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WANTED, an experienced Milliner. Also, 5 a Dressmaker. Must be able to speak l Welsh.—Apply to Bryan Brothers, Carnarvon, f b 337—928 WANTED, a Junior Hand to the Drapery Trade.—Apply to J. Simon, Regent House, Within. B 919—332 Ironmongery, CLOCKS, TJMEPIEOES, Jewellery, Furniture, &C. AGENTS WANTED. Wholesale Catalogues, 300 Illustration, free.— APply, Henry May (151), Firminsham. E 288 FOWLS, Rabbits, Bees, Sow, Pig, and how to Cultivate an Jr. ere of Ground to make P,100 year out of it. This little book sent post free for Address—" Sun Office, Hall. E 226 A VA8SERS for Advertisements and Sub- fccriptions r< quired, on commission, in every of the United Kingdom, when £ 2 per week can be ^3l-S earned. Address—T. G. DIXON, Newland, Hull. E 226 A YOUNG MAN, aged 24, who can produce six years good character from last employer, ,e8ires employment as Warehouseman, Store- e^per, or any place of trust. Can read and write — -Applr, No. 329, Express Office. e 329 NEW REVISED TESTA.i-.NT Y Testament Newydd diwygiedig yn Saesneg. » Swllt ac ucliod. Ar werth gan D. W. Davies jj.Sta*. Llyf rwerthwyr, 19, Bridge-street ^0 .^gn-etreet, Caernarfon. T BE SOLD, Cheap, a 50 inch Bicycle, JT" equal to new, with ball-beariugs and sus- Ee& sion sadle —Apply to X, Y, Z., North Wales **Preut Denbigh. B 307-864 AGENTS WANTED (Packet Teas).—All gA". House-to-house Callers should apply. rPeci&l terms offered to gtod men.—Write to eeves and Co., 8, Chiswell-street, London E.C., B 172-58 WIlITE,g SEWING MACHINE, entirely Sold new, suitable for tailors and othtrs, to be Ie C a great reduction from cost price.—Apply to ^ymro,' Express Office, Carnarvon. b 2000 STRONG WOODEN HURDLES for sale, at Is 8d each. Five feet long, Tirivi bars. Any quantity of twenty and up tK delivered free at any railway station within J^rty milea of Conway.—Apply to P. and H. Timber Merchants, Conway, B 239—711 "Twelve c i CES ie V iSITE, 2s 8d; six, r?:. As 5 ( arte 7V itrged to 10 inches, 5s; tad lis. Sent C rte with stamps. Perfcct copies Originaj returned free. Photographic Co., 304, Regent-street, Lon- K S. J). PHILLIPS, Manager. J^OWLE'S PENNYROYAL AND-S jjT PILLS FOR FEMALES quickly correct all regularities and relieve the distressing symptoms so Qv Vaieat with the sex. Boxes, Is and 2s 9d, of all w ejnista. Sent anywhere for 15 or 34 Stamps, by the C^*er» E. T. TOWLE, Chemist, Nottingham. -To be disposed of immediately, an old- w" established business of a Grocer, Corn and PW* ^ealer» in a fashionable Welsh watering Satisfactory reasons given for the disposal. ^urther particulars apply to Mr R. Thomas, ._Qflon House. Menai Bridge. B 814 RANGOR. —TO LET, 16 years' Lease, a very I VanuDeftt, well-established. Fall Licensed Spiiit tHtn.!8* Conveniently situated. Good-will and AnS 3s moderate. Rent only B24. Going concern.- Y to Mr Wm. D. Jones, Auctioneer, Holyhead. 3 898- 314 OARNARVON. — SUPERIOR APART- D .MENTS WANTED, by a gentleman, jt-g-rooin and Be droom, Bath, etc. Address, terms, which must be moderate. "Alpha," Office. B 911 V°E. DISPOSAL, without delay, a ,jT DRAPERY BUSINESS, doing a cash trade 25 the neighbourhood of extensive Slate Quarries. stock is iu good condition.—For farther in- fv^^tion apply by letter to X, X, X., Office of O903 £ 2 WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be EASILY few,, and HONESTLY REALISED by persona of Jr^HER SEX, without hindrance to present r^pation.—For particulars, &c., enclose a plainly tj/wL^Sfled envelope to LVANS, WATTS, and "PANY 'P. 293), Merchants, Birmingham. B 675—85-d J^STTRE against Accidents of all kinds with •tfcthe Lancashire and Yorkshire Insurance Limited. Forms of proposal and all neces- ftohJS''ori;Q»tion may be had from the Agent—W. G. ertfi 15, Castle-street, Carnaivon. E3I1 ANTF,D.-Anyone requiring a servant, or ta I parties wishful to be engaged, or property On] • sell, or exchange, mortgages wanted, &c., have 8end particulars, with three penny stamps, to >ili rinsed Victuallers' Advertiser Office, when it be inserted, and a copy of paper sent post free. =- E 226 INVESTORS IN MINING SHARES, T- &o.—If you wish to sell or buy bargains in 8end for a weekly copy of the North of England 'py/lxn9 Journal and Liensed Victualler s Ad yertiser BQU06 2W, post free. Office, Hull. Shares bought Crihi; an<* exchanged likewise, property of every des- bought-, sold, and A GOOD PLAN- rION dealing in Stock Exchange Securities j— ei1 Jetarn8 five to t.«n times the amount invested many days. £ 10 to £ 1,000 realises same 0 of profit. Explanatory Book sent free. b»ni?dre8s» GEORGE EVANS AND Co., Stock- T Oresham House. Old Broad-street, E 246 J MILLARD HARDING and Co., late U • REDMAYNE HARDING and Co., Silk if +lCerivan(^ General Drapers, will esteem it a favour Com ^rons an<^ Pu^i° wi'i kindly direct their gJr^Bicatiocs to Tke Square, Shrewsbury, in con- oiuence of Letters addressed only HardiDg and sonatimes reaching another firm trading in that are iQ no way connected with J. M. H. and ■NOVELTIESDAILY. e 531d 4. Certain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. flRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured, and re- rjjyer health and vitality without the aid of Quacks, ■JJth recipes for purifying the blood and removing affections; also chapters on Happy Marriages; When and Whom to Marry; The Temperaments stammering; Vital Force; How Wasted and How 'eserved; Galvanic Appli&nces! and the Wonders p Microscope in Detecting Various Complaints. T for two stamps. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- INGHAM. E 303 SEASON 1882. NOW READY, AT THE pOOL-STREET MARKET, A LARGE consignment I OF KEILLER'S celebrated DUNDEE MARMALADE, just received in excellent con- dition. As this excellent article of food is acknowledged to be both healthy and appetizing, the price this year being within the reach of all, it is highly re- commended to the notice of families. IN ONE POUND POTS. IN TWO POUND WHITE JARS. IN THREE POUND GLASS JARS. IN FOUR POUND WHITE JARS. Also, a fresh supply of fine KIEL and other BUTTERS; the very FINEST BUTTER now selling at Is 6d PER POUND. Why pay Is lOd for inferior qualities P TEA! TEA! TEA! W. LL. G RIFFITH, CORN EXCHANCS, PALACE-STREET, CARNARVON, BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Carnarvon and neighbourhood that he is appointed an Agent by one of the principal Tea Warehouses in Lon- don, and that ho now offers the best Tea at the reduced prices of 2s, 2s 3d, and 2s 4d per lb, in boxes of 20 to 22 lbs each. If you want to save a shilling to fifteen pence per pound in Tea call at the Corn Exchange to get it. Also, all kind of Seeds, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Ireland Potatoes, Clovers, Ryegrass, Swedes, Turnips, &c. Also, Agent for the best Manures in the Market; has been used by the principal farmers in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey for the last fifteen years, and has given entire satisfaction. Large stock, as usnal, of Flour, and feeding staff of the best quality, at the lowest prices. E 299 W. LL. GRIFFITH, PROPRIETOR. \)"1A.\J MAIL <9 i: fP LIVERPOOL TO ZDsTETW YORE: & BOSTON EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. This Company has been established for Forty Years, and. is noted for its Safety and Comfort for all classes of Passenqers. Apply to D. & C. MAC 1VER, Liverpool- or to their Agent JOHN EVANSI & CO., Herald Office, Carnarvon; WM JOHN PARRY 3, William's-couit, -I I -k-L J^ M K R I C A N LINB UNITED STATES MAIL bTEAMERS. t. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND ALTERNATE SATURDAY First-class, full. poweed Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers equal to anj B ftSTgSS1"Snd Goods landed at Piiladdplu, on tne Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad. THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WEST. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., 17 & 19, Water-street. Liverpool. LOCAL AGENTS.-W. J. Williams, secretary, the North Wales Quarrymen's Union, 7, ilarket. street, Carnarvon John Foulkes, 24, High-street, Carnarvon; R. G. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Creigiau Upwr, Talirsam. B227.77-d PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED), CHIEF OFFICE:—HOLBORN BARS, LONDON, E.C. SUMMARY OF THE THIRTY-THIRD ANNUAL REPORT,' For the year ending 31st December, 1881. THE rate of expenditure continues to show JL a reduction, and the accounts are again iu every respect most satisfactery. In the Ordinary Branch the New Business completed during thp year consists of 6,949 Policies, assuring the sum of £ 860,172, and producing a Now Annual Premium Income of £ 31,003 is Sd. The Claims of the year amount to £ 69,677 17s Id, under 474 Policies, representinc 432 Deaths and ,2 Endowment Assurances matured. The rate of expenses of the Branch is Ten and a-half per cent. on the Premium Income, being less than that Attention is drawn to the large New Premium Income in this Branch, particularly to «ie mcrease of^theprem- ium receipts, which are upwards ot £ -1,000 more^ than in the previous year, being the ° has been obtained iu the lnstoiy ot «nr iT1 The Premiums actually received during the year in the Industrial Bianch are £ 1,849 491 IBs od, fs eompa^d with the sum of £ 1,608,849 8s 7d being an increase of Premium Eeceipt- of -210 645 9b 10 J, the largest which has taken piaco m tais Bra ich. The Claims of the year amount to £ 639.752 10A id, and 'the total amount of Claims pud in this Branch is f.3,786, 112. SUMMARY OF THE QUINQUENNIAL REPORT. It will be seen that the results of the Valuation com- pletely justifv the Annual Reports which the Directors nave from time to time presented. The rate of expendilure, which had been reduced during the previous Quinquenniim has been reduced six per cent in the Ordinary Branch and SEVEN per cent. in the Industrial Branch during this Quinquen- nium. There is every reason to believe that the reduc- tion in the Industrial Branch will be continued. In the Ordinary Branch the Annual Premium Income has increased from £ 83,245 to £ 142,732, and the Assur- ance Fund from 9473,862 to £ 744,583. In the Industrial Branch the increase in the Annual Premium Income has been from £ 980,575 to £ 2,051,024, and the Assurance Fund from £ 373,492 to £ 1,721,492. The Directors would draw attention to the Report made by Mr A. H. Bailey on the results of the Valua- tion, and to his approval of the methods adopted by the Company's Actuaries. It is gratifying to know that these results have been secured alter fully providing for every liability, and after adding a considerable amount to the Contingency Fund, and carrying forward a large balance in each Branch. EXTRACT FROM MR A. H. BAILEY'S REPORT. I have carefully examined the several papers which you have placed in my hands containing the results of t:.e Valuation of the Liabilities of your Company to the 31st December 1881. During the progress of the work, which has occupied several months, and on which more than 600 persons have been engaged, I have had oppor- tunities of inspecting the various processes that have been employed, and of satisfying myself of the care and pains that have been taken to ensure accuracy through- 01Your business is derived mainly from the large classes of the community whose means will admit of their effecting Life Assurance for small or very moderate sums on'y, and whom the greater number of the existing Life Assurance Societies have been unable or unwilling to reach. In furtherance of this object the business of the Company is divided into two Branches, for each of which separate accounts are kept and separate investments made. (1) The Ordinary Branch, In which the Premiums are payable in most cases annually, but sometimes half- yearly or quarterly. (2). The Industrial Branch, in which all the Premiums without exception are payable W66klv, ORDINARY BRANCH—For the Policies on Single lives for the whole term with profits, which constitute the bulk of the risks, the average amount assured by each policy is near y 9137, the average Annual Premium JE4 Ss 6d, or at the rate of t3 4s 9d per cent, on the sum assured. From Mr Hughes' report it will be observed that the number of policies in force (exclusive of annuities) is 31,616, the Premium Income being £ 142,642. The business of this Branch alone is therefore of consider- able magnitude and importance. The Valuation of the Liabilities-has been made upon a basis the effect of which is to require a larger Reserve than most Life Assurance Companies retain or think necessary. INDUSTRIAL BRA-NCR.-In this Branch the average amount assured by each Policy is L9 4s lOd, the average weekly uremium almost exactly 2d, being at the rate of f.4 12s Id per cent. per annum on the sum assured. The number of policies in force is 4,822.519, so that the Irves assured comprise about one-eighth of the entire population of Great Britain and Ireland. The annual premium income is E2,LI.51,024. Experience has shown that for business of this character two conditions are indispensable; the premiums mutt be payable weekly and agents must be employed to call regularly for their collection These two conditions occasion heavy expense, and as a necessary consequence the rates of premium are and must be higher than the Ordinary branch But offering as you do both systems of assurance to the public, you find that tue majority are willing to pay the higher rates for the convenience oi the weekly receipt and collection of the premiums. Ca: eflù consideration has been given to thep. inciples upon which these liabilities should be valued, compre- hending risks from infancy to extreme old age. By the requirements of the Act ut Parliament returns have to be made to the Board of Trade of the sums assured and premiums payable at every age of life, and calculations have been made of the present value of these quantities for all the policies in force But of the recently effected policies, a large proportion are on thu live of children with whom tne risk of death diminishes, instead of ill- creas ng as they become older; again, a large number of these recently effected policies are a.lowed to lapse after they have been a short time oaly in force. To such policies, therefore, it seems to me that the usual methods of Valuation are not propei ly applicable. It was therefore decided, as explained in Mr Dewey's' report, that for all Whole Life Policies exceeding 950, all Endowment and Joint Life As-urances, and all other policies which had been five years in force, and where the lives assured were above ten years of age, a reserve should be made on the same principles as in the Ordin- ary Branch, except that the Tables of Mortality em- ployed should be tae English Life Tables. The other policies, of which, although the number is large. the liability under them is very small, have been regarded as shoit t, rm risks. It is in the highest degree satisfactory to fiiid that after subjecting the liabilities to the stringent tests that have been described your resources have been found to be so ample to meet all your engagements; and the general results of this searching investigation cannot but be most gratifying to all who are interested in the prosperity of the Company. EXTRACT FROM THE REPORT OF MR W. HUGHEd, ACTUARY OF THE ORDINARY BRANCH. There were in force at the date of the Valuation 31,616 Life Assurance Policies, assuring with Bonus £ 4,242,449, and producing an Annual Premium Income of £ 142,642. The Immediate Anuuities are 186 in number, and in- volve a charge of £ 4,202 per annum. The Table -f Mortality employed for the valuation of the Life Assurance Policies is the Institute of Actuaries HM Table, and for the Immediate Annuit es Mr Fin- laison's Government Annuity Tables, being the same that were used at the last Valuation. The rate of inter- est assumed in the calculations for both kind- of con- tract is 3 per cent. The whole of the loading, or difference between the premiums actually receivable and the pure premiums, has been reserved. This loading amounts to £ 31,377 per annum, and is available to meet future expenses and provide for future profits. EXTRACT FROM THE REPORT OF MR T. C. DEWEY, ACTUARY OF THE INDUSTRIAL BRANCH. The Poiicies in existence were 4,822,519 in number, assuring the sum of £ 44,658,814, and producing a weekly income from premiums of £ 39,442 16s, and an Annual Premium Income of £ 2,051,024. The special tables for Endowment Assurance, issued after the last valuation, have been very successful, the amount of business now in existence producing an Annual Premium Income of £ 32,700. The facilities offered in this Branch for Assurances on the lives of the middle classes, have resulted in a large accession of in- come, the Premium Income derived from Assurances of £50 and upwards being now £ U5,489 per annum. During the Quinquennium the mortality of this Branch of the Oompany's business has been carefully recorded week by week. The results nearly correspond with Dr Farr's English Life Table (No. 3), and, as directed by you, I have taken that Table as the basis of the Valuation for every description of risk. As at pre- vious investigations I have assumed that the interest realized will, for the future, be £3 per cent. per annum. Male and Female lives have been kept separate throughout the valuation, the number of each sex assured is in nearly similar proportion to that shown by the population of the country. Each year's business has been valued separately, and as the oldest policies have been 30 years in existence sixty separate valuations have consequently been necessary. A pure Premium Valuation has been made for all policies, upon lives exceeding ten years of age, which have been in existence five years, and for all policies issued under the Endowment A'surance, the Middle Class and the Joint Life Tables, however short their duration. For Infantile Assurances and all other policies under f.50 in amount and of less than five years' duration, a method has bem adopted wiiich produces a liability on every policy and reserves a sum sufficient to meet the permanent expenses of the Branch it follows, there- fore, that all negative values have been excluded. LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANIES ACT, 1870. BALANCE SHEET OF THE PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED (ORDINARY BRANCH), on the 31st December, 1881. LIABILITIES. £ 00 Life Assurance Fund 'Jon 6 6 Sickness and Assurance Fund A Claims under Life Policies admitted 5,34» to -I £ 750,421 15 9 ASSETS. Mortgages on Property within the United £ s. d. Kingdom 203,629 10 3 Loans on the Company's Policies 27,930 17 9 Loans on Municipal and other Rates 23,478 16 8 Investments In British Government Securities 95,132 2 3 Indian and Colonial ditto 70,339 7 3 Foreign ditto 13,267 1-5 3 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stock 61,633 6 3 Ditto Shares (Preference and Ordinary) 20,651 1 5 House Property £ 91,146 4 8 Less amount written off 1,000 0 0 „ £ 90,146 4 8 Reversions 60,092 18 11 Agents Balances 5 755 2 10 Outstanding Premiums 2 284 0 8 Ditto Interest and Rents g'ssi io l Amount due from Official Liquidator of International Insurance Society 5,183 1 4 Deposits at Three Months' notice oo. 50,000 0 o CaiÙl- On current account 114,116 o 2 In hand 100 0 0 — 14,216 0 2 L750,421 15 9 BALANCE SHEET OF THE PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED (INDUSTRIAL BRANCH), on the 31st D.cember. 1881. LIABILITIES. N B- d. Shareholders' Capital 59,070 0 0 Life Assurance Fund 'loooo o n CMmsSerLife Policies adi^tted\V. 18,017 11 6 £ ^829^580 5 <) < ASSETET. Mortgages on Property within the United < s. d. Kingdom .oo 79,939 13 6 Loans on Municipal and other rates 293,363 12 2 City of London Corporation Bonds 25,000 0 0 Investments: In British Government Securities ••• 233 581 0 0 Railway Debeuture Stock ••• J^j,954 7 J Freehold Ground Rents ••• ^6-^85 8 2 House Property ••• •• J? J. Scotch Feu Duties ••• ••• 2 Freehold Estates ••• ■■ JA Reversions 9 Furnitute and Fittings ••• ••• 2 9 Loans on Pers nal Security 8,942 7 ° Agents' Balances 87,280 9 8 Outstanding Interest and Rents 15,267 0 0 Deposits at Three Months' notice. 4,500 0 0 Cash in hands of Supei intendents 26,924 1 10 Cash— On Deposit £ *0,000 0 0 On cui rcut account 27,554 9 1 In hand. 250 0 0 97,804 9 1 f 1,829.550 5 0 EDGAR HORNE, Chairman. HENRY HARDEN, I Directors. THOS. BEID, ) We have examined, month by month, the various Receipts and Payments of the Prudential Assurance Com- pany, Limited. We have also examined the foregoing Accounts, find them to be correct, and herel y confirm the same. We have seen and examined the varous securities. THOS. C. DEWEY, I Managers. -TAMES ALLANSON, 1 WILLIAM HUGHES, I B ROBERT BARNES, { -Suitors. W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary. 8333 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF CARNARVON. SHIRE, HOLDEN AT BANGOR. In the matter of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with Creditors insti- tuted by James Wood, of Esperance House, Trinity-square, Llandudno, in the county of Car- narvon, Dealer in Fancy Goods and Boarding- house Keeper, Notice is Hereby Given that a first general meeting of the Creditors of the above- named person has been summoned to be held at the Erskine Arms Hotel, in the said county of Carnarvon, on the 17th day of March, 1882, at one o'clock in the afternoon precisely. Dated this first day of March, 1882. REECE HARRIS AND HARRIS. 47, New-street, Birmingham, E 335 Solicitors for the said James Wood. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF CARNARVON- SHIRE, HOLDEN AT BANGOR. In the matter of proceed ings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with Creditors insti- tuted byi0wen Morris, of Tyddyn Musier, in the parish of Uaudwrog, in the county of Carnarvon, Farmer, Notice is Hereby Given that a second general meeting of the Creditors of the above- named person or persons has been sunimonei to be held at the office of Mr Charles Herbert Re?s, Castle street, Carnarvon, on the eleventh day of March, 1882, at 3.30 o clock in tho afternoon precisely. Dated this third day of March, 1882. PIOTON JONES & ROBERTS, Pwllheli, E 336 Solicitors for the said Debtor. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. 30, WELL-STREET, RUTHIN. MR GK F. BYFORD has received instruc- tions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Castle Hotel, Ruthin, on Monday, April 3rd, 1882, at the hour of four o'clock in the afterneon, subject to conditions then to be produced, the above very desirable RESIDENCE, containing three well fitted Reception-rooms, five Bed-chambers. W.C. and Lavatory, Pantry, Larder, two Kitchens and Cellar; and the Out- buildings comprise a two stalled Stable, Loft, Saddle-room, Wash and Coal House (with room airove), a Pleasure and Kitchen Garden. For further particulars and cards to view apply to Messrs Lloyd and Roberts, Solicitors, or to tha Auctioneer, all of Ruthin. E 334 AT ADEILADWYR A CONTRACTORS. CAPEL NEWYDD Y T.C., BRYNSIENCYN, MON. GELLIR gweled y Planiau a'r Specifications o'r capcl uchod o'r 8fed dydd o Fawrth hyd yr 22ain o Fawrth, yn y Post Office, Brynsiencyn. Anfonir y Tenders, ar neu cyn y 23ain o Fawrth, i'r Parch Joha Williams, Post Office, Brynsiencyn, via Llanfar P.G Anglesey. Bydi yn ofyii l selio a thrawsysgrifenu ar y Tenders oddiallan "Tenders for Chapel." Ni mrwymir i dderbyn y Tender isaf, nag unrhyw Dender. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS, Architect, &c., B 328-916 Portmadoc. SAMUEL EVANS, ,d.R P'OYLA B UIL D G g BANGOR. Corn, Flour, Seed, Hay, Straw, and Oil- cake Stores. AGENT FOB.- Spratt's Patent Meat CI Fibrine" Dog Cakes. The Manchester Prize Oat\le Food Company. The Gloucester specific fcr Foot Rot in Sheep The Liverpool, Cheshire, and North Wales Patent Manure Company. Messrs Richardson Brothers and Co., Linseed Crushers and Manure Manufacturers, Belfast, Dubliu, Cork, Galway, and Sligo. S. E. will be pleased to Slend Quotations upon application. B 773 IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, GARDENERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. JOHN WILLIAMS & SON, BROOKHOUSE NURSERIES, DENBIGH, BEG to inform their numerous supporters and customers that they have opened a new establishment at No. 6, VALE-STREET, Denbigh, where all kinds of Vegetables, Agricultural Seeds, Flowers, &c., are kept in stock. In inviting the farmers of the Vale of Clwyd to visit their establishment, J. W. and Son beg to thank them for their past support, and hope that they will be avoured with further orders. B 302-845 alt. BEACH MOUNT SCHOOL, CE1CCIETH CONDUCTED BY MISSES WILLIAMS AND TEMPLE, Prospectuses free on application to abovo Address. B 15 JGFCYNARVOR HALL SCHOOL TOWYN; tRINCIP AL- MR. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS, fot Classics, English, Mathematics, Moderji Languages, Music, &c. Brynaivor Hall, a commodious and well-fitted house, has been specially erected for the accom- modation and tuition of boarders. It is beauti- fully situated in an eminently healthy vith extensive playgrounds, cricket d gardens attached, altogether making the nn^t a n most desirable school premises in the Prmc p y. Pupils are prepared for the various in connection with the Universities anu Colleges, for the learned Professions, Banking, and Com- "(Swiff wTheid in connection with the Science and Art Department, the examinations being held in MAY in each year. p The School coasts of THRBB TERMS. B 31-d RUTHIN SHEEP DOG TRIALS, 1882. TO be held in Ruthin Castle Parks, in the -L second week in April, under the patronage of Major W. C. West, Lord-lieutenant; J. F. Jesse, Esq., High Sheriff; anti Edward Roberts, Esq., Mayor of Ruthin. All Comers' Stakes, open to all England. 1st prize, jElO; 2nd prize, X5; and 3rd prize, J63. Entrance, 10s. Local Stakes, open to sub cribtra only. let prize, JE6; 2nd prize, £ 4; 3rd prize, X2; and 4th prize, XI. Entrance, 2s 6d. Area of local district, and all other information, to be had from EDWARD HUMPHREYS, Hon. Sec. 14, Castle-street, Ruthin. it 331 HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. SPRING 1882. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. T. J WILLIAMS HAS great pleasure in informing the Public that he has opened a new Branch in the TAILORING DEPARTMENT In ccnnection with his already extensive busi- ness, and begs to announce that he has en. gaged the sevvces of MR SCURLOCK as CUTTER, who has bad considerable experience in every branch of the Trade, and trusts, by prompt attention to all orders, to receive the continued support of his numerous friends and customers. GENTS' TWEED SLITS, to order £ 2 10s SCOTCH CHEVIOTS, to order j62 15s it BEST BANNOCKBURN to order JE3 3a In all the leading Patterns and Shades. Also, West of England TROUSERINGS, WORSTED COATINGS, BROADCLOTHS, &c., in great variety. Ladies' RIDING HABLTS, JACKETS, ULSTERS, &c. LIVERIES AND JUVENILE DRESS. TERMS.—5 per cent. for Cash 2! per cent. for Cash in three Months six months—NETT. 1=327 JUST ARRIVED. WALL PAPERS. WALL PAPERS. T. J. WILLIAMS, DENBIGH, HAS now a splendid variety of all kinds of WALL PAPERS. The Stock numbers over 30,000 PIECES. The present year being exceptional in point of inter- est in the town, no doubt there will be a great deal of re- novating done, and in order to meet the greater require- ments, T. J. W. beas to inform his numerous frieads and customers that all his valuable Stock of FURNISH- ING GOODS, &c., will be sold at prices unsurpassed in cheapness by any house in the trade. E 327 IMPORTANT TO FARMERS IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. BEFORE you purchase your stock of Seeds for the present Season, pray don't forget to pay a visit to Mr T. Morrisen's (of Carnarvon), new branch establishment, at No. 9, MARKET-PLACE, DENBIGH, where a large stock of new and genuiae seeds are on view. Inspection is respectfully solicited. Mr Morrison may be personally consulted on Tues days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in each week. K 33 COAST GUARD CONTRACT. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS for the erection of a BATTERY i. and DRILL HALL, for the use of the Royal Naval Reserve at Carnarvon, will be received at this office, at or before noon on Friday, the 24th March, 1882. The Drawings and Specification may be feen at this office, or upon application to the Coast Guard Officer at Carnaivon. Bills of quantities may be obtained on applica- tion to this office. Directors of Works Department, Admiralty, 71, Spring Gardens, London, S.W. February, 1882. B 326 ESTABLISHED 1848. SEEDS! SEEDS!! SEEDS! SAMUEL EVANS, 3 AND 4, ARVONIA BUILDINGS, BANGOR. CORN, FLOUR, SEED, HAY, STRAW, AND OIL- CAKE STORES. WHILST tendering to his customers his grateful thanks for the liberal patronage accorded to him the last season, in the above new branch of his business, begs respectfully to inform Farmers, Gardeners, Cottagers, and others, that he has this season increased the ilosortmerits, and with the greatest care selected a quantity of fresh imported seeds of the best quality, consisting of the following HAY AND CLOVER SEEDS, of excellent quality. Assortments of EARLY ^POTATOES, and a Quantity of MAGNUM BONUM, SCOTCH DOWN." and "CHAMPION" POTATOES. IRISH AND WELSH SHORT WHITE OATS. IRISH TAWNY OATS. BLACK TARTARIAN OATS.. BODORGAN WHITE OATS. WELSH YELLOW OATS. SCOTCH AND WELSH BARLEY, &C., &C., &C. All Orders will be executed with promptness. March 1st, 1882. B 923 HUG II JONES. AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER, BRYN OWILYM, PENRHYNDEUDRAETH. B 251-744. SUTTON'S AMATEURJGUIDB.—We have received a copy of Messrs Sutton's guide in Horticultural for the present year, and we COLfi-J -ntly reco mm( (-t it. to our readers as being one of the moat val, works in gardening ever perused.