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E. P. JONES, DRAPER, 30, ClWYD-STREi-T, RUTHIN, BEGS to inform the Public generally that he has commenced business at the above address, where he hopes to receive their patronage. GENERAL DRAPERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, AT THE LO~\Vi.i>X POiSSIBLL ri.I~ £ S. A TRIAL IS SOLICITED. B. )IO-X ENVELOPES AND ACCOUNT BOOKS. AT VERY LOW PRICES. Ii order to effect a speedy clearance will be SOLD UNDER COST PRICE, at the "North W(gi>,s Express) and" Oenedl Gymreig" offices. No. 1. Men. NEW WORK BY DR. HENRY SMITH. Just Published, now ready, price Threepence, 164 pages; by Post iu Envelope, Three Stamps, free to any part of the World. DISEASES PECULIAR TO MEN CON- STITUTIONAL OR ACQUIRED: THEIR CAUSE. CONSEQUENCES AND CURE. It is THE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES fcr the Cure of every form of DISEASE PECULIAR TO MEN. ALL DISEASES for which Mercury, Sarsapa- rilla, and Cobaiba are employed by English physicians, to the ruin of the Invalid's health, are now Cured by DR SMITH'S POSITIVE MEDICINES. Thousands of Cases have been Cured by his Positive Remedies when the doctors had given the case up as incurable. COUNTRY INVALIDS, by the aid of this bock, may under- stand the TREATMENT. NO CONSULTATION FEES. NO PERSONAL VISITS. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. 3771b THE CARNARVON PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, ORGAN MUSIC, AND MUSICAL INSTRU- MENT WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE-STREET, CARNARVON. THE LARGEST MUSIC WAREHOUSE IN NORTH WALES. WJARRETT ROBERTS has also the • honour of informing the nobility and gentry of Carnarvon and suburbs, that he has added to his staff of tuners, a first-class Pianoforte Tuna and Repairer, from the well known firm of Messrs John Brinsmead & Sons, Gold Medalists, by whom he is highly recommended and specially selected from their factory. W. Jarrett Roberts begs further to intimate that he has found it to be really necessary to have a resident Tuner, whose services can be engaged at any moment; and this having been done in the belief that the town and suburbs of Carnarvon, having such an advantage, will kindly support him in his increased efforts to meet the require- ments of the public. He relies, as heretofore, on kind patronage, feeling convinced there is no other firm in North Wales who can the same advantages, and give such general satisfaction. Repairsdone in all its branches. Pianos re- silked and polished equal to new. Old instru- ments taken in exchange for new ones. SECOND-HAND PIANOFORTES: Trichord, check action, beautiful tone. £ 15 Trichord, check action, elegant gilt front JE21 Handsome Walnut case, excellent tone. £ !•' By Brinsmead, gilt panel front JE24 By Allison, 7 octaves, splendid tone £ 24 &c., &c., The largest assortment of Grands and Semi- Grands in stock, and let them out for concerts, ordinary hire, or three-year purchase system. MUSIC BOXES, from 3s to 25 guineas. 100 VIOLINS now in stock, from 2s 6d tc 35 guineas. SHEET MUSIC in stock, or to order by :poct half price. LONDON PARCELSTWICE DAILY. x2913d THE BANGOR AND ARFON PERJIANENT BUILDING SOCEITY. DIRECTORS: Mr T. T. ROBERTS, Bangor (Chairman). „ W. C. DAVIES, District Bank. EVAN JONES. 47, Glan'rafou. „ HENRY JONES, Castle Bank. J. E. ROBERTS, Victoria House. O. B. DA VIES, 2, Frondeg-terrace. DAVID LEWIS, 26, James-street. WILLIAM ROBERTS, Frondeg-street. DIRECTING SECRETARY Mr D. WHITE, 5, Pen'railt-terrace, Upper Ban. gor. BANKERS Messrs PUGH, JONES & CO., District Bank. NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK. AUDITOR: Mr DAVID WILLIAMS, 39, Victoria-street, Upper Bangor. THIS Society was established in 1867, and it was lately brought under the operution of the Act of 1874, in order that each member might derive every benefit from recent improvements and reforms. The annual reports show that success has fol- lowed its proceedings since its commencement, and so great is the demand for money at the pre- sent time that the directors believe the success in the future will be greater than ever. The num- ber of members is aunually increasing, and the absence of losses, and the continuance of the confidence of the public as a proof that its affairs are conducted with cautiousness, ability, and care. Observe especially the following excellencies in connection with the society I.-The expenses of making the deeds are less than those of any other Society. 2.-Perfect safety to all who invest money on interest. 3.—Since the commencement of this Society, 11 years ago, it has paid interest of 15 per cent, together with bonus. PRICE OF SHARES-LIO EACH. They may be paid in one sum, or in small monthly sums. Payments are received on the first Tuesday evening in each month, at half-past six o'clock in the Royal Oak Temperance Hotel, Hi"-h-street, Bangor. The Directors have also made arrangements with Messrs Pugh, Jones, & Co together with the National Provincial Bank, to receive money on behalf of the Society at Bangor, Bethesda, Llanberis, Carnarvon, Festin- iog, Menai Bridge, and at all branches of the Bank. LOANS given on very easy terms, at 5 per cent, on the balance at the commencement of every No purchase money is held. For every im. formation as to terms and rules of the Society, pprsoiially, or by letter, to Mr David W:i hams, architect and surveyor, 39, v Ictona- terrace, Upper Bangor. D. WHITE, I iirector and Secretary, 0000-x 5, Pen'rallt-terrace, Bang jr. THE CARNARVON PRINTING WORKS, OFFICES OF "Y GENEDL GYMREIG" AND THE NORTH WALES EXPRESS," NEW HARBOUR, CARNARVON. TTTFi Proprietors respectfully call the attention of Quarry Proprietors, Merchants Tradesmen, and the Public generally, to the Works, which have been fitted up with Type and Machinery of the best and newest descriptions. They are thus enabled to execute, on the shortest notice, GENERAL PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ESTIMATES SENT FOR ALL MANNER OF WORK PER RETURN OF POST. PLACARDS AND POSTING BILLS, &c., OF ANY SIZE OR OOLOUR, SHOW CARDS, PAMPHLETS, CATALOGUES, FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' RULES, BALANCE SHEETS, ACCOUNTS, MEMORANDUMS, INVOICES, PROGRAMMES, CIRCULARS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c., &c., &c., CHEQUES AND RECEIPT BOOKS, TIME SHEETS, BANKRUPTCY FORMS, &c., &c., &C.. LITHOGRAPHY, PAPER RULING, BOOKBINDING, &c., &c., &c., On the most reasonable terms, and with the utmost despatch. ENVELOPES, ENVELOPES, ENVELOPES A^Large Stock of well-assorted Envelopes, of the best workmanship, TO BE SOLD AT AN EXTREMELY LOW PRI MOURNING CARDS PRINTED IN THE NEATEST MANNER AND AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE. PLEASE SEND FOR OUR LIST OF PRICES. THE PRIZE POETICAL COMPOSITIONS AT THE CARNARVON EISTEDDFOD, 1877, TOGETHER WITH A FULL REPORT OF THE EISTEDDFOD1 THE SPEECHES, &c. Price in piper cover, is.: in beautiful cloth covet, is. 6tl.; by Pott, 11. Id. or It. 8d. All orders to be sent to ME. R. WILLIAMS, Publisher, Carnarvon. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQDARE, CARNARVON. HEAD MASTER,-MR. SIDDONS, ASSISTED BY QUALIFIED TEACHERS. THIS School is now arranged in three departments-Classical, Commercial, and Preparatory. JL Each department is under the supervision of a seperate Teacher, who takes special care to simplify the instruction imparted so as to meet the age and capacity of the pupils. Boarders are received by the Head Master, who enjoy Home Comforts, and whose Mental and Phy- sical Training are objects of special attention. For prospectus of terms, &c., apply to MR. SIDDON? B. 2151-M THE NEWFIREANNIHILATOR OR THE PATENT CHEMICAL COMPRESSED AIR, AND MANUAL FIRE ENG-IXE. ROBERT WI LLIA MS. BRUNSWICK BUILDINGS, CARNARVON, RESPECTFULLY announces that he has been appointed Agent for this district, for the Sale of FOSTER and GREENHILL'S New Patent Chemical Compressed Air, and Manual Fire Engine, which is the most marvellous machine for extinguishing Fires ever yet invented. NO PLACE OF BUSINESS, GENTLEMAN'S HOUSE, OR HOTEL, SHOULD BE WITHOUT ONE. The Engine is exceedingly simple and can be moved and worked almost by a child. The space it occupies is about three feet by 1 foot, and 21 feet high. It is mounted on wheels and is easily moved. The machine is made capable of holding from 33 to 150 gallons of water. The water is forced through a chamber in which a chemical compound is placed, and it is this compound that has a most remarkable effect on fire. One gallon of water charged with this chemical has been proved to have much more effect than 20 gallons of pure water. Another singular fact is that Petroleum or Com- bustible Oils, which are rendered more destructive by the effect of water, is extinguished in an instant on the application of this chemical, whilst it is quite harmless to whatever substance or fabric upon which it is thrown. The water is ejected by means of Compressed Air, which may be pumped into a chamber to a pressure of 200 lbs per inch. Tnis chamber may be always kept full, rendering the machine always ready for use at a moment's notice, and water can be forced a distance of sixty or seventy feet. Any length of hose can be applied. The water thrown out in a small jet insures its being thoroughly impregnated with carbonic acid gas. The gas is generated and carried direct fr om the Engine to the fire in small globules, the heat of the fire expands the gas contained in the globules, and evaporates the small quantity of water, consequently the released gas displaces the fire-sustaining properties of the atmosphere, and at once extinguishes the flame. May be seen and examined on application to ROBERT WILLIAMS Brunswick Buildings, Carnarvon. DEBILITY AND NERVOUSNESS.—Re- issue of "THE WARNING VOICE," Dr Smith's eelsbrated work, of which 500,000 copies were sold. Revised edition. Now ready, 152 pages, by post to all parts of the world, in envelope, two stamps.-THE WARN- ING VOICE. This is a special Medical Book, ad- dressed to Youth and Manhood on the Cause, Symptoms, Consequences, and Treatment of Debilitating Diseases. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine of the University of Jena, by Diploma, 1860. THIS IS A NEW MEDICAL WORK on the Nature, Treatment, and cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirit, Indi- gestion, Dimness of Sight, Want of Energy, Deaf- ness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay, Headache, &c., resulting from Loss of Nerve Power, the re- sults ef Intemperance, Late Hours, Worry, Brain, Toil, &c., which, if neglected, will end in Con- firmed Debility and Premature Decline. Gives the advise and instructions, the result of thirty years' practice, by which thousands have been re- stored to health. Illustrated by cases and testi- monials from grateful patience, with means of cure used in each case. DR HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London W.C x.3503e A COLD Will, with different individuals, show itself in a variety of forms, the most common being Coryza or Cold in the Head, well-known by the lassitude, weariness, fullness about the head, dry, stuffed-up nostrils, frequent sneezing, with a "bit of a cough," and tightness across the chest, &c. At o:pce let the patient take GRIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, mixed with a wine-glassful of warm water, at bed time—follow the directions given with each bottle, and much evil will be avoided. More than one-third of the deaths in the Metro- polis ¡.ond the large towns in England arise from Consuraption alone. It justifies, therefore, the observation made by Dr Robert Hunter, that the question of prerention and cure is one in which fully SiX. MILLIONS of the present people of Eng- land have the interest of life itself," owing no doubt to neglected Coughs and Colds. GRIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, Can always be depended upon in the early stages, see that you get GRIFFITH OWEN'S. Serious are the effects of neglected coughs or colds. GRIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT, Cures nine cases out of ten, and renders the constitution less liable to take fresh cold. See that you get GRIFFITH OWEN'S, and no other imitation. 25 & 27, High street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. RIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT Is an elegant Coullh Mixture, and agrees with the modern medical treatment of colds, as testified by several medical men. To be had in bottles, la lid and 2s 9d, of all chemists. The great value of GRIEFITH OWEN'S remedy creates a large demand. 25 & 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. RIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. This judicious combinatien is the most effective remedy for, and preventive against, the consequences arising from exposure to cold in any degree—complaints which may be the prelude to various inflammatory diseases. See that you get GRIFFITH OWEN'S. 25 & 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists. The surprising cures effected by GRIFFITH OWEN'S ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT Have astonished many. It gently frees the lungs from clotted phlegm, heals up the pus- tular wounds from the core; relieves the chest by expectoration, without straining removes all difficult breathing by its healthy stimulus to the proper circulation of the fluids. 25 & 27, High-street, Carnarvon, and all chemists is. 3341-M. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. GUARANTEED THE LARGEST CIRCULA. TION IN WALES. "Y GENEDL GYMREIG" (" THE WELSH NATION THE LARGEST WELSH PAPER PUBLISHED, Circulat- ing most extensively amongst the Commercial, Agricultural, and General Welsh Reading Popu- lation in every part of the Kingdom. It is sup- ported by and contains Articles from several eminent literary gentlemen in the Principality, and as it gives Special, Agricultural, Trade, and Market Reports, it is largely read by Farmers and Tradesmen. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY, PRICE ONE PENNY 500 AGENCIES. NERVOUS DEBILITY. — GRATIS, A MEDiCAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may bPI cured without the aid of Quacks. Free of postage stamp. Address, Secretary, Insitute of Anatomy, Birmingham. x. 3747-0 THE VAPORIFEK, by DR. SHEPARD, is a J- Bronchitis Kettle Inhale.. ind Vapour Bath combined; recommended by the Land, British Medical Journal, aa the cheapest anu most efficient apparatus invented. 5/- & 7/0, Sold by all Chemists, or direct from the Patentees, ARNOLD & SONS, 35 & 36, West Smithfleld, London. ""J^JATAL, SOUTH AFRICA.—AJl de-» scriptions of business between Iii-i Country and the Colony undertaken by SMITH, MORRISON & CO., "Commission Merchants and Shipping and Insurance" Agent,, 117 & U.S. l,ea '.enlm.ll Street.. Loudon." JUST l' U BLl."l-IElJ. Post free Two Stamps. DYSPEPSIA AND THE SE VERER FORMS OF INDIGESTION. A small Pamphlet on those distressing complaints and their complete cures. Published by the Author, RICHARD KING. Esq., StaS Surgeon, Royal Xavy, 23, Warwick Street, Rugby. JAMES PLATT & Co., Woollen Merchants, 78, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C. PRICE LISTS SENT POST FREE TO THE TRADE. THE NEW7TA{vII"d PATENT WOVEN wire-nrswl^' LADDER TAPE is far superior to the old-, d Stitched Tapes. The cross straps on -r,T which the laths rest never break away, being BLIND WOVEN INTO |the outer web.' It is always ready for use. ■TAPE. Isold by all Drapers ofc Furnishing Ironmongers. EPPS'S CHOCOLATE ESSENCE. Product of a special refining process; it is chocolate dev..ided of its over- richness and Mibstantiality. Sugarless and, when made, of the consistence of coifee. AH afternoon chocolate. Each packet is labelled, JAMES LI'PS & Co., HOMCEOVATHIC CHIMISTS, LONDON. PUKE WATER.—The Last Improvement. -"L LIPSCOMBE and CO.'S PATENT SELF-CLEANING CHARCOAL FILTERS are three times more efficient & seven times more durable t.1:an any other. More than 300,000 are in lbe. 44, Queen Viotoiia-st.. & G9. Oxford-st. Removing from Temple Bar.—Agents in every town keep them in stock. TVTEW WHISKY IS POISONOUS, no rmitter how agreeably flavoured. Exact age of SWAN and CROWN WhiNky guaranteed by H.M. Customs Officers. Distillations of 1B77 76, 75, 74, T6, 72, 71, 70, 67. 65. Pric(.j for 2 gals. 38, 40/ 4'2/ 41/ 40/- 4! 53/ 57/ 64/ 66/^ Cash should accompany Orders. THOMAS SCALLY & Co., Eustace Street, Dublin. Purchasing Agents Wanted. CAPE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL, ZANZI- V_> BAB,, and EAST AFRICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. -The UNION STE.VJISIIIP COMPANY'S PACKETS Sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternllltc Thursday, and from PIYIIIIIIJTH the next day. Apply at the Company's Of hoes. Orient- ^oe, Southampton, or 11,"Leadunhrili Street, London. CPE CIA L NOT IC Tj. X E W. -T E A S. 0 RIDGrWAY & CO. are no-r j.repared to send 'free of Charge on application) NEW PRICK LIS 1' and SAMPLES of NEW SEASON'S TEAS, which are very line and very cheap. 1 and 5, King William Street, City, London, E.C. UNSURPASSED for S1 [ OOTTM;. riSlliN'i., HUNTING and general wear. PURE NATURAL UND liTED WOOLLEN CLOTHS, in great variety, the best material mamifao- tnredfor DURABILITY in WEAR and COLOUR. Suits from 60' Trous'rs from 14'6. "wrcontc t'rom 45/ Ulsters from »»/ (Also supplied'by the PIECE or YARD) PATTKRNS andPKio-aa or THE UNDYED CLOTH AND KVEBY OTHKK KIND, WITH TOBMS OF SBTVP MEASUREMENT FRBE. 8 per cent, for cash. HARRIS-JONES & COMPANY, 319, Oxford St., London, W. "I AA DOZEN REAL SHETLAND ll/U SHAWLS, 2 yards square, Pink, White, Sky, Black, Cardinal, and other colours. Sent post tree, Stamps,2/3. BAKER & CRISP, 198,_Regent Street,JLondon, W C. "fr INGTSBURY'S WOOL BAZ"AAR. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE WORLD for WOOLS. Ice "Wool 4jd. & 510.. per ball, Crewels, 910.. per doz. Scraps for screens, &c., 160 for 1/ 24 large ones for V- Send for descriptive book, post free. P. L. KINGSBURY, South Kensington Bazaar, London, S.W. RASS^REED^STRINGv&DRUM BANDS, PIANOFORTES, & HARMONIUMS at Whole- tale Pries at J. MOORE'S, Buxton Rd., Huddersfield. Prices with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any kind win of Band. Bandmen's Caps. Patronized by Army, Navy, & Rifle Corns. Second-hand Instruments bought or taken in Exchange. ATTXD HTTM fiTd c o. C O CQ df\ (late Alfred Davis & Co.) OO. Oy Houndsditch, London, E. Importers of Jewellery, Combs, Brushes, Purses, Albums, Cabinet Gooda, English and Foreign Toys. Glass and Chin* Ornaments, Pipes, Cigar Cases, Leather Bags, Perfumery, Christmas Presents, and all kinds of General Fancy Goods. fTIHOMAS SMITH & SONS, Saltley Mill, J- AdderleyRd., BIRMINGHAM, STAMPERS BY STEAM POWER. Limbs and parts of Machinery & Implements of erery description in iron and steel, difficult to forge by hand, are neater and more advantageously made by our process; suitable for AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, SEWING MACHINES, GUN ACTIONS, and other uses where uniformity and exactness is required. Manufacturers also of SOLID CAST STEEL and OTHER HAMMERS for every purpose and known requirement. HEAVY EDGE TOOLS for Home and Foreign Markets. BicicciiM AWD BICYCLE FITTINGS in all stages and degrees of finish. London Depot, 68, Holborn Viaduot. BOW 's SAGO POWDER. Specially adapted FOR INFANTS AND INVALIDS. Made and Sold Wholesale by FERGUSSON & FORSTER, London, E.C. Sold by all Chemists and Grocers. FURNITURE direct from the LARGEST JC MANUFACTORY in the Kingdom. Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Price list to FOSTER & COOPER, NOTTINGHAM. TELEGRAM.—Read the books,HousePaint- ina and Decorating,"tad Ed.7^0002/».1BO" iftno toAsphalt"V9 Valuable information cheap. M. Williams, 111, Mill gate. Wigan. BILLIARD BALLS, Chalks, Cues, & Tips at HENNIO BROS., Ivory Works, 11, High8t.,Londoiw.O. Cheapest house in the lyadefor Billiard tablerequisitesanaivory good# in general. Old Balls adjusted or exchanged and tawea re-ooverea. Price Lists on application. Established 1802. WOOD WORKING,Sawing,Grinding,Ptimp- ing,Mining Machinery & Contractors' Plant.Cataloguea post free. jPowis.Bale & Co.,Engineers, 20, Budge Row. London. Lr .YOU WISll TO AVOID BICYCLE ACCIDENTS use the New Patent Safe Bicycle, the ,.rak "XTRAORDI NARY," by the JJ1. en of the well-known "Challenge Bicyole andTncyol^ SINGER & CO., COVENTRY. London-n, Holborn Viaduct. Liverpool—88, Wnltecnap^. W. BERRY'S JJIAMOND oil6<^MBLACKraa. Has stood the test of publio opinion for the last 30 years, and although it has had and now has, many imitators, its con- stantly increasing sale is conclusive evidence oi its Of quality and superiority over every other WORKS ROCHDALE ROAD, MANCHEST^K. DOWLING Sl SON'S SAUSAGES, TONGUES, GERMANS, &o^ are now sent to all parts of the UNITED KINGDOM. Price Uston aDpUcatton. TIB AT) OFFICE, LEADEN HALL MARKET, LONDON. CABBAGE and Lettuce Plants. Best kinds. Guaranteed Strong, well rooted for Field and Garden in any fiBantitievChean. AnnfvEdward Leigh,Noroote Farm.Guildford CANARIES & OTHER BIRDS should be fed on the HARTZ MOUNTAIN BREAD. A Wonderful Tood when Moulting or suffering in any way. Testimonials free. Sold by Cornohandlers, Bird Dealers, and Wholesale of Hyde & Co., Hill Street, Walworth, London. OOK AAA DOWN TO £ 20 DRAWN EVERY MONTH in Bonuses, guaran- teed by Government and P»"d»»Cash. Every Share achano# •o obtain a Bonus. One share Six shares £ 0. Parttoulai* frae. Apply to the Agency for Public Funds (Genera), II, Abchurch Lane, Lombard Street, London. E.C. — YALUABLE DISCOVERY FOR THB HAIR! CARMAN'S HAIR RESTORER. Acknowledged to be equal, if not superior, to Mr8 Allen's Rosetter's, and many others. It is not a dye. It contains ho oil. Will restore gray hair to its original colour and beauty. Removes dan- driff and all impurities from the head. Pro- motes the growth and strength of the hair, giving it the lustre and health of youth. And is the cheapest and best Restorer ever used. Supplied only in large bottles, Is 6d. A parcel of three bottles, secuiely packed, sent to any part on receipt of 54 penny stamps or P.O.O. CARMAN'S INVIGORATING SALINE. This Saline compound is recommended for Bilious Constitutions, Heartburn, Headache, Sea Sickness, &c. In bottles, Is 9d each. QUININE WINE TONIC. An excellent strengthening medicine, in bottle Is and 2s each. CARMAN'S INFANTS' CARMINATIVE. An agreeable medicine renowned for its efficacy in preventing or removing the disorders to which Infancy is liable, such as Convulsions, Wind, Gripes, Difficult Teething, &c., &c. In bottles 7^d, Is lid, and 3d each. PREPARED BY JOHN CARMAN, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST (Qualified by Examination), APOTHECARIES' HALL, HOLYWELL. 2599a SUTTON's HOME GROWN SEEDS. gUTTON's SEEDS CARRIAGE FREE. BUTTON'S SEEDS CARRIAGE FREE IF 2Q/- VALUE AND UPWARDS. VERY-ONE WHO HAS A GARDEN" ■±±_ SHOULD READ. SUTTON's AMATEUR'S GUIDE for 1880, new and greatly enlarged edition, devoted to instruo- tions on the cultivation of vegetables. Flowers and Potatoes. Embellished, with HANDSOME COLOURED PLATES and HUNDREDS OF ENGRAVINGS. Price 1/ or Post Free 1/3. gUTTON's SEEDS POST FREE. SUTTON's SEEDS POST FREE. GUTTON's SEEDS POST FREE. (EXCEPT PEAS and BEANS.) SUTTON's SPRING CATALOGUE Contains Priced descriptive List Of ALT, SEEDS and POTATOES. Gratis and Post Free on application. CAUTION.- SUTTON & SONS HAVE NO AGENTS and do not supply other Seedsmen. gUTTON & SONS, (jfeS!S& | FADING SEEDSMEJ.'l J USB QYMINGTON's Patent PEA FLOUR. It is easy of Digestion, Wholesome, Nutritious; requires no boiling, and rapidly makes a tureen of Rich Soup. BOWDEN STEAM MILLS, M a T3.KTCT HARBORQUGH. TEA^NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. Broken Congou, 1/8: fine Strong Congon, 1/10 to 3/2; fln« Assam, 2/4; fine Assam Pekoe, 2/6; hn»«tao.,3/-121bs.Camag« paid. London Joint Stock Tea Co., Ld., 84, Leadenhall St., E.O. IVTAWER's TARAXACUM COFFEE is a light and Delicious Beverage for all suffering with In- digestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Weakness, &c. Should be drunk by all, as it is superior to all, and three times tha strength of other Coffees. In tins 0d., 1/ 1/6, of OheiniBta and Grocers, and F MAWEB, HvtiH WYCOMBE. (ROUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, A few doses quite efleotual.—Caution.—The extra- ordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyno render it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is protected by a Govern- ment stamp, bearing the words Dr. J. Corns Browne's Chlorodyne." See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the Times, July 16th, 1864. Numerous testimonials from eminent Physicians aooouipanyeach bottle. From w. C. WILKINSON-. Esq., F.RC.S., Spalding. I consider it invaluable in Phthisis and Spasmodic Cough: the benefit is very marked. from Dr. M'lCillman, of New Galloway, Scotland. Asa Sedative, Anodyne, and Antispasmodic, I consider Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne the most valuable medicine known. Sold in bottles. 1 1), 2 9, fe 4 6 by all Chemists. NOTICE.—THE TESTIMONY OF MEDICAL GENTLEMEN AND THE PROFESSIONAL PRESS HAS BEEN UNQUALIFIED IN PRAISE OF T AMPLOUGH's PYRETIC SALINE, as L possessingmollt. important elements, calculated to restore and maintain health, with perfect vigour of body and mind:- Have it in your houses and forget it not in your travels." DR. PROUT.—"Unfolding germs of immense beneht to man. kind." DR. MORGAN.—It furnishes the blood with its lost saline constituents." DR. TURLEY.—I found it act as a specific in my experience and family in the worst form of scarlet lever, no other medicine being required." DR. S. GIBBON (formerly physician of the London Hospital). "Itis the best preparation have ever met with. Its usefulness in the treatment of disease has long been confirmed by medical experience. I t.peak from adequate knowledge of the prepara. tion, having been in the habit of using it in private practice for many yeai-s, and having taken a large quantity with ma when I went as physician to the Smyrna Hospital. In hot climates it is of especial value." DR. SPARKS (Government Medical Inspector of Emigrants from the Port of London) writes" From my personal and professional use and knowledge of the value of Mr. Lamp- lough's Pyretic Saline for many years past, I have great plea- sure in bearing my cordial testimony to its efficacy in the treatment of many of the ordinary and chronic forms of Gastrio Complaints and other forms of Febrile Dyspepsla.-6thA.u¡rust. is of immense value in Prickly Heat. DR. J. DOWSING.—" I used it in the treatment of forty-two cases of Yellow Fever, and I am happy to state that I never lost a single ca»«\" DR. W.STE VEN S, In his works on Cholera and Fever, states: Since its introduction the Fatal West India Fevers are deprived of their terrors." H, LAMPLOUGH, 113, Holborn, London. Post free for Five Stamps from MB. G. T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM, LONDON. "CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT. (New Edition) with man V interesting ensrs of Curs." pROWE's BALSAM of LINSEED & HONEY (As used in Her Majesty's Household). Perfectly cures Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, & all chest affections. It never fails to relieve Asthma & Con- sumption. Sold by Chemists everywhere in Bottles nt 1/1 J, large size, 8 9. Wholesale Agent s»,Barclay iV Sons, FarringdonSi. Lon- don&Thomas Crowe. Practical Chemist, 31, Wardour St-London RAT S found Dead after using two (jd. Jars • of STEINEfi's VERMIN PASTE, Sold by all Chemists. Works: Henry St.,Limehouse,London. "Try it, it neverfails." A PHYSICIAN'S GIFT—2 Stamps. A TREATISE ON NERVOUS DEBILITY, and the DISEASES induced by it. with a SURE METHOD of CURE. Address Dr, J. HAMILTON. 404.Oxford StJLondon. GOOD COMPLK5QON islKWwrerf by the daily use of Hnttman'' sW hite Prepared Fuller's Karth. Does not Choke the pores of the Skin, Invaluable to protect the Skin of Infants, Contains no Bismuth, Zinc, Magnesia, or Chalk. Post Free tor 14 stamps. H. Cottman Sydenham. W O RN OUT SILVER PLATED ARTICLES Also Copper, Brass. &c.. replated equal to new by STANTON'S PLATING PASTE. One simple application reaving a coating of pure silver. Post free, 20 stamps.^Henry Stanton, 5, High St., New Thornton-heath, Surrey. "V" OTTNG MEN <feothers, weak, languid, nervous Indigestion, no Appetite or Spirits. One doseof "Pitha" relieves, 3, 2/9 bottles cure. T. Jabez.&j.Red Lion Sq., London. SEEDS. Gold Madal Besronias, 1/. per pkt. SEEDS. J- • & Flower Seeds. Cottagers' Collections, 14 sortsVegetablea post free 3/ larger. 6<- & upwards. 24 sorts Hardy Flower Seed* 2/6. Cash with order. Catalogues free. Forest Hill, London, S.E. TTNTTED STATES OF AMERICA. For information about the States of KANSAS, NEBRASKA, and COLORADO, lands, mineral resources, &c., and the rout* to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India, &c., via the U. S., send to P. 13. Groat, (general European Agent for Union Paciiio, Kansas Pacific^"11 Central Pacific Railways. The U. P. Ry., in Nebraska and K.P. Hy., in Kansas have several million acrea of fine agricultural ana stock raising lands in the best portion of America f°rfreehold farms, at from about 8/- to £ 3 per acre on liberal terms payment. Special attention given to settling colonies Enclose stamps 2d. for return postage. Address. Queen Anne Chambers, 1 & '2, Poultry, London, E.C. MB. SPUKGtEON, in Sword and Trowel, says: ''The straight, turned-up, turned-down and obliq»e pointed VENS of MACNIVEN & CAiuEliON are marvellously good. It is a pleasure to write with them." 6d. and 1/- per box, at aU Stationers'. They come as a boon and a blessing to men, The Pickwick, the Owl, and the Wavcrley Pen." .Sample box of ail the kinds assorted, by post 1/1.— MAGNLVEN & CAMERON, 'li to 33, Blair St., Edinburgh, Venmakers to her Majesty's Government Offices, Est. 1770. TTo b* Had of all Musio Seller*, Price 4/ HE TIME OF ROSES," MRS. yfOULD'S NEW SONG, Sung by Mrs. Osgood, and dedicated by special permission to H.R.H. th» PrinoeM Iguise (Marchioness of Lome), is now being published by Vluuxui< DavUou & Co., Hi, Regent Street, London.