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BEAUMARIS. GRAMMAR Senoor, SI>E;:CH DAY.—On Friday last, speech day was held at this school, when, in spite of the very unfavourable state of the weather, there was a large gathering of friends of the school. The Dean of Bangor presided. The Head-master (Mr S. D. Ormp, M.A ) said he was'glad to be able to announce a considerable increase in the number of boys in the school since last year. This was more than three times whatir had been three years aero, and he believed there was every prospect of this growth continuing. He was pleased to say that It included boys from various parts of Eng- land, Wales, and Ireland. He was glad to an- nounce that hi-, with some other, had had Bangor made a centre of the Oxford Local Examinations, which had such an excellent effect in enabling schools to cqfjuipare themselves with others, and remedy any defects they found. The Examiner (Rev. Eo M. Reynolds, M.A.. late of Clifton and Haileybury Colleges), said that he had examined the school in classics, mathematics, modem lan- guages, English, and natural science. He reported very favourably of all the work he had examined, except tin.-Euclid, which In-* considered weak, and the composition was hardly equal to the rest of the classical work. The French he considered much above the average of school French. He concluded by congratulating the governors on the efficient state of the school. The prizes were then dis- tributed, and afterwards the Mayor congratulated the head-master on the rapid growth of the school, and the school on having a head-master who could draw boys from such different parts of the country. The Very Revt the Dean, after referring to the decayed state of this school two or three years ago, and the change that had come over it through the energy of the head-master, quoted from the Marquis of Harrington's speech at Eastbourne that intellectual power was now-a-days of so immensely greater benefit to a man than rank or money, and thought it something remarkable as coming fr )m the heir to one of the richest duke- doms in the kingdom. Whilst he considered him- self that classics were the best foundation in educa- tion, he was glad to hear from the examiner that modern languages received so much attention, with such good results, in the school. The Mayor then proposed a vote of thanks to the,chairman, which was seconded by the head-master, and after three cheers had been given for the Dean and the head- master the proceedings terminated.





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