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Family Notices

Family Notices

DAMAGES ATTFT GRATIA. Burgess—Feb. 22 fViBlR^HS; Board School Hou^ ?Ir Edwin Burgess, Evans—March 2 tho .Peu^igh, of a daughter. Rhyl, of a son. °f Mr T^s Evans, Sfe of Mr John Hearse, Jones—Feb u +i?5' ^arn&rvon, of a daughter. coal-merchant, FxiZl-terL^* £ riffith Jo*e8> daughter. wwtace, Bangor, of a °pt^T'e^* °f Mr Evan T TV/T labourer, LcinAbram, Denbigh* ?°bert Jones' Jones—March 1 at 41 S g1' o £ a s°o. the wife of Mr John Jones frfBtreet' Garston> Jones—Feb 18 at- w- a sen* road, Liverpool, the wife IS 2™ Queen's" Jones (Llew Clwydfro) 0fJ T.Llewelyn Owen-Feb. 26, the wife of Su0ns- hyfryd-terrace, LUthfaen^f j111 °1Wen' Bryn" Roberts—Feb. 29, at 5K t>' a daughter. pool, the wife of Mr W^?10nt'street, Liver- daughter. William Roberts, of a Rowland?—Feb 27 at XT Inn Amlwch Port, the wife of Captain John Rowlands, barque Robert Jones aPtam John Rowlands, Smith-Feb. 18 at 7' 2* ? ?oa- of Mr W B ^kn. street, Chester, the daughter. Smit^, of twins,—son and Williams-March 3 at 91 « Carnarvon, the wife nf m a daughter. 6 °f Mr Catkin Williams, of Navies—Will- MabriAGES. gadlas, both of Dinorwic Th- ^s' Ty'1^- naarriage solemnized at the i8 eing the first happy pair were prese aWe chapel, the Family Bible. P Uted With a handsome «nffith-Thomas-Feh 07 Rev J0n;s" Bryn'rodyn Chapel, T. Edwards, Mr ttriWuiyu rodyn> and Mr (J. ukX Tyddyn- Oae r lalen bach Mlss ,sne Thomas, •Jones—jones j £ r> ^^dwrog. Brownlow-hill Tnv David's Welsh Church, ^es, Mr Thomas T rp°01' the Rev E. T. Da- Jones Mill -Sne?' ^ew Chambers, te Miss j. Anglesey. an^—both of Newborough, Office, Carnart™^a*/?k the Registrar's nant, to MW w Alfred Jones, G wast ad- j^beris. 8 Han^ah Williams, Fron, Llan- "ngl^y rT^?~LMarCh 2' at St Michael's, Head- Henry ATPII'I, U ^ev 0- Smith, Charles Charles T d! onlF s°n of the late Rev to Charlntto Lock, of St Botolph's, Colchester, John uOVl youngest daughter of the late Mr Anglesey Treweek, of Tycoch, Amlwch, Bano^° v,CT^ at Twr Gwyn Chapel, Robert' o ^ev Daniel Rowlands, M.A., Mr Hannah ^rry' ba!cer. High-street, Bangor, to drarT \/oulth daughter of Mr Wm. Roberts, Soh ? Menai Bridge. erts Jones—Feb. 27, at Ebenezer Chapel (I.), fn^°r' tbe ^ev W. Ceinion Thomas, Llan- M S^an, Mr Thomas Roberts, second son of ]tffs n°mas ^oberts> Madog, Bryngwran, to Jor«S .ferine, second daughter of Mr Hugh •Robert^' Llanerchymedd, Anglesey. Offiop Williams—Feb. 27, at the Registrar's HosniVai^rvon' Robert David Roberts, to Miss Williams, Btr7^tt0V^- 2^' at St James's Church, CarnarVmi +P°^r' -Mr WilIiam Williams, late of ^ams-oVens-F3bH270nblatf- °f Watef?f Registrar's OFFLRP RI ]lcense, at ^e liams to Mrs Ma,SfT^°n' Mr William Wn" Carnarvon. rgar«t Owens, Chapel-street, Batten—March 1 J*?*™' William "Rntt r S and severe' illness, Mr Hi^?SnSgh (SCni0r)' 8hoe^er, Beacon's ^^Seor^e Join2r' f °°lwyn Bay, aged 42, Mr Knutsford, CheThfre' The DalC' Tatt°n' near Evans-Feb. 27, at Ty'nUan, Llanelidan, aged 31, Mr Robert Goodman Evans. 5^5. at,her oM home, Penrhyn Haleu, the beloved ^if severe i^ness, Mary, gardeneraTplfe «°f, Mr W- T. Evans, late Uvans— Feb 26 a4d^ ?bighshire'aged 424 •ones—Marrh i A • Mr Hugh Hughes. the late Captai Jones' Alb7 chM of Jones—Feb 2^ af+Q, Albion Hotel, Bangor WsfjLe'; Castle gS'n"^ ■Jones—Feb 13 nt t>i, Denbigh. aged 6 months Robert Pi 7 Wen> near ^y1' Thomas Jones' CWynne, only child of Mr Lewis-Feb. 25 at 41, Rupert-street, Everton, Liverpool, in her 80th year, Mary Lewis, late of Oswestry. °th year> Mary Le-^is, late of 951 ft daughter of M^ S|nd M Mi^f Mary 0wen» only ^marvon. Mrs 0wen' 2' Garnons- "Evans—pAh oi 1. Mrs Sarah POWPII' T> Westbromwich, aged „ Pa»7-Evans late of Glan WUEam^PaWr» ^eter Roberts, wuiiam8-Feb' |«on, near Denbigh. d41"^s 5=5 Llanengan. n and Mary Williams, 2, at Rhy, aged 5 Nora Helen second daughters & aged 5, Nora Helen, Staff Corps. 3or J- Withers, Bombay