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HI"ARK TWAIN's Patent SCRAP BOOK, -"■the MOST CONVENIENT BOOK made, Especially adapted to all literary persons, as the/ can save {L those items of interest that are found 10 the daily and reekly papers without trouble or annoyance. A great help to 41 Authors, Editors and Clergymen. The Pictorial Scran Book preserves all the pictures from sue "Graphic" or Illustrated New3," and becomes a fcreat atmrce-of amusement to the hoHsehola. v_ FOR SALE by all UOOKSRLLERS & STATIONED. Published by Slote,Woodman & Co.. 4, Ot. St. Thomas Apostle, London. E.U. j^INE N S. — I RISH LINENS. DAMASKS, IRISH DAMASKS < From the Oldest Es-.ablisihed House in the Trade # in IRELAND. Patterns. Price Lists, Estimates and all information free on application. TMTURPHT & ORR, PROPRIETORS, IT 1 18, DONEGALL 8T.. MSUAST. fflgE NEW MUTUAL SYSTEM 1 supersedes all Others. Apply for proof of facts & figures to THE LONDON PIANOFORTE ASSOCIATION, "TTA&d. Office and Waroroom3, 23, Holoorn Viaduct, E.C., or of the Agencies now being established throughout the "The 'following Statement shows the relative merits of the CtA and New Systems in purchasing a Pianoforte OLD SYSTEM. NEW SYSTEM. BitaH By 3 Years' Net Saving by <Jasb System. ^m0" System* Mutual System- £ 52 10sT £ 57 15s. m0Qtbs. £ 31 10a'* j^p- U months "By Thirty Monthly Subscriptions of £ 1 153. each. The following Certificates have been given, (1)By the Cdlfibrated Piauistes, and.12; By a GQvemment Actuan-. First the PianoR ar« of the value described, Second, that trie M^bew incur NO RISK or LIABILITY beyond the amount of their Subscriptions. „ THE LONDONHAMFORIE ASSOCIATION, 23. Holborn Viartnct, E.C. WAMS UTTA MILLS. New Bedford, Mass: Ask vour Draper to send you Patterns of T.he W^AM.- SI7TTA L02$T(JL0TH fine Twill & Double Warp N ight Gown ?ottoM also The WAMSUTTA SHEETINGS," m Plain, Twilled,' & Double Warp. The Queen says, We c°nsider that ^ihe quality of these American importations place thefuzedo: Pressed fabrics of onr Manufacture at a serious disadvantage^ A- BILLIAKD-TABLE CLOTH. B The Cheapest House in London for BILLIARD and BAGATELLE-TABLE CLOTH. MITCHELL, INMAN & Co.'s. 4G. CLOTH FAIR, WEST SMITHFIELD, LONDON. Patterns sent post free. QA I Post Free. The best Keyless WATCH I m wholesale price. Guaranteed for years; sizes for Ladies, Gentlemen, or Workmcn. Address (with Money Order,, BELMONT BEOS..31. Ely Ptaoe,Lonao:i, E.G. A cents H gated. EAVE'S FOOI) FOR INFANTS. JLll YOUNG CHILDREN AND INVALIDS. SolOy v CHEMISTS and GROCERS^at_ home and abroad. "I /i-i TEA, Rather Small but EXCELLENT A/ O DRINKING-. All other kinds, for prepayment. EVERETT & Co.. W. BiacViriar.s Hrt.. i.ondon. K..A Brannh^s JL Beware of SpunouS imitations. Inventors name Josepn Thorleu on padœt.a!soSULE AD;)ltES3. Thornhill Bridge Caledonian, King's^Oross. London. Sold Everywhere. TEAM PUMPS, 200 to 80,000 Gallons per hour; will water any height or distance. JOHN CAMERON. Engineer, aalrord, MANCHESTER. LTSCTRV^PLATING OLD GOODS. E. HA YLLAR. 34. Howard Street. Sheffield, undertakes the repairing and replacing of old goods and restores them equal to new. Paying special attention to this branch ot the business eoods are thoroughly done and returned without delay. List of Prices for rep.ating sent on application. -SIIUSQUEIIANNA PILLS. Professor O WEBSTER'S celebrated Susquehanna Pills have, during the last 28 years, cured hundreds of thousands of indigestion, biliousness, liver complaints, and diseases of the blood. TtnoKS OF TESTIMONIALS from all parts sent free and Swt paid on application. Sold by all Chemists and Patent 5?«dicme Vendors. The pills will be sent by return, post Said to any address, for 13J 33, 54, and 132 postage stamps ? £ W-IddreS SAMUEL RUSHWORTH, Secretary, Botanic Institute, NOT UNO H AM. ••The Lord causeth the grass to grow for the cattle and A hSG I X T L K X "I O K "CATILOG U E' OF BALDWINS' Patent HLRBAL MEDI- CINES & TOILET REQ' "SITES forwarded post free, containing description of nur.. remedies prepared solely ^r,hB vegetable kingdom.—S. W, 1Z, Greenwich Rd.. Oreen- ^?ch. ^ndon ''Herbalmedicnie-s are the mildest the safest Anil thp most efficacious. The numerous cures daily wrought to them £ prool of their guper-excellent virtues. "-ltafenesque. A-^OII) PURGATIVE S. DEANE's Anti-Purgans, or Non-Purga- tive HEART, LIVER,andTONIC PILLS (TradeMark, a Pansy)' Purely Vegetable. Guaranteed Cure for Bile, Indiges- tti,n £ c For all ages and either sex. Pamphlet, 1 Stamp. Agents Wanted. Prepared only bv F. D. Deane, CTiemist and DruKsist, St. Lawrence, Kent, in Boxes at l/la« 2/9, 4/6 «ll/» "DILES^—KEMP's PILE POWDERS, 1/1 j Jtr Sent post free, with plain instructions for.treatment and Address w. Kemp. Chemist. Homcastle. /XLEVELAND's WALNUT POMADE. V^The oldest established and best Pomade for restoring Grey twttr to its natural Color, and darkening red or light hair. !Srt,r!il„„;a*e iwfnmers. 1/S and 2/0 per pot. fESfETIAN BLIXDa Made, VENETIAN BLINDS Painted, mi'TtfTt'TTAN BLINDS and Varnished toS^nenr Send for illustrated list to GREEN & CO.. ffilburn Blind Works, Canterbury Koad, London, N.W. "OlBERA SUPPLIED on the TRUE 111 M CO-OPERATIVE principle by BEECHKNO & CO. A\ 40. London Street, Norwich, {B5 £ istered) ftn J B Vine Street, Minones, London, E.U. 21/- ftDsAMPLE DOZEN NOT CHARGED, per dozen Full particulars free by post on application. TkHESON, PIM, & Co.'s DUBLIN STOUT. (J NORTH ANNE STREET, DUBLIN. Branch Offices—18, Chapel Street. Livei-P0?1- M A Blue Boar Court, Manchester- 2, Broad Quay, Bristol.. <1. Meriden Street, Birmingham. rStfEAP POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS. All who appreciate the Iuxnxy of a real Irish Cambrio Handkerchief should write for Samples (post free), of our S&e?bordered at 3/11 and 5/11 p« dozen, hemmed for use. &diS' Hemstitched at 7/11 and 10/6 exquwitely toe, of our Gent's bordered, at fl/6 and 8/a,^ S 1 will ba ner dozw, by so doing a genuine article (all pure flax) Soured and a saving effeoted of at lewt to Her Majesty the Queen, BEIYAST. THE MYNYDDOG MUSICAL SCHOLARSHIP AND MEMORIAL. HON. PRESIDENT Sir Watkin W. Wynn, Bart., M.P. HON. V ICE-PRESIDENTS The Most Honourable the Marquess of Londouden-y. David Davies, Esq., M.P. Richard Davies, Esq., M.P. Sir Thomas Gibbons Frost, Knt. Lord Richard Grosvcnor, M P. "Vf Bulkeley Hiighes, Esq., M.P. G W. Biilkelcy Hushes, Esq. T. E. Lloyd, Esq., M.P. Samuel Holland, Esq.^M-P. Morgan..Lloyd, Esq., M.P. < %V. F. Maitland. Esq.. M.P. <¥. Osborne Morgan, Esq., Q.C., M.P. J. H. Puleston, Esq., M.P. Love .Tones-Parry, Esq., (TElphm ap Gwyddno), Madrj'ii. Henry Richard. Esq., M.P. Honourable F. Hanbury Tracy, M.P. Captain Edmund IT- Verney, R.JN • C w. W. Wynn, Esq., M.P.. „ Tlie Honourable C. H. Wynn, of Rhug, &c., &c. HON. TEEASUREE Captain O. M. Crewe-Read, R.N., Plas Dinam, Llan- dinam. BBORETAET: Mr J. C. Hughes, Manager of Van Railway, Caersws, Mont. At a meeting held at Llanbrynmair. immediately alter the interment. July 19th, Captain 0. M. Crewe-Read, R.N., of Plas Dinam, Llandinam, in the chair, it was resolved to set on foot a movement for raising subscrip- tions to provide some suitable National Memorial, in recognition of Mynyddog's talents. and services to Wales and in testimony of the high position which he occuDied in the hearts of his countrymen. With this view; Mr J. Ceiriog Hughes, was appointed secretary, and the chairman, Captain O. M Crewe-Read, R,N., hon. treasurer. The further consideration of the exact form of the Memorial was deferred until August 2nd, when a meeting was held at Cemmaes Road, Sir Watkm W. Wynn in the chair, i It was then unanimously resolved 1 That the appointment of the honorary treasurer and secretary at the previous meeting be confirmed. 2 That a subscription be entered into for thetounda- tion of an Exhibition in the University College of Wales, open to the Principality, to encourage and deve- 'TSSStoS t» In tho College to co™- memorate Mynyddog's generous bequest to the Uni- versity for this and kindred purposes.. 4. That the best thanks of the meeting be given to bir W. \V. \V ynn for hit! presence and the warm interest h S^scri™tiOT9^yabl'e to the credit of the Hon. Trea- surer at the North and South Wales Bank, jsewtow n, or direct to the Secretary (by cheque, or to the Money Order Office, Caersws), are respectfully solicited. J. C. HUGHES, Manager of Van Railway, Otocber 14th. Caersws, Mont. A" CERTAIN CURE FOE NERVOV3 DEBILITY.—GRATIS, a JMEDICAL WORK showing sufferers how they may be cured and re- cover Health and Vitality, without the aid of Quacks, with Recipes for purifying the Blood and removing Skin Affections. Free on receipt of <taicp to prepay postage. Address, Secretary, listit-te of Anatomy, Eixxaiusham. h BOND'S MARKING: JNK.-CAUTION. MJ To Wholesale and Retail-Dealers.—Tak- 'hat on 16th November, 1877, in an Aotion Hieki'^ Vm>tner against Murphy," judgment was given f lam acres & costs, & a PKRPE1 UAIJ IJSJ T -• an ed RESTRAINING the said Mrs. MURPHl ^ents from USING the word" BOND" upon any ■ -r.tTra- factured by, or for her; or from in any way rt-_< one Ink Manufactured by, or for her; or from m an> ^pre- senting the Ink manufactured by her to be 1> lrCu8 Ink. J.Hiclpsson, Proprietor of the Daughter ot tv- .r.>hn Bond!a,Oystal Palace Marking Ink. 75, Southgate r n. OALICOES, L0NGCL0THS & SHEETS GRS, V7 direct from the Mills at Wholesale prices. Bleaahed, Scoured, & Grey. Plain and Twilled; any length cut. Save two Profits—Buy direct from John Noble, Victoria Mills. Manchester. Patterns free. I^ORK in lieu of Bone.—Ladies should wear V^S.Dixon'spatentCorsets,Abdominalbelts,(ObstetricBinders after accouchement). Children, his Chest expanders, to prevent Consumption; (Gentlemen his Riding& Bicycling belt. Write to 45.St.PaursChurchyard for opinions of the press. Agentswantea. B ERLIN WOOLS, CREWELS, FINGERINGS, EMB. SILKS, Newest Colors, Best qualities. Lowest Prices, Lists & Parcels by Post. JEVONS & MELLOR, BIRMINGHAM. T>R~ASS,REED,STRING,IDRUM & FIFE XJ BANDS, PIANOFORTES & HARMONIUMS at Who!,?- sale Prices at J. MOORE'S, Buxton ltd., Huddersfield. Prices with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any kin d of Band. Bandmen's Caps. Patronized by Army, Navy & Rifle Corps. Second-hand Instruments bought or taken in Exchange. NPHE PETRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS, JL PB.OTHCT IRON from CORROSION; WOOD from DECAY. Do HOT BLISTRB, ARK NON-POISONOUS. from DECAY. Do NOT BLISTRB, ARB NON-POISONOUS. RHTT.T.T t wir, DDRABLK, ECONOMIC A. tj. For HOUSE, SHIP and G-ENERAL USE. Manufactured in all Colours by the SILICATE PAINT OOY.. LIVERPOOL St LONDON. TIAMP HOUSES, DAMP CHURCHES U Sec CAN BE CURED CHEAPLY 4 THOROUGHLY by the PETRIFYING LIQUID Manufactured Transparent or in Coloup-s, only by the SILICATE PAINT CO., LIVERPOOL & LONDON, who are 8,L,C also the Sole Manufacturers of the Petrifying Silicate Paint. LUE BRICKS. BLUE BRICKS. WOOD and IVERY, Limited. (J. W. Ivery. General Manager). ALBION WORKS, WEST BROMWI0H. BLtB, RED & BUFF ORNAMENTAL, BRICKS, TILBS, &0.. See. Designs on application. ODD's VEGETA PILLS most effectually remove all Mucus, Offensive Matter, and Redundant Bile from the Stomach and Bowels. They re- lieve chronic pains, lumbago, dimness of sight, giddiness of the head, heartburn, indigestion, flatulency, &c. Sold by Chemists in Boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, or free by post for 14 or 33 stamps from the Proprietor, JOE TODD. Chemist, Carlisle. T|IARRHFFLA, DYSENTERY, CHOLERA, FEVERS, &c. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE. A few doses quite effectual.—Caution.—The extraordi- nary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne render it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is protected by a Government stamp, bearing the words "Dc. J. Collis Browne's Chlo- rodyne." See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, Times, July, 16th, 1864. Numerous testimonials « from eminent Physicians accompany each bottle. The General Board of Health, London, reports that it acts as a charm, one dose generally sufficient. Earl Russell reports to the College of Physicians, London, that Chlorodyne was the only remedy of any service in Cholera. Dr. Gibbon, Army Medical Staff, Calcutta, states.— Two HrtfiAs pomnletelv cured me of ^)iarrhoea. d°SeS Sott in bottles, 1/1 j, 2/9, <Sc 4/6 by all Chemiata, -[JAVETIT IN YOUR HOUSES— Jl IJV.MPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE & use no other. The only safe antidote in Fevers, Eruptive Attections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pox and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See perpetual in- junction against imitators; also the unanimous judgment aeainst the Inland Revenue, before the Lords Justices Bram- wetlBreU and Cotton, 22nd January, 1878, in H. Lamplough's favour. 113, Holborn_HilU London. THE WANT OF THE AGE SUPPLIED. MATHER's NIGRINE. A JET BLACK MARKING FLUID FOR MARKING LINEN, COTTON, FOR MARKING LINEN, COTTON, jfO PREPARATION OR HEATING REQUIRED AFTER BEING WRITTEN. Extract from "THE LASCET," January 5th, 1878. NIGRINET A JET BLACK MARKING FLUID. (W. MATHER, Fa.rringdon Road. London). We can commend this as a very good and convenient Mark- ing Ink, we have submitted Linen marked w th it to some of the most powerful of Chemical Ag-nts, including Acids. Alkaline and Chlorine, and Cyanide of Potassium, and have found that it was very much easier to destroy the Linen than the marking upon it; in fact the writing could not be effaced by any of the Agents we employed.. Sold in BotUes, 8d„ 1/ and 2/6 each by aU Chemists and Stationers. SAMPLE BOTTLE SENT POST FREE ON RECEIPT OF 13 STAMPS. WHOLES ALB WAREHOUSES, W. JIATHKR, FARRINGDON ROAD, LONDON; and 84. CORPORATION STILZTT, MANCHMMB. Post free for Five Stamps from MB. G. T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM, LONDON. "CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT, [New Edition) with many interesting cases of Cure. "HEALTH, STRENGTH, and ENERGY. As a verification of the wonderful re-invigorating powers of PERRY's WORLD-FAMED CORDIAL BALM of SYRIACUM in cases of nervqns, muscular, and general weakness, and in order that the debilitated may judge how speedily and surely it acts, one shilling sample bottles are forwarded on receipt of 12 stamps. Each bottle has full direc- tions, with descriptive pamphlet, and contains exactly nine doses, to last three days. The sample ^tle is intended as an earnest to prove that a regular course of PERRY S CO I. DIAL BALM of SYRIACUM is sure to create HEALrH, STRENGTH and ENERGY. Established 50 years.-Sole Asents! MUNRO BROTHERS. Home and Colomal Patent Medicine Vendors. 13. SOHO StiUARE. LONDON. W.C. WILLIAM MORGAN & CO., 129, 131, 133, 135, 137, 139, 141, SCOTLAND ROAD, L 1 V E_R_P O O L. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. /CABINET FURNITURE MANU- O FACTURED on the premises, and guaranteed •» be made of thoroughly well-seasoned wood. great variet? always on hand of DRAW- rNG-KOOM,1 DINING-ROOM, BEDROOM, PARLOUR, HALL, and KITCHEN FURNI. rURE. EASY CHAIR, UPHOLSTERED IN HAIR SEATING AS ABOVE, 38s 6D. BEDSTEAD AND BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. HAIR"MATTRESSES, FEATHER and WOOL FLOCK BEDS, BLANKETS, QUILTS, SHEET- rNGrS, CURTAINS, BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, AND KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS. JG|G oe ?ULL SIZE BEDSTEAD AS ABOVE, Us Uo. An Illustrated Catalogue sent Pest Free on ap- plication. WILLIAM MORGAN & Co. LIVERPOOL. 1520h MONEY ^MONEY.—Money immediately ill. advanced to Householders, Farmers, Cow Keepers, Car and Cab Owners, Tradesmen, and others, without any kind of sureties. Distance no object.—Apply to L. Rouse and Co., Financial Agents, 3, Kirkgate, Huddersfield.-N.B.-All communications strictly private and confidential. 1462h B A N K E N D MILLS, P A I S LE Y. | CAR LI LE AN D CO. BEG TO CALL SPECIAL ATTENTION ju THEIR 6-TCORD SOFT AND EXTRA QUALTTY GLACE THREAD, RVTHICH are manufactured expressly to stand the tension of the SEWING MACHINE, and y T which will be found on trial superior to any other make. C. AND Co. beg also to direct attention to their celebrated CROCHET or TATTING COTTON. o HOLDERS OF LONDON, PARIS, AND VIENNA P R I Z E M E D A L S, AWARED FOR "VERY EXCELLENT QUALITY -0- ASK FOR CARLILE AND CO'S 6-CORD MACHINE AND PRIZE CROCHET COTTON. THE CARNARVON PRINTING WORKS (OFFICES OF "Y GENEDL GYMREIG" AND "NORTH WALES EXPRESS NEW HARBOUR, CARNARVON. THE Proprietors respectfully call the attention of Quarry Proprietors, Merchants, Trades- men, and the Public generally, to the opening of the above Works, which have been fitted up with Type and Machinery of the best and newest description They are thus enabled to execute GENERAL PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. PLACARDS, AND POSTING BILLS, &c., OF ANY SIZE OR COLOUR, SHOW CARDS, PAMPHLETS, CATALOGUES, FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' RULES, BALANCE SHEETS, ACCOUNTS, MEMORANDUMS, INVOICES, PROGRAMMES, CIRCULARS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c., CHEQUE AND RECEIPT BOOKS, TIME SHEETS, BANKUPTCY FORMS, &c., &c, &c. LITHOGRAPHY, PAPER RULING, BOOKBINDING, &c., &c.. On the most reasonable terms, and with the utmost despatch. The Proprietors having purchased a choice and extensive selection of Type, &c' will be able to execute Printing with neatness and clearness, and they hope that by the exercise of tact in thepur- chase of Materials, a prompt and careful attention to all orders, and their reasonable Charges, to merit a share of public patronage. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY DEPOT. ROBERT WILLIAMS, BRUNSWICK BUILDINGS, CARNARVON, AND MARKET PLACE, PWLLHELI HAS recently erected some extensive Warehouses in closl proximity to the Brunswick Build- JLJL ings, wherein to keep Iron, Steel, and Bulky Goods, so that the Show Rooms of the Agricultura Department are now filled with THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT Has been greatly improved, and is now cbmplete with GRATES, KITCHEN RANGES, HEATING & COOKING STOVES, and an excellent stock of Building Ironmongery. 0 ————————— THE FURNISHING DEPARTMENT (to this Department has been added the large room formerly known as the Workmen's Institute, which covers an area of 1,560 superficial feet-the largest Show Room m North Wales) still retains its reputation, which contains a well-selected Stock of Brass and Iron Bedsteads in French and Half- Testers, Spring Mattrasses, Beds, Straw Palliasses, &c., made on the Premises; Feathers and Flocks at all prices. Modern Designs in Electro-plated Goods. Best Sheffield Cutlery, &c. ALL KINDS OF IMPLEMENTS SUITABLE FOR THE VARIOUS SEASONS, Consisting of CHAFF CUTTERS, TURNIP PULP OILCAKE MILLS, CORN CRUSHERS, GRINDING MILLS, WINNOWERS. WEIGHING MACHINES, &c., STIFF AND SPRING CARTS, WAGGONS AND LORRIES by the Best Makers, CHAMPION WELSH AND ENGLISH PLOUGHS, CULTIVATORS, SCUFFLERS, PATENT TOOTHED AND CHAIN HARROWS, SHEEP RACKS, CATTLE CIvxBS, PIG TROUGHS, &c. STEAM ENGINES AND THRASHING MACHINERY. Estimates given for IRON HURDLES and all kinds of Fencing, which will compare most favourably with any English firm. Quarry Proprietors and Smiths supplied with the best Iron and Steel, at advantageous prices. SPADES, SHOVELS, PICKS, HAMMERS MOULDS, and all Quarry requisites. SEWING MACHINES. By the best English and American Makers, including the "HOWE," "SINGERS," "THOMAS," "IMPERIAL," "REMINGTON," "LITTLE WANZER," "PRINCESS OF WALES," "WILLCOX AND GIBES," "CHALLENGE," "WEIR," &c. SPORTING AND MILITARY AMMUNITION, RABBIT AND BIRD TRAPS, &c. GOODS AMOUNTING TO £2 AND UPWARDS IN VALUE SENT CARRIAGE FREE „ ANY RAILWAY STATION IN WALES. E426h CAERNARFON. ri ENERAL PRINTING.—THE CARNARVON PRINTING WORKS, NEW HARBOUR, IjT CARNARVON. T?URNISTTTNG IRONMONGERY.—ROBERT WILLIAMS, Brunswick Buildings, Castle Sq. £ Grates, Stoves, Ranges, Bedsteads, Bedding, Cutlery, and Plated Goods. 45 BOOKBINDING (WHOLESALE & RETAIL).—ENOCH WILLIAMS, IS, Hill-street (near the Church), Twthill, Estimates on application. 71 B (near the Church), Twthill, Estimates on application. 71 nOACH BUILDING.—R. WILLIAMS, BRUNSWICK CARRIAGE WORKS, Castle-squa^. L/ Broughams, Landaus, Phaetons Alexandras, Gigs, Dog Carts, &c., &c. 44 FAMILY GROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—OWEN EVANS, Tea Dealer and General F Grocer, Eastgate-street. Goods of Superior Quality and Reasonable Terms. Family orders promptly attended to and delivered. I^URNI^JRPi WAREHOUSE.-HUGH WILLIAMS, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, &c., F Eastgate-street and Skinner-street. All goods by Rail carriage paid. 69 ITRNT^HIXG IRONMONGERY.-T. O. JONES, Tin Plate Worker,012, Eastgate-street. F Sole Agent for Wheeler and Wilson's Sewing Machines. 50 UBLIC ACCOUNTANT.—ROBERT HUGHES, General Carnarvon Agent, Land Valuer, p Surveyor, &c., &c. 47 \T7TNES AND SPIRITS^JOHN OWEN JONES WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. YY CaStle Ditch aild Palace Street. 49 A GRICULTURAL MAfiHINES.—ROBERT WILLIAMS, Brunswick Buildings. — Steam .t1. Engines, Mowers, Reapers, Harrows, Ploughs, &c., &c. CLWT-Y-BONT.* TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT.—R. B. ELLIS, General Draper and Outfitter. Cedwir T Cutter medrus. Gwneir pob archeb yn brydlon. Prisiau rhesymol. 594 BANGOR. PROVISION MERCHANTS, Wholesale.—EDWARDS & Co., 339 & 210A, High-street. Prime Butters in Tubs and Firkins from 9d. Whole Hams, 6d. 298h X ■. THE BRUNSWICK CARRIAGE WORKS, CARNARVON. t' ROBERT W I L L I A M S BEGS to infornl the Nobility, Gfcntry, and his numerous Customers thst he has purchased thê above extensive business, lately carried on by Mr John Owen Jones, where, by strict and careful attention, he hopes to merit the continuance of the patronage accorded to his predecessor. All kinds of Carnages, comprising LANDAUS, BROUGHAMS, OMNIBUSES, BRAKES, WAGGONETTES, PH ÆTONS, WHITECHAPELS, DOG-CARTS, ALEXANDRIAS, &c., &c., made of the best materials, style, and workmanship. His STOCK 'also comprises a first-class selection of CARRIAGE LAMPS, APRONS, (both Leather and India Rubber), RUGS, MATS, &c., &c. SECOND-HAND TRAPS BOUGHT, EXCHANGED, AND REPAIRED. Particular attention is always paid to the selection of good, sound, and well-seasoned timber (a large quantity of which is always kept on hand), which ensures quick despatch and without any risk of green timber being used. R. WILLIAMS' experience in the Hardware Trade enables him to buy Springs* and Axles, and all kinds of Carriage Ironmongery from the best Manufacturers and at the lowest prices. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS— R. WILLIAMS, BRUNSWICK CARRIAGE WORKS, ■<425-h CASTLE SQUARE, CARNARVON. GRIFFITH OWEN'S PECTORAL ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. I '• ''A fl/3: to#' 1 r N YP- TRADE. MARK HE best, safest, and most effectual remedy for Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Catarrh _L and all disorders of the Cliest, Throat, and Lungs, which destroy annually 500,000 of her Majesty's subjects, prepared only by Mary Ann Owen, widow of the late Griffith Owen. Sold by all respectable Chemists in bottles, is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each. This judicious combination is the most effective remedy for and preventive against the consequences arising from exposure to COLD in any degree—Catarrh in any form. When we consider the serious and fatal complaints which have their origin in a Jight wld—complaints which may be the prelude to various inflamma- tory diseases, and of which Consumption may be one of its terminations—the advantage of a reliable remedy will be acknowledged by all. SOLD WHOLESALE BY MRS. GRIFFITH OWEN, HIGH STREET, CARNARVON. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, OR VEGETABLE TONIC. Approved and Registered according to Lata. 0 lp 'o ;P, p 110 0 0 A I ruf- CONSISTING of Quinine and the active principles of Sarsaparilla, Saffron, Lavender, Burdock, Liverwort, Gentian, &c., prepared, scientifically in the proportions, most desirable to ensure its perfect success. The great object of the Quinine Bitters" is to set in order the main springs (as it were) of the mechanism of the body, and to remove the various causes which produce such painful effects in the human system. They assist digestion, promote and facilitate circula- tion, strengthen the nerves and muscles, purify the blood, brace up the system in short, bring the whole body into a sound and healthy condition. Being gifted with highly tonic and digestive properties, they are specially recommended as an effective cure for depression of spirits, sensation of sinking in the stomach, bilious head-aches, nervous relaxation, muscular freaknes, wasting of the tissues, disturbed sleep, heartburn, cramp, pain in the stomach, &c. For all affections of the chest, such as hoarseness, cough, spitting of blood, asthma, &c., their effect is acknowledged and appreciated by those who have tried them. This remedy does not injure the teeth, as it is ovflnmvplv of in«>redients of a vegetable character, the action of which on the human system is mild Sufficient,and aJapted^to all apses, from the infant to the adult and to every variety of temperament and constitution Thev ran in noway injure the stomach; and the benefits derived from then- use is not the result Kulint of the digestive oi^ans, but they effect a radical a»id lasting cure, by restoring ^the hormal functions of the stomach, and acting in consort with nature to expel disease. Experiment will serve to estublfch it as a household remedy. Ac thp "Onininp Bitters" act 011 the constitution generally, the patient is cautioned not to be too sanguine Of immediate success, and the patentee does uot Advertised ^• bSt'thUl0U'-iinaSIler'f0?' thai th<V dose cures," or in "ten minutes," &c., aSmay be often seen advertised, but they will, after a fair and continued trial, show' their beneficial effects, if taken in time. The 4s 6d bottles contain as much as two 2s Sd bottles thereby the purchaser may save a shilling. To be had of all first-class Chemists, or direct from MR. GWILYM EVANS, PHARMACEUTICAL AND ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, L L A N E L L Y. Anv Chemist can order these, free of expense with their other goods, from the whole.k> agents Barclay and Sons, London; Evans, Sons, and Co., Liverpool; Bowers Brothers, CuesUu-; ridmg and Graham, Manchester, &c. ,E 484 "Y GENEDL GYMREIG" (The Welsh Nation J. IN consequence of the unprecedented uccess that has attended the publication of the Y Genedl Gymreig," it has been dpemed expedient to make a considerable enlargement in its size. THE LARGEST OF WELSH PAPERS. CIRCULATION-23,000 WEEKLY. 500 AGENCIES IN WALES. Having such an.extensi-, circulation in the Com- mercial and Agricultural circles the Genedl Gymreig aSbrds to advertisers special facilities, and undoubtedly is the best medium for advertis- ing throughout Wales. "Y GENEDL GYMREIG" (The Welsh Nation). LARGEST OF ALL WELSH NEWSPAPERS. EXCELLENT ADVERTISING MEDIUM. CIRCri ATION 23,000 WEEKLY All Cheques and Post Office Orders to be made payable to Roincur WILLIAMS, Carnarvon Printing Works, to whom also all Communications must be addressed. WELL WORTHY OF NOTICE AS A CERTAIN CURE For Bilious and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Wind, Spasms, Foul Breath, Nervous Depression, IiTuabihty, Lassitude, Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Heavtburn, Sour Eructation, Lowness of Spirits with sensation of fulness at the pit of the Stomach, Giddiness, Dizziness of the Eyes, &c. DR SCOTT'S BILIOUS AND LIVER PILLS STAND UNRIVALLED As a General Family Aperient Medicine they have no equal, being mild in their operation, and gratefid to the stomach, they give a healthy tone and vigour to the different secretions, causing the necessary organs of the Stomach and Liver to resume their activity, thus restoring the appetite, promoting digestion, and strengthening the whole system. Prepared only by W. Lambert, la, Vere-street, London, W., in boxes is lAd., and:three times the quantity in one, 2s 9d., or post free 15 or 35 stamps, and sold by all respectable medicine vendors throughout the word. The genuine are in square green package with the name and address William Lambert, s, King William-street, Charing Cross,' engraved OR the Government Stamp. Do not be pmsuaded b> an j one to buy any other medicine instead, but insist on havn p the right thing. Take down the particulars,—^ Scott s Bilious and Liver Pills, wrapped in a square green pac 915a MONEY immediately advanced to any amount, from £ 50 and upwards, every description of security, comprising real and per- sonal estate, farming stock, reversions, annuities, furniture (without removal), life policies, and other tangible personal security. No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest secrecy will in all cases be observed.—Interest us follows, viz. On freeholds or leaseholds from 3 per cent. per annum personal security from 4 per cent, per annum. Other securities at equally reasonable rates.—Applicants are requested to apply in the first instance by letter, containing full particulars, in order to save unnecessary trouble, to FREDERICK HAWKINS, Esq., 9, Great Russell Street, Blooms- bury, London, W C. —i DEBILITY AND NERVOUSNESS. — J. ) Re-'ssue of "THE WARNING VOICE," Dr Smith's Celebrated Work, of which 500,000 Copies werl old. Revised Edition. Now Readv. 152 pages, by post to all part." of the W>rio. in ET.Aope, D«V. stamps.—THE WARNING VG-'('E. -,Li:is iz -facial Medical Book addressed to Youth ana „iiocd on the Cause, Symptoms, Consequences and Treatment of Debilitating Diseases. By HENRY SMIIH, 1 Doctor of Medicine of the University of Jena, by Diploma, 1860. THIS IS A NEW MEDICAL WORK on the Nature, Treatment and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirits, In- digestion, Dimness of Sight, Want of Energy, Deafness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay, Headache, &c., resulting from Loss oi. Nerve Power, the results of Intemperance, Late Hours, Worry, Brain Toil, &c., which, if neglected, will end in Confirmed Debility and Premature Decline. Gives the Advice and Instrustions, the result of Thirty Years' practice, by which Thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated by Cases and Testimonials from grateful Patients, with means of Cure used in each case. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. 1384h J. W. BURDITT, WATCH MANUFACTURER, GOLDSMITH AND JEWELLER, AUCTIONEER, HOUSE AND APARTMENT AGENT 59, Mostyn Street, LLANDUDNO. 871h THE PRIZE ESSAY AT THE CARNARVON NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD ON "THE TRAINING SHIP FOR NORTH WALES," Its Physical, Social, and Moral Advantages. A Limited Numoer of Copies of the Essay have been printed in a neat Book, price 6d. Parties desiring copies should order at once. Express Office, Carnarvon. MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY MONEY LENT BY LLOYD AND CO., .l1- COMMERCIAL ADVANCE OFFICES, Theatre Buildings, Preston, Lane., in any sum from P,5 to £1000, to respectatble persons, male or female (householders), tradesmen, farmers, & others ipon their furniture, stocks, &c., at less rates of nterest than those usually charged by many, also without sureties, exposure, removal, delay or in- curring any unnecessary expense. NO DEDUCTIONS WHATEVER are made from the amount applied for, and the money when advanced can be repaid at such periods, and oy such instalments, as are in reason with the teeurity. Special Rates for Farmers who wish to increase -heir Stocks, &c. Four per cent. allowed on deposits. Apply personally, or by letter to THOMAS liOVE, Manager. ♦