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THURSDAY EVENING. „ PARLIAMENT- In t?° V?3! 0F LOKDS—'WEDNESDAY. HVNNF^ °YSE °F Lords, amendments to the *GSEA T0C ^OLL2ON (^0TLAND) BIU WERE House adjourned at 5.25. Q„ FI COMMONS.—AYKDXESDAY CU8F0 G F°R ^LIR^ reading of the PROW V Inland Revenue Bill, Mr Lefevre INSURED NNST A NEW PROBATE SCAL«» and IOIT)NR+ J OVERUMERIt for introducing so Hot K MEASURE AT a time when it could CHERUB ,CU!SE(I- THE Chancellor of the EX- OWV A N^TCD that there was force in the but RA*SEC* "BY TTE honourable member, AIDERARI ^R- THOSE objections could be con- read 3I:EW Parliament. The Bill was RD The National Debt and ^°UCLS passed through com- In5°SSE 0F LORDS.—THURSDAY. TION Tni USE LORDS TO"^AY the Appropria- OORRMF+ I AL,FL Parliamentary Elections and time JJ^RAETICES BILLS WERE REA,I FOR the first Qunlifi ^-E ^^CIPAL Corporations Property —THP Abolition Bill passed committee. READ JI 'LNPANICS' Act Amendment Bill was Cornrn T RC* TIME> amendments.—The AQIP^J011 LAW Procedure and Judicature Act POTHER. passed committee.—The HY*- theth' ^Y?°^ION (Scotland) Bill was read for \V&S+'K P16 WITH amendments. The House &feQa$°urned. INTY IR °F COMMONS.—THURSDAY. the of Commons to-day the Chan- Holidav A + ^'XC^EFLUER SAID that the Bank BUSINESS WI,uld not interfere with election asked. if FY11 FASTER Monday.—Lor i Hartington WERE t H JAES°tiations as to the Greek frontier prodim I C^OSE(I before further papers were PFOMIS D Chancellor the Exchequer °IAKE 6 FLILFLU^RE whether it was possible to raake any addition to the papers already pre- THE P '77 N TIE motion for the third reading of TICEG ^11LANAENTARY Elections and Corrupt Prac- bill -WV Anderson protested against the The CL^ WAS a Government Election cry.— i-t. Cabs and Corruption Bill was read the "'Ul'd tù:n.e. THE MID] OTHTAN CAMPAIGN. ^ADSTONE will deliver two speeches to ECtors of Midlothian to-day at Corstor- TIWI6 A„U<^ Katho, three and nine miles respec- £ ly'fr°m Edinburgh. ^.DALKEITH opens his campaign to-day, by ^?81UG the electors at Currie. His Lord- fihorf announced his intention of making PJ. ADDRESSES only. The Conservative place RE^^I.LCE UPON their organisation, and the SPEAT WEDN^day next Mr Gladstone will on AN average three times a day. It is TOP ^TOODTHAT the pledges on the Disestablish- °F the Scotch Church Question will be SEUTL The right ho?:. YI?NAAN has been solicited to pay a flying PERTH to support Mr Donald Currie'S ^DATURE. SOCIAL and East Scottish Liberal As- NATIONS harve arranged for a monstre meet- g at Stow, in the extreme east of Midlothian STRICT, on Easter Tuesday. THE GENERAL ELECTION- W PUNDEE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. — Mr ^TMAN Bary, of the Temple Club, London, th °L intimated his intent on of contesting ^RRI boroughs as a Radical and Home Ruler, tio VE<A^ DUNDEE to-day. He had a consulta- "^ITH his friends this forenoon, and is arrangements for promoting his candi- ASA■" • Dundee Licensed Victuallers tn ^CLATI°N, at a meeting held to-day, decided T0IMPORT Mr Yeoman. has ?.ERMINSTER.—Mr WM. Green (Liberal) PARJ5 E^> Replying to a deputation Dr JURE th STA.^ED that he would do nothing to in- GJVE Liberal prospects, but could not yet O-N 4. A ^FINITE answer as to whether he would I*? P l> 8U'HC+-^IJ:0TJTIISNRT!'E-—Broderick has been CAN(J.UTED for Mr Leman as second Liberal ERICK COUNTY.—The Nationalists will T?AT £ *ORWARD John Sarsfield Casey, an ex- M&^ipRISOIJER- J" ^BBS, C.B., of London, has been selected AT SERAIS to oppose Lord Lennox. HAS Capt. Redmond, Home Ruler, A COUNCIL AT WINDSOR- Lord Beauchamp, the J)/TE OF Northumberland, Lord Cairns, and Mr AX Paddington Station by special train v_ I •1IJ° TNIS morning to attend the Council to J> AT Windsor Castle this afternoon. Lord TO-RDG^T probably remain at the Castle AGRARIANISM. KILDVSFT^F NAnied John Edwards, residing at lie WAN NII TAS DRI^N? home last night when severelv .NOAREO8SHILLBy two men, and so SSr baaten that his Hfe is m imminent the outrae(.an w pute is stated to have led to e ou rage. No arrests have been made. „ MARKETS- LONDON, CATTLE—A+ + Attendance consisted L 8 TR]CET IHE quiet at 4s to 5s lod • 49NN vEASTS' 1WBICH WERE 4s 6d; 1070 calves froM~5« «?&H° QUIE^ AT No foreign supplies. ° PER ^BS. BIRMINGHAM, CORN—T, I. rather improved condition, JOV F'ATI™ more money. American, A QUIP+ + a of the better description a shilling S°ME the week. SMUING dearer on













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