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Family Notices

Family Notices

irt5t !taniagts .lutb 8Jtatgs. ae<Hi^Wen, Beth^Vist^- Jones' Car" and daughter. e8tim°g> of twins,—5on Jones—March 5 butcher, Britannia'TT t> Richard Jones of a daushter House' Bethania, Festiniog "arry—Feb 98 «. »*« W1. builder »I wife of Mr Ti t> Evaii a -D -x MARRIAGES. p T^tehard—Feb. 27 v>„ v ^^stie Methodist Chanel r • nae' at the by the Rev R. Richards P^er"g-y-druidien, Mr David Evans, Plas Ini^^r °' place, Jane Pritchard FTa*^?' ^>entrevoelas, to y-druidion. Ua £ °d-y-maidd, Cerrig- S?8—Humphreys Mo t. Welsh Church, BroS 8' at St David's the Rev E. T. Davie^0^11. Liverpool, by Haniet Humphreys Edward Jones to Mrs Jonaa-Jones-Feb o. gefni, by the RPf at DiQas Chapel, Llan- Jones, Penyfail T?*an"» Donne, Mr David Jones—J rynP°e'tk y n' to Miss Elizabet h ^st CSapel 6' at the Calvinistic Metho- ?Wen» and Mr S!8-y*coed, by the Rev John Jones, Fuchea W™^68' registrar» Mr Evans Gathering J0Ue S'^aTe?au Festiniog, to Miss ■Jones—Owen—Main? k Llugwy, Bettws-y-coed. gefni, bylicen:^ at Dinas Chapel, Llan- V^en J0Q by the Rev James Donne, Mr Ann Owen Fr, I wr' ^^gri^iolus, to Mrs ^oberts-w'y-street, Llangefni.' Denbigh rch 4' at St Mary's Church, f* Hugh ♦*??' ^deacon Smart bigh t^ vT- rst R°berts, Love-lane Den- S^Cl)enWghMar8atet EUen Wyxme^nSan- ^h,,8'Tat St David's Welsh E-^ Davi.r M*^11' LiverP°°l> by the Rev ^jjj^beth Davies. °6 Vassuel Salmon to Llangefni^ hwT March 5, at Dinas Chapel, yiu5ms.'oJ+ James Donne. Mr John ^liss Jani ^^m. Llanfairm^hafarneithaf, to Williams—Om ifr Tai Croes> Llanfairypwll. BolJKd M11 p1an?3 at St °ybiOhurch, —both of Holyhead6 ams to Sarah Uweu> Davieg at v DEATHS. „ Foxes Yarn Ti^' „a8ed 46, Mr Morris Davies, ^^ans—.Ma! i Henllan, near Denbigh. garet wif» « 33' of consumption, Mar- °'ough Sl°f+M'W- Gwenlyn Evans, 10, New- «Ughe,f.p8freet' Carnarvon. at T i!Liw' a^ ^be residence of her daugh- ttess, Mro n'V1yfQ1'aSed after prolonged ill- -^siencvn a Mary Hughes, Tyddyn Bach, Bryn- fi«gbes--M glesey- fi«gbes--M glesey- Pool Madelaine-street, Liver Hughes Catherine, wife of Mr John 7» at 7» Holt-road, Lower Tran- a(^' ^-ePbzibah, wife of Mr John ■iii^ghes A a Park Ti 19» Beaconsfield-street, Prince's dearlv >,v?rPool> aSed 27, Mary A. (PoDie), the y°uuLst^ s+ister .of Mr L- L- Hughes, Robert Rn f surviving daughter of Captain Jones—Morof |8' of Liverpool, and Pwllheli. Brookhousp agt?d J5' Mr Thomas Jones, Jones-MaS ?'T D?^g*. tbe little dauahte^6 m°Qths> Emma Ellen, jSszHTZT ,oaes'slone" WiUiam JoB™,aTa1jSm°''STI'e, wife of Mi Conway. » ^y n-y-groes, near Jon™1 iUn08S. WeU"street' aged 72, Mr Sob* rt Lewis^6"8116^' LiverP°°l. OwS6d frfrpfl01' t* £ F*g- orL?Xema» ft^I^ghtr^fT/TW11 m°nth8' EUen' Roberts, Colomendy^rrace T Mar«aret Roberts—March 1, Led1?' berts, Mochdre rs Margaret Ro- i Jo" BobS^S °61 T7'n0°ed EUen, the beloved wifT ofV^n86' Holyhead- BoC&Amlwcl1' a«ed29 n R°bert8' year80f her 2ageVejanedn,en1^'in the 6lst year W Roberts, Ty Ne^Vdd6 t\ Mr ddemiolen TT<»t Blaen-y-cae, Llan- at the Llaiiddeiniolpn P re,mains were interred Thomas—^arche™101^ Cemetery, March 6, 1880. MrJolm T"0™ ystwyth, Mr Wi^0 Pen^yn House, Aber- (Eng.), aged 84 m Williams, F.R.C.S. Williams—March's pool, aged 19 monthl pPKrk]lill-road'Liver* son of Captain Job °^,ffobert John, youngest