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THE BEST FIYE GUINEA LEVER IN ENGLAND, Guaranteed without exception the most Accurate Timekeeper in the World. Everypurchaser delighted. Over 5,000 testimonials. WATCHES! WATCHES! WATCHES! T imited Quantity of the very best ENGLISH SILVER PATENT LEVER WATCHES that money can buy to be sold for JE3 each, and will positively only be supplied (at the price) to those producing or forwarding the Coupon voucher below along with their order to ensure the same. Messrs J. Thomas and Co., Wholesale Jewellers and Watch Manufacturers. Birmingham (in the first place), beg to assure every reader of this valuable paper that "this is an HONEST, OENXJINE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT, and, to prove the remarks we place before them with respect to these English Levers beyond the shadow of a doubt, they will be supplied strictly on the following CONDITIONS. ist.-That no Watch will be supplied but to those who produce a voucher Coupon for the same. 2nd.—That any purchaser not fully -satisfied with his purchase on receiving the same will return it to us, on receipt of which we will return the full amount paid, and pay carriage both ways. .Srd .-That we deliver them solely at our own risk, safe by post, registered. 4th.—That with every one of these Watches we will give a written guarantee to clean and repair, free of charge, for three years. 5th.—That we also postively guarantee that they are as good in every respect, if not better, than any- thing sold in the regular retail trade at E.5 tis., and that they cannot POSSIBLY be bought in the ordin- ary retail under that price. I \\J ITH respect, to these Watches, we may be asked, j j how can we afford to sell them at £ 3, according to our terms and position ? This question is very easily answered? Birmingham is the only town in England that makes the VERY BEST ENGLISH WATCHES, and supplies them wholesale to the retail 1rade all over Britain. The retail trade, perhaps, never was so bad as it is at the present time. To obtain payment of accounts, even at six, nine, and twelve months' credit, is often in many cases an impossibility. On account of the foregoing, we have determined to sell our present Rtock, all our own manufacture, direct to the public for Cash at barely the first cost of production rather than continue to sell them to the trade on credit, with the possibility of never getting pari. THESE Watches, we need hardly sav, are the FINEST FINISHED ENGLISH LEVERS that money can buy,and are all speciallyadjusted to the most accurate time-keeping, all are full capped and jewelled. Every one of these Watches is fitted with the New Patent Clik Action and maintaining power to keep the watch going while being wound These are only attach- ed to the very best class of English Watches. Dials are White Enamel. Gold Hands, Sunk Seconds, the Cases Coin Silver, all Ha;l Marked, and will be supplied in Three Sizes—Small, Medium, and Full size. Any gen- tleman that has had the least experience of watches knows well that there is no other watch at any price to equal the English Lever for durability, time-keeping, and wear, as a good one can be depended on during an ordinary lifetime. The Conditions we have stipu- lated with respect to these are a sufficient guarantee to every gentleman requiring a FIRST-CLASS RELI- ABLE ENGLISH WATCH, that this is an oppor- tunity not to be missed, as these when sold out can positIvely never be replaced or ottered again at this low price of £:3, instead of £5 5s Also a limited quantity of Ladies' or Gentlemen's Gold Levers, extra jewelled, beautifully enslaved cases, white or gold dials, at £ 4, each Watch in Morocco case, ordinary prices from jM ]()., on the above conditions. CARNARVON, May 0th, 18S0. On receipt of this COUPON, together with P.O. Order for JE3. we bind ourselves to supply the sen- der with a Gentleman's English Silver Patent Lever Watch, regular value f5 5s, as stated above, and on the whole of the above conditions, by first return of Post; or on th., receipt of f,4, to one of the Ladies' or Gentlemen's Gold Levers, regular value £6 10s, same conditions. Signed, J. THOMAS & CO., Birmingham. PLEASE STATE THE SIZE PREFERRED. P.S.-lf a Double-cased Hunting Watchis ordered the extra cost will be 10s. P.O.O. payable at G.P.O., Birmingham. NOTICE. The above Coupon must be .cut out and sent along with order, as these Watches will positively not be supplied to any under £ 5 5s, or £ 6 10s, the ordinary prices, except those entitled to them through this special conct-ssion of price with Coupon. The orders ■should be sent in a« early as possible, as we-have only a limited quantity. The orders will be taken in rota- tion as they arrive. CAUTION. These First-class English Levers must not be eon- lounded with the wo' Unless rubbish advertised by imi- tators,who under tbshadow of our Genuine Announce- ment, are copying our advertisements word for word, and are trying to mislead and deceive the public by offering them worthless watches procured anywhere or anyhow, an imposition on the public as well as on •ourselves. Read the following:— Mr G. Olford, St. Dennis, near St Austell, Cornwal, Writes — Gentlemen..1 have great pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of the Hunter Silver Lever 'Which I received sfll right;.end I am very much pleased with it, and I think it a good £ 3 10s worth." tt E. White Eastwell, Melton Mowbray, writes :— Gentlemen, I received tiio watch quite safe, and "find it most satisfactory in every respect." &c., &c. 2, Knfield-villas, Sidmouth, Devon, June 13th, iS79. Thomas & CoGentlemen, the English Silver Patent Lever forwarded by you, I received quite t;afe, IJ^hich I am highly pleased with.—Faithfully yours, W. -DANIELS." —J'1 I Clnra-place, Tcpfham, Exeter. June 16th:—J. MomasandCo. :—Gentlemen. J beg to say I received the Gold Watch at £ t, and it, gi^cs every satisfaction. I shall have i leasure in introducing it to my fiiei.ds.— Yours truly. Miss ABNOLD." Lady Smyth, Clifton Park. Bristol, writes: It is + £ Pleasure that I have to announce the safe arrival » tch. It goes well and ke*?ps excellent time,' "M1Tes-greatest satisfaction.*5 fp JMr- R. Curnow, Cur-clew Lodge, P -rranarwortival v °fn^aIl) writes I received the Watch all right «AN H ay, and as far as appearance goes it JS all that S expected, or as to what I can-see of it equal to a if I one> 1 am quite ae well pleased with it as Mr that money.—Oct. 30tU, 1879." Oentleine earil> Gossie Green,Ot. Toirington, writes:: I am verv '— received the watch tibis morning, and than I exr,?1}0^1 P*eased 'with it, indeed, by far better good time lor the money; it is going and keeping 1678." *oure truly, J. HEAHN.—December 15th, 27, Ferrv-c,+ I received the^e^V^orP0int,Devonport.—Dear Sirs,— in carriage and on t ^ie *>th inst. It was not injured it and con gr a tub/, Woi] £ ing. I am highly satisfied with Watch at so smnn U:5'se^ in obtaining such a valuable T. H. TAMBLINQ. ost —I remain yours obediently The want of 'sl}a^ember 18th' 1879 testimonials; sufficed Prevents us publishing more first-class reliable "Watot? say that you want a really tunity. The money avail yourself of this oppor- more than satisfied. in y°u are not Conditions No. 2.) DONT MI-SS THIS J T>ARE LOTS OF JEWELLEBY, SUITABLE FOE PRESENTS OR PERSONAL WEAR. th^°be^xtiful SewTS, Birmingham, /Slen^of0S °atT!SS » often offered to the pubhc We now beg to call the <U1 tlnHfollow- § £ ? Veal Nevada 'i''1'' ,™wSS'b' »" elegant new oval shape, with I ° -J; *nnKe. These earrings and brooch ar e quite eq fSSm anS° to 18-earat gold at £ 3 3s„ and cannot b~ toldfr°ixi such. The prettiest and newest style made^ The ret free! for 4s. 6d. cheap at 10s 6d. A magnificent present for a 2. Lady's elegant keeper ring, setT,0^Larfn°^ of five neat Paris diamonds one of the prettlcst rings ever sold, in a neat jewel box VVa lnriv No 3. A beautiful gold dress ring, l°r a beautifully inlaid with turquoise, emeralds, garnets, o± pearls, equal in every respect to me costing ■■v Vi No 4. A lady's elegant necklace, in real Nevada R< L l or silver, the new fashionable spiral pattern.2s. No 5. A Nevada gold or silver locket, for a lady, to hold two portraits, beautifully embossed; in fact, a marvel of elegance 29 6d No 6. A lady's very best long chain, equal in appear- ance to r< al troid or silver at 93, elegant new pattern, very handsome 3a. No 7. A real Nevada gold or silver locket for a gentleman, beautifully engraved-in fact, a marvel of elegance 2s. No 8. A real Nevada gold or silver scarf pin, for a gentleman, set with a real Mexican diamond or coral ."ls 9d. No 9. A real Nevada gold or silver Albert chain, for a gentleman, the new fashionable Alma design 2s. No 10. A Nevada gold seal for Albert, mounted with a lion (reversible). one side set with onyx, the other bloodstone, forming a handsome appendage to watch chain is 3d. No 11. A complete set of Nevada gold studs, including three shirt studs, collar stud, one pair of patent spring-top sleeve solitaires 2s. No 12. A gentleman's single-stone Mexican diamond ring, in real Nevada gold, most elegantly finished the stones are undetectable from real diamonds worth £ 20 each 2 s 6d. Size of finger by cutting hole in card. We particularly request that all intending customers will write their names and addresses plainly and in full, and be particular in stating whether Nevada gold or silver jewellery is required. Send for one or more of the above-named articles, and if you are not satisfi. d, cost returned. CARNARVON, May 6th, 18S0. This Coupon entitles the sender, on payment of P.0 O. or btamps. to any of the above-named articles at prices stated. P.O.O. payable at General Post-office, Birming- ham to J. THOMAS & CO. Gentlemen,-Thinks for the little parcel of Jewel- lery which came to hand this morning. All who have seen it pronounce it a marvel of cheapness and work- manship. I will soon send you order for some more.- Yours faithfully, G. Roberts.-4, St. James-square, Manchester." The above is one selected from the many daily being received. ADDRESS ALL LETTERS TO MESSRS J. THOMAS AND CO., JEWELLERS, SPARKBROOK, BIRMINGHAM. O. 39T8 BOOK-STALL.-Wanted an Assistant.- JD Apply to Mr T. D. Harris, Railway Station, Carnarvon. b 4028 H. CAPE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL, & EAST VJ AFRICAN STEAMERS. The UNION S. S. Co.'s MAIL PACKETS sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternate Thursday, and direct Algoa Bay end Natal Steamers every fourth Friday leaving Plymouth the next day. Apply at the Company's Offices, Oriental Place, Southampton, or 11, Leadenhall Street. London. HO! for America.—Join our Colony in Virgin- ia. Don't go to Western States. Send immediatelyforfree illustrated price catalogue. J.F.MANCHA.Claromont, Virginia. BAKER & CKISP'S NEW AND CHKAP DRESS FABRICS. WASHING FABRICS extraordinaiy from 6d. per yard. All the New Textiles from 6d. per yard. Patterns Free—1 OS, REGENT STREET, LONDON, \T 1 non DOZEN KID GLOVES Extraor- JLWV/ dinary. Best Alpine 2 Button Kid, 3 pairs 3/8 free for Stamps. Ladies' Chamois Washing Leather Gloves, a luxury for Country wear, free for 20 Stamps. BAKER & CRISP, 198, Begent Street, London, W. 1 finn DOZEN REAL SHETLAND JL v/V/v/ SHAWLS, all colours, 2 yards square. Post free for Stamps, 2/3. LOOO dozen ICE WOOL SQUARES, 20 inch 1/4; 28 inch 2/3; 34 inch 3/11; all colours, free for stamps. BAKER & CRISP, 198, Regent Street, London, W. SPRING DRESS MATERIALS. Colored Cashmeres, French Beiges, Vecunas, Pompadours, & all PAT- the latest productions of the French & English Markets TEBNB^d. to 3/11 yd. BLACK CASHMERES, surpassing everything introduced for perfection of oolor&durability, POST UQ & 4G Inches 1/3 to 5/6 yd. Silks, Satins,Velvets & Vel- FRKEJveteens. George Newell & Co., 217, Oxford St., London,W. D ICKINS AND JONES' SPANISH KID GLOVES are unequalled for wear, Every pair guaranteed. In all colours with 3 Buttons at 2/7 per pair, with 6 and 12 Buttons for Evening wear, and Black, 3/10, & 8/7 per pair, free by post. HANOVER HOUSE, REGENT ST., LONDON, W. "ltTONSTER SALE of PAPERHANGINGS at 8, Victoria Street, Bristol. One of the largest stocks in England. A million pieces to clear. Retiring from business. The business to be disposed of. 190.000 pieces at £ 3 17s. 6d. per ream of 480 pieces. 200,000 pieces of white pulps at £ 5 17s. 6d. All others equally low. atterns sent free of any quality. Any number of pieces supplied. T. C. STOCK, Proprietor. Architects, Waterworks & Sanitary Engineers, Plumbers, Builders and others. JTYLOR & SONS' ILLUSTRATED • CATALOGUE FOR 18SO is now ready, containing upwards of 500 Pages and 1,000 illustrations of SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY APPLIANCES. Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, Cooks, and Valves, Waste preventing and Waterworks fittings, Water Meters, Plumbers' Brasswork. Apply to J. TYLOR & SONS, MAN DFACTURERS, 2, NEWGATE STREET. LONDON, E.C. E WAY GOOD & CO., • ENGINEERS, Falmouth Road, Great Dover Street, London, 8.E. LIFTS. S~T| GULLIVER'S VALE OF AYLESBURY « ^IHVRINERAL WATERS. PUREST & §.s 5 BEST in the UNITED KINOBOM, see Analysis.5 FCJJ- Hsk. Onedoz. assorted sample case free to any Rail Station 'forp.o.o.oratps.5 -.2 -allowed returned oase&bottles. EVERY GROCUR should keep tlio GRO- CERS' PACKET TEAS. Always command a large salt Wherever introduced. Valuable Books. Wholesale only ol Hill, Maynard & Co., Vine St., Auj'-vicn S London. E.U. REA, NEALE & BOU]tfi-S PATENT NO-CORK Oil Bottle, Clean! Useful! Economical! Never requires a Cork! Saves time, tamper & oil! Sold by all respectable Ironmongers & Oilmen BRA ss,REED,STRING,&DJK u M &FLFE BANDS, PIANOFORTES, & HAILMONIUMS at Whole- sale Prices at J. MOORE'S, Buxton Rd., Hudderstield. Price with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any kind of Band. Bandmen'S Caps. Patronized BY Army, NAVY, & RIFTE Corps, Second-hand Instruments BOUGHT or taken in Kxchange. ILLIARD BALLS, Chalks. Cues. & at HENNIG BROS., Ivory Works, U High St.,London, W.C. Cheapesthousein the tradefor Billiard taoie requisites and ivory goods in aeneral. Old Balis adjusted or exchanged and tablee re-covered. Price Lists on application. Established LMQG. A BTITITN T r N~E7 METALLIC POWDER, for cleaning & polishing metal« (especially brass), is used by the Life, Horse Ar Dragoon Guards, the Fire Brigades, ARC. Sold everywhere in 6U.& 1/- boxes. Propri- .etors, J. F. ij A UMGARTNER & Co, 22 Ne'^BMUi St., London. W. 4 W M I DOWINRO DRAWN cWiiUjUV/l/ EVERY MONTH m Bonuses, guaran- teed by Government and paid in Cash. Every Share a chance to obtain a Bonus. One share F.1, Six shares t5. Partieular. ifree. Apply to the Agency for Public Funds (Geneva), 33, Abchurcn Lane, Lombard Street, Loiidon, E.C. FORAGE at WHOLESAJ,,Ei, PRICK-S TO CONSUMERS. H1IAY, STRAW, etc., Sold on Commission. ATT- o /~I Bankers: liansom, Bouverie & Go. ALIJLI & Co., PARK LANE, LONDON, W. rilO MOTHERS SUCKLlNG^ith. J- of BREAST MILK. The PALMA CHRISTIisinvaluable and NEVER FALLS to promote a supply. Bottles 2 9and4/e' T. GREENISH, '>0, New Street, Dorset Square, London. Order of your Druggist. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS purify the foulest blood, & remove every disease of the sto- mach, liver, & kidneys. Pure blood gives health. Thousands have been cured by these wonderful Pills whose diseases could not be reached by any other medicine. Sold by all Chemists m boxes,l/li & 2/9; or from the establishment, H, Oxford-st., Swansea, for 16 or 35 stamps. All sufferers are highly recommended to try theaa. A GOOD COMPLEXION is Ensured by the daily use of GoUman's White Prepared, Fuller's Earth. Does not Choke the pores of the Skin, Invaluable to protect the Skin of Infants, Contains no Bismuth, Zinc, Majpiesia, or Chalk. not Choke the pores of the Skin, Invaluable to protect the SkiD. of Infants, Contains no Bismuth, Zinc, Majpiesia, or Chalk. Post Free for 14 Stamps. H. ('ottman. Chemist, Sydenham. WOltN OUT SILVER PLATED ARTICLES also Copper, Brass, &c., replated equal to new by STANTON'S PLATING PASTE. One Simple application leaving a coating of pure silver. Post free, 20 stamps.—Henry Stanton, 4, High St., New Thornton-heath, Surrey. ANNUAL PROFIT from ONE ACRE of LAND, and £ 175 per Annum from THREE GLASS HOUSES! —See MULTUM-IN-PARVO GARDENING, Bv SAMUEL WOOD, Author of Good Gar- dening." Third Edition, revised. Crown 8vo cloth,with illustra- tions, 2 (post free, 26 stamps). Should be read by all who contemplate growing for Market and profit."—Farmer. Crosby Lockwood & Co., 7, Stationers^hall-court London, E.G. -W-HO's YOUR LAWYER? I haven^trel » » quired one since I bought ot Crosby Lockwood & Co.. 7, Stationers'-hall-court, E.C., a copy of EVERY MAN'S 0\VI? LAWYER, by a Barrister, price 6/8 {post free, 86 Stamps), which has been repaid to me 20 times over in the saving of lawyers' fees. "Acomplete and thoroughly intelligible epitonae the laws of this country."—Bell's Lx.ff. I TVTR. SPURGEON, in Sword and TROWELT5 "TT~- says: "The straight, turned-up, turned-down and obuque pointed PENS of MAONIVEN & CAMERON are Marvellously good. It is a pleasure to write with them." a,l V- per box, at aU Stationers'. '51"y come as a boon and a blessing to men. The Pickwick, the Owl, and the Waverley Pen." *>ox a'l the kinds assorted, by post 1/1.— IVnrn", 1, J"X & CAMERON, 24 to 33, Blair St., Edinburgh, to her Majesty's Government Offices, Est. 1770. -T9 pkOTHIERS, HATTERS & DRAPERS. to meairniH6 firm Wholesale Clothiers who make Garments in ?Pen tr> appoint a few more AGENTS. Apply of Bean, Webley & Co., M £ 86. A GENTS WANTED for a novelty .-Sample stamps. Lehfeldt Bros. & Co., 15, HolbornViaduct.E.O, IF7 ARDWYN SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH- HEAD MA.STBR :-The Rev LLEWELYN EDWARDS, M.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Classical Honours. Second Master, F. J. TYE. Esq., B.A., University of London; Third Master, Mr L. PROSSER, C.M., M.R.C.P. Fourth Master, Mr T. JONES; Music Master, D. JENKANS, £ .-q., Mus. Bac., Cantab. THE situation of Ardwyn is recognised as the most delightful and salubrious near the town of Abe?ystwyth it is within view of the sea, an I well sheltered from the northerly and easterly winds. The House (expressly planned by a London Architect) isgurrounded by three acres of ground laid out for Croquet, Play-ground, &c. For Cricket and Football the boys have the use of a field not far from the House. Mr Edwards prepares his pupils specially for Matriculation at the Universities, for the Schalarship Examination at the University College of Wales, for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, for the Medical and L-lw Preliminary Examinations, as well as for Commercial Pursuits. There are Scholarships belonging to the School. Terms and Prospectus on application. 3673-H. SUPER NINE COBD, SIX CORD, AND GLACE THREAD, FOR HAND OR MACHINE USE. OG APPOINTED SOLE MANUFAC- TURER TO THE QUEEN. CHARLES STREET MILLS, 1367] LEICESTER IMPORTANT TO SHIP OWNERS AND OTHERS. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION BY MESSRS. OWEN & SON, of Carnarvon, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1880, at TY'N Y CEI, CAERNARFON, at Two o'clock in the afternoon precisely, in lots to suit intending purchasers, the following: EFFECTS belonging to the Cutter-yacht PHANTOM: SAILS, comprising mainsail, trysail (new), two foresails, three topsails, three jibs, jib topsails, and spinnakers (new). SPARS galvanized mast winch, with mahogany brass mounted heads, running gear, with patent sheave blocks, wire and other rigging, warps, galvanized anchors and chains, brass binnacle and compass, 5 oak water casks with galvanized hoops, patent pendent log line, copper belaying pins, side lights, globe lamp, brass cabin lamps, mahogany vegetable box, Stewardess cooking stove, copper funnels, birch svring table and fittings. Also the HULL (with a quantity of moulded lead and iron ballast) of the cutter-yrfcht Phantom, also a light and roomy Punt, and a quantity of iron in blocks suitable for ballast for sailing and other boats. The Hull is built of oak, and planked with English elm, copper-fastened throughout, with cabin fixtures complete, mahogany sky-lights and companions, two galvanized iron tillers, and strong windlass. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or the Harbour Master, Carnarvon. o4022a NANTLLE VALE, CARNARVONSHIRE. By Order of the Mortgagee. LEASEHOLD SLATE QUARRY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS E. H. OWEN & SON, at the Boyal Hotel, Carnarvon, on Monday, the 10th day of May, 1880, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to the conditions to be then and there produced, all that LEASEHOLD SLATE STONE QUARRY AND LANDS lately called or known as the CORNWALL SLATE QUARRY, but now called the SOUTH DOROTHEA SLATE QUARRY, with some Cottages erected thereon, situate in Nantlle Vale, in the parishes of Llandwrog and Llanlh fni, in the County of Carnarvon, and comprising 10a. lr. 25p. or thereabouts. The Lease contains the usual rights, libeities, and privileges of opening and working the Quarry, and making and carrying away, for the use of the Lessee, all Slates and Slabs gotten from the demised premises, and is dated the 21st day of. February, 1877, and is granted for the term of Thirty-two years, computed from the 25th day of November, 1876 (except the last three days thereof). The dead rent is £ 50 per annum, merging, however, in a royalty of l-20tb of the value of all Slates and Slabs, such value being ascertained as is mentioned in the Lease, copy of which will be produced at the sale. The Lease also contains similar coveuams and clauses inserted in demises of the like description, and a covenant by Lefsee to have at lea::t 15 men continuously employed in working the Quarry. The Quarry (which is within about 800 yards of the London and North Western Railway, and nike miles of the Town of Carnarvon), has been worked for some four of five years, and it produces Slates of the best description, and they are equal for quality and cleavage to any in the Vale, which is well known to be renowned for Slate Quarries. The Quarry will be sold with the fixtures there being, consisting of Machinery, Moveables, and other effects, which will be more specifically named at the Sale For further particulars and plans, apply to the Auctioneer or to Messrs R. D. Williams and Hughes, Solicitors, Carnarvon. G. 4034-z I. BY ORDER OF THE ADMINIS- TRATRIX OF THE ESTATE OF THE LATE ROBERT JAMES. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, THE BRIGANTINE GLEANER," 99 tons register. Built originally in Nova Scotia carries 180 tons on 11 feet, and sails without ballast. Dimensions: -76-3 x 22'6 x 111; flush deck, with every requisite neatly and substantially fitted for general coasting. In 1873 was almost re-built at an outlay oft800. In May, 1876, having sustained collision, she was heavily repaired, and received new deck frames and decks, lower masts of pitch- pine. Was opened out in September, 1878, under Board of Trade inspection and was continued three years AI-2 American Lloyd's.—For inven- tories, price, &c., apply to ROBERT JAMES & Co., 3, George's Dock Gates, Liverpool, o 4042-z ncy WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be JU" EASILY and HONESTLY REALISED by persons of EITHER SEX, without hindrance to present occupation.—Particulars FREE or with a Sample 12 stamps {returned if desired). Address. EVANS, WATTS, & COMPANY, (P 293), Mer- chants, Albion-street, Birmingham.—This it genuine. B. 3636-M il THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES, TO BE HELD AT C-d RNA R VOIV, AUGUST 24, 25, 26, & 27, 1880, UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY OF THE PRINCIPALITY. X670 in Prizes! Chief Choral Prize of R,150 and Gold Medal. ACOMPLETE LIST of Subjects, particulars of Gor- sedd Examinations, and every information sent by the Secretary on receipt of one penny stamp. D. RHYS, Sec. Grove House, Carnarvon. x. 3838-M TO BE LET, the full-licensed Public House, NEW CROWN INN, Crown-street, Carnar- von.—Enquire on the premises, or at No. 17, Newborough-street. x. 4045-M TO LET, a HOUSE and DOUBLE-WIN- DOWED SHOP, in a good business locality at Carnarvon. Immediate possession.—Apply to Thomas Jones, Post Office. x. 3992-H. ON HIRE, Eight Horse-power ENGINE, for Timber- sawing purposes. Also Sawing Bench.—Apply to Mr Evan Evans, Hafod, Hen- lan, Rhyl. x. 3842-M EDICAL.-W-ANTED, a PUPIL at the M Dinorwic Quarries Hospital, Llanberis. Apprenticeship of not less than three years counts equal to 18 months hospital practice and medical study, recognised by the colleges.—Apply to Dr Hughes. ex4017c THE NORTH-END CONFIDENTIAL LOAN OFFICE is ready to Advance sums of Money, from £5 to j6500, to respectable house- holders, farmers, and others, at a low rate of interest and easy repayments.—Apply to J. Harris, 78, Great Howard-street, Liverpool. n4025a LTAMPIER and Co., of Bordeaux and London, known in this country for 40 years, wish to appoint gentlemen (in the agency or commisson line preferred), who would be able to work their agency 'among private consumers. —Apply to London address, 173, Piccadilly. x. 4016-R. NGLESEY BANKS OF THE MENAI. —— BRYNLLWYD, TO BE LET, unfurnished, with 18 Acres of land, for a term, consisting of Entrance Hall, Drawing and Dining Rooms, two good Bedrooms, six smaller, W.C. and Offices, three-stall Stable, Coach-house, Barn, Cow-house, Garden, and Orchard. Possession at any time. Apply to Mr Roberts, Postmaster, Llanfair P.G. E. 3921-z LEYN AND EIFIONYDD FARMING SOCIETY. The Annual Show of Entire Horses will be held at Pwllheli on the 1st of May, 1880, when prem- iums will be awarded as follows, viz:— For showing the best Stallion calculated for Husbandry (£20 by the Society and X10 by F. W. Lloyd Edwards, Esq.) if3G Second best do £1(} do do for Saddle or flarness (£10 by the Society and £10 by Owen Evans, Esq.) f,20 The conditions may be had upon application. R OWEN JONES, Secretary. Pwllheli, 19th April, 1880. x 4011-11 "1\fONEY." JUST PUBLISHED, 1/ BUPIXESS,* now edition, OX7: SFniXIXGK -UORALITY, ONE SHILLING. Me. Platt, of 78, St. Martin's Lane, W.C., will send a copy of any one of the above, post fs-ee. on receipt of 1 in st'tmps.I,Cluld be in eveiy tradesman's library. JEIvIiMA. 3/6; & WON BY W'ATlTXG,4/6 eacb.G-jlt,5;Storiesf<«rtboFamilv.W.J5. \V*. It iin^htunfcOo. Printers Jc Pubiisnars, !>i, OiuoeohnrohSt.,L's .on. /tw< "f .ONIMN SCHOOL "OP MEDICINE for -■-J WOMEN" Entrance Scholarship, valuf .£30, to be com- peted for September. 18BO. A^lv to Mrs. Tfon. See., 30, lieinviiia. St., Bru:i>wiek Square, London, W.C. J[ILUPFIS EXTIIA (JT OP MEAT. ■* v. EWE.NXE OF DSEF. 2/6 per tin. ldcef LozeiiL'i .s, 1/- per box. Coneoli'luted .Soujw from 2d. nur tin. PEA sof*]' K.,r Charitable purposes in Larjre quantities, iSl'iiC'iAL TJiii.MS. KOPF'S SPECIAL FOOD FOS INVALIDS. See Price List. Apply for AG K.YCIEti to Manaprnf? hrootor. 5, Agar t., Chnrinrr Ciyws. WALTHA.-<\( WATCHES ,Han won two » Gol> 1 fedaIs\™i'W?7?rs in the n-orld. Price list free. William Carter & Son. 43, G-t.CtiarJes St..BirramsrhanL If] 1)WARD 15AYLEV," .Vlann tur.-r of Bast. Bost Best, and Treble Best, Boiler. Bor.t. and Tank Plates, Gan anil Locomotive Tube Strip, Sheets for Cxiilvanizing and Corrujjatinsrand for all kindsof working- up;<■■*>*>. a'so Bars, Angles. Tees, Hoops &c.t Grown Iron Works, Toil End, Tipton, Staffordshire. NEW WHISKY IS POISONOU S7~no -L' matter how agreeably flavoured. Kxact age of ? WAX and CROWN Whisky guaranteed by H.M. Customs Officers. Distillations of 1865, 67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77. Price for 2 gals. 64/ 6356/ 52/ 48/ H/ 42: 40/ 38/ 36/4. Rail Carriage paid on sample cases, case free. TH0ATA8 SOAI.LY & Co.. Lustace btreet, lJublin. -¡, 't. The most Beautiful Starch the World ever used. G LENFIELD S T A R C R. SOLD EVERYWHERE. K. WOTHERSPOON & CO., GLASOOWAs LONDON. JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's JJOSE's LIME JUICE Prepared from the LimeFruit. Is entirely free of Alcohol. LIME JUICE AWholesome family beverage all the year round. LIME JUICE A delicious drink in water, efl- ervescing in all aerated waters. LIME JUICE An excellent Stimulant blended with spirits. LIME JUICE Is y medicinal, cooling and p. yi the blood, assisting digestion. LIME JUICE Is recommended by the Lancet and medical profession as eminently wholesome. LIME JUICE Sold everywhere by Wine Mer- chants, Grocers, Chemists, &c_ LIME JUICE Wholesale Stores, 11, Curtain Road, London, and 41, Mitchell St., Leith. CORDIAL. CORDIAL. CORDIAL. CORDIAL. CORDIAL. CORDIAL. CORDIA-L. QORDIAL. Is. 6d JUDSON's SOLD BY U CHEMISTS „ r2-OLD "PAINT. AND 3S. DO. V* JL STATIONERS. FOR RE-GILDRAO FRAMES -FOR WRITING TEXTS—FOR ARTIS- TIC CABINET AND BASKET WORK-FOR GILDING EGGS, APPLES AND FEATHERS. A MOST BEAUTIFUL ANDATTRAOTIVE ARTICLE. BE SURE AND ORDER JUDSON'S GOLD PAINT. Judaon's Specialities of CHEMISTS & STATIONERS. Anyone can use TNT^QAIJ'C Every lady should do them in a pail of uUi/lJvll IJ her Dyeing at Home. Hot Water, TMTTI n process is most Time 11V MV interesting, and there- Ten Minutes. 6d.UlliO,6d. suit almost magical! B ECKETT's FRUIT SYRUPS. Raspberry, Black Currant, Lime Fruit, monl, Orange, Ginger, &0., &c. M m MOST DELICIOUS BEVERAGES; CAN BE USED WITH _HOT OR COLD WATER. "I have prescribed Beckett's Syrup of Orange & Quinine, as an elegant substitute for Bitter Beer for the last ten years."—Norman Kerr, Esq., M.D., F.I.S., London. Your Fruit Syrups are exqui- site. I have met with nothing of the kind equal to them. Rev. Charles Garrett, Liverpool. "I like them exceedingly. They deserve to be entitled 'Nature's Own Beverages;' I could not speak more highly of them." — Rev. CharlesBullock, B.D., Editor of "HomeWords," "liand&Heart," IN BOTTLES. 1/- and 1/9. Sold by Chemists, Grocers & Confectioners. Manufacturer— W. Beckett, Heywood, Manchester. London Depots: J. Sanger & Sons, 252, Oxford Street; Barclay & Sons, 95, Farringdon St. COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, T|R. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, -■ A few doses quite effectual.—Caution.—^The extra- ordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne render it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is protected by a Govern- ment stamp, bearing the words Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne." See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the Times, July 16th, 1864. Numerous testimonials from eminent Physicians accompanyeach bottle. From W. C. WILKINSON. ESQ., F.RC.S., Spalding. I consider it invaluable in Phthisis and Spasmodic Cough: the benefit is very marked. From Dr. M'Millman, of New Galloway, Scotland. Asa Sedative, Anodyne, and Anti-Spasmodic, I consider Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne the most valuable medicine known. Sold in bottles, l/li, 2 9, & 4/6 by all Chemists. NOTICE.-THE TESTIMONY OF MEDICAL GENTLEMEN AND THE PROFESSIONAL PRESS HAS BEEN UNQUALIFIED IN PRAISE OF LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE, as L possessing most important elements, calculated to restore and maintain health, with perfect vigour of body and mind :— Have it in your houses and forget it not in your travels." DR. PROUT.—" Unfolding germs of immense benefit to mankind." DR. MORGAN —It furnishes the blood with its lost saline constituents." DR. TURLET.—" I found it act as a specific in my experience and family in the worst form of scarlet fever, no other medicine being required." DR. S. GIBBON (formerly physician of the London Hospital). —"It is the best prejreation of the kind I have ever met with. Itausefulness in the ^atment of disease has long been con- firmed by medical experience. I speak from adequate knowledge of the preparation, having been in the habit of using it in private practice for many years, and having taken a large Quantity with me when I went as physician to the Smyrna Hospital. In hot climates it is of especial value." DR. SPARKS (Government Medical Inspector of Emigrants from the Port of London) writes" From my personal and professional use and knowledge of the value of Mr. Lamp- lough's Pyretic Saline for many years past, I have great pleasure in bearing my cordial testimony to its efiicacy in the treatment of many of the ordinary and chronic forms of Gastric Complaints ana other forms of Febrile Dyspepsia.— 5th August, 1857."—It is of immense value in Priokly Heat. DR. J. W. DOWSING.—" I used it in the treatment of forty- two cases of Yellow Fever, and I am happy to state that I never lost a single case." DR. W. STEVENS, inhis works on Cholera and Fever, states: Since its introduction the Fatal West India Fevers are deprived of their terrors." Price 2/6,4/6,11/-& 31/-each bottle. II. LAMPLOUGH, 113, Holborn, London. Post free for Five Stamps from MB. G. T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM, LONDON. CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT. (New Edition) with many interesting cases of Cure." RATS found Dead after using two 6d. Jars VJ « of STEINER's VERMIN PASTE, Sold by aU Chemists. Works: Henry St.,Limehouse,London. Try it, it never fails." EMIGRATION TO CANADA. Government AKMSTKD PASSAOB, at P"' reduced fare». Pamphlets,and Information on applicatioii^Crtf\ \J P'* — to the Miinaging^ \V i Storage, £ 8 8h ^-Tf\WV.V^. — Through tares to all parts ol AyO Canada and United State* on the lowest term& -Apply to FLIC", MAIN, A MOKTOOMMY, Si, James St., Liverpool; or ta their local Agsnts. B RYNARVOR HALL SCHOOL, TOWYN PRINCIPAL MH. VIDWTN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RBSIBKNT fe" Classics, English, Mathematics, Modern L&jugufc#e.i Music, 4c. JBrynarvor Hall, a commodious and well- Sfcttd house ILSS been specially erected for "vi. accommoda&oa oilld tuition r.f boarders It j beAutilully situated in an eiaineutly iueai- ity, with exteiisave pl-aygr(-,nrid, cricket field tm. gardens attatJiefl, altogether makitg she tine.' t i mobt dsirat..E "chool prenujee in the Pupils aro prepared for the various exuminatbi. in oomiecticu with the Uui»«mtici. and Ccile^w. for the learned Professions, Uioikir^. 14;.d Oci taorcial pur;uit8. CiMstt tela ui 1Q1'n,,tt¡; vah itg S.íSl An Depa> „r.u*t, tlu i it" i each year. The '•-UW/ .< THE GREAT BLOOD PLETFIER -L THOMPSON'S BUHDUCK PILLS Overcome the worst fonns of dis ases, and the foulest ttate of the blood, stomach, livtr, aDd kidneys; they go to the core of evrry oisease where no other medicines have power to reach. The GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER curws the fojlcviiig complaiuts:—Indigestion, or wind in the stomach or bowels, giddiness in the hessd, dimness of sight, weak or sore eves. loss of memory, palpitation of the lwart, liver and bilious obstructions, asthma or tightness in the chest, rheumatics, lumbago, piles, gravel, paiiis ilitliebick, scurvy, bad legs, bad breasts, sore threats, sore Leads, and sores of every description, burns, wounds, or white swellings, scrotulu or king's evil, gatherings, tumours or cancers pimples or blotches on the f"ce and body, swelled feet or legs, scabs and itch. erysipelas, jtiucclire and dropsy, and fevers of all kinds. In boxes at Is. I'd. and s. 9d per box; a gi(-iAt -2 saving effected by taking the larger size. Sold by all Chemists, or from the, J. THOMP- SON, 44, Oxford street, Swaii^ea, for 15 or ?1 stamps. x. 3919-ti. POOL-ST. MARKET, CARNARVON. THE ESTABLISHMENT for GENERAL -L GROCERY and FIRST CLAS PRO- VISIONS. THE guiding rule of this business has al- ways been to offer to the buyer the CHOICEST articles at the LOWEST possible prices. THE fact is pretty well known now that if the public wants First Class PRO- VISIONS at moderate price the POOL STREET MARKET is the only place in Carnarvon were they can be obtained, as its provision trade is STRICTLY kept on the Liverpool style. THE NOTED CUMBERLAND HAMS AND BACON are very fine. Mild and delicious flavour. The Hams weigh from 12 to 14 lbs. each, and sold at the LOW PRICE of only 62d per lb. THE Special Value that is offered this week in English and Continental BUTTER is astonishing. Finest "Rose Kiel" fresh twice weekly. EA.-What everybody says must be true, and that is that our TEAS are the BEST IN WALES. TEA AT Is 8D PER POUND. TEA AT 2s PER POUND. TEA AT 2s 4D PER POUND. TEA AT 2s 6D PER POUND. TEA AT 2s 8D PER POUND. TEA AT 3s PER POUND. THE TEA AT 3s IS REALLY FINE. Samples of any of these Fine Teas will be sent post free on application, and parcels of 6 lbs and upwards Carriage paid to any Railway Station in Wales. All orders by Post receive careful attention, and delivered free of charge in town and suburbs by our own van. General Grocery Orders from the country to the amount of two pounds and upwards carriage paid to any Railway Station in North Wales. H. PRITCHARD & CO., POOL STREET MARKET, CARNARVON. x. 3647-M SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISE. MENTS IN Y GENEDL GYMREIG," AND "THE NORTH WALES EXPRESS." Parliamentary Notices, Election Ad- x( Per Line dresses, Prospectuses of Public f Companies, Government and Legal t Notices ) Public Notices, Sales of Landed Pro- I Q, perty, &c General Auctions and Private Sales, Eisteddfodau, Entertainments, &c. } Charities, Books, Lists of Subscriptions, ) 4d Local Competitive Meetings Paragraph Advertisements of any nature 6d. (Special arrangements made for a series of insertiotll.) PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES Houses to be Let I Apartments to be Let Situations Wanted Money Wanted Situations Vacant Miscellaneous Wants Apartments Wanted Lost or Found .Are inserted at the undermentioned eharges:- One Insertion (20 words) Is. TsvO Insertions 2s. Three Insertions 2s. 6d. And 3d. for each additional line of eight words. TRADE ADDRESSES are inserted at a reasonable rate varying according to space taken up and num- ber of insertions ordered. When the order is for 52 insertions, the price is Is per inch single column, and 2s per inch double column. No Credit Advertisements charged less than 2s 6d. All Advertisements not ordered for a definite period will be inserted until countermanded. A Discount of 20 per cent. allowed when Adver- tisements are ordered in both papers. ROBERTS, WILLIAIVI 8, & CO.. rlMBER LIVERPOOL. WHOLESALE YARD :— 185, REGENT ROAD. CANADA D-JCIL. SAW MILLS AND JOINERY WORZ8:~ ?O~>:DAK.T STREET, GORNER OF STAIHJEX iWn RW. & Co., have recently made extensive • ADDITIONS to their JOINERY DT3P.ABT- iENT, where they are now prepared to execute orders (on the Shortest. Notice), for all Hade cf VXachine-made Joinery, namely— DOORS, WINDOWS, MOULDINGS. SKIRT. INGS, CHURCH AND CHAPEL PEWING, &.c. ill guaranteed of the be-wit, Material and Work- riiuslap. N.B.—Copy of Dcsizn; of Moulds, Ac., to be hnct free ou application 1042g 1H A R, M 0__N I U M S A CHALLENGE. SPECIAL MANUFACTURE. HARMONIUMS, Poitr Octaves, solid Amen. I can Ash Case, turned pillars, two belicv, E, 3rst-clas8 workmanship, 93 10s Cash. Cannot be purchased for the price in any ether house in Great Britain than THE CARNARVON AND NORTH WALES Pianoforte, Harmonium, & 3ffuaicnl I inent Warehouse, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. PROPRIETOR— 3U.a.v W. JAEliiiri' ROBERTS.