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THE PRIZE POETICAL COMPOSITIONS AT THE CARNARVON EISTEDDFOD, 1877, TOGETHER WITH A FULL REPORT OF THE EISTEDDFOD THE SPEECHES, &c. Price in paper cover, Is. in beautiful cloth covet, Is. 6d. j by Post, Is. 2d. or IS. 8d. All orders to be sent to Ms. R. WILLIAMS, Publisher, Carnarvon. "Y GWI:' YN ERBY BY D." "TAN NAWDD DUW A'l DANGNEF." JEST N AP GAMWAITH." "A LADDO A LEDDIR." /1 i "CALON WRTH GALON." "Duw A PHOB DAIOXI." YR EISTEDDFOD FREINIOL GENEDLAETHOL, CADAIR ARTHUR, A GORSEDD BEIRDD YNYS PRYDAIN, A GYNHELIR YN BIB KEN HEAD, DDYDDIAU MAWRTH, MERCHER, IAU, A GWENER, MEDI 17EG, 18FED, 19EG, A'H 20FED, 1878, Pryd y rhoddir yn agos i Fil o Bunnau mewn gwobrau. T.LYWYDDION A NODDWVE Gwir Anrhydeddus Arglwydd Aberdar, Gwir Anrhydeddus Arglwydd Sandon, Syr Watkin W- Wynn, Bart., A.S., Syr A. B. Walker, Marchog, Osborne Morgan, Ysw., Q.C., A.S., Watkin Williams, Ysw., Q.C., A.S., David Maciver, Ysw., A4iS., John Roberts, Ysw., A.S., I J. H. Puleston, Ysw., A.S., Lewis Morris, Ysw., M.A., J. Laird, Ysv.\ (Maer Birkenhead), A. B. Forwood, Ysw. (Maer Lerpwl), I John Hughes, Ysw., U.H., Lerpwl, Milwriad Steble, T. H. Jackson, Maenordy, &c., &c., &c., &c. CYMDEITHAS ANRHYDEDDUS CYHMRODORION LLUNDAIN, URDD Y VORD GRON, GWLAD A THEYRNEDD, A GORSEBDOGION I YNYS PRYDAIN.. ARWEINWYR: LLEW LLWYFO, CLWYDFARDD, A LLEURWG. PRIF FEIRNIAID: Dr. Macfarren, Mr Brinley Richards, Mr Emlyn Evans, Proffeswr Mackenna Hughes, M.A., Dr. Joseph Parry, John Thomas, Ysw.. (Pencerdd Gwalia), Eos Bradwen, I- Mynorydd, Hiraethog, Ellis Wyn o Wyrtfai, j Islwyn, Dr. Edwards, Hwfa Mon, Glanmor, Cynfaen, Cynfaen, loan Arfon, I Dafydd Morganwg, I Tafolog, Ceiriog, Gwalchmai, Waldo James, Watcyn Wyn, Iolo Trefaldwyn, Yr Estyn, Dr. Charles, Aberdyfi, Josephus, Idris Vychan, Llallawg, Proffeswr John Rhys, M.A. Mathetes, Parch Herber Evans, Parch John Evans, Lerpwl, I Llyfrbryf, Archddiacon Griffiths, Llandaf, Proffeswr Sidney Colvin, M.A., J. A. Picton, Ysw., P. H. Rathbone, Ysw., I J. Thomas, Ysw., B,A.,Bangor, W. Laird, Ysw., J. Cassidy, Ysw., J. Walker, Ysw., J. Bently, Ysw., Dr. Hughes, Lerpwl, Parch T. C. Edwards, M.A., &c., &c. CYSTADLEUAETHAU CORAWL BOB DYDD. TRADDODIR AREITHIAU YN YR EISTEDDFOD GAN BRIF ENWOGION Y GENEDL. CYNHELIR GORSEDD BOB BOREU, Pryd yr Axliolir yr YMGrEIS\V"5TK> AM URDDAU gan ARHOLWYR ADDAS. HWYR BOB DYDD CYNHELIR CYNGHERDDAU MAWREDDOG, Pryd y gwasanaethir gan MADAME EDITH WYNNE, I MADAME PATEY, I MR SIMS REEVES, SIGNOR FOLI, Miss Mary Davies, Miss Maggie Jones-Williams, Miss Martha Harries, Eos Morlais, Apmadoc, Mr T. J. Hughes, Llew Llwyfo, Eos Mai (canwr penillion), Mr Brinley Richards, Mr John Thomas, Mr J. Skeaf, Miss Maggie Evans, Mr William Pearce (Telynor Cymreig); Undeb Corawl Cambrian, Birkenhead, &c., &c., &c., &c. CYNHELIR CYFARFODYDD BOB BOREU DAN NAWDD Y CYMMRODORION, Pryd y darllenir Papyrau ar Bynciau yn dal cysylltiad. a buddiannau y Dywysogaeth. Llywydd: PROFFESWR MACXENNA HUGHES, M.A. Bydd trains rhad yn rhedeg i Birkenhead o bob parth o'r Deyrnas. D. RHYS, Ysg. Cyffredinol. W. E. WILLIAMS, Ysg. Llenyddol. Swyddfa y PwyHgor, Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARNARVON. HEAD MASTER,—MR. SIDDONS, ASSISTED BY EFFICIENT AND QUALIFIED MASTERS. AT the above School a thorough, sound, and practical Education is offered. The course of instruction includes Divinity, English, Latin, French, Arithmetic, and Mathematics, Drawing, "Writing, and Book-keeping. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and for Mercantile pursuits. Special advantages offe ed to Private Pupils on reasonable terms. Classics taught by a Gruaf Oxford. Oral and Written Examinations are held at the close of the half-year, in order to test the progress of the Puipils. A limited number of Boarders are received by the Principal, who enjoy home comforts, and whose 0 Moral Mental and Physical training are objects of special attention. Terms moderate. Prospectus sent on application to MR SIDDONS. School duties will be resumed on MONDAY, JULY 29tli, 1878. jyjH. j. Al. YO-UNG'S NEW STUI[)IOS UPPER MOSTYN. STREET, PRIZE MEDAL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NOW ON VIEW. FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHS IN EVERY STYLE. Patronised by the Leading Nobility and Gentry. N.B.-The new Miniature of the Princess Beatrice, painted by desire of the Queen, is now on view. L 1559-h TMPROYED PATENT KEVPLYING SHUTTERS, ALL KINDS OF REVOLVING SHUTTERS CAN BB SUPPLIED AT THE LOWEST PRICES POSSIBLE. APPLY TO WILLIAM JONES, 16, BANK QUAY, CARNARVON. AGENT FOB 114,0 SALMON BARNES & Co., ULVERSTON. TO LADIES AND ALL CONSUMERS OF SEWING COTTONS. RAWORTHIS ROYAL SEWING COTTONS ARB THB BEST FOR HAND OR MACHINE ONCB TRIED ALWAYS PREFERRED. SPECIALLY APPOINTED THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN NORTH WALES FOR P I A. NOS AND HARMONIUMS IS AT GEOEGE R 0 L 1, MUSI 0 « A It E II 0 USE, NORTH H f) AD, OPPOSITE THE KAILWAY STATION, CARNARVON. THE ONLY SHOP IN CARNARVON where PIANOS by BROADWOOD, COLLARD AND .COLLAlxI). and all the best makers are to be seen. G. H. having made arrangements with the best London firms to buy large quantities for Cash, can now offer PIANOS and HARMONIUMS at a discount of Twenty per cent of the list prices. A Warranty given with each Instrument. NOTICE—G. H. being the only Practical and Professional Tuner and Repairer in Carnarvon, cautions the Public against employing persons to Tune and Repair who are not qualified to do so, as by employing such persons, Instruments are more likely to be damaged. All Instruments sent to G. H. for repairs are done on the premises and not sent to London, as is done by other people, con- sequently G. H. can do them at about a THIRD THE PRICE. PIANOS and HARMONIUMS TUNED, REPAIRED, and RE-SILKED, &c. Lessons given in SINGING, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, VIOLIN arid CORNET. TUTORS for every Instrument kept in Stock. A Large Stock of Cheap Mu-ic at od each. A Catalogue sent on receipt of one stamp, also a Large Stock of Best Musie at half-price. WILLIAM MORGAN & CO., 129, 131, 133, 135, 137, 139, 141, SCOTLAND ROAD, L I Y E R P 0 0 L. -0- COMPLETE- HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. -'0- CABINET FURNITURE MANU- FACTURED on the premises, and guaranteed ",0 be made of thoroughly well-seasoned wood. A great varietv always on hand of DRAW- ING-ROOM, DINING-ROOM, BEDROOM, PARLOUR, HALL, and KITCHEN FURNI- rURE. EASY CHAIR, UPHOLSTERED IN HAIR SEATING AS ABOVE, 38s 6D. BEDSTEAD AND BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. HAIR MATTRESSES, FEATHER and WOOL FLOCK BEDS, BLANKETS, QUILTS, SHEET- INGS, CURTAINS, BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, AND KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS. FULL SIZE B^DSTEAD^AS^ ABOVE, lis *>D. An Hlustrated Catalogue sent Pest Free on ap- plication. 0 WILLIAM MORGAN & Co. L I V E R P 0 0 L, 1520h PEBILITY AND NERVOUSNESS. — Re-'ssue of "THE WARNING VOICE," Dr "Smith's Celebrated Work, of which 500,000 Copic s wen -old. Revised Edition. Now Read v. J*? ng-es. by pos t to all parts of the W in Kr.».-•'•ope. -THE WARNING VOICE. v^is is -T.rir." Medk-»u Book addressed to Youth ana :u-x"-d on tiie Cause, Symptoms, Consequences and Trea'.nevil i Debilitating Diseases. By HENRY SMIIK, Doctor of Medicine of the University of Jena, by Diploma, 1860. TTHIS IS A NEW MEDICAL WORK on the Nature, Treatment and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirits, In- digestion, Dimness of Sight, Want of Energy, Deafness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay, Headache, &c., resulting from Loss of Nerve Power, the results of Intemperance, Late Hours, Worry, Brain Toil, &c., which, if neglected, will end in Confirmed Debility and Premature Decline. Gives the Advice and Instructions, the result of Thirty Years' practice, by which Thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated by Cases and Testimonials from grateful Patients, with means of Cure used in each case. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. 1384h PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE,! BRIDGE STRESS/CARNARVON. I V. JARRETT ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. WJ. R. begs resjjectfully to intimate to • the nobility, gentry, and the public gener- ally that he has recently added to his staff a first- class Pianoforte Tuner, from the well-known firm of John Brinsmead and Sons, London, and will be enabled to perform with the utmost promptitude and care all orders he may be favoured with. Pianofortes and Harmoniums tuned and repaired, re-silked, polished, &c., equal to new. Terms moderate. 1256h ROYAL WELSH SAUCE. IT HAS NO EQU AL. SOLD EVERYWHERE. I RICHARD EVANS & CO., WREXHAM. 1157x LONDON & NORTH WESTERN -LJ RAILWAY. TOUR THROUGH SNOWDON DISTRICT, 1878. t. Arrangements have been made with the Coach Proprietors for a series of Coach Tours through the Snowdon District, in connection with the Lon- don and North Western Co's trains from Chester, Rhyl, Llandudno, Bangor, Carnarvon, &c. Pas- sengers at the time of starting in the morning are furnished with tickets, which ensurfe their being provided with seats on the Coaches. The follow- ing are particulars of the routes of the various Totu-s Tour No. 1. Commencing June the 24th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach through the "Pass of Llanberis," an d past th e Swallow Wa- terfall to Bettws-y-coed, and by Rail home to the station from which the Tourist started in the morning. Tour No. 2. Commencing June 24th. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence through same District as No. 1. Tour to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 3. Commencing the 24th June. By Rail to Carnarvon, thence by Coach round Snow- don to Beddgelert, and through the Vale of Gwynant, and the Pass of Llanberis to Carnarvon. Home by Train. Tour No. 4. Commencing July. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach past the Swallow Waterfall, Capel Curig, the Vale of Nant Fran- con, and the Penrhyn Slate Quarries to Bangor. Home by Train, or Passengers can travel by Train to Bangor, thence by Coach through the same District to Bettws-y-coed, and home by Train.' Tour No. 5. Commencing June the 5th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach to Beddgelert, anback to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 6. Commencing June 5th. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to Beddgelert, and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by Train. Tour No. 7. Commencing June the 3rd. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to the Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mill Falls, and along the Pentre Foelas Road as far as Foclas Hall, and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by Train. Tour No. 8. Commencing June the 3rd. By Rail to Llanrwst, thence by Coach to Trefriw and back, and home by Train. These Routes cover some of the most beautiful scenery in North Wales. Full particulars as to the fares, times of starting, &c., can be obtained at any of the principal Stations and Hotels along the North Wales coast. G. FINDLAY, Chief Traffic Manager's Office, Euston Station, May 29th, 1878. 1612h rpHE RHYL WINTER GARDENS. OPEN DAILY. Flowers in great perfection, Waterfall, Lake, < ,JRwstic Bridges, Houses, &c., Lawns for Tennis, Badminton, Croquet, Bowls, Archery and Quoiting" Grounds, Inside and Outside Rinks for Skaters, with Plimpton Skates. ENTERTAINMENTS: AUGUST 19TH.—For 12 nights. James Fuller's Variety Company in their Humourous and Sparkling Entertainment, consisting of the Royal Aboriginal Minstrels. The Living Marionetts, Modern Miracles and Illusions Light Seance and Mirth Provoking Sketches. AUGUST 26TH.—Tell and Tell, for 12 nights; and Tom Barger, in his amusing Ventriloquial Entertainment. SEPTEMBER 5TH.—Grand Choral Festival, with Choir of over 1000 voices. Refreshments of the choicest kind, Luncheons, Teas, &c. By Order, 1831-H JOHN DEVINE, Secretary. HOUSES TO LET! HOUSES FOR SALE! JLL FURNISHED HOUSES! FURNISHED APARTMENTS !—NOTICE.—To Parties Visiting North Wales, Llandudno, Colwyn, and Penmaen- mawr.—JOHN HUGHES, Estate and House Agent, Church-square, Llandudno, begs to inform the public that he has Various HOUSES TO LET and FOR SALE at the above (places and neigh- bourhood).—Apply, enclosing stamp and addressed envelope, as above. 1687h & H. M. GOULDING (L m 99 LZ dill, momop4m MENTION THE CLEN CORK. EMMX4 I B NOIZTH WALL DUESUN. 13RANCH WORKS CRACEDiEU WATEREORD, AND SINCUNDS LIMERICK. M-S _f GOULDING'S BONE MANURE, For Turnips, Flax, c. Soluble Phosphates 19 to 24 per cent. Ammonia 1.50 to 1.70 „ GOULDING'S SPECIAL MANURE, For Wheat, Oats, Barley, Potatoes, Soluble Phosphates 17 to 19 per cent. Ammonia 4.50 to 4.75 „ Soluble Phosphates 17 to 19 per cent. Ammonia 4.50 to 4.75 „ Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S CORN AND GRASS MANURE, Specially fwepartd for Cereals and Grasses. Soluble Phosphates .16 per cent. Ammonia 5 to 5.50 „ Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S SUPERPHOSPHATE, For general use with Special Matiure or Guano. Soluble Phosphates 25 to 27 per cent. Farmers are cautioned to buy only from authorized Agents. Applications for Agencies in districts not yet represented are invited. r AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. Mr. John Lloyd, Carnarvon. Mr. W. Thomas, Valley. Mr. John Parry, Bala. Mr. John Williams, Bronnant. Messrs. J. H. Owen & Son, Dwyran. Mr. Thomas Jones, Conway. Mr. W. E. Williams, Gwernlas. Mr. Thomas Roberts, Denbigh. Mr. D. Evans, Llangollen. Mr. O. Hughes, Milnycoed, Mr. Griffith Jones, Mold. Mr. E. Roberts, Ruthin. Mr. H. Williams, Gwydryn Newydd. Mr. A. Hughes, Bodelwydden. Mr. Thomas Hughes, Bryn Goronwy, Tynyg jn. lfi-,5 A GRAND AGRICULTURAL, HORTICULURAL, AND POULTRY SHOW, OPEN TO NORTH WALES, WILL BE HELD IX THE PAVILION, CARNARVON, ox FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. AUGUST 30TH AND 31ST, 1878. Forms of Entry and the LIST OF PRIZES PKICE 2n, can lie had at the Secretary's Office, Market-street, Carnarvon. WILLIAM EAKREN, 1808 RON. SECRETARY. THE FESTINIOG REFRESHMENT JL HOUSES COMPANY, LIMITED. Incorporated under the Companies' Act of 1862 and 1867. CAPITAL, £ 5000, IN 5000 SHARES OF Xi EACH. DIRECTORS: BANKERS: THE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK. o PUGH, JONES, AND COMPANY. SOLICITOR G. H. ELLIS, ESQUIRE, BLAENAU FESTINIOG. SECRETARY: MR OWEN JONES. OFFICE: FOURCROSSES,.BLAENAU FESTINIOG. PROSPECTUS. This Company has been established for the pur-" pose of opening and conducting in the parish of Festiniog Refreshment Houses, Rooms, &c., which shall ofer all the attractions of the Public-house without intoxicating drinks. In several towns the experiment has been tried and has met with great success. In Liverpool a similar company has been established several years, and a dividend of ten per cent for the year has been declared. In this case the nett profit amounted to sixteen per cent on the capital, after writing off fifteen per cent for depreciation of furniture, fixtures, &c. When it i|kremembered that during this year the Company opened ten new places of business, and that, in consequence, there must have been a proportion of the capital unre- munerative during part of the year, it is evident that the business is a profitable one. While it is admitted that there are material- points of difference between Festiniog and Liver- pool, it is confidently believed that a few houses opened in the* parish in reasonable proportion to the population will be financially a success. The Houses and Rooms will be open to all comers, from the early morning-when experience proves the advantage to the working man of a cup of tea or coffee on his way to work—till bed time.' They will be supplied with newspapers, and with such means of recreation and amusement as the Directors find advisable. While it is hoped and expected that the houses will not only prove a boon to the working men and their families, but help to counteract the baneful attractions of strong drink, the Directors are satis- fied that it is essential the undertaking should be made remunerative in a commercial point of view. The Capital is divided into 5000 Shares of zCl each, of which nearly three-fourths have already been allotted. The sum of 5s. per Share is pay- able on application, and 5s on allotment. The balance will be called as required, but no call shall exceed 5s per share, and calls are not to be made at less intervals than one month. Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, together with Prospectuses and Forms of Application for Shares, can be had at the Office of the Company. THE FESTINIOG REFRESHMENT HOUSES COMPANY, LIMITED. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. CAPITAL L50W, DIVIDED INTO 5000 SHARES or £ 1 EACH. R To the Directors of the Festiniog Refreshment Houses Company, Limited. Gentlemen,—Having paid to your Bankers tiie sum of being a deposit of Five Shillings per share on shares in the above Company, I hereby request you to allot me that number' of Shares, and I agree to accept the same, or any less number you may allot me, subject to the provi- sions of the Memorandum and Articles of Associa- tion of the Company; and I authorise you to enter my name on the Register of Members cf the com- pany for the Shares so allotted. Signature. Name in full Residence. Profession or business Date THE FESTINIOG REFRESHMENT HOUSES COMPANY, LIMITED. BANKER'S RECEIPT FOR DEPOSIT. Received this. day of 187 of the sum of being a deposit of Five Shillings per Share upon an application for Shares of Xl each, in the Festiniog Refreshment Houses Company, Limited. For the North and South Wales Bank, 1856g-H IIERBERT CARELESS, CABINtT MAKER TPHOLSTERER AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHES. 54 AND 55, MOSTYN STREET LLANDUDNO. AUCTIONEER AND VALUEE. ESTIMATES I