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ST. DAVID'S DAY. & LONDON. Watkin W.Wynn had rather a sad St.David's He came down to the house on Monday ht to show the leek in his buttonhole, and was he nerally congratulated on his appearance of eaIth. He looked better than usual, and he Shiftily looks hale and hearty enough. He passed the house into the lobby, however, and there SfH a sudden though slight fit. Though it was r11- David's Day, he thought it wise to go home forest. What made his friends anxious was T^ply tbe fact that he is usually so well, and at age of 60 can perform feats of endurance which wotdd try the stamina of lads in the prime of their lOng youth. The 165th anniversary festival of the Most Hon- bUlal ible and, Loyal Society of Ancient Britons was e d at Willis's liooms, London, on •Monday night. In the absence of Lord ^WnarvSti, the chair was taken by the !i of Powis. Proposing the toast of the Queen, the chairman remarked that the prosperity and ability of a country depended largely upon the gard and esteem in which the Sovereign was held. e contrasted the position of England in this Aspect with that of continental nations, and noticed the marked absence of burning political questions. Mr Osborne Morgan, M.P., in proposing" The health of the President °' the Day," observed that a general Section wad hanging over both political Parties at the present time. It was their privilege on these occasions, however, to forget party Politics, and to remember only that they were Welshmen. It was also his privilege to forget political oponents, and to remember only the fchidly gentlemen and the generalneighbours. It Was with the utmost sincerity he proposed the toast entrusted to his care. Mr Morgan Lloyd, lq-p., proposed the toast of The Vice-Presidents £ ud Stewards of the day," which was responded to Mr J. C. Parkinson and Mr Frederick Beaumont ^forgan. The post prandial music was under the Girectidn of Mr Brinley Richards. The vocalists Jere Miss Maggie Jones, Miss Spencer Jones, Mr Davies, Mr J. Knowles, and a choir conducted 'bk,Xr W.' Davies (Mynorydd), the domestic Welsh r,to the Right Hon. Lady Llanover, accom- panied by bis pupil, Robert Mackii-dy, domestic Welsh harper to the Marquis of Bute, performed a duet on the triple stringed Welsh harp to the grftt entertainment of the company. LIVERPOOL. A concert was given in Hope Hall on Monday, homour of St. David's Day, by a number of Welsh artistes, and was attended by a numerous alldience. Mr Councillor John Hughes presided, and the vocalists were Miss Jennie Owen, Miss Annie Williams, Mr T. J. Hughes, Mr Llewelyn Wynne, and Tenorydd y Bryniau. Miss M. Bvans was the accompanist. An attractive pro- gramme of Welsh and other songs was provided. Jhe proceeds of the entertainment are to be devoted to the building fund of the Welsh Wesleyan chapel in course of erection in Prince's- aynl1, Prince's-road. MANCHESTER. St. David's Day was celebrated in Manchester on Monday evening by a dinner at the Queen's Hotel, Mr Lewis Morris (the author of the Epic of Hades") presided, and the vice-chairmen were Mr Rowlands and Dr A. Emrys Jones. There was a numerous attendance of natives of the Princi- pality and their friends, and the proceed- ings were most enjoyable. The loyal and patriotic toasts were duly honoured, as were also those of The Memory of St. David," and Suc- cess to the University College of Wales." In proposing the latter toast, which was responded to by Mr William Rowlands, and Mr Alderman Thomson, the President traced briefly the history of the college, and referred to the distinctions gained by the students, who at the commencement of the last term numbered 63, and the necessity which had existed for the cur- tailment of the expenditure. He expressed a hope that the college would obtain a part, if not the Whole, of the Meyrick fund, and the conviction that the Government would shortly make them a grant. Pennijlion singing and other music agree- ably diversified the proceedings.



















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