore warned to examine each Plaster when buying, and to see ti at the words "SAUNDERS' BALSAMIC PLASTER" are stamped on everyone. Any persons suffering from pain in the back or side, or between the shoulders, tightness of the chest or difficulty in breathing, who have not tried the above Plasters are earnestly requested to give them a single trial. Sold by all Chemists, at 3d, 4d, 6d, and 8d each. Wholesale, 149, Duke-street, Liverpool. o 331 TRINITY SCHOOL, BEAUMARIS. CONDUCTED BY E REV LLOYD. SUBJECTS taught: English, Classics, Mathematics, Drawing, &c. Pupila prepared for Commercial Pursuits, the Civil Service, the learned Professions, as well as the various Training and Theological Colleges. Special attention paid to the study of the lijughsh language and Commercial training. 'J he town of Beaumaris is no less renowned for the beauty than the healthiness of its situation and pupils will, to a great extent, have the benefit of an English society. A limited number of Boarders taken. Terms moderate. The school will be opened for the next quarter on Monday, January 16th, 1882. Terms and all particulars ta be had on application to the master. o 760 GRAMMAR AND COLIÆGIATE SCHOOL, CARNARVON, ESTABLISHED 1836. PRINCIPAL:—J, g. KIRK, M.A., PILl)" Member of the General Council of the University of Glasgow, and of the Royal College of Preceptors, Loudon. Author of Essays on rlu,c3,h(;I.I" H chool Honour," Human Civilization," &c. PARENTS and Guardians are requested to note the following facts connected with this JL Establishment:— That for the last twenty years, while under Dr Kirk's management, as great a percentage cf pupils from this School have passed the. variou? Preliminary TosS Examinations as from any other Scholastic Institution of the same average attendance in Wales. That the education given is genuine, as witnessed by the variet and important positions now held by former pupils. That each pupil is led to think for himself, arid is carefully superintended by the Principal. For terms, testimonials, and references apply to Dr KIHK, Orchard House, near Carnarvon. THE NEXT QUARTER COMMENCES ON TUESDAY, THE 24TH OF JANUARY, 1882. V4076 THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQUARE CARNARVON. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-griduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakspeare Society). PUPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a graduated course of instruction, frequently tested by examinations, they are earefnlly and sue- cessfully prepared for professional or commercial life. English, in its saveral branches of Grammar, Compo- sition, History, a.nd Literature, is made a special subject of 4tady. The Senior Classes are presented at the Cambridge Local Examinations every Christmas, and at the Papils* Examinations of the Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer. „ The Quarter-dajs for ttus Half-year are A.ugust 2nd and October 17th. s 73-d li"i -I PAPER HANGINGSPAPER HANGINGS. M. DAVIES, 102, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. In returning her sincere thanks to her numerous customers for the kind patronage accorded to her in the past, begs to call their attention to the very large stock of papers just received, all of the newest designs, and marked at exceedingly low prices. Note the address:- Next toorto the New Independent Chapel, Pendref, Bangor. 317 ESTABLISHED 1854. JOHN WILLIAM ROGERS, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND ESTATE AGENT "THE MART" AND FINE ART GALLERIES, LLANDUDNO. JW. R., in thanking his numerous patrons and clients for the very liberal support and • increasing business bestowed upon him of late years, begs to state that the same unremitting attention (to all business entrusted to his office)-,hall be devoted to the interests of all parties as in the past. SALES BY AUCTION of Farming Stocks, Horees, Carriages. Cattle, Agricultural Produce, Household Furniture, Pictures, Trade Stocks, Wines, Objects of Vertu, Piste, Jewellery, &c. HOUSES AND LAND OFFERED FOR SALE UPON MODERATE TERMS. Note.-Household Furniture amounting from £ 20 to £1000 p urchased outright from parties who do not care to have a public sale on their own account. To Drapers and General Tradesmen having surplus or accumulated stocks, the same can be con- signed "To the Mart," Llandudno, for sale in one of the mos t commodious rooms and in the very heart of the business part of the towa. Immediate cash advances to any amount made upon all consignments for absolute sale. Sales conducted upon owners' premises in all parts of the neighbouring counties upon the very est terms, with immediate cash settlement. „ N.B.—The highest references to a large circle of clients; also to the N.P. Bank, Llandudno, and the solicitors of the neighbourhood. Auction and Estate Offices, first floor above the Mart Lkndudno. B. 4836 REMOVE THE CAUSE AND THE EFFECTS WILL CEASE. KABERRY'S LUMBAGO & LIVER PILLS, The Best Pills in the World for Lumbago. The Best Pills in the World for Rheumatism and Qont. The Best Pills in the Wofld for the Liver and Kidneys. The Best Pills in tne V/orld for Ladies'Use.. THESE PILLS are Invaluable. They are the Best Medicine ever offered to the publio as • Mrtamana effectual can for the Lumbago and Liver, and for all Disorders of the Kidneys they are undated. One box win almost invariably enre the most severe attack Ol Lumbago; some may require two, but mo* ca«»s are half a boxf These Pills, although so efficacion8, are in their operation very mild, and do »otm disorder the Stomach or Bowels, nor unfit any one ior exercise or travelling. # One 18. lid. Dox tnai nuite sufficient to convince the most incrednJons t&at every word about them is true. aMtto any Sold in Boxes at is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.t and lie. each, by all Chemists and PatentMtthcme^VendOTS; «eettW any address for 15,36, or60 etamps, by the Proprietors, GOOD ALL, BACKHOUSE 4 CO-i Leeds^ Ch8*ed the Recipe and sole right to their manufacture from the widow of the late W ILUAM Kabmbt, F _T »• Jjandon AgtnUt—BA*OLAX A Som. W. Eowjjuts 4 BOJT, Sijron Sois. and W. SBWO* vo. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS IN THE VALE L OF CLWYD. BEFORE you purchase your stock of Seeds for the present Season, pray don't forget to „OTT « •«• to Mr T. MorriBen's (of Carnarvon), new .t No 9 MABKET-PLACE, TWrsTRTftH where a large stock of new and genuine seeds are on view. Inspection is respectfully solicits9. Mr Morrison may B« personally consulted on TUPR: j,S*23m Thursdays ia each w«k. I83« JUST ARRIVED. WALL PAPERS. WALL PAPERS- T. T WILLIAMS, J DENBIGH, HAS now a splendid variety of all kind a of WALL PAPERS. The Stock numbers over 30,000 PIECES. The present year being exceptional in point of inter- est in the town, no doubt there will be a great deal of reo novating done, and in order to meet the greater require- ments, T. J. W. begs to inform his numerous friends and customers that all his valuable Stock of FURNISH- ING Goons. &c., will be sold at prices unsurpassed in cheapness by any house in the trade. a 327 SAMUEL EVANS, ARV01S1A BVILVINQ8, BANGOR. Corn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Oil- cake Stores. Agent FOR— Spr tt's Patent Meat" Fibrine" Dog Cakes. The Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company. The Gloucester specific for Foot Rot in Sheep. The Liverpool, Cherhire, and North Wales Patent Manure Oompany. Messrs Richardson Brothers and Co., Linseed Crushers and Manure Manufacturers, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Sligo. S. E. will be pleased to send Quotations upon application. e 773 ANTED, AGRICULTURISTS AND OTHERS IN CANADA.—Free Grants of 100 to 200 Acres of Land and Assisted Passages are given by the Canadian Goverment. Fanners delegates' Teports, illustrated pamphlets (describing the districts zecently traversed by the Marquis of Lome), maps, and full information respecting any part of Canada—its re- sources, trade, demand for labour, wages paid, &c.,— supplied free, by the Canadian Government Agent, 15, Water-street, Liverpool. Q832 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF CARNARVON- SHIRE, HOLDEN AT BANGOR. In the matter of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with Creditors insti- tuted by James Wood, of Esperance House, Trinity-square, Llandudno, in the county of Car- narvon, Dealer in Fancy Goods and Boarding- house Keeper, Notice is Hereby Given that a first general meeting of the Creditors of the above- named person has been summoned to be held at the Erskine Arrcs Hotel, Conway, in the said county of Carnarvon, on the 17th day ci March, 1882, at e ie o'clock in the afternoon precisely. 'i Dated this first day of March, 1882. REECE HARRIS AND HABRIS. 47, New-street, Birmingham, E 335 Solicitors for the said James Wood. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF CARNARVON- SHIRE, HOLDEN AT BANGOR. In the matter of proceed ings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with Creditors insti- tuted byOwen Morris, of Tyddyn Maneier, iu the parish of Llandwrog, in the county of Cam a. von, Farmer, Notice is Hereby Given that a second general meeting of the Creditors ( f the ■eve- named person or persons has been s mtnoije^ to be held at the office of Mr Charles Herbert Ee?a, Castle street, Carnarvon, on the eleventh It-.y of March, 1882, at 3. SO o clock in th) altemoon precisely. Dated this third day of March, 1882. PICTON JONES & ROBERT?, Pwllheli, E 336 Solicitors for the said Debtor. MARY DYKINS, Deceased.—Pursuant to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict., c 35, intituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against or upon the Estate of MARY DYKINS, formerly residing at Bryndwr, Llanfairfechan, in the County oi Carnarvon, and more lately residing at Osborne House, Llanfair- fechan, now deceased (who died on the 10th day of July, 1881, and whose Will was proved in the District Registry attached to the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, at Bangor, by William Samuel Dykins, one of the Executors therein named, on the 22nd day of Feb. 1882, are hereby required to sect particulars in writing of such claims or demands to the said Executor at the Office of the undersigned, John Pritchard, Bodhtlfryd, Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, on or before the 30th day of March, 1882, after which day the said Executor will pro- ceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persona entitled thereto, having re- gard only to the claims and demands of which he shall then have received notice, and the said Executor will net be liable for the assets so distri- buted to any person or persons of whose claims or demands he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 23rd day of February, 1882. JOHN PRITCHARD, G 915-p Bodhyftyd, Banger. r, VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. 30, WELL-STREET, RUTHIN. MR G. F. BYFORD has received instruc- tions to SELL B7 AUCTION, at the Castle Hotel, Ruthin, on Monday, April 3rd, 1882, at the hour of four o'clock in the afternaon, subject to conditions then to be produced, the above very desirable RESIDENCE, containing three well-fitted Reception-rooms, five Bed-chambers W.C. and Lavatory, Pantry, Larder, two Kitchens and Cellar; and the Out- buildings comprise a two-stalled Stable, Loft, Saddle. room, Wash and Coal House (with room aove), a Pleasure and Kitchen Garden. For further particulars and rarda to view apply to Messrs Lloyd and Roberts, Solicitors, or to th Auctioneer, all of Ruthin. E 334 AT ADEILADWYH. A CONTRACTORS. CAPEL NEWYDD Y T.O., BRYNSIENCYN, MON. GELLIR gweled y Planiau a'r Specifications o'r capel uchod o'r 8fed dydd o Fawrth hyd yr 22ain o Fawrth, yn y Post Office, Brynsiencyn. Anfonir y Tenders, ar neu cyn y 23ain o Fawrth, i'r Parch John Williams, Post Office, Brjnsiencvu, via Llanfair P.G Anglesey. Bydd yn ofyn.>l selio a thrawsysgrifenu ar y Tenders oddiallau Tenders for Chapel." Ni ymrwymir i dderbyu y Tender isaf, nag nnrhyw Dender. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS, OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS, Architect, &c., B 328-916 Portmadoc. HUGH JONES AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER, BJtYN QWILYM, PENRHYNDEUDRAETH. B 251-744. MRS GWENFIL DAVIES, C.A.M., SOPRANO VOCALIST, IS open to Engagements for Concerts, Oratorios, Eisteddfodau, &c., and may be addressed at Penffynnon Hall, Pontrhyd-y-groea, near Aberystwyth. SINGING AND PIANOFORTE LESSONS GIVEN. G 790 E. ,G. LLOYB"; t, nt Auctioneer, Appraiser, Accountant, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, COLLECTOR OF RENT AND DEBTS, FIRE, LIFE, AND ACCIDENTS INSURANCES, Emigration Agent to all parts. Note the Address- 24, CHURCH-STREET, G 850 BLAENAU FFESTINIOG. KAY'S LINSEED COMPOUND, demuicent spectcrant for Cough and Colds. Sold by all Chemists 18 lid. RUTHIN SHEEP DOG TRIALS, 1882. TO be held in Ruthin Castle Parks, on Easter Monday, April 10th, under the patronage of Major W. C. West, Lord-lieutenant; J. F. Jesse, Esq., High Sheriff; and Edward Roberts, Esq., Mayor of Ruthin. All Comers' Stakes, open to all England. 1st prizi, £ 10; 2nd prize, n; and 3rd prize, JE3. Entrance, 10s. Local Stakes, open to subscribers only. 1st prize, £ 6; 2nd prize, £ 4; 3rd prize, JE2; and 4th prize, £ 1. Entrance, 2s 6d. Area of local district, and all other information, to be had from EDWARD HUMPHREYS, Hon. Sec. 14, Castle-street, Ruthin. B 331 HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. SPRING 1882. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. T. J WILLIAMS HAS great pleasure in informing the Public that he has opened a new Branch in the TAILORING DEPARTMENT In connection with his already extensive busi- ness, and begs to announce that he has en- gaged the services of MR SCFRLOCK as CUTTER, who has had considerable experience in every branch of the Trade, and trusts, by prompt attention to all orders, to receive the continued support of his numerous friends and customers. GENTS' TWEED SUITS, to order £2 10s SCOTCH CHEVIES, to order £ 2 15s „ BEST BAUNOCKBUBN to order £ 3 Ss In all the leading Patterns and Shades. Also, West of England TROUSERINGS, WORSTED COATINGS, BROADCLOTHS, &c., in great variety. Ladies' RIDING HABITS, JACKETS, ULSTERS, &c. LIVERIES AND JUVENILE DRESS. TERMS.—5 per cent. for Cash 2-+ per cent, for Cash in three Months dix months—NETT. g 327 BEACH MOUNT SCHOOL, CRIGCIETH CONDUCTED BY MISSES WILLIAMS AND TEMPLE, Prospectuses free on application to above A.'3- WHS. OLT ACADEMY, NEAR WREXHAM. PBINCIP,&T,- J. OLIVER JONES. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Service, Law, and Medical Preliminaries, Pharmaceutical, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, &c. The school premises, with a large and dry cricket field attached, are situated in a beautiful and healthy English locality, thus affording the best advantages for Welsh boys to learn the language. For terms, &c., apply to the Principal. Duties resumed January 27th, 1882. G 764 %/T AENOWYN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, XL MACHYNLLETH, Conducted by Mr. J. OWEN, late Inspector oi Schools for the British and Foreign School Society, and Tutor at the Society's Training Col- lege, Swansea. French and German taught by a qualified foreign lady. Special advantages for Candidates preparing for the Theological and the Training Colleges. Prospectuses and Terms may be had on appli- cation. 4389-d THE OSWESTRY ACADEMY. HEAD MASTER MR OWEN OWEN, B.A. (Late Scholar of Jesus College, and Graduate in' High Classical Honours). Classes will be conducted by the Head Master, assisted by Mr J. W. BESLEY (of the London University), and other competent Tutors. THE Classes provide instruction for Com- mercial Pursuits, for the Medical and Legal Preliminary Examinations, and for Matr: 'ition at the Universities. Since 1879, fourteen pupils have passed the various Public Examinations, four if whom matriculated at the Universities. The next Half-year will commence on Monday, Tanuary 23rd, 1882. There will be two or three vacancies for boarders, G 668 ESTABLISHED 1848. SEEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! SAMUEL EVANS, 3 AND 4, ARVONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. CORN, FLOUR, SEED, HAY, STRAW, AND OIL- CAKE STORES. tendering to his customers his j grateful thanks for the liberal patronage accorded to him the last season, in the above new branch of his business, begs respectfully to inform f armers, Gardeners, Cottagers, and others, that he has this season increased the assortments, and with the greatest care selected a quantity of fresh imported seeds of the best quality, consisting of the following:- HAY AND CLOVER SEEDS, of excellent quality. Assortments of EARLY POTATOES, and a Quantity of "MAGNUM BONUM," "SCOTCH DOWN," and "CHAMPION" POTATOES. IRISH AND WELSH SHORT WHITE OATS. IRISH TAWNY OATS. BLACK TARTARIAN OATS. BODORGAN WHITE OATS. WELSH YELLOW OATS. SCOTCH AND WELSH BARLEY, &C., &C., &C. All Orders will be executed with promptness. March let, 1882. B 92%